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Lady of Egypt

The review offers a detailed analysis of the Lady of Egypt slot released by WMS. The title has very particular and unique dynamics in their kind: in fact, there are 10 screen rollers, of which only 3 active. The 3 jackpots up for grabs and the possibility of activating the expanded payment function optimizes the winnings, significantly increasing the basic payout. Medium volatility and good RTP complete the offer.

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Egypt has always been one of the most fascinating themes in the literary and cinematographic fields. The legends related to the pharaohs and mysterious pyramids are countless and, of course, one of the names that will never be forgotten by the story is that of Cleopatra. The splendid queen, shrewd as beautiful, is also the absolute protagonist of many slot machine online.

To stay on the theme of the land of the pharaohs, we want to present you one of the games that see a coils of the most famous queen of all time: the slot Lady of Egypt It invites you to try your luck on 9 rollers, offering bonuses and 3 interesting jackpots.

Lady of Egypt Slot: Main information

Who loves a style Original and innovative gaming, will certainly find the information we want to give on Loe. The game, by WMG, openly challenges traditional dynamics: in fact, it shows a 9 -wheeled screen that are activated in an alternating way and, at best, it could bear a payout fino a 20.000x the basic bet. The gameplay could, at first glance, look chaotic and rather confusing, but a few rounds are enough to become familiar with the dynamics of this video river.

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Rules of the game

In the basic rules there are not many innovations: all the winnings accumulated on different payines add up, while if more winning combinations they appear on the same line, only the highest one is paid. What must be considered, however, is that Only the combinations that appear on the active wheels are paid (three per spin) and the latter take the name of SpeedSpins Active Reels: these are highlighted by a box in which they appear larger than the others.

The peculiarity of the videoslot is just linked to the wheels. When a winnings occurs on Speedspins Active Reels, the pane that surrounds them moves two cards to the right, highlighting three new SpeedSpins Active Reels and increasing the Multiplier SpeedSpins: this is repeated until all the rollers have been covered, until the tenth roller.

The latter shows a particularity compared to the previous ones, however, since it does not contain payment cards but only a multiplier, from 350x as far as 1000x, more icone Jackpots.

Developer and software

When it comes to responsible gambling, it is important to always the providers' products with a consolidated experience. This is certainly the case of WMS: The Software House has been operating in the online video game sector for at least 26 years and has a story with more short -sighted titles that has its roots in days even further back in time by making it a cornerstone for all lovers of these games.

WMS certainly does not fear any competition in the sector thanks to its offer of numerous titles of proven success (such as the Video slot Zeus), all widespread in the best online casino, which guarantee responsible and safe fun on their site.

Features of the Lady of Egypt slot

LOE, WMS, offers a total of 10 rolls, each from 3 filenull When launching the first lap, only the three more reels to the left of the set are active and each victory moves the two -seater active kings to the right, increasing the Speedspins multipliernull Finally, the tenth roller does not have icons inside but only a multiplier, which can go from no less than 350x up to 1000x.

Loe offers up to 9 Paylines And a possibility of making very wide bets: we start from no less than 0.35 $ And you get to a maximum of 175 $ With the possibility of being able to win up to $ 250,000 in a single game.

Lady of Egypt slot: Payout e combinazioni

WMS Videoslot Machine is not afraid to offer the possibility of Winning very high prizes To those who play, guaranteeing interesting extra and gameplays that ensure a respectable payout: the latter is credited, in the event of winning games, at the end of the tour of the player's balance.

The info on winning combinations They can be found on the drop -down menu present in the lower part of the game screen: just click on the button showing the two arrows to extend it, and then on the third icon from the left to obtain all the info on the payments table, the icons and The episode lines.

Payment table and lines

The Table of the Regulation You can consult at any time of your session, provided that a spin is not taking place. Inside is:

  • Presentation of paying cards;
  • Special functions and free rounds;
  • Information on payines.

As mentioned, the payment lines are 9 in total and the game is made on all together: this means that It is not possible to choose to focus on less than 9 lines But also that, therefore, it will always be possible to win the maximum prize pool for those who play.


The offer of the icons includes it 10 standard e Two specials, all inspired by the proposed theme. Follow all the explanations regarding the related payments:

Standard symbols:

  • bets, Beja reflects;
  • Osiris, Beja reflects;
  • Ra, Beja reflects;
  • Seth, Beja reflects;
  • Fools, pagano 75x;
  • Ankh, Beja Hsax;
  • Cobra, Beja Hsax;
  • Jackal, paga 125x;
  • Gatto, paga 250x;
  • Cleopatra paga 500x.

Special symbols:

  • Wild, shows the golden writing Wild. It is not a paying symbol and replaces all other standard cards within a winning combination;
  • bonus symbol, shows a golden scarabeo and guarantees access to free rounds (Free Spins).

Lady of Egypt Slot game bonus

Here is offered an overview and the rules relating to all the extra functions available for those who play.

