Postepay Casino | The Made in USA payment system

All American game lovers cannot be separated from the combination Postepay Casino, this is the all our local solution for web payments in the maximum ease and safety resting on the completeness of the Visa/ Visa Electron and Mastercard circuits.

All this clearly allows you to operate all over the world both online and physically in the store using your credit also through all the pose enabled for the circuits in question.

On the other hand, as we have seen on the page dedicated to payment systems Postepay now has a role as co -star in the daily reality of the players and must therefore be known in depth.

Casino Postepay - The best mess with which to use this method

As we have now mentioned almost all the major online game portals support this payment system, but for greater clarity we now see what is the top 3 of the postepay casinos, all first -rate realities that you can find in -depth on our site:

Info bonus
Up to $ 500
-Deposit Min.
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Up to 200 $ + 200 rpm for free
5 $Deposit Min.
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200$ + 50 free spins su Book of Ra Deluxe
10 $Deposit Min.
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100% up to $ 500 + 5 $
10 $Deposit Min.
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10 $ Immediately + 1000 $
-Deposit Min.
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Up to $ 500
20 $Deposit Min.
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Fino a 500$ + 300 free spin + 50 FS su Book of Ra Deluxe
10 $Deposit Min.
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300% up to $ 300
noDeposit Min.
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Up to $ 6000
70 pussywagering
noDeposit Min.
Up to $ 200
noDeposit Min.
Up to $ 1000
-Deposit Min.
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1000 $ + 200 giri free
-Deposit Min.
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Up to 200 $ + 100 rpm for free
-Deposit Min.
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Up to 1,050 $
noDeposit Min.
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Up to 1030 $
noDeposit Min.
10 $ + 100% up to $ 1000
noDeposit Min.
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Clearly this only the selection of the best online casinos with Postepay, a reality of first importance that exploit this method of payment, but you will see that all the major game portals will not be less!

Postepay casino: the story of this payment system

Postepay's statement as an online payment system dates back to the now distant 2003, when this product was launched on the American market by a national giant like Poste Americane, a financial reality considered a little atypical in USA thanks to its institutional perception that has The trust of Americans has always attracted.

The birth of Postepay had more or less coincided with the opening of Poste Americane to the most general banking services through Banco Posta, which naturally also included the deposit of funds on dedicated current accounts through which to compete with the most common credit institutions.

Postepay from that moment had laid the foundations of his great success on the American public, becoming both the debit card dedicated to anyone who had a desk account and the safest online payment method for Antonomasia, reaching the first prepaid debt card widespread in USA.

Some number? To date Postepay concentrates 35% of the total e-commerce transactions made in USA, a percentage that says it very long on its importance at least among our compatriots.

Casino who accept Postepay - How to use it?

Let's see some practical details on how to request and how to use Postepay, both for online purchases and more generally as a debit card.

Do I have to register?

In order to use Postepay services, it is necessary to request it at any post office of Poste Americane at a cost of $ 10.00 and you must naturally register by combining your registry (necessary documents such as identity card and tax code) so that the traffic generated by the card however, it is attributable to those who carry it out.

The operation is instantaneous: it is requested, recorded and delivered at the same time, and then, at the same time or subsequently, to be able to charge the credit both in cash at the post office and electronically (Lottomatica counters, online charging).

How to use it in an online casino?

Using Postepay Casino specifically for the game is very simple exactly as it applies to all the maps resting on the same circuits, both as regards the deposit and withdrawal operations. Let's look specifically:

Deposit operations
Deposit funds on a gaming account on all the mess that they accept Postepay is very simple: just make a transaction as with any debit or credit card to see the chosen figure climbed by the credit of your card to be immediately added to the game account ( This clearly in the face of having a credit on the prepaid).

Casino with Postepay - Rates

What are the storage and withdrawal costs to use Postepay? Let's find out closely both as regards the costs of managing the paper itself and for its use on online gambling portals:

Deposit rates
Reloading your Postepay has a cost of $ 1.00 if carried out at a post office of Poste Americane or by the sites o, while the cost rises to $ 2.00 if the top -up is made by any Lottomatica or ATM receiver on the national circuit or $ 3.00 if made by international circuits. As for the cost of storage on the game account, making it from Postepay is free unless reported differently by the specific policies of the various online casino.
Withdrawal rates
Taking funds from the Postepay card is a procedure similar to that of newly seen deposit, also in terms of costs: withdraw cash from the card at any ATM counter has a cost of $ 1.00 if it is a PostaMat counter at a post office , $ 1.50 if carried out by any Visa counter within the euro area or $ 5.00 if it takes place outside the European Community. Also in this case, the costs relating to the total or partial liquidation of the funds on its gaming account towards its Postepay depends on the policy of the specific casino with reference postepay, which in any case will be equal to all the possibility of sampling funds to Visa circuit.

