Gonzo Quest Slot: in search of the gorge of the Maya

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Gonzo’s Quest

Mayan temples in stone, magical symbols, forziers full of gold and the search for the legendary Eldorado are the ingredients of the famous Slot Machine of Netten Gonzo Quest; In the role of the funny conquistadores Gonzalo Pizarro it will be possible to win rich prizes thanks to a 96%RTP, Free Spin and the Avalanche function


Excellent graphics
Excellent episode range
Mobile game in touch version
RTP and high volatility
Absence of a progressive prize pool and an internal bonus game

For those who love to play with Slot machine, it is practically impossible to ignore Gonzo Quest. The game of Netent is in fact able to capture the attention of even the most sorted players, thanks to a long series of excellent characteristics. We therefore go to observe it more closely and try to understand its reasons for success.

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Gonzo Quest: Main information

Gonzo Quest is a game that is inspired by the symbols of Mayan culture. In particular, he refers to Gonzalo Pizarro, the brother of the explorer who in 1541 ventured along the Peru coast with the precise intent of identify the legendary Eldorado.

Another exotic choice, therefore, by Nettend's developers, such as to immediately understand the desire to make this slot machine something capable of distinguishing themselves from the competition. An intent that seems once again translated into a product of considerable quality, from all points of view.

Equipped with 5 rollers and 20 episode lines, GQ goes to sit the value of the tokens between a minimum amount of a penny and a maximum of 50. The player then at his disposal the possibility of selecting up to 5 levels of bet. The minimum play stands in a scissor between 20 cents and 50 $.

Even in the case of Gonzo Quest there is a convenient key for automatic game (AUTOPLAY). Thanks to it it is possible to program the number of laps that the slot will do it alone, from 10 to 1,000, with the faculty to set the preferences to stop the autoplay when you want, for example if you win a jackpot,

Note also the presence of the "Max episode". By clicking on it it is possible to start the play with the maximum number of lines and the highest level of bet.

Rules of the game

The rules to be followed for Gonzo's Quest in an online casino are quite simple. As mentioned at the start, it is a slot with five rollers, resembling a total of 20 lines of game that are constantly in business.

The first specificity is represented by the fact that the symbols do not revolve on rollers, falling instead from above. This game mode is called cascading reels And the occurrence of a winning combination triggers the second peculiarity of the game, or the avalanche function.

When active, i winning stone blocks They create fragorous explosions following which they leave their place to other symbols. During a game round, each of these functions sees the presence of the episode multipliers and, where four consecutive or more occur, the winnings achieved can be paid up to 5 times the one that characterizes the basic game.

It is however during the free spin, obtainable with free falls, that the GQ multiplier reaches the maximum of its potential. In this case, in fact, the blocks provide to open up in such a way as to create a passage towards Eldorado.

When the portal opens, Gonzo begins his raid tense a conquer the treasure, in which the winnings are very full -bodied. The multiplier, in fact, reaches 15, making this slot a real sector standard.

Finally, the Wild symbol, now characteristic of any slot machine. Its appearance, in the form of a question point, allows to replace all the other symbols and implement the possible winning combinations.

Developer and software

To develop the software at the base of Gonzo's Quest is NetEntnull As many know it is the leading company in the online games sector. To give him this position of strength are the excellent graphic levels achieved within the production structures scattered in Poland, the United States and Ukraine.

In practice, thanks to the work of its developers Nettend is able to carve out a position income. That exploits by imposing the standards to which the competition must comply with. To better understand the level of the Swedish company, the partnership undertaken with Warner Brothers must be underlined. Practice exemplification of its now unassailable reputation.

Slot characteristics

Among the characteristics capable of guaranteeing the success of Gonzo Quest since 2010, the year of his first appearance, above all the function must be remembered Avalanchenull It was in fact the first to propose it instead of the classic rotating rollers. Thanks to it, to a high RTP and at the level of graphics, the product of Netten has magnetized a large number of players from all over the globe.

Another feature that must be mentioned in the case of GQ is then the recall in the basic theme of the Mayan culture and to historical facts that really happened, those that characterized the start of the Spanish domination on Latin America. An extremely suggestive call, such as to give a further degree of originality to the game.

Gonzo Quest: Payout and combinations

The payout, or the percentage of money that must return to the player, of Gonzo's Quest is of 96%null A high level, such as to recall the most experienced players, who know very well how a high Return to play translates to the practical act in greater possibility of winning

As regards instead the winning combinations, If you have one every time a symbol repeats itself on several occasions after the cascade of the blocks, in a range between 3 and 5. The most sought after symbols are the masks with the golden friezes, even if the presence of the multiplier is able to Make even the stone attractive.

When a combination is achieved, a bright line will appear on the blocks concerned. It is also necessary to remember the best combinations, which in the case of Gonzo's Quest are activated during Three different modes, that is to say:

  • Mode Avalanche (avalanche, in American) whose activation takes place when a reward combination is achieved. The explosion of those members of the combination leaves room for the fall of as many symbols, laying the foundations for a further possibility of winning;
  • Mode Free Fall, in practice the classics free spin. Its activation occurs at the screen appearance of 3 Gold Mayan masks. To the free laps is added an increase in the possibilities connected to the winning multiplier, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 times;
  • The symbol Wild, the question point whose appearance can take place in rollers 2, 3, and 4. Thanks to it, the closure of each winning combination is possible, understanding those that activate the bonus methods.

