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Gypsy Moon Slot

The article analyzes the Gypsy Moon slot, released by the IGT provider in 2017. Despite being rather dated, the game reveals modern elements such as 3D graphics and the possibility of choosing between different gaming options (at 30 or 243 payment lines). It also offers rather consistent Payouts, also against an average variance. The good betting range does not make the lack of further bonuses or progressive jackpots.

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The slot machine online They are games for casino on the web greatly appreciated by players in USA and all over the world. Complications of their success are the variety of themes and different gaming mechanics, capable of making videos always different from each other. In this review we analyzed a title of the famous provider IGT: the slot Gypsy Moon.

The next paragraphs will reveal everything you need to know about the bonuses, the bet options, the two different expected gaming style and which payouts are scheduled for each of them.

Gypsy Moon Slot: Main information

In the collective imagination The Gypsies They are a mysterious people and are often associated with magical practices handed down for centuries. This is the setting proposed by GMS, which recalls the TEMA Fantasy and proposes to attempt luck, accompanied by a fascinating chiromante ready to read the fate of each player in his crystal sphere.

Simple and intuitive dynamics They govern GMS, making it one of the many IGT securities suitable for any type of user. Beginners will be able to appreciate the simplicity of the basic rules, while the most experienced will be able to admire the technical and graphic details that make this casing gaming capable of standing out among the many who enjoy great popularity.

GMS was designed by Spielo studios (Providers in games for terrestrial slots and with a large schedule in Videoslot titles) e Released by IGT in February 2017.

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Rules of the game

The machine regulation can be considered traditional, since the winnings are assigned to the alignment of 3 or more symbols on adjacent rollers, composing combinations only from right to left. Paylines can host more combinations individually, but only the highest on single line will be paid, while the victories on multiple lines are added.

The basic screen offers personalization controls of the episodes, i.e. the value of coins by payment line, the value of the single token, the number of payment lines on which you want to play and the option Auto Play which allows you to activate automatic laps.

The option Super Play, recommended for more experienced players, allows you to increase the maximum number of payines from 30 to 243. This, of course, leads to a change of the expected payouts as well as to different bonus dynamics that we will describe later in detail.

Developer and software

IGT It is a provider of Slots Machine that certainly does not need presentations, appearing as Supplier of all the best online casinos next to names such as NetEnt, Novomatic e Pragmatic playnull One of the reasons for his success, confirmed by this review, lies in being able to provide always surprising titles at the level of Game Play.

Gypsy Moon Slot Machine is a perfect example in this sense, being one of the few slots that allows players Change the style of the game completely Moving from a traditional videoslot to the most similar there is a megaways. The collaboration with the Spiers Studios, in this case, is evident: the game Mixa Old Gaming Style elements with more modern elements.

Features of the Gypsy Moon slot

This Machine of IGT is a video rush to 5 vertical rollers e 3 horizontalnull There are two game modes: the first with 30 modifiable payment lines, the second with 243 payines to be activated via the Super Play key.

In the first mode the minimum episode is equal to 30 tokens and the maximum reaches the 3.000null In the second mode, however, a minimum of 50 tokens and a maximum of 5.000.

Gypsy Moon Slot: Payout and combinations

Consulting the review review is certainly very useful for understand in what way you prefer to playnull The minimum bet requirement, as we have seen, changes considerably and GMS is one of the few games that allows players to adapt the bet on the basis of both their experience and based on the deposit that want to dedicate to the various games.

Thanks to the modifiable games, therefore, you can immediately optimize your deposit If you play real money or better manage the virtual balance if you use the free demo.

Payment table and lines

The Payout table, which can be consulted at any time, opens a web screen that presents i Payout of the individual symbols ed the rules of the free spins is explicitnull As can be expected from the famous provider, the information is particularly clear: this videoslot, in fact, is in possession of a regular ADM license and ensures games that comply with all the rules imposed by the legal legal laws.

The regulation shows, in particular, All possible payouts in the two different modes At 30 or 243 Paylines, facilitating to those who play the task of immediately identifying the type of winnings they prefer. Safety requirement is the laws of the bonuses: also in this case the information table explains the spicy on the free games provided.


The payment of the symbols of the slot, as anticipated, It varies considerably depending on the way you intend to playnull In the following table it is possible to immediately view the maximum payout obtainable both by exploiting the machines with a number of 30 payines, and by raising the number of the latter to 243.

SYMBOL 30 paylines 243 Paylines
Luna 10000x 200x
Magic book 1000x 20x
Crystal ball 700x 14x
Green pendant 400x Relic
Tarot 300x shit

The minor symbols are depicted by a rosa, a candela, and ring, a magnifying glass it's a necklacenull The latter offer a payment up to 200x in the 30 paylines and up to hch In the 243 Paylines. The Scatter, in turn, is a paying symbol and depending on the set gaming style offers 1000x o 20x.

