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Gigantoonz slot

Fun, funny, colorful and winning! This are the Toonz characters who also in this Gigantoonz slot of the award -winning Play'n Go make a use of acclaim. RTP very high 96.50% 7 rollers and payines, and with the Wild symbol that gives up to 500x of winning multiplier, impossible not to play this colorful slot machines.

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Original and fun graphics
Part of the popular Toonz series
Special symbols and functions
Absence of jackpot

The world of videoslot is constantly evolving and this is true in particular online, on sites and apps in the sector, innovative and at the same time high quality titles are increasingly found.

Among the countless slot machine online Today available on the market there Gigantoonz slot Play'n Go deserves to be reported and highlighted for its numerous peculiarities, which make it unique and appreciable by a user who can prove to be decidedly vast and diversified.

Thanks to the Toonz, the cute characters who animate this game together with the others of this successful series of videos, the fun is almost insured.

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Gigantoonz Slot: Main information

Il Dr. Toonz He is a crazy scientist, who operates on the margins of the scientific community and hid in a secret laboratory, in which he gave birth to his reactoonz (Reactor + cartoons). We are talking about nice monsters, already protagonists of other popular games, who in the Gigantoonz slot have found their maximum evolution, as imposing Gigantoonz.

This is a videoslot of the well -known Play'n Go software house with high volatility and a high RTP. It is a colorful and dynamic game.

A modern slot machine with 7 rollers and 7 payment lines They create clusters, special figures, free rpm and interesting multiplier that animate the game dynamics and enrich them considerably.

Rules of the game

The basic rules of a slot are really very simple, this contributes in a very significant way to the great success of this prolific family of games, increasingly present also online on websites or mobile apps.

Each slot machine, however, has its own graphics, its theme and different winning combinations of figures. So each of these games requires a unique approach in some ways.

The main rules of the Gigantoonz Slot provide for the standard formation of figures, on Cluster, this gives the right to winnings, as described in the payments table.

Developer and software

To produce Gigantoonz Slot was Play n Go, brand really known in the competitive much of online games. The company was born in 1997 and began to make its way by developing games and gaming solutions for third parties.

Soon thanks to his team, strong in high competence, he managed to make himself known by starting to develop his own software, for ADM license platforms.

In 2004 he developed an independent identity e It quickly established itself among the big names in the sector, with extremely interesting gaming titles and with particular attention also to mobile use.

Characteristics of the Gigantoon slot

This online slot machine has 7 rollers and 7 payment lines. To characterize it are nice characters and as can be seen from its name, a prominent role play giant symbols.

Among the most interesting technical characteristics of the Gigantoonz Slot, the possibility of accelerate the game times, acting on a special key.

Then there is the possibility of managing the bet with the always appreciated functionality AUTOPLAY, however limited to a maximum of 100 laps and with the useful possibility of setting up loss and winning limits.

You can then set your preferences for the Gigantoonz Slot game session and simply press "Play" and enjoy the show.

Gigantoonz: payout and combinations

This video game uses the mechanics known as Cluster Pay. In essence, there are no fixed payment lines and the various winning combinations of figures can be formed with groups of At least 6 adjacent characters, appeared horizontally or vertically.

The greater the size of the cluster and the greater, as it is easy to guess, also the amount of your win.

To understand the scores and combinations provided for by the game, the most immediate solution is to always refer to his Payment table, easily accessible at any time.

Payment table and lines

The payments table is a tool that is indispensable to play with the right awareness of the slots. Knowing the values of the symbols and the different winning combinations you can have a lot more fun.

To access the Payment Table of Gigantoonz Slot Basta Click on the "Info" symbol close to the controls for the adjustment of the visual and sound effects of the software.


The symbols, or rather the nice characters, who animate this game are those of the series of Toonz titles, but the main feature of Gigantoonz (from which it derives its name) are the giant (or mega) symbols.

These figures may appear in different positions and be of different sizes: 2 × 2, 3 × 3, 4 × 4, 5 × 5, 6 × 6 or even 7 × 7. The bigger they are, the more the multiplier increases, which can go from X2 to X13 and as of course it can have significant repercussions on the amount of the winnings on the site.

After being removed, the mega symbols of the Gigantoonz Slot leave in their place the Quantum Wildnull The presence of a Gargantoonz which is on a charge indicator.

There are Four charge levels which activate various features that enrich the game not a little and generate cascades of symbols.

Gigantoon game bonus

By obtaining particular top -ups you can activate special bonus functions of the Gigantoonz Slot:

  • Bonus function "Disintegration" It is activated with 25 charges and allows you to select four types of random figures and remove all the requests that start a new waterfall of symbols;
  • Metamorphosis"(50 charges) replaces a type of symbols and also goes to create mega symbols, typical of the Gigantoonz slot;
  • Bonus function "Radiation"(75 charges) adds from 1 to 4 mega symbols and 2 to 5 quantum wild in random positions on the grill;
  • Bonus function "Gargantoonz"(100 charges) activates the Gargantoonz Wild function which transforms any mega symbol into a mega gargantoon symbol positioning them randomly.

