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Jumanji Slot

The review analyzes the Jumanji slot Machine, by Neten and inspired by the film of the same name. The game has numerous advantages, including high RTP value, medium -low volatility and the possibility of activating many and different special functions, from which the free spins. It does not present a jackpot, but the prizes still return satisfactory amounts. The possibility of playing both with real money and in free demo version is highlighted.

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Various and dynamic game play
Many Games bonuses
RTP alto
Medium -low volatility
Absence of jackpot

The vast and varied world of videoslots, as is clear to passionate players, offers a great variety of issues and settings, able to make each title unique in its kind. In addition to the games dedicated to ancient Egypt, mythology and the world of music, another of the most loved categories is that Film.

The latter genre is part of the slot machine Jumanji, protagonist of our review. Many will remember the film of the same name, but not everyone knows that today it is possible to relive the emotions given by the exciting film thanks to the slot machine onlinenull So let's see what the main features of this game are revealed and which bonuses offers casino users on the web.

Jumanji Slot: Main information

Who doesn't remember the famous film starring the great Robin Williams? The film, dated 1995, made great sensation and was immediately loved by adults and children, presenting an adventurous story that features the homonymous board gamenull Today it is possible to find the same emotions given by the feature film also in the slot Jumanji, by NetEnt.

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Rules of the game

This title is one Traditional Videoslot: The screen is fixed, although the wheels have different sizes. Align symbols of the same type is a fundamental requirement to win, but those who play can also count on interesting games bonus (including the function Free spin).

Each lap includes one Editable episode And you can choose to play in the Web version with real money or have fun without obligation on Demo free without depositnull The rules are identical in both modalities.

Whoever plays must also keep in mind that if he gets more winnings on the same payment line Only the highest one can be paid, while the win on different payines they are added. The gaming screen also presents the following commands:

  • Play;
  • Auto Play;
  • Max Bet.

Developer and software

The Jumanji web slot was released in 2018 by one of the Best Games Providers for Casino Website currently present on the international market: NetEntnull Exceptional graphics and a variety of bonuses are the distinctive features of this software house, which counts in its schedule many of the most loved gaming titles by those who play for online slots machines.

Winner of numerous Awards In world competitions dedicated to the gaming sector on the web, Netent supplies each best online casino site And his games are among the most clicked and played ever. The Games Machine Netent are all Certified Adm.

Characteristics of the Jumanji slot

NETENT Janum and a slot machine a 5 vertical rollers e 3 horizontal linesnull The wheels have variable dimensions, being able to accommodate (vertically) the first and last only 3 symbols, 4 the second and fourth, with 5 weaves the central roller. Has a number equal to 19 mobile boxes, 36 fixed payment lines e 10 betting levels.

The minimum episode requirement is equal to 0,10 $, while the requirement of the maximum possible reaches the 200,00 $null The highest winning for single spin is equal to 504x times the value of the basic episode.

Slot Janum: payout and combinations

The Netent video slots are characterized as well as for bonus functions also for offering high prizes. The title is a single spin, therefore the Payout takes place at the end of each lap And he is immediately credited to the balance of those who play.

The winning combinations, on the other hand, can be consulted in the regulation table, accessible by clicking on the "I" icon in the lower section of the main screen. So let's see in detail what are the information that can be obtained by reading the gaming regulation of the Jumanji slot.

Table and payment lines

The Table of the Regulation Present in the Jumanji slot it is divided into several sections.

  • Presentation of symbols;
  • Description of extra games;
  • Graphic representation of the payment lines.

The latter, as already announced, they are 36 e they cannot be changednull This implies that each rush tour will always offer the maximum number of possible combinations, as well as the opportunity to reach the highest prize provided for by the game.

The gaming table and the arrangement of the different payment lines is available at any time, with the requirement that a spin is not underway.


The symbols of the Jumanji slot are of three types: characterizing, minors and symbols bonusnull Let's see, in this review, how much they pay.

Characterizing symbols

  • Leone with minimum payout of 6x and maximum of 140x;
  • Rhino with minimum payout of 5x and maximum of 50x;
  • Alligator with minimum payout of 4x and maximum of 30x;
  • Pelican With minimum payout of 3x and maximum of 25x.

Minor symbols

  • A with minimum payout of 2x and maximum of 10x;
  • K with minimum payout of 2x and maximum of 9x;
  • Q with minimum payout of 2x and maximum of 8x;
  • J With minimum payout of 2x and maximum of 7x.

Bonus symbols

  • Wild non -paying, replaces the other icons;
  • Scatter not paying, activate the bonus Board Games.

Jumanji Slot game bonus

As already anticipated, the Jumanji slot machine has many bonus games that make the game play highly dynamic and varied. Also as regards the bonuses, we want to offer a complete review that makes you understand how they work. The first four can take action Only in standard spin and I'm:

Sticky Vines
  • It is activated if the Giro offers 2 to 9 winning combinations, in the absence of other extra games;
  • The icons that participate in the winning and the Wild on the screen remain blocked and free of charge are activated.
  • Monsoon Wilds
  • It covers Wild up to 2 rollers entirely;
  • At the end of the lap, the winnings calculated according to Paytable are obtained.
  • Monkey Mayhem
    DESCRIPTION The function pays all the combinations that come to be created in the (random) activation spin and at the end of the same remit all the icons present to guarantee at least one win.
    Wild Stampede
    DESCRIPTION The animation shows rhinos who run on the screen and release a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 Wilds.
    Sticky Vines
  • It is activated if the Giro offers 2 to 9 winning combinations, in the absence of other extra games;
  • The icons that participate in the winning and the Wild on the screen remain blocked and free of charge are activated.
  • Monsoon Wilds
  • It covers Wild up to 2 rollers entirely;
  • At the end of the lap, the winnings calculated according to Paytable are obtained.
  • Monkey Mayhem The function pays all the combinations that come to be created in the (random) activation spin and at the end of the same remit all the icons present to guarantee at least one win.
    Wild Stampede The animation shows rhinos who run on the screen and release a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 Wilds.

