REAL MONEY SLOT online: the best sites to play in 2022

For those who love play with online slot real money, in our country there is a great variety of choice. In fact, there are dozens of platforms on the web that allow you to play with the software proposed by the giants in the sector, starting from NetEnt e Pragmatic play.

The point from which to start, however, can only be represented by the choice of Best online casinonull The reason is very simple: when they play with online slots with real money it is necessary to do it in a safe environment, without having to fear other than losing in comparison with the game. So let's see which are the best sites currently available to those who love to make turns with the now classic machines, even if in digital format.

Selection of the best online slot games

The best slots are naturally subject to discussion by fans, based on their respective tastes. When you intend to make a similar list, however, it is difficult to ignore:

  • Lara Croft – Temple of Tombs, a very well -known title made even more intriguing by the extremely accurate graphics;
  • Jungle Jim - El Dorado, which is set within the Aztec world, retracing some characteristic themes for playful purposes;
  • Starburst, one of the titles that have guaranteed great fame in Netent, much loved by the players for its simplicity;
  • Blood Suckers, another flagship title of Netent, with a horror setting capable of attracting lovers of the theme;
  • Gonzo’s Quest, again a title of Netent set in the Mayan world and therefore able to passionate those who love games with historical references;
  • Age of the Gods, one of the games that allowed PlayTech to establish itself among the best providers in the sector, thanks to a suggestive mythological setting;
  • Book of ra, historical slot that took its first steps in theaters located along the territory and then landed on the net, where it has magnetized a large number of enthusiasts.

The best casinos for playing slots with real money

Welcome bonus
Welcome bonus
Up to 200 $ + 200 rpm for freeBet requirement: 35x
Welcome bonus
300 $ + 30 Giri FreeBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 20x
Welcome bonus
10 $ Immediately + 1000 $ Bet requirement: 40x
Welcome bonus
10 $ + 100% up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 60x
Welcome bonus
100 $Bet requirement: 25x

For those who intend to play online slots with real money, perhaps on two classics like Book of ra o Gonzos’Quest it is naturally mandatory Identify the best safe mess on the web that can make it possible. The point from which to start is naturally made up of a permit issued by ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies). Only operators who have one are able to offer maximum guarantee during the visit to customers.

After testing the games, i Welcome bonus offered, the payment methods proposed to those who open an account, the presence of an app To play live and on the move, the presence of an adequate assistance service for customers and the safety levels proposed, we can say that the best mess to play real money on online slots are as follows:

  • Starcare His proposal for games is mixed with security levels for very high users, providing an increasingly welcome offer in USA;
  • Starvegas The name already makes it clear how the platform proposes itself as a re -proposal of the famous mess of the city of Nevadanull For those who love slot machines, it is possible to take advantage of turns on the most intriguing titles offered by the most famous providers, globally;
  • Snai It is one of the historical names in the sector, with a proposal capable of combining free welcome bonuses with excellent services and games schedules where practically nothing is missing;
  • william hill Another historical name that recalls a large number of users in USA, with an offer capable of achieving very high standards, as requested by ADM;
  • EuroBet The platform offers sports bets and gambling games in great quantity, capable of meeting any kind of need and all fans of gambling of the peninsula;
  • Unibet The site managed to get noticed also in USA for the ability to give rise to a high -level offer and at a very high security rate. For those who intend to aim for online slots, it is practically impossible not to consider it.

Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg, as many other messages operate in USA which still allow you to have an adequate offer. The really important thing is to ascertain that those identified have a regular license granted by ADM, a real leaving for a profitable visit.

How to choose the best slots with real money?

The choice of slot with real money is made problematic precisely by the large quantity of casino proposals operating on the web thanks to a license issued by ADM ex AAMS. For the lovers of the game it becomes in fact difficult to extricate themselves in a basket of products that boasts hundreds of proposals, apparently similar, but which can instead reserve significant differences.

The cure of software house such as Pragmatic Play, Netten or Playtech is in fact painstaking, with great results. So let's try to understand What are the characteristics on which to set the choice of machines, perhaps also taking advantage of the free spins put on offer by the sites as a welcome bonus after the deposit.

Theme and graphics

Many players on the occasion of the choice of slot machine rely to the theme and graphics of the many game software. The various providers, for example Pragmatic play o Novomatic, therefore they endeavored over the years to meet users' tastes.

The themes are many, from those historical allo sport, passing through thehorrornull If the theme and graphics can be a joy for the eyes, it must still be considered that they should not be a qualifying element in the choice of the best real money online slots. Although, ultimately, titles such as Book of Ra or Lara Croft - Temple of Tombs are able to add many other important features to a valuable graphics.

Payment table

The payments table, or paytable, represents the list of all the prizes that are dispensed by a machine and its Return to player, that is, of the money that in each hand the machine returns to users.

In the latest generation slot machines, the table in question also includes the features bonuses and the methods that guarantee the use of the jackpots and the various bonusesnull While microgaming are used to also include the Massimo prize that can be obtained.


