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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Mega Joker

RTP 99%, yes just like that the Netten slot machine has a return to the record player! Practically almost always the money pointed will return to the player's pockets. A videoslot for lovers of vintage rollers typical of traditional games rooms, with cherries, watermelons, lemons, bells, and a precious golden trunk.


Owns the progressive jackpot
Easy to use
Excellent rtp
Graphics dated
There are no free spin

How to get the highest win to Slot machine Mega Joker? Are there tricks and tips to follow for those who play? The company has undoubtedly made one of the best games ever, available on most of the ADM online casinos. You can use the paid version after making a deposit with one of the main methods inside the platform.

Read our complete review of the slot also available in the Deluxe version. Find out what the figures, the return to the player, the methods to increase victories and the requirement necessary to unlock her jack-can.

Mega Joker: main information

It is clear from the beginning that the slot machine does not stand out of innovation from a graphic point of view. But this should not be a problem for most of the betting players of betting.

The game interface is of the type vintagenull Perfect especially for those who appreciate the old machines with i Digital display typical of the eightiesnull Three wheels and three payment lines, for a total of nine boxes filled during all the laps by its classic figures. Fruits and numbers are the masters.

However, Netent did not compromise. In fact, Maga Joker owns a full-blown anti-ritual algorithm and in this way all the results are 100% random. It is a mechanism necessary to prevent any tampering attempts.

Rules of the game

In this part of the review we see what are the rules of the game. They are few, however decisive to be able to use Mega Joker.

To activate the car you have to click on the central button and start the laps, you must always do it manually, you need to get at least three equal figures in the same paylinenull The maximum number is five.

Autoplay cannot be used and not even the doubling option, but at any time it is possible to collect the won money.

We always recommend playing consciously, and to respect the laws, lighting only to ADM (ex AAMS) authorized platforms.

Developer and software

Netent is one of the most famous companies in the sector of gambling onlinenull It was founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. His fame is equal to that of other rather famous companies in online gambling, such as Novomatic, Octavian Gaming and Igt.

His games are located within the More famous online casinonull Inside the Netent website you can access the complete list of titles.

She was the first to create a 3D slot machine, as well as to give life to "Casino Module" management programnull Most of its slots have excellent quality graphics as well as engaging functions.

Between Most famous slots machines you make We find Gonzo's Quest, set in South America and inspired by Gonzalo Pizzarro's adventures. Then there are Starburst, Jack Hammer, Eggomatic, Scarface and Jumanji.

Characteristics of the Mega Joker slot

The mega jocker slot is characterized by a extreme simplicitynull You can use this gaming even if you don't have a great experience in online casinos.

Its structure includes three lines and three rollers, for a total of 9. Figure Accumulabili during each spin. There are 5 payment lines in everything. The absence of free spins, the doubling option and autoplay underlines its nature once more basic.

In fact, Netennt has decided to create a product for the loyal old days, who appreciate bar machines.

The minimum episode for Turn the rollers is one euro, while the maximum is ten $. These are contained figures that allow everyone to make bets based on their possibilities.

Other features of this videoslot are:

  • All the combinations are considered valid when they start from left to right;
  • At any time you can collect your money and stop making the episodes;
  • It is not possible to obtain free spins and there are no special symbols that open your doors to Mini-Games;
  • Those who choose to make the highest episode (10 $), could win the progressive jack-pot.

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Mega Joker: payout and combinations

In this part of the review we are talking about payout and winning combinations. On the one hand there is precisely the payout.

For all the games made in a specific time, there is a percentage of money that the slot makes players as victories. We know has one of the highest in the market, in fact we speak of the 99% RTP!

On the other hand, however, there are all the winning combinations obtained with the various laps of the rollers, which follow very specific rules. Those who play must always have it clear.

It is true that Videoslot recognizes the winnings automatically and consequently it is not necessary to know the rules to be able to get more or less profits, but to know it helps to become aware of what you are doing.

Payment table and lines

The basic rules are more or less always the same, but Megajoker presents some important differences compared to others currently on the market.

The Payment lines are only 5 and cannot be changed in any way, in order to get the winnings it is necessary to get during the laps From a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 equal figures.

In the same Payline It is not possible to obtain more than one winning combination that pays, if two or more lines are obtained two or more combinations of figures, these are added.


The symbols of Mega Joker are simply the classic bar ones. The most common are:

  • The cherries: It is the most common figure and the score is 20.
  • The lemons: just as cherries have the lowest score, that is 20.
  • Watermelon: The Anguries offer an already higher score of 80.
  • Bells: The bells have a score of 200.
  • Baulu d a hand: It is certainly the symbol that guarantees the most interesting prize, because it is worth 2000 points.

Mega Joker game bonus

Mega Joker It has no specific bonuses. It is as we have seen a really simple slot, for this reason the manufacturer has decided not to include specific bonuses, there is not even the card game for doubling the winnings.

Yet despite this small "defect", you can still try for example win the jackpot as long as they meet the episode requirement and the relative laws.

Also forget that the website of an online casino usually has specific Welcome bonus which allow you to use the extra sums obtained after the First depositnull All payment methods are almost always accepted, especially Visa, bank transfer, Paypal, Master Card, Skrill.

