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Jack Hammer

In perfect comic style, the Jack Hammer slot Machine catapults the player in the imaginary city of Grand City, the storyline conceived by the famous Videoslot producer Netten puts us in the role of a detective that fights crime, the game has a very high RTP, beyond the 97% and has a rich jackpot.


Presence of special functions, in particular of that Sticky Win
High RTP (97.10%)
Very large episode range, such as to make this slot ideal for both beginners and expert users
Lack of progressive prize pool

The relationship between Americans and Slot machine It is increasingly vigorous. So much to push many to wonder if physical or digital machines have more successful. However, a question that does not include a winner, since our compatriots seem to like both modalities enormously.

A favored feeling, however, from the great variety of products launched by manufacturing companies precisely to prevent a sense of addiction by the players. Among the many titles that can also be found on the local market, a place of absolute importance is up to Jack Hammer. Let's see why.

Jack Hammer Slot: Main information

Jack Hammer is a slot machine conceived by the most famous existing software house, NetEnt, inspired by a character from the Marvel universe. The protagonist of the adventures proposed by the game is a Detective of the 1930s, committed to restoring the law in a city endangered by the presence of dangerous criminals.

In the list the Evil Dr. Wutten, real counterpart of JH. Just him, to prevent detective from ensuring it to justice, disseminates the path of obstacles. The struggle established leaves the player margin in order to attempt luck, also facilitated by the peculiarities of this machine.

Rules of the game

Before operating the deposit and playing with Jackhammer, our advice is to take a quick look at the list of general rules and information of the product, in addition to the bonuses. Especially for non -expert players, a good operandi modus can be revealed to limit the risks connected with what is still a gambling.

The starting point of this section of our review can be represented by the standard procedure to be respected in order to play. Such as to predict the choice of the value of the tokens as an inaugural step. The game uses 25 episode lines (fixed) And it gives the opportunity to choose between episode levels from 1 to 10 and different tokens values.

Developer and software

Netent is a company that arose in Sweden, and then expand globally, so much so that it currently boasts offices in Malta and Gibraltar, while the development of software takes place in Poland, Ukraine and the United States. The number one in the sector is considered by experts and to understand the level, it will be enough to remember the collaboration established with Warner Bros Entertainment.

The great ability of NetEnt It is to better develop the themes and establish graphic levels that are considered the sector standard. In this way not only forces the competition to chase, but is also able to exploit a real position income, which allows him to impose his conditions on the market.

Features of the Jack Hammer slot

Jack Hammer is characterized by a graphics that refers in an expressed way to Marvel's comic, thus adopting its style even in the case of the symbols on the rollers.

In addition to the characters who populate the saga, we can therefore find everyday objects that can take on a useful function for video game purposes, such as iThe phone, a newspaper, the ampoule, a newspaper and a dirigablenull List to which are added the fundamental ones we will talk about later in our review.

To give profiles of absolute originality to the slot machine is the fact that in the case of JH the figures on the rollers provide to turn independently. In practice, in fact, it is not the 5 rollers present to turn, but all 15 displayed.

To this first peculiarity, JH then adds a new one. That represented by Sticky Win mode, which allows the player to increase his chances of winnings exponentially. The bonus in question, in fact, allows the blocking of the symbols falling in a winning combination on the rollers, instead making the rest scroll.

The rollers will continue to be operated on JH, as when winning combinations are released, generating an adrenaline discharge. Especially in consideration of the fact that thanks to the Sticky Wins it is possible win up to a maximum of 250 thousand $.

As you can easily imagine, for those who love this way of playing Jackhammer represents an extremely intriguing solution. Precisely for this reason since its first appearance it has collected proselytes throughout the national territory.

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Jack Hammer: Payout and combinations

Il Return To Player (RTP) It is among the further features of Jack Hammer to be put in particular evidence. In fact at 97.10% attest it, a level that goes to a high range between the various slots.
To better understand the data in question, remember that Mega Joker's payout, the highest ever, reaches 99%.

It is, however, a real exception. Usually, in fact, the Return To Player decided by the mess is attested in a scissor between 80 and 94%. The titles that exceed this threshold are few. What does this mean, in the practical act? That if winning always remains complicated enough, the foundations to do it in this case are much more solid. It is no coincidence that a high RTP is considered a fundamental parameter by expert players.

As regards the winning combinations and payments are made on the basis of Payment table.

Payment table and lines

The best way to understand the importance of the symbols, and to view the various functions capable of benefiting the player, which act as a basis for this video game, is represented by the payments table.

As for the Payment lines, the total number stands at 25, with 3 lines and 15 independent rollers. To be a winner, a line of episode must see the figures succeeding the left on the right. The winnings of the episode line must in turn be multiplied by the number of tokens that have been focused on each of them. Payment takes place exclusively for the highest win on each line, with the simultaneous ones on several episode lines intended to add up.


In addition to these, however, on JH we can find ourselves in front of further types of symbols, which cover great importance for the purposes of the game. The first in question are:

  • The symbol Wild, in the form of explosion and that plays the same role that is substantially entrusted to him in other machines. In practice, therefore, the player can consider him in the same way as any other symbol, in order to make it a tool in order to form a winning combination. The only symbol that cannot be taken is the scatter;
  • The symbol Scatter Which, unlike the previous one, does not work on standard in standard mode. In this case not only activates the free spins mode, but it also goes to determine the number of free games that you can receive. In the event that, for example, 15 runs appear on the screen, the player will be gratified by 30 free games. These are not exactly secondary details, considered that in the course of the same all the winnings come to be tripled.