The episode must also be considered once you decide to risk real money with online slots. In particular, slot machines can be divided into two large categories:

  • The "penny slot"That is, the machines with which any customer is in a position to carry out a limited episode even to a few pennies;
  • The "high roller", Those that are in all respects the most suitable for the great players, where it is possible to raise the mail in cash significantly.

In the first case, of course, the winnings will be quite limited, even in the best case. With the High Roller, however, each player has theOpportunities to also win conspicuous sumsnull Precisely for this reason the latter are considered those capable of ensuring the most attractive game experiences. A figure that those who intend to play online slot real money should certainly consider, before the usual visit to the mess with which he opened the bill.

Payment lines

Also the number of payment lines available In an online slot machine they must be taken into consideration in the review phase, where it is to point real money online slot. By simplifying the speech to the maximum, we can indicate a payment line such as the line on which the assigned win will be based.

When playing a machine, a number of payment lines are made available on which the episode must be placed. These payment lines will be those that will guarantee full -bodied winnings if the winning combination comes out. If the payment is important, it should also be noted that it will take place exclusively on the lines on which the episodes have been placed.

Il RTP (Return to Player)

RTP is the acronym for Return To Player, or the quantity of money aimed during the game by users who must go back to them. It is one of the prescriptions to which the games on the web must obey in order to not only obtain, but also to keep their license.

It is an important fact, as it is the higher this RTP, the greater the real possibilities to win of the players during their visit.


Volatility is an extremely important factor once it is to choose which slot to focus on your money on the net. It is considered fundamental especially in that it allows you to understand from the beginning the kind of dynamics that govern the software that has been chosen. Precisely volatility, in fact, determines the relationship between the two temporal factors that constitute the profitability of each machinenull We are talking about the proportion between the times you bet and those in which you can achieve winnings.

In practice, it is necessary to start from an assumption: the greater volatility, the stronger the relationship between these two elements, as not only increase the amounts of the prizes, but also the number of laps necessary to be able to obtain them.

App to play slots with real money

It is now very difficult to find a site that does not offer apps to play mobile for online slot real money. The reason is easily understood: Gambling fans are forced to stay out of their home along most of the day. For many of them it therefore becomes complicated to be able to count on a fixed station to focus money on the various software.

This is precisely the basic motif that is pushing the vast majority of customers a download the apps with which to enjoy the most famous titles, such as Age of the Gods, The Book of Ra o Blood Suckers. The sites that do not offer apps for mobile gaming are practically cut bridges with an increasing slice of users. All the major operators have long embraced this path, with an offer of Applications for increasingly performing furniture.

What is payout and how to read it?

Payout means the percentage of the collections that a game platform equipped with an ADM license must guarantee returns to its customers. Precisely for this reason, before aiming for online slot real money, you need to inquire about the payout of a machine, perhaps reading a review on the net.

The most advantageous software are those with an RTP (another name by which this mechanism is indicated) higher than the average. If bar machines should usually attest to their payout to a minimum of 75%, in the case of digital ones The average goes to certify above 90%, with tips that can be approached 99%. Precisely for this reason to point real money On online slots it is much more convenient than in public places. A fact that has convinced more and more people to opt for visiting digital operators.

Real money slot bonus: how do they work?

The functioning of the online slot bonuses real money is quite simple: users can in fact proceed with their release during the session thanks to the features that are available on each machine. Consequently, it is possible get free rpm with the delicious opportunity of See the winning multiplier rise on every single winning spin.

Or, you can profit from other bonuses during the game in order to increase its enjoyment to the maximum. In order to make the performance of the challenge even more compelling, some machines provide for a special proposal: betting on the winnings just obtained, in such a way as to double the amount.

Jackpots must also be considered in the list in question. In fact, on an ever -growing number of proposals of the great providers, it is possible to try to obtain fixed jackpot, with a value intended to remain the same regardless of the number of spins necessary to achieve them, or progressive, destined to rise with the passage of the laps. Sometimes these Progressive jackpot They reach very high amounts, such as to make the title that offers them a real magnet for customers visiting the site. In a review on Gambling, it is practically impossible not to mention this important aspect.

bonus free spin

The free laps, also known as Free Spin, are bonuses that are offered by all the major casinos on the web, in ways that can vary from one game platform to another. In some cases they can be Free spin bonus no deposit, in others they are paid once the money has been deposited on the account, as a form of welcome. Or, again, they can represent a reward for the achievement of a certain score, in the event that you play with online slots with real money.

Some operators in turn offer these bonuses in the form of weekly or monthly promotions, to reward the most faithful users during their visit to the site. Or, again, the free spin bonuses can be granted to players who point significant sums of money, on the occasion of their birthday, or during the holidays. In all cases they have the main task of retaining customersnull Before using them, however, it is advisable to carefully read the conditions to be able to unlock them, which are usually quite restrictive.

No deposit bonus slot

Before playing the online slot real money, you should wonder if instead it is not better to use on them no deposit bonusnull As we remembered in our review, any site in the sector includes a large basket of promotions, evidently aimed at attracting new customers.