Considering the high volatility of the slots, exploiting these occasions is certainly advantageous. The sum varies very much according to the casino but consider that in any case you must always satisfy a requirement of episode as it wants ADM, the body that deals with checking that Gambling companies act transparently towards users.


Mega Joker It is one of the slots machines produced by NetEnt which has a progressive jackpot. It means that thanks to a completely random mechanism you can really win important prizes. The episodes of the other players to rise to the value of this award.

Every time someone makes a bet with Mega Joker contributes to the formation of the JACKPOT progressive. When won, it starts from the lower figure chosen by the online casino and always reported within the website. The same happens in the Videoslot Book of Ra.

Before making bets with real money, it can be a good idea to try with the demo version to put methods of methods, she will speak soon in the review in question.

Mega Joker Free

Another feature of Mega Joker is not to offer Spins for free to your players. If most of the Bak they are the end of the third, but also d Novomatic And many other software houses that produce gaming gaming do so, for the machine it was decided to exclude this often very sought after function. Probably the reason that moves this decision is precisely its wanting to be very simple and relevant to the old models.

Theme and graphics

Il Mega Joker's theme and graphics Slot were mentioned in the initial part of the present review here. Here, we decided to answer a question here that many ask themselves. "Why this choice?”.

When you enter an online casino you notice that most virtual machines are graphically exceptional and modern. They are inspired by the adventures of the heroes or make you relive fantastic adventures with the imagination. Just think of the famous Book of RA Deluxe of the Novomatic.

Megajoker's software house has chosen to a nostalgic audiencenull Although the machine is vintage, the technology behind you is among the most modern. It is no coincidence that the Jack-Pot still absent for many slots on the web is also available.

RTP and volatility

Mega Joker as slot machine has a high volatilitynull It means that the risk of losing money is real and concrete. Despite this among the reasons why it is highly appreciated by those who play, there is its excellent return to the player. There is talk of 99.00%.

What does it mean? According to the laws currently in force in the world of gaming online, each game must let it know clearly and transparently what is the theoretical return to the player.

In the case of Mega Joker slot Every 100 $ focused by the players, 99 $ are rendered. But be careful, it does not mean that you are the certainty of a victory of at least 99 $ every time you play, it is an overall calculation of the money spent by all those who are using the Videoslot.
There are those who play only one euro and wins 1000 $ and who instead playing 100 $, lose everything!

How to win at Mega Joker?

Winning to Mega Joker is certainly possible. There are many people who have had the good fortune to raise a lot of money thanks to this slot.

This particular type of games, however, is characterized by a high volatility but also from having an algorithm at the base that prevents everyone, also to the same casino, to tamper the principle of randomness that regulates the game.

However, there are small precautions that help you increase the possibility of winning. Consider that the mega Joker despite being extremely simple on a graphic level and in the choice of symbols, it allows you to win the progressive jackpot. The main requirement is that of make the maximum episode, which is equivalent to $ 10.

Good news considering that some slots provide a far higher episode, thus making it more difficult for many to be able to run to conquer the Grosso Prize.

The second trick is to exploit i Welcome bonus of the various online casinos, in order to use the money given and not those of yours put on the account through a deposit with the accepted methods, such as Visa, bank transfer, PayPal and Master Card.

Finally, to make the bet even more interesting from the point of view to get wins, try to enter the website where you want to use the machine late in the evening or early in the morningnull It is when the number of logged in users is lower. It is in these moments that the casino tends to release a greater number of victories to its members. Better still if you use the bonuses in these moments.

Free mega Joker: play on the demo version to practice

There is a version of mega Joker Slot free produced by Netten. It is also available for the homonymous made by Novomatic.

The advantage of the free version of this game is that of not having to make any deposit on the platform website and it is not necessary to use bonuses. You don't need to choose between payment methods such as Visa, bank transfer, Paypal, Master Card and Skrill. All you have to do is use the money made available for you by the software to be able to see if this game is right or not.

This obviously means that you cannot even get good prizes. The free demo version can only be used to understand its operation and make its evaluations on the matter.

Play mega joker with real money

Both in the classic and deluxe mega Joker version you can aim real money. It is in fact a product designed for the gamble sector, to often offer a good margin of winning the user. As the laws are foreseen The percentage of the payout is always indicatednull In this case it is one of the highest ever considering that it reaches 99%.

You can play in the most important online casinos. Once the account is recorded and made the first deposit with one of the accepted payments methods you just have to look for Megajoker and start making your bet. However, remember that all slots have high volatility. That is to say that the risk of losing money bet can be high.

Conclusion: our opinion on Mega Joker

Some believe that the extreme simplicity of Megajoker is a defect. In our opinion it is rather its characteristic aspect. Its 3 x 3 structure, the few lines of payment, the symbols and the vintage graphics, the absence of a bonus and the free spin refer precisely to the slots of the old times.

Of course, those looking for more advanced versions must look towards other video games to play. But it is not to them that Mega Joker points. Him's strength lies in the simplicity and the possibility of accessing a progressive jack-pot thanks to some laps made with the maximum episode, decidedly lower than other than other games.

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