Payment table and lines

As happens for all slot machines, the best way to be able to understand the way the various figures influence the game is represented by the payments line.

Before starting to have fun with Gonzo Quest it is therefore advisable to consult it with the maximum attention, so as not to lose any potential of this slot machine. As regards The episode lines are twenty and the right to payment is taken as a result of thealignment of the figures from left to right.


To characterize Gonzo Quest are nine symbols, including two specials, Free Fall and Wild. Among them seven represent Scrigni depicting human and animal gods, or blue face, purple face, green face bronze face, red beast, bronze beast and blue beast. That Wild It presents itself in turn in the form of a Question mark And it is the classic Jolly. With its appearance it is therefore possible to close any type of combination on GQ.

Game Gonzo Quest Bonus

GQ offers users gaming bonuses in the form of free girinull Instead, a real game bonus is missing, a hiding that is however filled by the presence of Avalanche. Precisely this particular function pushes fans to forgive a fairly showy gap, but not decisive for practical purposes.


There is no jackpot in the case of Gonzo Quest. A lack of importance, considering the attention that games of games such as virtual machines reserve for this detail. It is perhaps the only neo of a slot machine that still manages to reach extremely high standards, for many other aspects.

Gonzo Quest Free Spin

In the case of Gonzo Quest the free laps are called Free Fall. The function comes activated on rollers 1,2,3 And in case of succession the player gets 10 free falls, regardless of the payline. Valanche also appear in the game in which they activate. The result is explicit in a game phase in the name of liveliness, such as to make GQ even more interesting.

Theme and graphics

GQ expressly recalls the phantom brother of a character who really existed, or the explorer Francisco Pizarro. The search for the nice Gonzalo of the legendary city of Eldorado can be considered in line with the colonization by the Spanish conquistadors in South America, in the lands of the Incas and the Atzechi.

According to legend, the city would keep immense wealth is the basis of Gonzo's research, in the name of risk. The same that should animate the player in search of the booty represented by the prizes at stake. The theme in question is developed on a graphic level with the usual skill by Netent. Giving life to an overall result widely rewarded by those who play with the slots from the beginning of this machine on the market.

RTP and volatility

As for the Return to Play (RTP), in the case of Gonzo Quest it is positioned 96%. It is in fact a Very high RTP, considering that most of these products usually stand in a scissor between 80 and 94%.

To this figure, before playing, the one relating to the volatility, which is considered High halfnull It should be remembered that a volatility of this kind represents a factor that can constitute a considerable attraction for those who love adrenaline connected to the slots, however always in the perspective of responsible game.

How to win at Gonzo Quest?

As we have already mentioned previously, the betting line on GQ is winning if the symbols are arranged in succession and seamless from left to right. Any winnings are multiplied by the number of tokens that have been focused on each line and those that take place simultaneously are added, even on different bets.

Of course, many wonder if they exist some tricks to be able to win with this slot machine. Those who play want to do it knowing at the start what awaits him and if it is possible to cushion the possible risks. Talking about tricks, in the case of random games like the slots, however, seems to be a forcing.

Much better to think about cushioning any dangers by leveraging the principles of responsible game. That is, prevent winning anxiety from translating into compulsive behavior such as to open the road to high losses.

Gonzo Quest for free: play on the demo version to practice

Before playing real money of your deposit with a view to winning, it must be remembered that there is the possibility of exercising on Gonzo this free slot. To do this, you can use a demo version, or the simulation mode offered by many online casinos.

This is a very appreciable offer, as it allows you to grasp some objectives of no small importance. Among which it is necessary to remember:

  • The possibility for users to better understand the game mechanism, without having to waste the money set aside on their deposit;
  • That of satisfying the desire to spend time without excessive stress that animates those who play slot machines or dedicate themselves to bets very often.

It should also be remembered that in the demo version it is also available Gonzo Quest Megaways, an enhanced version of the slot. To launch it Netent collaborated with Red Timer Gaming, grasping as usual a result of excellent level.

Play gonzo quests with real money

Once the mechanisms that regulate the game, even in the megaways version, is understood, it is possible to start pointing the money of your deposit with greater possibility of winning, on Gonzo Quest. Before doing so, however, it is necessary to make sure to choose an adequate game platform. Not only as regards the bonuses and the proposal of games, but also in terms of safety.

Too many times, in the past, scams have occurred against unwary users, perhaps prepared with the offer of apparently unmissable bonuses. To prevent this from happening, a mess with permission issued by the Customs Agency and Monopolies should be chosen. Those who have one are in fact obliged to ensure high standards also in terms of safety.

The list of ADM casino that offer the famous machine is practically unlimited, considering that all those operating in USA includes it. The advice to which those who play should always refer is still very simple: follow the responsible game principle, to avoid compulsive behavior. Such as to be able to reveal, in the long run, an excessive risk.

Conclusion: our opinion on Gonzo Quest

Gonzo Quest is a usual presence in the offer of the Adm casino. After making the deposit, there are many who operate their bets on this now famous title. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to look for information that can help them face it with founded hopes for obtaining prizes.

The ones we have given are able to make it clear how even in this case Nettend managed to give life to a product capable of proving to be up to the expectations. GQ, in fact, reaches very high standards from a graphic point of view. Furthermore, it highlights news of considerable importance, starting from the innovative avalanche function. The result that is achieved therefore explains the great feeling between Gaming and Gonzo Quest fans in detail.

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