⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Banking: sending money has never been so simple

One of the Payment methods the most used it is without doubt, the Bank transfernull Every day thousands of transactions are resolved through bank transfers, thanks to the simplicity and speed with which the transfer of money is made.

Even in the world of gambling, the bank transfer is one of the most popular payment methods by users who play or bet. Both in the deposit and withdrawal, it is preferred to send and receive a certain amount of money to and on your current account, taking advantage of the data of which the latter and the relative card are constituted.

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Transfer Banking: which casinos do they offer this type of payment?

Each of the best Casino It usually offers bank transfer, which often binds to various payment circuits at the banks where an account is opened. So let's talk about VISA, Mastercard e paypal Among the best known, but also many others.

Among these we find:

  • 888 casino;
  • Snai Casino;
  • Lottomatica Casino;
  • Starcasino;
  • Sisal Casino.

As you can deserve from this list, we mentioned some of the best known casinos. In fact, we recommend, to always choose the most reliable game platforms, and not to randomly do it, so as to have the certainty that their wire transfers are successful, both incoming and outgoing.

To make the deposit to the mess with a bank transfer, it will first be necessary signing in on the casino. After doing this, you will have to go to the "Deposite" section and select, among the various types of payment proposed, the bank transfer option. To make a transfer there is a need for a Bank account banking to be used for this type of operations.

To complete the transaction you must insert your own IBAN And, in general, a causal is also required to justify these banking money operations on the accounts of others, even when it comes to a European country.

The same procedure will be applied for the withdrawal and, as regards the periods of forwarding the money, are requested 2-3 working days, but they can stretch according to the checks that the casino or the day the operation begins.

How does it work bank transfer?

Entering the specificity of a bank transfer, this is basically a order of paymentnull In concrete terms, there is a person who sends the order to his bank to transfer a certain amount of money against a beneficiary. The recipient's bank account may have been opened either in the same branch or another of the same bank, but it may still have been opened in a different bank, and also in a country abroad.

In the bank transfer they are therefore Three subjects involved:

  • the ordering;
  • the credit institution;
  • the beneficiary.

Very important aspect to be evaluated in the realization of a bank transfer, it is certainly the cost, which can vary from one bank to anothernull But not only that, factors of influence of the cost of a bank transfer are also the amount of the amount you intend to transfer and the type of operation to be carried out.

The transfer has different costs also depending on whether it is carried out at the counter or online and, if you choose the first option, the commissions vary even if the transfer is made by its c/c or in cash.

Another influencing factor could prove to be the recipient and the fact that this or not is a customer of that specific bank from which the bank transfer starts, or whether or not it is part of the separate area, which we will see later.

In light of what has been said, Costs vary On a range ranging from 0 $ up to a maximum of $ 10.

Finally, as regards the timing of making a transfer, they vary between the two and seven working days, not to mention the possible option "quick bank transfer“That the same banks propose. The times also differ according to the way: at the counter, the days are certainly more for the crediting on the recipient's account, unlike an online transfer whose times, or rather the working days for the realization, are certainly more reduced.

How to use bank transfer payment?

This type of transfer of a certain amount of money could be used whenever you need to arrange a Payment (rent, deposit, charging) or a donation towards private accounts. The same goes for companies, associations or other types of entities that have bank details, such as theIBAN, linked to a bank account and a relative card for payments.

Even for a game account, a bank transfer will be an excellent method of payment, which will be advantageous to the user, as already mentioned, in terms of speed of movement of funds and protection of personal information.

As mentioned above, this bank transfer operation can be realized both through the use of the platforms, home banking, directly from the official App of Banking Institutes, or physically at the counter of one of the branches in charge.

As for the latter, it is necessary to fill in a form by entering several data, concerning both the ordering and the beneficiary.

More specifically, the information to be indicated for the subject who gives away the order is:

  • name and surname;
  • Any header if whoever kicks off the order is a legal person;
  • the residence;
  • the amount of the bank transfer;
  • the causal, the motivation of the bank transfer;
  • the compilation date;
  • the number of the deleted account.

As for the beneficiary's information:

  • sensitive data of the latter;
  • name and surname;
  • header if he is a legal person;
  • the residence;
  • the IBAN code and the bank details;
  • the bank of support or branch;
  • the BIC/SWIFT code.

We specify, the codice swift is assigned for identify a specific banking institution: At each Swift, therefore, a bank corresponds.

Finally, the bank transfer will be signed by the subject who gives way to the latter. A valid identity document is needed to be recognized.

For an online bank transfer, however, we enjoy the service of home banking, which can be used both from computer and tablets and smartphones. Even in the case of home banking, those who give the order will have to enter, in addition to the funds to be transferred, all the beneficiary and account data, while other elements, such as the Swift code, will be automatically detected.

Deposit and withdrawals: what are the minimum or maximum amounts?

How desirable, payments by bank transfer they are not subject to legal limitations in the maximum number of transferable money. This holiday is mainly given by the intrinsic nature of this tool, as it is traceable and always visible by the authorities in charge.

Specifically, this means that authorities such as the Revenue Agency will be able to take advantage of archives in which some operations deemed "suspicious" can be evaluated. This testifying to how much bank transfer traceability is as concrete as possible.

What has been said so far, allows us to introduce the concept of Know Zone (Single Euro Payments Area), given that this lack of limit roofs takes place only and exclusively for those countries that are part of the latter which, as desirable, are members of the European Union. Among these we find:

  • Countries that use the euro as an official currency;
  • Those countries that officially have a different coin but, for international transactions, still use the euro, even outside the European Union.
  • If, therefore, a limitation to the figure is arisen, this will not be of a legal nature but rather will prove the bank that, if it considers it appropriate, will impose a threshold to its own account holders.

We specify, in order to make this discretion as complete as possible on wire transfers, that the limits on what is intended to transfer will reveal if the transfer is aimed at foreign countries.

The regulation provides that: from American account in abroad there is a need to fill in a form (so -called CVS) to be supported by the bank transfer; From foreign account to American, however, the bank transfer must simply be reported to'Revenue Agencynull The limit number for each of the cases just displayed is 12,500 $ and $ 15,000 respectively.

Specificity of this type of payment for games and bonuses

As mentioned already in the previous paragraph, the bank transfer, as a payment method, is also widely used for Online gamenull In particular, we have seen some of the best online casinos inside a list of the platform that accept the bank transfer, thanks to the safety and transparency that retain the user.

Without a doubt, each of these casino on the web has one vast offer of games, of which users can enjoy through a deposit made by a bank transfer, including: slot machines, tables for myriads of poker variants, roulette and much more up to scratch cards. Therefore, no type of limitation but, on the contrary, a huge choice within the game platforms that adopt this type of money transfer.

These games, as the most expert will know, can also play in the "Live" mode: in light of what has been said above, the mode in real time will also be present and freely usable once a bank transfer to the gaming account.

What immediately joins the game offer is that of the bonuses: in particular, as regards the Welcome bonus, as it is well known, these will activate when the sum of money on the gaming account will arrive, so that the provider records that sum and immediately provides the value (depending on the promised percentages, which vary from casino to casino).

Transfer: our conclusions and our advice

Reaching the conclusion Of this examination on bank transfers, one of the most used methodologies to receive and transmit funds, we leave our readers the opinions about everything mentioned up to now.

Transparency, Safety e rapidity These are the main characteristics of the bank transfer, which allow you to make a payment in short timing and with full data protection. This is for those who intend to send a certain amount of funds to a recipient, the same bank or a different.

This can also take place towards companies and is therefore widely used in the world of online games: all the best casinos, in fact, apply the bank transfer to allow users to feel as protected as possible.

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