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Book of shadows Slot

Book of Shadows is a video slot created by the famous Nolimit City Software House, the original theme based on the ancient and mysterious magic book Grimorio called the book of shadows, is now a slot machine where you can win up to 30,388 times the episode, the All accompanied by Wild and Scatter symbols and a setting literally to scream.

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Book of Shadows it is an original video slot online Inspired by the world of the occult, the unknown and the Gothic and horror settings, available in numerous igaming sites. It is not absolutely disturbing, but rather fun and enjoyable, in particular for fans of the genre, but not only.

The slot is animated by Wicca and others Typical characters from the world of the unknown, of the shadows and the darkest magic. It is in fact freely taken from the famous Grimorio, one of the best known and fascinating witches and spells.

To make this game interesting and only not only its graphics and its theme, but some peculiarities, such as the possibility of playing with its own choice with a grid that can have 3, 4 or 5 lines.

Book of Shadows: Main information

The slot machine we are talking about is a horror -themed game with lots of wicca witch, tarot cards and typical elements of the occult, has as its object the book of spells with a grimoric leather cover, decidedly exciting and perfect for fans of the genre.

According to the player's choices, this slot can have a structure with 3, 4 or 5 lines and with 10, 15 or 20 payment lines, the rollers are always 5.

What is one of the oldest books of magic and well -known potions contains all the elements that will animate the game phases, and will be able to transport the player to a bewitched, engaging and fun world.

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Rules of the game

The slot that is inspired by the Wicca world allows you to play on 3, 4 or 5 lines, consequently also having a variable number of payment linesnull These choices can be made to each spin, so according to how you think it will turn luck, you can risk more or less and aspire to more or less high winnings.

Among the various symbols inspired by the world of occult and horror found in the rollers of the game there are the Grimorio or Book of Shadows, Tarot, Cats, Potions, Other Streed Books in Human Leather, etc.

Just obtain the winning combinations of figures, as described in the relative table, to potentially multiply, even significantly, the amount of its episodes.

Developer and software

Games, in particular if digital, is a sector in constant evolution and growth, in which consolidated brands move, but where there is also space for small emerging realities, provided that they are able to express themselves with quality software.

A good example of these is NoLimit City, software house today at the top, born in Stockholm in 2014, but has been active for some time with offices in Malta and India. Among its titles: The Creepy Carnival e Fire in the Hole.

The Nolimit City team boasts aTenal experience in the gaming sector and several of his developers come from the giant NetEnt, one of the major realities in the sector.

Features of the Slot Book of Shadows

Generally the slots have a fixed grill, formed by the number of rollers and lines. Among the characteristics of this slot we go to see that the possibility of playing with 3, 4 o 5 lines, this does vary the payline and winning opportunities.

The Book of Shadows provides special game modes, which open to interesting possibilities, how to activate turns and then play for free (Free Spins).

There are, among its characteristics, the most appreciated features of the games of this large family, such as Sound On /Off checks, Autoplay, etc.

Book of Shadows: Payout and combinations

The maximum payout that you can see on this horror slot is of x30.388null The most interesting symbol is the witch, with 2 the episode is recovered, with 3 doubles, with 4 you win by 10 and with 5 witches you get the amount multiplied by 500 times.

To check all the possible combinations, the scores and the potential winning winnings, based on their episodes, reference must be made to the appropriate payments table.

Together with the table there are other resources, not strictly linked to payouts and combinations, but which can still be useful to those who play.

Payment table and lines

The payments table can always be reached in the game, clicking on anspecial icon with 3 dots that You can see on the left of the screen, Paylines range from 10 to 20.

In addition to giving indications on the values of the different figures and related to their combinations, in this area of game software There are also examples on payment lines and their operation.

In addition to the information specifically dedicated to scores, winnings and payment lines, there is also a summary of the general rules and indications to manage various aspects, such as the sound effects.


las video is a shadadon of the Medume City have you Unique symbol collection, the most widespread icons of the Wicca world and of the horror genre, monsters and creatures that in fact populate everyone's nightmares.

In addition to ordinary symbols (a vast collection of books of shadows, witches, cats, animal skulls, carpet and potions), the game includes some special ones, which allow you to activate specific features or potentially increase the winnings.

The game focuses on the symbol of the book of shadows, the grimorio of the witch, an object that acts both from Wild that gives Scatternull On the rollers we will see then the symbols of blood red playing cards, a moth, a skull, a cat and a mysterious witch (symbol of greater value).

With at least 3 runs, some Free turns, previously a gold color symbol will be chosen at random, which during the game will be able to expand on the grid.

