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Wild wild west slot

The video slot Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist makes all the emotion of the assault on the train typical of western films, all in this slot machine is themed, music in perfect Yankee style, the hot desert, and one Band of outlets outlawed, the game has an RTP of 96.7%. And a rich jackpot of 500 $!


Indice RTP
Bonus game
Excellent graphics
demo version
The progressive jackpot may be higher

A band of outlaw, the assault on the train, the earth burned by the sun in Texas, and music in the western spaghetti style, nothing is missing from Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist The umpteenth winning Slot machine The net is the third day.

Wild Wild West Slot: Main information

Wild Wild West Slot is a video slot game by one of the most popular software house software in the gaming sector: Netten. The game in question is characterized by the classic 5 -rollers game grid with 10 payment lines.

For those interested in playing hours and hours with the video-lot: this product is available for all desktop and mobile supports, starting from 10 euro cents for each episode.

As the name of the slot machine of this review suggests, The theme is the wild West, and graphics/animation has a style that refers to the comics. In the review we will discover what are the main functions of this game, and what the symbols that allow you to get bonuses and the free spin. In addition to giving some info on the film of the same name.

Wild Wild West Slot Free is a slot machine whose name brings to mind a film of the same name. In the film, great actors like Will Smith (James West), Kevin Kline (Artemus Gordon) and Kenneth Branagh (Loveless) appear.

The film is quite famous, even if it was not welcomed well by critics and did not participate in festivals, he still won several Awards rockets (award for the worst film, worst recorded in Barry Sonnenfeld, etc.).

However, in the case of the product we are dealing with in this review, the only reference to the film is only in the title, and we must admit that the success of the game is higher than that of the film.

Rules of the game

The rules are the same that apply to any other game of this type, with Symbols that give access to bonus and free spins gamesnull There is also a Progressive jackpot of maximum value of 500 $ which can be won by those who get the combination with the highest score.

The winning combinations are indicated in the payments table, where the payment lines that allow you to win are also explained.

Developer and software

Netent is one of the most famous software house in the sector from online gaming. This international provider program games are characterized by safety, reliability, transparency and fun.

The products branded by the aforementioned digital games company are controlled and authorized by external and independent agencies, which take care of testing the various games and release a license. This serves to certify the safety level of the gaming product and to identify theIndice RTP.

In addition, the Neten brand games are distributed on the main gambling sites that operate nice respect for the laws. To play with the video-lot of the aforementioned software house we recommend readers to always choose regulated sites and with Licenza Adam/Arms.

Thanks to their security standards, these Gambling sites manage to offer an excellent level of reliability to the players who register, open an account and perform a deposit of real money

Caratteristiche della slot Wild wild west Slot

Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist as mentioned is a slot machine scheduled by one of the most popular providers in recent years: Net Entertainment, also known as Netent.

The game grid is characterized by 5 rollers and 10 payment lines. This gaming product is playable on desktop devices, furniture and tablets starting from $ 0.10 to get to $ 100 per lapnull It is also available a jackpot that $ 500 Which can be won by the luckiest player who gets the highest combination.

The game has a comic -style style and tells the story of a great robbery to the train by 4 rampant.

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Wild wild west Slot: Payout e combinazioni

One of the most interesting aspects, when it comes to evaluating a slot machine like those we are talking about in our reviews, is the Payout of the game.

It is a very important value, because it allows you to identify the winning potential of a slot. Videoslots on online casinos are increasingly convenient than real ones. In fact, these online gaming products are characterized by their index RTP that exceeds the average of the sector.

W.W.W.: The Great Train Heist is a game with a payout pari al 96,7%.

This means that for every euro played, more than 97 cents are destined to return to the player's availability in the form of a win. The remaining cents, on the other hand, represent the gain of the provider and the casino that hosts the game in his schedule.

Payment table and lines

As for the totality, the slot machines signed by the Netten software house, also Wild Wild West Slot Free presents a "information" section that allows you to access the symbol tables.

Thanks to this section, each player can learn to recognize the symbols that pay the most and those who activate the good o 1 giri free.

Playing slot machines is not a matter of skill, it always takes a high dose of luck. However, it is important to know what the main features of the game are to know the risks to which you meet (RTP and volatility rate) before pointing real money.

The payments lines of this slot are 10 and so that they produce the desired results, it is necessary that At least 3 winning symbols appear on the grillnull These must position themselves on the rollers from left to right and can be both in line and dispelled according to what is indicated in the game table.


Among the main symbols of the game/slot there are the 4 bandits which, according to the story that surrounds the video game, have attacked the train to implement a robbery.

But the card that pays the most is that of the woman who, in fact, represents the Wild That is the Jolly. If this icon appears 5 times on the rollers, the player has the opportunity to see his episode multiplied 50 times the mail.

Also, playing Wild Wild West Slot Free The player can use the Pick and click function which is activated obtaining simultaneously 3 bonus symbols on rollers 1, 3 and 5null When this happens, the player can click on one of the bonus symbols, to reveal a cash prize that varies from 5 to 50 times the episode.

The main attraction is the Free Function Spins which is activated when they appear 3 or 7 Symbols Scatter everywhere on the rollers (in the basic game).

When the 3 runs appear to the player are granted 10 free giri, If instead the scatter symbols are 4, the slot machine will provide 20 free girinull For the lucky ones who get 5, the final prize is of 30 free laps.

