Koi Princess Slot: a review between dragons, temples and a princess

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This time Netent amazes with a slot machine in perfect oriental style, among Shinto sanctuaries, dragons, and the princess protagonist in manga style; Koi Princess is a slot with an excellent RTP, 5-hit random, two wild and free turns, playable on 5 rollers and at 20 episode lines, playing is very simple with the free demo version!


The significant number of bonuses
Minimum episodes can also be made
L’elevato Return to Player
The lack of a progressive jackpot

Koi Princess is the umpteenth successful title conceived by Netent, the famous production house of some of the most famous software among the many gaming enthusiasts and Slot machine scattered within the national territory. Released in 2015, it is in fact one of the most popular games, thanks in particular to a design capable of attracting lovers of the animated anime style. So let's get to know him in this review.

Koi Princess: main information

Koi Princess is a casino slot machine set in the eastern world, characterized by an atmosphere capable of inducing a state of relaxation in its users, helped in this by the presence of a soundtrack that resumes the Japanese tradition with a manga stylenull As happens for most of the games produced by Netent, the graphic level reached by the video game is also positively hit. Such as to confirm the goodness of the Scandinavian Gaming Software.

Rules of the game

The Koi Princess slot has 5 rollers and 20 episode linesnull Bets provide as payment to be swinging within a minimum of a penny and a maximum of one euro. The first decision to be made before starting to play consists of the betting levels from 1 to 10. The highest level of bet as possible for each lap is to certify for 200 $.
It should also be remembered that in order to avoid the task of clicking each lap on the spin button, it is possible to use the video game settings in order to activate the Car Play functionnull Thanks to Auto Play it is possible to manually decide the number of laps to be activated in a completely automatic way, being able to do so within a minimum of ten and a maximum of a thousand.

Once this preliminary requirement has been completed, to start playing with Koi Princess on an online casino you just need to opt for the payment value to be assigned to each of the coins, the bet level and start the wheels.

Developer and software

As we have already remembered, the Koi Princess slot is yet another result of the work of Netent, a Swedish company that has launched commercial branches from Gibraltar and Malta from the Scandinavian peninsula. The development of software for the various Games is instead entrusted to the offices operating in the United States, Ukraine and Poland.

It is basically the reference point of the Games sector, a position also demonstrated by partnership con Warner Brothers and achieved thanks to the exceptional graphic levels. As a result of his notoriety Netent is able to impose laws and market conditions for competition, in the gaming sector.

Characteristics of the Koi Princess slot

Koi Princess focuses on an oriental inspiration theme, leveraging precisely on the fascination produced by this culture to hit the imagination of Games suffers on the web. The engaging scenarios and atmospheres that follow one another in the hours act as a theater to a game performance made even richer by special functions and gambling bonuses.

At the 5 rollers and at the 20 episode lines, on which it is possible to operate a maximum episode of 200 tokens and a special brought to the double, then mix a bonus capable of giving the payment of the premiums of considerable level.

Just the 4 special functions, which are activated randomly during a game round, they represent the greatest attraction of this slot machine. Among the special symbols, particular importance is connected to that Wildnull In addition to acting as Jolly, it is also able to give the player up to 500 tokens to be converted into prize.

The bonus symbol is in turn followed by the activation of a special game and the appearance of a wheel screen. Precisely this, activated by the launch of a nut, provides the user with the additional opportunity to multiply the winnings and collect cash prizes.

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Koi Princess: Payout and combinations

He pays, o Return to Player (RTP), it is a requirement that must be examined with great attention, before undertaking the gaming on a slot machine or on the games offered on the web by the Adm casino. To do it at best, it is necessary to start from a very precise data: if there are no laws in this sense, as a rule, the mess for these games opt for a payout included within a range between 80 and 94%.

Overwarding this threshold at the top translates into greater winning opportunities for those who play. It is in fact a simple calculation of the probability, but the 96% that characterizes Koi Princess He certifies a greater propensity to reward the player. The most experienced users know this data very well and draw their consequences by ing titles characterized by an above average RTP.

As far as the winning combinations are concerned, no less than three equal symbols must be formed, which become two in the event that a Koi Princess or Wild symbol appears.
Among other figures, special functions are of particular importance. The appearance of bonus symbols on rollers 1, 3 and 5 is practically activated. These are the following:

Bonus Wheel, a three -level wheel, on each of which are twelve positions. To move inside it, click on the nut. It allows you to have fun and activate two other gaming modes such as bonuses, the WildReels Free Spins (WRFS, giri gratis) e lo Sure Win Free Spins;

  • Winning tokens, which makes it possible to win frogs instantly;
  • Sure win free spins, which allows the player to receive 10 free laps;
  • WRFS, which entrusts the user 10 free laps, in which from one to five wheels they will be casually covered with their overlap.

To the special functions, the Koi Princess slot combines four others, random:

  • 5-Hit random, consisting of a lap with a guaranteed win for 5 figures;
  • Wildrandom, which guarantees the presence of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 similar figures simultaneously;
  • Wildreels Random, in which a number of rollers between two and five are covered with overlapping figures;
  • Random Activation Bonus, tour with three bonus symbols and an assigned bonus function.

Payment table and lines

To fully understand the incidence of the various figures on the game, as well as in order to be able to make the most of the functions on which the players must rely on profit in the hours spent with Koi Princess naturally must naturally observe the payments table. Precisely for this reason we recommend examining it very carefully before starting to aim for the money of your deposit in games on the web.

The episode lines are 20 and to be able to win the alignment of three equal figures, or two where a Koi Princess or Wild symbol is combined with them.