These details Wild will remain active for another waterfall before dividing and be removed from the Gigantoonz Slot screen.


The Adm slot machine in question does not include a progressive jackpot, that is, a sort of treasure that is increased with the increase in the games of the various players and then go to reward a particularly lucky one.

However, it is not uncommon for the single casino site and other gaming web platforms to provide for one of their jackpots to the formation and growth of which the episodes on the Gigantoonz Slot could also contribute.

It will therefore always be well to look for as much information as possible on the web pages of the site that we have chosen to carry out our registration and deposit, so as to attempt the fate with our favorite games.

Gigantoonz Free Spin

In the Gigantoon Videoslot of Play'n Go, a real one is missing Free spin mode, however, it is possible to obtain numerous advantages and also with free laps offered by the chosen site, with the relative deposit methods.

Different combinations internal to the software open to interesting possibilities. Then there is the opportunity to play for free as much as you want in demo mode.

Finally there are Bonuses and promotions, on the individual casino that propose this video game, which can also include free spin, undoubtedly useful for familiarizing with the dynamics of the Videoslot software, before or immediately after making a deposit.

Reading an updated review before choosing the mess, helps those who play to make the most of this and other potentially very interesting opportunities in the world of Games.

Theme and graphics

At first glance Gigantoonz more than a video river looks like a colorful and funny puzzle game for mobile, animated by nice characters who are the undoubted protagonists.

The video river of the serie Toonz to whom Gigantoonz It looks more is the Reactoonz Original, also in this case the screen is in fact populated by the same nice and extravagant creatures designed by an unlikely crazy scientist.

REACTOONZ is still a nice video games, undoubtedly enjoyable, but certainly the Gigatoonz improves game and graphics dynamics dated 2017, being more refined from every point of view.

RTP and volatility

This colorful game has one high volatility, the maximum foreseen by the Games of Play'n Go, then playing with this slot will tend to be high winnings with a low frequency.

l’RTP is 96.51%, therefore every $ 100 bets, $ 96.51 will be destined to return to the pockets of the players, in the form of winnings.

This RTP is definitely higher than the average, which stands for similar games around 95%, so we can consider this game as rather generous, those who play it.

A high RPT does not ensure that in a game session you will necessarily end up winning, losses are always possible.

How to win in Gigantoonz?

There are no tricks or particular secrets or strategies to know that they can ensure victory to those who play with this or other similar slots and games.

In this game you can carry out spins from $ 0.20 up to a maximum of $ 100. The slot is therefore suitable for any type of player and everyone will have the same opportunities to be kissed by luck.

The Maximum obtainable win is 10,000x The amount of the bet carried out, up to a maximum that reaches the remarkable figure of $ 1,000,000, all without special bonuses.

To win, you need to be able to form combinations of three to five equal symbols. But the most ambitious will have to aim for at least 6 symbols, to ensure the most gluttonous prizes.

With 5 Wild you can multiply the sum of your play by 500. For example with 2 $ you can win a thousand $.

GIGANTOONZ Free: play on the demo version to practice

The free gigantoonz slot is a great way to practice this video game, without putting even a cent of your own pocket at risk. There Gigantoonz demo It is identical to the version with real money, but allows you to play for free, all the time you want.

You can play this mode, foreseen by all the best known slots and the best mess of the web, for pure fun or to make some practice before proceeding with a deposit on your account. Using Credit and Debit Card of the circuits VISA o Mastercard, prepaid like postepay, Bank transfer, paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard and all the best known and safe payment methods available today.

Free gigantoonz is excellent for having fun and practicing, before making a deposit and starting to play by doing seriously.

Play Gigantoonz with real money

To play Gigatoonz with real money, just choose a payment method with which to load your game account with a storage on the casino you prefer.

Generally the best legal online casino ADM accept different payment methods for the deposit of funds, including: Skrill, Paypal, Paysafecard, Visa, Mastercard, Postepay, bank transfer, etc.

Reading a detailed review, before choosing the site, also helps to identify which platforms support payment methods and therefore deposit, of their interest.

Conclusion: our opinion on Gigantoonz

At the end of this review, here are our conclusions and opinions on Gigatoonz of Play'n Go, a Small gem for gaming lovers, available on practically all the best casino with ADM license.

The slot continues a successful series and succeeds in the not easy intent to renew different aspects and dynamics, with the original intuition of the giant symbols, which can activate various features and advantages.

The game includes maximum cure for each individual symbol and dynamic, also from mobile. It goes far beyond the gaming limits of the now classic slots, opening up to a world of new possibilities for those who have recently played, but also for the most demanding players.

With the passing of the laps, in very quick times, anyone can appreciate the uniqueness of this title and be involved.

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