Within this proposal the most welcome are precisely those that allow you to do free turns during the visit, on the slots in particular. The advantage is in this case double:

  • We do not affect the quantity of money that have been deposited in order to subsidize their business over time on the platform;
  • We can realize the characteristics of the games, for example of their volatility, of the payout offered, of the graphics and so on.

At the same time, our advice is to look carefully also at other aspects, before choosing the platform, for example i Deposit and withdrawal methods or the presence of efficient assistance servicenull Watching too much promotions by underestimating other factors of great importance could finally push to an inadequate choice.

Progressive jackpot

Among the methods that are often privileged to choose real money slot, a role of great importance is also up to the presence of a Progressive jackpotnull As such we mean the payments generated by certain games inside the casino, digital or real, whose growth is favored by a mechanism set at the start, until they are obtained.

Progressive jackpots are available, however, only for those who agree to do the maximum episode possiblenull Their charm is caused by the level of profit they promise, but the chances of obtaining it are, as it is easy to imagine, very low.

What are the main differences between all online slot real money

For those who intend to aim for online slot real money it is also very important to try to understand the real differences between one video game and another. In this regard, we can indicate the following factors in this list:

  • Il Return to playernull Among the lowest and highest ones there may be very large differences, on which, ultimately, the actual possibilities of bringing the prizes depend;
  • The presence of Progressive jackpot, to which only those who operate the maximum episode are entitled. Not all titles offered by the platforms on the web are able to guarantee it;
  • l’entity of the episodenull The so -called machines high roller They allow conspicuous episodes, with adequate returns.

Specificity of the American market regarding the slots with real money

The American market boasts some specificities regarding the online slot real money. The first to be highlighted is its size, extremely large, so much so that the government authorities have pushed the hypothesis of imposing an 1% tax to be added to add the virtual mess.

For now, it is a simple hypothesis, which, however, goes in a very precise direction, that aimed at making structures operating in the sector a safe environment for a maximum for a clientele that continues to grow. A trend that continues to be fed by health needs and that must therefore be faced.

Just as regards safety, it should be remembered that in order to have it really mandatory it is mandatory to open an account with an operator with a license granted by theCustoms agency and monopoliesnull Or of the body in charge of the surveillance of Gambling and Betting in our country. If you intend to avoid scams and not transparent behaviors from the platforms, the starting point is precisely this.

Free slot vs slot with real money

Online there are not only the slots with real money, but it is also possible to find safe sites in which it is possible Play free slot machinesnull It is a precious opportunity, as the free spins on these portals can meet two needs:

  • Take confidence on games in order to understand how the functioning of winnings that they propose;
  • Playing in absolute relaxation for the pure pleasure of doing it. Just the absence of a royal mail makes the free spins for free an excellent way to pass the time without any financial axillo.

To have fun, in fact, There is no deposit Like those who entitle the welcome bonuses on online casinos, you connect freely to the page and choose the desired games. Precisely for this reason the sites on the web that offer free laps are increasingly frequented.

Conclusions: our advice on real money slots

Playing slot machines is a great passion that unifies a large number of users in USA. The game of online slot real money, however, involves significant risks for those who practice it. In some cases you enter a real spiral, the ludopathy, such as to involve not only risks of economic ruin, but also of social isolation.

Before turning to slot machines, you should therefore think well of the best methods to be able to keep the situation under control. To do this, the first operation is to open an account at a casino equipped with an ADM license. Not so much for a question linked to free welcome bonuses, as much as to have the Safety to play in a protected environment.

These structures, in fact, are required to respect the principles of Responsible game, to ensure an adequate RTP to its users and allow them to adopt precautions. In particular, they must add to their offer the possibility of limiting the figures to be played indicating a roof and self -inscribing from the visit to the games for a certain time span or definitively.

In our review we tried to beat several times on the need for safety for those who play live or mobile on a gambling site. It is a fundamental precaution, without which the obsession with winning can become a constant danger. Playing on the slot real money must, ultimately, be a passion, but certainly not devouring.


  • Is it possible to play online slots with real money without an account?

    No, it is not possible to play the online slot real money without first having opened an account and paid the deposit. The ADM and the Revenue Agency want to know who plays to avoid recycling dirty money and maintaining the game in the field of absolute legality.

  • How much can I win by playing the slot with real money?

    Playing the slot machine real money you can also earn a lot. In particular, it is estimated that on some games it is possible to win even millions of $. However, these are figures intended to represent the classic exception that confirms the rule. The number of possibilities in this sense is so large as to make the great winning win in the haystack.

  • What strategy to adopt when playing online slots real money?

    There are no safe methods to facilitate winning when playing real money online slots. The best possible strategy is to not be overwhelmed by the desire to get the jackpot. An obsession of this kind could prove to be in fact very dangerous.

Is it possible to play online slots with real money without an account?

No, it is not possible to play the online slot real money without first having opened an account and paid the deposit. The ADM and the Revenue Agency want to know who plays to avoid recycling dirty money and maintaining the game in the field of absolute legality.

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