Logically inspired by ancient eastern traditions, to which the machine expressly recalls, the basic figures are the Princess Koi, the orange lion, the green reptile and three coins garnished with a blue ribbon. To them are then added the cards from 9 to the ace, probably in order to give life to a bridge with western culture and thus facilitating users.

But, above all, the ranks of the same go to add some specials, namely:

  • Wild, who is responsible for going to take the place of all the others every time he appears on the screen, with the only exception represented by the bonus symbol. In this way she is able to facilitate the realization of the best possible winning combination;
  • Bonus, which must make their appearance on the 1st, 3rd and 5th roller. If this happens, some bonus modes are randomly activated. Each of them is able to ensure significant advantages for the player, in the form of bonuses, free turns and tokens.

Koi Princess game bonus

Another intriguing requirement of Koi Princess is represented by Bonus betnull It is an option that can be activated before taking a lap. To give him profiles of originality is the fact that thanks to his activation, by doubling the consideration for the bet, it is possible to increase the probability of starting a random mode or bonus games exponentially.

It has not ended here, however, as activating this mechanism are also the subject of modification of the bonus wheel prizes, with the increase in winnings in on Sure Win Free Spins mode in addition. It should also be noted that no value of the episode and tokens are not changed, with the possibility of deactivating the bonus bet at any time.


Koi Princess does not offer a progressive jackpot. Precisely this can, ultimately, be considered the only defect of this proposal. Above all, in light of the importance that in the eyes of the Games Fans lies this particular aspect.

Koi Princess Free Spin

As for the free laps, Koi Princess provides sure win free spins, a method that guarantees a safe win ("sure win", in fact) for each lap. The amount of the same goes in turn to pay at least that relating to the episode.

How does the mechanism work? In practice, the player has 10 Bonus gamesnull The first safe bet corresponds to the episode of the Giro that started the mode, then 20 or 40 tokens, depending on the actual activation of the bonus bet function.

In the event that the winning of the first round exceeds the episode, its amount becomes that of the Sure Win. If during this mode a winning is shown lower than the amount of the same, it is still accredited that of the guaranteed winning. Where one of the subsequent winnings goes to cross the guaranteed amount, this will be credited in order to transform into the new safe win, assigning the player a further lap.

Theme and graphics

Those who play often on the web, perhaps for hours, do not pay much attention to the theme and graphics of the chosen machine. In the case of Koi Princess, however, it is necessary to underline the originality ensured by the reference to eastern culture, also in relaxing music. In addition, the graphics of the neent video game proves to be once again very refined. Adding reasons of interest that can gratify the most attentive players to these aspects.

RTP and volatility

We have already remembered in our review how the Return to Play stands at 96%. To this figure we add the one relating to the theoretical return for the player with the active betus, which rises to 96.23%.

As far as volatility is concerned, it is low, consequently allowing winnings whose amount is quite contained. A volatility destined accordingly not to please those who love the adrenaline discharge connected to the risk on the ADM sites.

How to win in Koi Princess?

To win at KP it is necessary to be able to align 2 or 3 equal symbols. To be winning, the combinations must be formed with the combination of equal figures from left to right, seamlessly.

There are no tricks to win at a slot machine but it is possible to increase the chances of winning with simple advice:

  • Never exceed a pre -established episode budget;
  • know the rules of the video game well;
  • Practice with the free demo version.

Koi Princess: play on the demo version to practice

At the review it is possible to note how often on the web the use of tricks can be recommended to help those who want to increase the probability of winning with video games on a site. In our opinion, however, the only real trick really useful to be able to do it is represented by the use of Koi Princess Slot for free.

To be able to do it, on many sites it is possible to practice with one demo version, before moving on to the real video game, that is, the one in which real money will be focused.
Just the free game on the demo, in fact, is able to fulfill some fundamental tasks. Among which the following stand out:

  • Allow the player to become familiar with the new games, without having to point the money of his deposit. The initial phase is often the most risky, precisely because of the lack of knowledge with the product;
  • Allow those who play it ever relaxation. It should be considered that there are many users who love the video game regardless, even regardless of the bet in money. A healthy way to cultivate the playful aspect of the games that is encouraged precisely from the use of free laps on a demo, freeing this recreational activity from stress;
  • give the site to deploy a promotional strategy. Which can be aimed at capturing new customers or to retain existing ones. In particular, the latter will be able to do it without having to operate a new deposit using a new bank transfer.

Just the usual players of each site Adm They love to know the peculiarities of each slot machines in depth before starting to aim for the money of their deposit. Being aware of the possible evolution of the game and the laws that regulate it is a basic requirement to increase the probability of winning over the hours. The demo version therefore represents an excellent tool to succeed.

Play Koi Princess with real money

Once you have a good experience with the hours on free laps you can move on to the real game mode on your mess. In this sense, we remind you that in order to do it it is necessary to operate the initial deposit. To do this, it is necessary to take a quick look at the expected payment methods. Usually the master card, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Paypal Neteller, Paysafecard, Postepay or the bank transfer are accepted.

As for the gaming site on which to play the deposit, the advice is to choose one with ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies). This kind of casino is in fact required to respect laws and Principles of the responsible game in force in USA.

Conclusion: our opinion on Koi Princess

These days it is difficult to find games on the web that do not have a fundamental requirement such as quality. In the case in question to guarantee in this sense, it is the ideation of Nettend, Swedish software house which is synonymous with very high standards. For those who love gaming, therefore, the spins on this machine represent an excellent way of cultivating their passion.

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