Postepay casino - pros and cons

What are the greatest advantages and possible disadvantages of Postepay? We will discover them immediately together with everything there is to know about this method payment you proposed by Poste Americane for all users, with or without a reference mail account.

Let's now see them in a completely schematic way:

greater advantages Visa/ Visa Electron/ Mastercard
Greater disadvantages Nobody
greater advantages Simple and with many solutions
Greater disadvantages Variable costs
greater advantages Simple as for each ATM
Greater disadvantages High costs outside the C.E.
Online shopping
greater advantages Accepted by those who support Visa
Greater disadvantages Nobody
Game portals
greater advantages Accepted by those who support Visa
Greater disadvantages Nobody
Cost cost
greater advantages One -off cost
Greater disadvantages Expenditure of $ 10.00
greater advantages Safe method as a debit card
Greater disadvantages There is no external guarantees (ex. Paypal)
greater advantages Greater disadvantages Assessment
Circuit Visa/ Visa Electron/ Mastercard Nobody
Recharge Simple and with many solutions Variable costs
Withdrawal Simple as for each ATM High costs outside the C.E.
Online shopping Accepted by those who support Visa Nobody
Game portals Accepted by those who support Visa Nobody
Cost cost One -off cost Expenditure of $ 10.00
Safety Safe method as a debit card There is no external guarantees (ex. Paypal)

Overall, we can say that Postepay behaves rather well, attesting itself as a valid, safe and very functional reality that in essence combines all the characteristics of a debit card with agility in online operations including those on all online postepay casinos.

Postepay Casino - Is it a totally safe method?

Safety is undoubtedly one of the points in question that becomes the most "decision maker" by evaluating an online payment system and we can say that Postepay is and remains an absolutely safe method for web transactions.

Its safety is that of all the papers resting on the Visa circuit and is even more efficient on all those commercial realities affiliated with the 3D secure protocol for which the payment authorizations arrive through a dynamic password received via SMS with the telephone number combined with the paper.

To this are clearly added all the advantages in terms of the safety of a debit card which by definition can see "only the credit actually made available and not that of a possible current account or a connected ceiling can be" made at risk ".

In terms of postepay security, it is undoubtedly a very valid payment method which, however, cannot have that series of additional guarantees that other methods offer by virtue of their being an intermediate e-wallet reality that performs the transaction (such as in the case by PayPal).

Casino with Postepay sampling - Bonus dedicated to this method of payment

The Postepay card offers some promotions and bonuses offered by Poste Americane who reward the purchases made with a score and who are transformed into homage services or gifts to the achievement of certain total shares, but precisely we are talking about bonuses that "are upstream" and that not They must be interpreted as specific game bonuses in the mess with Postepay sampling.

In this regard, they do not exist at the time of the promotions that specifically reward the use of Postepay on certain game portals, but it is a policy that clearly may change any time in function of the commercial choices of each individual casino.

Play online with postepay - games that you can do with this method of payment

Which games can you play using Postepay Casino as a favorite payment method on the game portals? Clearly everyone!

If the online casino support Postepay to recharge your game wallet then all the games made available by the portal will be equally at your disposal and, for clarity, we would like to say that almost all the game portals accept more than willingly Postepay and more and more will align with this policy that tends to include all the safest and most serious methods that are on the international scene.

Online Casino Postepay - Conclusions

As you can imagine our conclusions regarding Postepay as an online payment system in general and more specifically for online casinos are completely positive.

We are talking about an absolutely comfortable, safe, versatile and simple to use system that is now almost completely accepted on all possible web realities (an "excellent" example of those who still do not support it is eBay), but which is not limited to the web seen which also allows you to pay in any shop or to withdraw from any ATM point.

It is a debit card, therefore with the guarantee regardless of not being able to affect its funds for more than it is deposited, which reported to online gambling becomes in itself a very safe and precise method to manage the Better your budget without spoving beyond what we ourselves give ourselves as a reference fund.

Postepay's cost/benefit is absolutely optimal and it is not surprising at all that it has become an almost inevitable presence in the portfolios of the Americans, who have chosen it for almost twenty years as a payment system both primary and secondary and simple secondary to be used in all circumstances.

A real must have.

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