  • SpeedSpins Active Reels: It is the characteristic function of Videoslot Machine and is always active during the laps. A box highlights three section that are active for the current lap and moves from two wheels to the right after the victory;
  • SpeedSpins Multiplier: This multiplier is applied to all winning games that occurs in Speedspins Active Reels and could be increased, randomly, after a winning game, up to a maximum of 5x;
  • 10th roller: Strictly linked to the previous function is the particularity of the tenth game roller, which does not contain icons but only a multiplier. If a victory that includes this commercial, it will be multiplied by the corresponding value, ranging from 350x up to 1000x. Alternatively, if the winnings occurs in the center of the 10th roller, you are entitled to a jackpots;
  • Expanded payment: If a single symbol (or a particular combination of icons) appears inside the Speedspins Active Reels) to fill all the nine pieces, they will offer an increased payment. TABLE OF PAYMENTS ALREGED EXPRESS PAYMENT:
Symbols in groups of 9 PAYOUT
Statuettes of the same type Laughter
Fools 1250x
Ankh 1750x
Cobra 2500x
Jackal 3750 pussy
Gatti 5000x
Cleopatra 10000x

In addition, the active roller with a mix of one or three selected icons offers a Expanded paymentnull These are:

  • Cleopatra + cat + jackal, who pay 1750x;
  • Cobra + Eye +, who pay 1000x;
  • Several statuettes of the Egyptian deities, who pay 250x.


If the last wheel stops on the central section in the tenth roller, those who play could win the Best prize offered by Loenull The prize pool is multiplied by the episode by line and three different are available in total:

  • Grand, pari a 20000x;
  • major, pari a 5000x;
  • Minor, pari a 1000x.

The prize pool to which you are entitled always comes chosen randomly.

Lady of Egypt slot Free Spin

Now all the info will be presented to unlock and play the free girinull These free spins can be activated thanks to the bonus icon, according to the following table:

N. Icone Bonus Free Spins
3 8
4 12
5 16
6 30

During these free laps, from 2 to 4 wheels, choices at random between 2, 4, 6 or 8, they come Fill in Wild, thus increasing the chances of winning games. Also, free laps they guarantee a payout equal to at least 10x The total episode: if it is less than this value, it is automatic increased until it.

Theme and graphics

For the Videoslot Machine offered by WMS, the Provider has entrusted a theme of proven charm and liking, namely Egyptian culture: while in Greece they reigned Zeus and the gods of Olympus, the lands of the Nile were the domain of Ra, Seth and powerful and beautiful queens. And it is precisely here that the action takes place in this game.

The background offers a very evocative scene, divided into two: in the upper part you can see a sunset overlooking the pyramids in the desert while in the lower part you find yourself inside a dark temple, probably underground. All elements of the screen have themed decorations, with the colors and the ancient artistic style of the Egyptian era, all made impeccablely, guaranteeing those who play the best possible immersion.

RTP and volatility

At this point of the review, a brief mention of the values of RTP and volatility of the video machine machine, fundamental elements to be considered when playing dialing is necessary.

As for the return to the player, he stands on an average of the 96.08%, therefore a respectable value, well higher than the average of the average of 90% imposed by current legislation.

The volatility, on the other hand, is considered medium: this means that the game offers a good intermediate compromise between frequency of winnings and their value.

Come Vincere a Lady of Egypt slot?

Since LOE respects the legal parameters of the ADM legislation for online games, It is not possible to establish a certain winning strategy, as these games are based on a generator of random numbers that produces unpredictable combinations.

The only responsible strategy, always valid for gambling, is take into consideration the return values to the player and volatility To adjust your episodes, as well as approaching these Games through the free demo version, which does not require any deposit, in order to fully understand the gameplay and how to unlock the useful free rounds.

Lady of egypt slot free: play on the demo version to practice

As for the demo version, this could be played, together with that of other titles, on Provider site or various online casinos with a Departure balance of $ 1000, without the need for any initial deposit. It is, on average, good practice to practice this mode to master mechanics and extra features such as free rounds.

Play Lady of Egypt Slot with real money

To challenge Loe with real money and responsibly, it is certainly a good rule to ascertain, first of all, that the online casino is equipped with the appropriate ADM licensenull Once this is done, you need to open an account on the casino website itself, make a first deposit and then choose the "real money" mode in starting the game.

Alternatively, it is often possible, on the best ADM casino, take advantage of some no deposit bonus which allow you to test the igaming platform and choose even after several days whether to recharge real money.

Conclusion: our opinion on Lady of Egypt Slot

In conclusion of the review, there is no doubt that Loe is a the product of the highest quality: with this videooslot set in ancient Egypt, WMS offers a unique and innovative gaming experience, capable of guaranteeing great fun thanks to its unpredictable and varied bonus and game play functions, as well as a Valid compromise in terms of winnings thanks to average volatility.

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