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Explosive skeleton 2 slot

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is the Thunderkick Studios' videoslot which protagonists the cute Mexican skeletons of the traditional Dia de los muertos, music setting and fun insured, this slot machine has an excellent RTP of 96.13% and 99 winning lines, it is possible to Each spin a multiplier up to 32x, also present Wild and Scatter symbols!

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Sistema Dropping Symbols
Innovative theme
Presence of many bonuses
Lack of progressive jackpot

This video game is the sequel to the homonymous series produced by the famous Studios Thunderkick presents itself as one of the Best online slot on the current market.

Those who play in Esqueleto Explosivo 2 will find a lot of fun, thanks to an innovative theme seasoned with a beautiful very well thought out graphics, to this are added extremely inviting prizes and bonuses, compared to others Casino games.

Within this review, the reader can collect all the necessary information on bets, collected by our team of experts, to get to know this video game better and steal the dynamics of winning and the nuances, which will be instrumental to a responsible approach to this last.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2: Main information

The slot machine covered by the review is the sequel to the homonymous series dedicated to Giorno of the Day of the Deadnull It is a Mexican anniversary in which their loved ones are celebrated, and in which its face is painted, depicting the so -called "Holy death”.

What in USA would be the day of the dead. The production house is the rampant Thunderkick, which in this case chose the theme of this party so loved not only by children.

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Rules of the game

As regards the regulation, it is shown in the video game by clicking on the appropriate icon. In summary of what is present inside it, we have a videooslot with 5 rollers and 99 payment lines, an excellent advantage for the betting of the player who can win with Ben 243 different combinations.

In addition, it is explicit that the gaming session may be started simply by clicking on "play" and selecting, its bet that grants a range that varies from $ 0.10 up to $ 100 for each of the Spins. There is also the Autoplay function With which to automatically be able to slide the spins and the rollers, without having to personally start the session.

Developer and software

Thunderkick Studios, was born in Sweden in 2012 founded by two young boys passionate about all types of casino video games.

The production of this Studios is shown to be focused mainly on Machine Videoslot and less on other games such as Roulette, so much so as to produce 50 different ones in less than ten years. Among them we remember:

  • The Rift;
  • The Falcon Huntress;
  • Pink Elephants.

These are all video games from uncondition graphic stretchtraditional And from out of the ordinary settings, a fundamental requirement for Swedish creators.

Further requirement that characterizes this company is full compliance with current laws In each country where it distributes its games: in USA, in fact, it allows only the mess on the web equipped with ADM license to be able to market their products. For the latter, it also ensures a performing RNG and in full compliance with its users.

Thunderkick Studios has its own identity in the video games that produces and optimizes each of them for all types of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Characteristics of the Esqueleto Explosive 2 slot

In relation to the characteristics of this game software we can certainly underline an important requirement: the innovative setting. As already specified, the manufacturer is deliberately looking for all its games of innovative and out of common themes.

But not only that, in terms of playability it is different from competitors thanks to Sistema Dropping Symbols: the video game screen reports well 15 different symbols arranged in one 5 × 3 grid, the mechanism is, therefore, of falling from above on the previous figures, also allowing a greater possibility of obtaining a winning combination. This system aims to compensate for high volatility of which this game is characterized.

They complete everything, a very inviting bonus game and a comfortable car player function for the player.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2: payout and combinations

The payout of this which is not properly a traditional video machine machine is excellent, The return to the player stands at the 96.13%, the payment combinations are made up of 3 up to 5 figures in adjacent wheels horizontally or diagonal. Let's see everything in detail.

Payment table and lines

Within the game itself, in addition to the regulation, by clicking on the trophy icon, everything is shown on payments and the different lines with which to obtain the latter, so as to have a clear picture on your bet.

As regards the explanation of the payment lines, the figures that land in sequence during the Spins, from left to right, on adjacent positions pay according to the different 99 payment lines.

For the payments table, however, by scrolling down you will have the opportunity to consult, symbol by symbol, each prize deriving from it.

As part of payments, we also believe it is also appropriate to specify the presence of Mucho multiplier, one of its distinctive features: for any win on a fall of figures and/or every time it appears (or more) Explosive (special symbol), this increases by a level up to its maximum level. The latter goes from X2 to, even, X64.


In compliance with the setting, the figures present depict different types of the classic mask of the Dia de Los Muertos: the traditional "Mexican skull". These, are divided into 6 normal symbols, with the addition of special figures like the Scatter symbol that Give free laps.

As regards normal symbols, in growing order, we have:

  • Water green skull;
  • Orange skull;
  • Blue skeleton;
  • Green skeleton;
  • Pink skeleton;
  • Viola skeleton.

The symbol Wild, on the other hand, is the so -called "Explosive“And it will be easily recognizable as it is completely colored in gold. In addition, its function is to replace the figures on the grid, except the symbol Scatter And it Purple skeleton, remember, from the highest prize. Therefore, it will explode everything nearby, from 3 to 8 symbols, depending on its position.