Gypsy Moon Slot game bonus

Faithful to Simple and traditional dynamics, the slot bonus games stop at free matches. This can certainly allow even the less experienced player to immediately understand the functioning of the title, while the more experts can certainly avoid focusing on complex mechanics for fully enjoy the atmosphere and setting recalled by gypsy mysticism.


This mysterious slot It does not offer a jackpot, fixed or progressive that it is, but at the same time the same is well replaced by the payment of the symbols, especially the Moon, which provides for a decidedly high compensation. The most experienced players could consider this lack as a limit, but in verifying the half variance they could well review their idea.

The winning combinations, being very generous, offer an excellent compromise and the free matches and the players will be able to feed compensation that they will not have Nothing to envy to the best jackpots.

Gypsy Moon slot Free Spin

To activate the free spin, i.e., it is necessary to land at least three run symbols anywhere in the screen. When this happens, the player is asked to choose one of four options. The number of free laps and multiplier will change according to these. The slot machine offers the following bonuses:

3 Scatter 4 SCATTER 5 Scatter
7 spin gratis + multiplier x5 9 gratis spins + multiply x5 7 free spins + multiplier x5
10 spin gratis + multiplier x3 15 spins gratis + multiplier x3 7 free spins + multiplier x5
15 spin gratis + multiplier x2 20 spins gratis + multiplier x2 7 free spin + multiplier x5
30 spin gratis + multiplier x5 40 gratis spins + multiply x5 7 free spin + multiplier x5

Theme and graphics

The animations of the game are quite simple but engaging, managing to hit the player while maintaining clear and legible dynamics. Each symbol has its own specific animation when a winning combination goes to compose. A holistic soundtrack offers full relaxation, while the winnings are underlined to more compelling jingles.

As for the graphics, the slot is set on a night background full of stars and enriched by the full moon. Graphics and animations also, they are three -dimensional, an element that makes the title capable of supporting the challenge of the others similar and most recent on the web.

RTP and volatility

Gypsy Moon's RTP is estimated at 94,13%null Even if the return to the player does not reach the same standards as other web titles issued from 2020 onwards, it still offers a rather solid percentage that certainly exceeds the minimum requirement set at 90% by the lawsnull If GMS does not go to perfectly compose the technical specifications provided for by the regulations, moreover, it could not boast ADM license.

Moving on to volatility, this stands out as media. There half variance It is the best compromise between payment frequency and amount of the same.

Come Vincere a Gypsy Moon slot?

Web slots like Gypsy Moon respond as imposed by the laws ad completely random betting algorithmsTherefore there is no safe method that allows you to understand when the winning combinations of the machine will be composed, nor when the free games will be activated. A bit as the chiromante protagonist suggests it is therefore necessary to rely on luck.

This does not mean that it cannot be optimize your deposit, if you are playing on a site that houses a software with real money. The bet can be modulated: on the basis of the Art and volatility, an estimate is made on when those who play could receive a good win. To study the slot without risking it is always preferable to make free games on the free demo version.

Gypsy Moon Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The free demo version, available on the provider website or on the best online casino, allows you to try the slot with a virtual deposit of 1,000 tokensnull The free versions respond to the same laws that regulate the laps on paid securities and faithfully replicate all the bonuses, as well as the technical characteristics or a fundamental requirement for Unlock the major payouts.

American laws, aiming to contrast ludopathy in all its form invite to follow a betting policy responsible even in the case of Demo Freenull Finally, remember that to recharge the virtual deposit, simply refresh the page.

Play Gypsy Moon Slot with real money

Whoever plays with real balance slots must necessarily subscribe to a casino equipped with an ADM license which attests to its reliability and guaranteed the respect of the laws by the platform. Before starting your laps on the chosen site, a fundamental requirement is to make a deposit. Town, on the occasion of no deposit bonuses, recharge is not necessary.

If the Casino website instead offers a welcome bonus on the first deposit, despite being possible exploit free laps on the slots, to unlock the bonus it will be necessary perform a first depositnull The methods made available by almost each casino site with an ADM license are:

The deposit takes place immediately, while withdrawals may require different times.

Conclusion: our opinion on Gypsy Moon

Once at the end of this review we can say with certainty that The Gypsy Moon slot is a noteworthy titleDespite being evident that it has been released for a few years now. The graphics, although well -kept, is not comparable to that of the most modern slots, but the detail of the 3D manages in any case to make it more than enjoyable.

Perhaps too simple mechanics seem to want to offer more with The Super PLO option the 243 Paylines, but the only bonus of the free laps while offering various options, is certainly not among the most innovative on the market. Distinctive feature of the Gypsy Moon slot is the Payout level, certainly higher than average, even in the absence of jackpot or further bonuses.

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