    The title also offers additional special functions, which are randomly selected by accessing the Board Gamenull The latter is activated when Three or more Scatters icons They land on the screen and guarantee a variable number of "dice shots". In particular:

    • 3 Scatter offer 6 shots for free;
    • 4 SCATTER offer 7 shots for free;
    • 5 Scatter They offer 8 shots for free.

    After choosing a pawn, the player has to pull the dice and for each shot he can win one of the following prizes:

    • 10 Vines Free Spins;
    • 7 Monsoon Free Spins;
    • 6 Monkey Free Spins;
    • 5 Stampede Free Spins,
    • Immediate cash prize;
    • Extra cheese?
    • Mysterious function.

    The Board Game function ends when the dice shots at your disposal are finished. At the end of the function the Total winning reached And the same is immediately credited to the account of the play.


    Holiday Slot Jumanji la netent did not foresee a jackpotnull This could certainly constitute a point against the gaming experience, but thanks to the multiplicity of bonus functions and the dynamism given by both the animations and the unusual betting mechanics, it does not really miss it.

    Jumanji slot Free Spin

    I free giri they are activated in a completely random way during the Board Games functionnull After pulling the dice, in fact, they can be obtained from 5 to 10 free matches, all characterized by one of the feature bonuses that are also activated during normal games.

    At the end of the bonus matches comes the total win, which will be paid to the player when the latter ended the dice shots at its disposal.

    Theme and graphics

    The Jumaji slot machine, as mentioned, takes the setting of the film of the same name as basic theme and realizes, thanks to its most characteristic elements, an excellent re -presentation. On the screen it is in fact possible to observe the Famous board game box With the center magic mirror in which the phrases destined for the player appear.

    On the sides of the videoslot, on the other hand, there are all the objects that will animate in the event that the tour of active rollers the special functions: the library on the left is destroyed by Rhinoceronti in the race, while from the belief on the right the climbing plant Responsible for the sticky icons. In the same way the monsoon which fills the rollers and the rollers of Wilds monkeys who have the task of remitting all the icons.

    The quality of the drawings is superb and, of course, it could not wait for anything less from a provider like Netent.

    RTP and volatility

    Excellent news also comes from the return front to the player (RTP) and frequency with which payments take place (volatility).

    The Jumanji slot RTP reaches a remarkable 96,33%, value well higher than the minimum requirement (equal to 90%) imposed by the ADM laws on gambling. As regards volatility, however, the same stands out medium-low, therefore the payments will be quite frequent and not particularly low amounts.

    Due to thehigh frequency of victoriesTherefore, it is understood how the maximum win can only bear 504x times the basic bet.

    How to win at the Jumanji slot?

    In videoslots there are no techniques that allow you to win safely, since the roller laps are governed by RNG system (Random Number Generator) provided for by the ADM laws, which ensures the regularity of random extraction mechanics.

    Who play can however Create your own betting strategy Based on the payment frequency and the high potential return to the player. You can therefore manage the balance in storage by increasing or lowering the episodes according to the behavior of the slot, which can depending on the hours to be played in the paying phase or not.

    To make the best strategy, we suggest testing first of all the game on the site with the mode free demo without deposit.

    Jumanji Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

    The free version of the Jumanji slot is available on Official Software House website and on all Best casino which allow you to try this title in the demo version or with the no deposit bonuses. By carrying out some games it will be easy to understand the dynamics of the rpm and bonuses for free.

    Based on what is observed in free without deposit mode, which offers well 5,000 $ in virtual balance, it will be easy to understand both if this game is for you and if it is possible to dare more with the episodes or remain low in the initial bet level.

    Play jumanji slot with real money

    Those who want to play real money at the Jumanji slot must activate a Game account on an online casino site: possession of the ADM license It is a fundamental requirement, to orient yourself on the choice of a website that respects the laws. Then you will have to perform a deposit with the methods made available by the chosen casino.

    The online casino ADM usually offer one plurality of deposit methods, among which:

    Performed the deposit, you can play the slots By accessing the Web Gaming page dedicated and starting the laps with the "Play" or "Auto Play" button.

    Conclusion: our opinion on the Jumanji slot

    Once at the end of this review, we can say that the Jumanji slot is one of the Games Netent that best express the quality and experience of the software house, famous worldwide. Game Play variety ed Highly immersive web gaming experience They allow you to spend hours and hours of fun, seeing some of the protagonists of the film of the homonymous film from which the game draws inspiration on the screen.

    Although it is not possible to obtain high winnings, the good episode range and the medium -low volatility combined with high RTP are able to satisfy all types of players on the web, experts or beginners.

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