Finally, as regards the scatter symbol: this is represented by a ruby -eyes skeleton and will be precious during the bet: by combining 3 or more you can get a series of Free spin (free laps), in relation to how many of these figures are present on the grid.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 game bonus

As you can already detect from what has been said, the bonuses within this gaming product are extremely consistent and to the benefit of the user who plays and visits it. This is another of the requirements of the Studios software manufacturer of this online Videoslot Machine.


One of the very few flaws, it is the actual lack of a JACKPOT With progressive game play which, however, is compensated with the presence of a multiplicity of bonuses, of a high possibility of multiplying the bet, and special figures that exponentially increase the winnings.

Explosive skeleton 2 free spin

The way you can get Free turns And, consequently, having the opportunity to make free bets is linked to the presence of the scatter symbol on the game grid.

In fact, with the presence of 3 or more run the Bonus game Of this Gaming Version of the Dia de Los Muertos: the amount of free spin will depend on the number of these figures present. From 5 up, 2 laps will be given free both in the main and in the bonus game.

In addition, the Wild symbol, in the bonus game, from the third onwards, also gives a free lap. At the same time, the lowest multiplicative value will be removed and the next one applies.

Finally, when the counter is full, is awarded with a free extra ridenull In the bonus game the possibility of multiply 64 times the bet, but it is blocked until the present is the X32.

Theme and graphics

As is possible already to detect from the information left previously, the theme that characterizes this product by gaming by Thunderkick is that of the Mexican holiday that celebrates its loved ones.

At first glance, this may appear frightening but in reality the videooslot is built in such a way as to make everything fun, colorful and dynamic so as to Never bore the player, or makes the experience monotonous.

To this very particular theme, a graphics are accompanied that overall we consider optimal. It is also visible to the less experienced eye that the graphic construction is among the best in circulation, as the details are very well defined. At the same time, even the coloring, although we are rude, is not annoying or extremely bright.

An excellent balance between innovation and graphics are, in fact, a fundamental requirement of the Thinderkick videos manufacturer of the slot.

RTP and volatility

We now come to our readers with the cross between two fundamental variables for the overall experience of those who want to play for days at the slot or simply intend to try it.

Let's talk, therefore, of theIndice RTP: For the uninitiated, this is the acronym for "Return To Player" and indicates the return to the player offered by the video games for Casino. This according to the total of the proceeds of a video river, indicates the percentage that is returned to the player as winnings.

For volatility of this type of videogame entertainment, the risk linked to what a player could be expected from the online videoslot at the end of the game session, with the point of view, the frequency of winning and the sum of money could be understood.

Explicit the general meaning, we can say that, in light of what has been said, the Return to player by Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is of the 96.13% And volatility is classified as "high". Therefore, although the latter can discourage users, the return index is on average excellent compared to competitors and is encouraged by multiple bonuses.

Start comes up the explosive skeleton 2?

As with each slot machine, there is no standardized strategy to win with certainty. For this reason, we advise our readers to have fun responsibly and never be excessively taken by this type of gaming.

Fundamental prerogative of this world is, in fact, theRNG algorithm: This provides that each session is characterized by randomness and that there is, in no way, the possibility of undermining it. This protects both the provider and the user who will enjoy a clear and illegal experience.

One of the tools that our readers can use is certainly a review, updated in the last few days, like this, full of free information to be able to collect to make it tense

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 Free: play on the demo version to practice

Like all the best slots, the object of our examination has its own version for free and therefore without the need for deposit. Already from the official website, in fact, it is possible to visit it to try it.

The latter allows you to benefit from a free virtual credit, which does not require deposit, and grants the possibility of playing, even for days, without ever affecting your account.

Not only the official website, but also the best mess, with ADM licenseThey contain the free version without deposit so that they can mature the experience necessary to learn more about the dynamics, as for all free games.

Play Esqueleto Explosivo 2 with real money

If you believe you have the experience necessary to have responsibly having fun with this gaming product, you can visit the best online casinos. Thunderkick, in USA, distributes its games only on the casinos equipped with an ADM license so as to fully protect those who play and make a deposit. Among these we find:

We specify that these are all sites with bonuses to the deposit.

Conclusion: our opinion on Esqueleto Explosivo 2

By concluding our review, we briefly summarize our opinions about this video show. Without a doubt, it is one of the best video games in terms of graphics and setting, given the strong innovative character that allows the user who plays to be able to do it for days without ever getting tired: it is in fact available both the free version without deposit and Videoslot with real money.

This innovation is also present thanks to the characteristics of the game and the substantial bonuses that are granted. We therefore believe to strongly recommend this product to our readers and to have fun letting themselves be immersed in this wonderful festive context, albeit controversial.

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