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Fruit Shop

Those in search of an online slot machine of the origins, similar to bar machines with the symbols of the fruits as protagonists, will find in Fruit Shop the online casino game that is for him. Vintage graphics and sound are accompanied by a Netten -branded slot, with RTP at the highest levels (96.71%) and many free laps for winning games.


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Fruit Shop Slot is a NetenT entertainment product, where the main theme is the fresh and colorful fruit that appears on the rollers. In this review we will find out what are the main features of the Games video with ADM license, how to play for free, and take advantage of its bonuses and free turns in online casinos.

Fruit Shop: Main information

There are really many videoslot players who love to have fun with the traditional SLOT Machine with colored fruits. For this reason on the web there are several slots that indulge this passion from vintage character, Fruit Shop is one of these, it is one of the most popular casino games and is targeted by Netent,

Those who want to make a bet with this digital product are catapulted into a colorful and cheerful world, where it is possible to see a lot of fruit on the rollers. The payment lines are 15 And they offer no bad winnings.

The game grid is the Classic to 5 rollers and 3 episode lines. Speaking of episode: the minimum amount of a bet starts from $ 0.15 and reaches a maximum value of $ 150.

Obviously on the rollers, in addition to parading the main protagonists of this kind of video games, or fruit, other cards also appear. One of the most coveted cards by players/enthusiasts is the icon with the video game logo.

This symbol represents the Jolly which, expanding on the rollers, makes some combinations of cards win. When this happens, players can have fun with spin extra.

Rules of the game

Playing this casino videoslot is really simple since it is the classic slot machine. In fact, those who make the bet with Netent's Fruit Shop will only have to decide the amount of the episode and start the roller laps.

When the wheels stop, it is possible to observe the combinations that are created (if you create), the paylines give access to Episode multipliers and free spins.

As with most of the casino products, even the software we are talking about in this review is not a video game of skill. In fact, the player is not asked for any particular attitude: it's all about luck.

However, while resembling with each other, the software have characteristics that distinguish them, therefore, before starting to play, it is good to know some things. We are referring to the icons and to their value, in the presence of bonus games that give access to free spins and toIndice RTP which allows you to understand what the real winning possibilities are.

Developer and software

Fruit Shop is a digital entertainment product signed by the famous Software House Netentnull This gambling programmer is one of the most popular in the gaming sector and is the author of numerous success games.

The international company, has offices in Malta and Sweden, was born in 1996, imposing itself, immediately, as the protagonist in the panorama of the Gambling on the web.

The strengths, on which its success of this provider is based are:

  • The perfect mix of graphics, audio effects and captivating animations;
  • The presence of over 200 games with different themes, which support the tastes of all players;
  • The dual version (browser and apps) that perfectly adapt the provider games to all devices;
  • Excellent RTP indices, or back to the player, combined with as many good volatility rates;
  • The reliability of the games, which respect all the laws provided for this type of product.

The casino product we are talking about in this review is one of the flagship games of the Nettend software house, and in this review we will discover what are the characteristics of the playable videooslot on the web.

Features of the Fruit Shop slot

Fruit Shop is a web slot machine that presents the classic 5 × 3 game grid. Pay-line are 15 offering excellent winning opportunities. Most of the slots on the latest generation web have two features that we can also find in this we are talking about now:

  • The presence of a Free demo version, available on the casino website or on the net;
  • The possibility of playing with theAuto-play, setting the number of episodes and payment a priori.

The demo version is a variant of the video game, perfectly identical to that which provides for the use of money, but which provides a fictitious credit to the player. This way, you don't win and nothing is lost, but hours are spent to learn about the gaming product.

The auto-play function, on the other hand, is used to avoid having to press the "Start" or "way" button. This mode allows the user to fix the amount of the bet and the number of laps for which the same episode must be repeated in advance.

Auto-play mode serves reduce waiting times between one bet and anothernull It can be used both in real money version and in free demo mode.

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Fruit Shop: Payout and Combinations

One of the features that affects the gaming games players are payouts and winning combinations. When we talk about payout we refer to the index RTP, or the return to the player. This value serves to identify the rate of money bet that returns to the availability of players in the form of winning.

Taking a look at the Payout each user can understand what is the real win of winning opportunities with a certain video game. In the case of Fruit Shop Slot Free we confirm what has been said so far: Netnet products are among the digital games with the most interesting RTP. His Payout, in fact, is higher than average: 96.71%.

As for the combinations that appear on the grill, it must be said that this software has a comfortable table to be displayed on the gaming website to find out in detail the value of each symbol. We always recommend viewing it before starting to tick money from your deposit.

Payment table and lines

The payments of Fruit Shop are 15. When the rollers stop only the highest combination by episode line is paid.

In order for a winning combination arranged on the rollers from left to rightnull To view the 15 combinations that allow the player to enrich their deposit, just click on the "I" icon positioned at the bottom left on the screen. In this way it is possible to access the information section relating to winning combinations and the value six single symbols.


To find out how many points it is worth every single icon it is necessary to view the table in the Fruit Shop video game.

As often happens, the tiles with the highest value are those inherent in the theme of the video game which, in this case, is fruit. Therefore: cherries, lemon, oranges, watermelons and plums are the most coveted icons.

To complete the icons on the rollers, the programmers of the video game Netent added generic symbols that have the lowest value. We are referring to classic cards with letters and numbers A, K, Q, J and 10, which refer to the American cards.