Wild Wild West Slot game bonus

In the game W.W.W. Slot The Great Train Heist there is a Pick and Click function, in which the player has the possibility choose between different bonus symbols, which allow you to win up to 50 times the episode.

There is also one Free spin bonus function In which it is possible to start at a maximum of 30 free laps: on each free lap, Wild Wild West Slot Free Rewardly reward with 1 of 4 Wild functions.

In the slot machine, of which we are dealing with in this review, there are several figures that all act as Jolly: the Regular wild, il Expanding wild, Il Wild Multiplier X2 is one Spreading Wild.

The expanding Wild is really exciting, because it allows the player to get up to 3 rollers completely Wild for each free lap. In addition, this function allows you to activate more free rpm bonus up to a maximum of 60 free spins.


Although most of the latest generation slot machines prefer to focus on the bonus games or on the free spins, giving up the jackpot, the aforementioned slot offers both attractions.

The jackpot is a progressive prize pool that must be accumulated episode after episode. In the case of the Netent slot we are dealing with in this review, the rich booty can amount to $ 500.

The prize pool is constituted every time that the Jolly symbol appears on the rollers, or the Wild. The latter, as we have said, activates a episode multiplier that allows you to win up to 50 times the mail.

Wild wild west Slot Free Spin

To operate the free spin areas it is necessary to see the symbol with the number sevennull This figure represents the Scatter, that is, the card that operates the bonus and gives the extra laps to those who play. The number of Spin Free It depends on the type of combination that is created on the grill.

To get the free spins, the following combinations must be obtained:

  • 3 Scatter offer 10 rpm for free
  • 4 scatter danno 20 free spins
  • 5 Symbols Scatter offer 30 free spin

Why are free spin important in a slot? Thanks to the presence of this type of bonus, the player has the opportunity to play for more time and for free. The winnings obtained while the free spin function is active, they are equally collected.

Theme and graphics

Wild Wild West is a Netten slot machine and, like all games signed by this software house, it only collects positive reviews thanks to its well -kept and well -made graphics.

The success of this slot, in fact, is also linked to his Comic style with graphics and excellent animationsnull It also comes with one Superb soundtrack in western style, which makes it much more adrenaline and exciting.

The symbols on the rollers include the 4 bad guys, the protagonists of the main theme, and the female which is the highest value (50 times the total episode on a payment line).

RTP and volatility

The RTP index is one of the values that most affect players, because it is a value that manages to make the player understand what are the real winning opportunities. In the case of the slot in question, theRTP index is higher than average of other games of the same category. In fact, we are talking about a value that stands at 96.7%.

This element, however important to be in the evaluation phase of a slot machine, alone is not enough to make the idea of how convenient and risky the machine is. In fact, the consideration of another factor is essential, which serves to identify the level of absorption of the slot. We are talking about the volatility rate.

Each slot machine lives two phases:

  • An absorption phase in which the player inserts money by winning little or nothing;
  • A unloading phase, in which the slot produces small and frequent money discharges or few but abundant winnings;

The rate volatility rate Indicates how much money a player must insert before getting a win. In the case of Wild Wild West Slot Free the volatility rate is average, This means that in the face of a good win of winning it is necessary to pay a reasonable amount of money.

The same goes for other provider products such as: Hall of Gods, Rome: The Goden Age, Turn Your Fortune, etc. To find out, just see on the "home" of the site dedicated to Netenet.

Come Vincere a Wild wild west Slot?

The slots do not include any type of strategy to win. After all this game it is a mix of adrenaline and luck. However, there are precautions that, if applied correctly, can allow the player/enthusiast it slides, to make wrong decisions.

To win with this slot it is imported to be registered on the site of an online casino regulated, which is in possession of an ADM license. This detail is very significant, because it allows the player to play through the "home" of a reliable gambling site, sheltered from scams or scams.

In essence, choosing online casino operating in compliance with the laws is the only means available to web users, to have the certainty of playing with safe products and recognized by a competent authority.

Finally, it is necessary to remember two sales points of the online gambling:

  • Try the first product in free demo version, to become familiar with it and to learn to recognize bonus symbols;
  • fix the budget to be dedicated to this activity in advance and respect this guideline.

Wild Wild West Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The demo version of a slot or any other online gaming game is a sort of guide that serves become familiar with the productOr, see the symbols and learn to recognize the main functions. But above all, the free version is very useful to spend a few hours of leisure Without risking your money.

After practicing the demo mode of the game, the player has enough information available that can induce him to move on to the "real money" version or try another slot.

Play Wild Wild West Slot with real money

After trying the free demo version and read the reviews on the game, the player can move on to real money mode. To do this, you must be registered with an online gaming site and make a deposit on the game account by choosing between one of the payment methods allowed:

  • Credit/debt cards of the Mastercard circuit, Visa or Master;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Postepay;
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Fixing a maximum budget is essential when playing real money.

Conclusion: our opinion on Wild Wild West Slot

Wild Wild West Slot is a valid, safe and fun game: Suitable for both the neophytes of the gaming you have veterans. Like most Netent products in recent years, this slot also has a free demo version with which to have fun without risking your money.

The RTP index is higher than the average, the theme is that of Old West and the graphics are simple and fun. The bonuses, jackpots and free spins give that pinch of adrenaline, which never hurts.

We conclude all the reviews by remembering that to play real money it is necessary to be registered with a gaming site that works in compliance with the laws and carry out a deposit of money.

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