As we have already mentioned, the symbols take on a very precise function in the various phases that make up the game. In fact, each of them is connected a very precise win, namely:

  • The Jack Hammer is equivalent to 1000 credits for each spin in the event that the totalized combination is equivalent to 5;
  • The scientist, whose payout stands at a maximum of 300 credits;
  • The lady on the phone, which allows the player to accumulate up to 250 credits;
  • The Bishop who delivers the newspapers, corresponding to 200 credits;
  • Airigible, car, newspaper, telephone and ampoule, which can assign from 40 to 125 credits.

Thanks to the competition of the available figures, therefore, on JH it is possible to win in every single spin rewards such as to oscillate between 125 and 1000 tokensnull Translated into real money, the compensation will therefore depend on the value that has been associated with each of them.

Jack Hammer game bonus

We have already talked about this review of Sticky Wins, perhaps the most innovative feature ever of JH. To it, however, is added another bonus destined to enthusiastically enthusiastically. We are talking about the round bonus considered by the players one of the best features of the genre currently circulating.

Not only the available spin offer arrives at the number of thirty, but all the winnings obtained in this mode are tripled. A characteristic such as to explain more than many words the great popularity of JH and the positive reviews, from the first days of the appearance within the American casinos.


As is known, the Jackpot represents one of the greatest attraction reasons that pushes players to privilege the slots after the initial deposit. As for Jack Hammer, he stands at 250 thousand $, therefore considered adequate.

However, it is also necessary to underline how the many who would like to capture it must fight with the scarce possibilities to really make it. Not only many winnings are quite limited, but others are on an equal footing or even lower than the initial bet. Despite this, JH's success seems destined not to flex in the immediate future.

Jack Hammer Free Spin

In the main video game the appearance of at least 5 simboli Free Spin On rollers, in any position, activate the free spins. The free spins bonuses, in turn, are enabled to use the same level as the episode and the same value as the tokens decided for the round in which they were activated. During their execution it is possible to win others.

The free spins winnings are tripled, but it cannot be cumulated. In addition, the additional free spins winnings cannot be subjected to the multiplier work.

Theme and graphics

Those who play slot machines usually focus on the performance of the game and do not pay much attention to detail. In the case of Jackhammer, however, it should be underlined how the comic graphics, tending to recall the atmospheres of a Marvel comic, it seems destined to hit even the least accustomed to this aspect. Also because it goes to mix with a fairly bizarre soundtrack.

The location is the city of Grand City, in which the private investigator Jack Hammer is called to reject the evil initiatives of the perfidious Dr. Wutten. Perhaps it will not be the most important aspect in choosing the slot, but Netent's creative effort seems to have caught in the mark, adding a further reason for interest to the narrative device designed.

RTP and volatility

As we have already mentioned previously, Jack Hammer's Return To Player stands over 97%. Therefore a very high value, if related to the average sector. If it is true that the data must be taken for what it is, considered how too many players tend to play compulsively, the data is still to be underlined. While volatility is low, thus allowing quite limited winnings in the amounts.

How to win at Jack Hammer?

As previously mentioned, the game arrangement of symbols from left to right makes the game winning.

Often, it is possible to read reviews to the various game proposed inside the mess that offer gambling in USA in which the existence of tricks to be used to facilitate the winnings is affirmed. Equally often it can be concluded from being suggestions that leave the time they find.

Although there are therefore no techniques to win a slot some advice promise better chances. The first is that of Fix a maximum play budget, the second is to know well the rules of the videoslot on which he is playing.

To better understand the operation of Jack Hammer, however we recommend trying the demo version proposed by many platforms on the web.

Free Jack Hammer: play on the demo version to practice

As for Jackhammer, we also feel like giving a simple advice, namely that of using the demo version, before moving on to real mode. As is known, in fact, the software house are used to also conceive free versions of their games. Also with Jack Hammer Slot free This is the case. The reason for this policy derives from a series of reasons. Among the various tasks assigned to the demo, we remember in particular the following:

  • Allow the player to get to know a new proposal, for example JH, without being forced to risk the money to understand the operation of the product;
  • Allow him to continue playing with Jack Hammer even when the discouragement for a negative sequence could push him to throw the sponge. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that for not a few of those who are passionate about Slots, the goal is not purely financial, but also playful;
  • Allow the online site that uses the demo to deploy a loyalty strategy towards its users. In this case without customers being forced to operate a new deposit to receive free bonuses or spins.

Those who play frequently know very well how each slot has its peculiar characteristics to deepen. Especially if you intend to have reasonable hope of being able to earn from your visit to the site. The demo version actually represents an excellent tool to be able to do it. Precisely for this reason we recommend using it, especially to those who are not Jackhammer experts.

Play Jack Hammer with real money

Once you have practiced with a free version available, you can then move on to the video game with real money, to do so just register in a Safe online casino with ADM license/AAMS, and make a small deposit.

The advice, of course, is not to abuse too much JH and try to use the principles of responsible game.

Conclusion: our opinion on Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer is now one of the most popular titles ever among fans of our country. The game presents a series of characteristics such as to guarantee its fortunes, starting from the presence of innovative functions. His Return To Player is also one of the highest ever, making it a sort of must for those looking for real gain opportunities with the slots.

If you want to play with Jackhammer in absolute safety, however, you need to be able to identify the mess that are able to provide a profitable visit. A necessity deriving from the repetition of questionable episodes, with real scams and damage to a large number of players.

Before opt for an online site, it is therefore advisable to read reviews and opinions, in order to form a list of structures including the definitive choice, in addition to the bonuses available. In this way it will be possible to optimize your experience and avoid risks of scams or opaque behaviors.

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