The most profitable symbol of the slot is as mentioned that of the witch, according to how many appear on the grid you can multiply the episode by 1, 2, 10 or even 500 times.

Book of Shadows game bonus

The single game session with this horror slot is enriched with some extra features or if you prefer bonus options:

  • Lucky Locks, after each spin allows you to block up to 4 rollers;
  • Gamble, allows you to bet to try to double the winnings;
  • Bonus Reel, allows you to get free rpm.

With the Free spin bonus mode The possibility of increasing the payment lines and consequently the possibilities of winning is given.

With the Lucky Locks option, finding the skull obtain free laps and with the "red or black bonus game?" A win can double or lose everything.


The Book of Shadows slot does not provide for a Progressive jackpot, but as we have seen it offers several extra bonus options that enrich the dynamics of the game.

Thanks to special symbols, bonus game and free laps, not to mention the high return to the player, the opportunities, of course potential, to win with this game are not lacking.

The absence of a jackpot is therefore not felt much. Then it must be said that Some casinos provide bonuses, JACKPOT e Other promotions, which work independently of the provisions of the individual game software.

Book of shadows Free Spin

con 3 Scatter activates the free spins function (free laps) which thanks also to a special symbol of expansion open with new games to a potential win of 30,338 times their episode.

Free laps are always the subject of appreciation of slot machines players because matches multiply and consequently the games and fun in addition to the opportunities of victory,

Having more turns in a slot is undoubtedly a gluttonous opportunity, not to be missed. It is no coincidence that the free spins are among the most appreciated bonuses, both by new players and the more experienced ones.

Theme and graphics

The horror theme of the game is supported by a coherent graphics, suitable for an online game, but with strong references to this genre, which has inspired over the centuries, like few others, literature and cinema.

The graphics are proposed in comic style, turns to a rather young target. It is decidedly well -kept and appreciable, as well as the sound sector that supports the setting.

The book of shadows, which gives the title to the game is a great protagonist, which will often make its appearance in the rollers, creating with other symbols of the winning combinations.

However, the most interesting image is that of witch, decidedly mysterious and charismatic, it is not by chance is the figure of greatest value of the slot.

RTP and volatility

The volatility of this slot is extreme! It is the Maximum expected volatility from the software house producer of this captivating title.

The used RTP is dependent on the number of lines that are activated, of default there are 3, so the RTP is 96.01%, but with 4 lines it rises to 96.07% and with 5 lines active the RTP reaches a 96,19%.

l’RTP (Return to player) is the return to the player, or the percentage of money bet by the various players who before or after is destined to return to winnings for those who play with this slot. Of course, it is not said that the return takes place in the same game session, in which a player could also lose his episodes.

Come Vincere a Book of shadows?

This dark and mysterious slot, populated by shadows and ancient magic, can potentially give good satisfactions giving top winningsnull However, there are no guide books, magical potions or a makeup that if used can ensure victory. Online slots are sophisticated software based on generation of random numbers.

The slots have simple rules and are based only on luck, the outcome of a spin cannot be manipulated. Without a doubt, however, ctoon the dynamics and features of the game And maybe even its most profitable combinations, it can come in handy. For this we generally recommend seeing and testing the game in first Free version or demo.

Free Book of Shadows: play on the demo version to practice

Many of the best online casinos allow players to try this, like many other online slots, also in free demo version. Play Book of Shadows Slot for free in demo version, allows you to test all the features of a game without any limit or risk.

The free demo version in fact allows you to understand without having to invest money, if we really like a game and familiarize yourself with its interface. If and when you decide to go from the version for free to the one with real money, it can be done with ease and speed.

Playing Book of Shadows with real money

All the best online casinos that offer the Book of Shadows allow you to play with this exciting title by aiming for real money. You always have to remember play responsibly, without ever exaggerating with amounts and number of episodes.

Then there will be, in many cases, to see bonus e promotions which can be exploited to multiply the amount used in your deposit or the number of turns available.

This actually increases the fun and the certainly not negligible opportunity to win true money.

Conclusion: our opinion on Book of Shadows

This original slot, the subject of this review, is one Top choice for all horror lovers, of the occult, of the Wicca Witches or of the played players in dark atmospheres.

Fans who love to see popular serie TV come Charmed Or reading themed books, they can undoubtedly have fun, but not only, at stake will be appreciable even by those who usually do not attend the genre.

Its very simple rules, together with Extra functions, graphics and very well -kept sounds and the opportunity to obtain interesting winnings, make this title appreciable.

Our advice at the end of this review is therefore to try the slot of the shadow book, at least once, was even in just in Free demo mode, always available in the best sites.

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