Here is the value of the Fruit Shop icons:

  • The cherries are those with the highest score that allows you to multiply the episode up to 2000 times with 5 icons, 300 times with 4 icons, 25 with 3 equal symbols and 5 with 2 equal cards;
  • Plum pays only if it appears 5 times (1000x), 4 times (150x) and 3 times (25x);
  • Lemon pays if it appears on the rollers 5 times (750x), 4 times (125x) and 3 times (20x);
  • Orange multiplies the episode if it appears 5 times (500x), 4 times (100x) and 3 times (20x);
  • Watermelon is the symbol/fruit that pays less than all: 5 icons (200x), 4 icons (75x) and 3 icons (15x).

Fruit Shop game bonus

In addition to the symbols that, if combined correctly, offer a win that corresponds to episode multipliers indicated above, Fruit Shop Slot Free presents another very convenient tile.

We are talking about the card with the video-game symbol, which represents the Wild, and which allows you to increase the value of the deposit on the gaming website. When this icon appears on the rollers it performs a function similar to that of a joker that expands on the wheels, completing the combinations and making them winning.

The winnings in line with the Wild pay a payment that multiplies 2x the episode made by the player. A game bonus, particularly coveted by the players, is the one that allows you to access free Spins, or to Giri extra free.

To obtain this bonus it is necessary to obtain combinations of symbols with the typical icons of the video game (cherries, plum, lemon, orange and watermelon). In fact, the line winnings, with equal fruit symbols, give the player a certain number of free spins.

In this review we would like to specify that during the Spins for free, any winning combination with identical cards assign additional free laps.


The jackpot is a feature of which all the rollers present on the web do not have. For example, the videoslot we are describing in this review, does not present a jackpot because, the video game programmers, preferred to insert the bonuses like the Spins for free.

It is a choice that many of the main providers in the sector, such as Playtech, Microgaming or Pragmatic Play, have been pursuing for a few years now.

Fruit shop Free Spin

Free spins, or the free laps, are one of the favorite bonuses by slots machines enthusiasts. In the case of the Netten product, to access the free spins it is necessary to totaled icon combinations, as indicated in the payments table.

Also in this case the symbol of cherries is the one that offers the best opportunities:

  • 5 cherries offer 5 free spins
  • 4 cherries allow you to get 2 free laps
  • 3 cherries offer 1 extra ride
  • 2 cherries kick off an extra ride
  • All the other fruits that characterize the video game (plums, lemons, oranges and watermelons) provide free laps according to this sequence:
  • 5 equal icons = 5 free spin;
  • 4 equal icons = 2 free spin;
  • 3 equal icons = 1 extra ride.

Theme and graphics

The theme of the videoslot is quite simple: it draws inspiration from fruit. For this reason the graphics are colorful and cheerful.

Like most of the games signed by this provider, even the videoslot we are talking about is characterized by the sharpness of the images, the sound effects of great effect and high reliability. All these details and characteristics can also be found in the mobile version.

RTP and volatility

The RTP index of Fruit Shop is above average, with a rate of 96.71%. This means that whoever uses the videoslot we are dealing with in this review will have a game that offers a Large number of winning chance, even from mobile.

However, when evaluating the payout of a gaming product, it is good to also consider the volatility rate. This factor indicates the absorption capacity of a slot, i.e. how much money must be inserted before obtaining a discharge/victory.

Fruit Shop is a slot with a average volatility ratenull Therefore we can say that it is a gaming product that absorbs money in a moderate way, offering a high level of winning.

How to win at Fruit Shop?

Winning to slots is a matter of luck. There is no strategy that allows the player to win with mathematical certainty, even if there are methods that allow you to Increase Vittoria's chances and limit the risks.

We are talking about a sort of regulation that always applies to gambling:

  • Fix a starting budget and stick to that;
  • Try the game first in a free demo version, to understand if we like it and learn to recognize the winning icons;
  • Use the auto-play function to speed up the laps;
  • Know when stopping;
  • Choose to register for online casino sites that respect the laws (with ADM license);
  • Opt for sites that have bonuses that offer extra spins on the first deposit or without deposit.

Fruit Shop Free: play on the demo version to practice

Most latest generation slots (e.g. microgaming, playtech, pragmatic play) are scheduled in two versions:

  • Real money, to be loaded on the deposit of the site also in a mobile version;
  • Free demo, with fictitious money to have fun without using the deposit.

The latter variant of the game has a double function:

  • Allow the new customer to test the slot without having to register for an online casino;
  • It offers fun without risking the money on your deposit.

We highly recommend to the neo-social or to those who approach a gaming product for the first time Always try it in free demo version and/or use the bonuses offered. The aforementioned variant is always available by both browser and mobile.

Play Fruit Shop with real money

After testing the demo version, with fictitious money, the player can evaluate the idea of moving on to the "real money" version. In order to play Fruit Shop Slot with your own money, you need to be registered with one of the many sites of ADM online casino present on the web, according to the dictates provided for by the American laws.

In addition, it is necessary to have a deposit of money that can be performed by choosing from one of the many payment methods made available to users:

  • Credit/debt cards of the Visa, Mastercard or Maestro circuit;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Postepay Evolution;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Paypal.

The execution times of money transactions from one deposit to another depend on the tool used. Some need a few hours or moments, as in the case of e-walletnull Others, however, take a few more number of day.

Each payment can also be made by playing via app, with the mobile version.

Conclusion: our opinion on Fruit Shop

The slot we are talking about is a good product, which is characterized by safety and reliability. Thanks to the Auto-Play function, it allows the player to set the departure data and wait for the right combination to come out.

With its vintage style "all fruits" Fruit Shop is an intuitive slot video and with accessible episodes limits, this slot is perfect for both neophytes and veterans in the sector.

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