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Slot Pierino attempts luck is the new game of playonline based on American comic films of the 80s, many laughter and fun in a game with 30 payment lines, free turns, and even a jackpot, there is no lack of mythical slingshot and the report card full of bad votes all winners!

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Presence of special symbols
Free Spins e bonus
Video slot Divertente
Not exceptional graphics

Pierino slot: main information

Among the funniest slot machine online⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Currently available on the market, the Pierino slot attends luck, particularly appreciable for the fun it can give, thanks to the fact that it is dedicated to a loved character. Many know him, he is in fact the protagonist of countless jokes and fun films played by Alvaro Vitali.

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Rules of the game

The basic rules of the Pierino slot tries their luck and all really very simple, they are the same on every single site that offers it on the net.

Its structure with 5 rollers and a maximum of 30 payment lines Selectable is rather classic and allows anyone who wants to have fun without having to learn complex rules or sophisticated strategies.

The features of this title, although very simple as anticipated, are still interesting. The slot has overall 12 symbols, of which 8 ordinary and 4 special figures who will have to appear in a certain number and sequence in the rollers, based on the payment lines activated.

Developer and software

To develop the slot Pierino attempts to luck was Giocaonline, American society, born in Milan in 2009, permanently among leaders in the conception and realization of casino games and in particular colorful slot machines, such as The Way of the three Dragons.

The American companies that have noticed in the sector are not lacking, among these also Tuko. Often American graphics and programmers have an extra gear and a considerable attention to detail, from the first deposit to all the game phases.

Gameonline managed to churn out a good catalog of over time engaging and rather innovative titles, focusing a lot on quality, research and also on a good communication made on the web.

Not all game developers for the web (it applies to USA as in the rest of the world) move so well, keeping a really high level also on the communication front with the player.

Features of the Pierino slot

The VLT in question has a grid with 5 rollers and a maximum of 30 selectable payment lines, on which they appear randomly, after each single Spin a series of figures between 8 ordinary symbols, 1 bomb and 3 other special symbols.

The slot is present in many of the best mess on the web, very popular with those who have fun with these appreciated and widespread video games.

Il Wild It is represented by a bomb (with a very classic appearance) and can, if necessary, replace all the other figures to create combinations with the correct sequence of winning images, after the laps.

Pierino slot: payout and combinations

How many and what are the winning combinations to know when playing with the Pierino slot tries luck?

The best thing and also by far the easiest to do, it is undoubtedly to always have the payments table to understand the amount of the individual winning in an intuitive way.

Payment table and lines

The table of payments always accessible, easy and quickly within the game itself, indicates all possible winning combinations and the relative multipliers of the winnings based on the bets of those who try the fate to the game.

The screeies dedicated specifically to the symbols, briefly describe the normal and special ones and consequently the basic rules of the slot and how it is possible to obtain the various scores or activate particular features, such as the always appreciable free spins (free matches).


  • Il Wild is represented by a bomb And it can replace any other symbol that appeared in the rollers, except special symbols, bonuses, free spin and Pierino tries luck.
  • Il bonus, represented by the iconic hole of a lock, activates a fun minigame that allows you to get free games and other benefits that potentially facilitate a win.
  • The symbol Free spin is represented by a slingshot And it allows you to exploit the possibility of having free, always precious, as well known, available, in these particular game programs.

Pierino slot game bonus

In addition to welcome bonuses on the deposit scheduled, almost inevitably nowadays by the single casino, there is then the internal bonus on the game, then to the slot.

The bonus symbol corresponds to the hole of a lock, used by the protagonist to spy on its attractive teacher.

If this special symbol appears in three positions on the wheels, activates a particular way in which the player will have to Choose a door between 6 Viewed on the screen and, if beyond the selected one, the teacher will be found, it will take place of a level, until the maximum possible foreseen by the system.

If instead the Preside, the game will end suddenly and the player will receive the winnings reached to the previous scheme.


Some online casino sites include jackpot for those who play with slot machines, including naturally, if they offer it to the catalog, that of Pierino (the subject of this review).

The probability of entering the Jackpot mode is directly linked (proportionally) to the amount of the unitary episode made by the player.

For example, to understand with simplicity: with a unitary episode of 3 $ from your deposit, there is 10% (3/30) of probability of entering the Jackpot mode.

While with a unitary episode of thirty $ you have 100% (30/30) of probability of entering the Jackpot mode, without however ever having the certainty of obtaining one of the progressive jackpots, for this it will necessarily be needed to have the right dose of luck null

Slot Pierino Free Spin

In the slot there is no lack of Free Spins mode (free laps), there is also the possibility of growing the number of free matches by choosing between the 12boards with different subjects.

Here too when the principal appears, the video game stops to resume with the usual ways, with bets that draw the amounts from their deposit on the gaming account of the chosen casino.

The more turns (better even if free) you have and the more they increase the opportunities to collect the right symbols for the winnings on the winnings and on the payment lines, which will also be able to be very interesting.

Theme and graphics

Everyone knows the jokes that have the spiteful Pierino as the protagonist and many remember the comic films played by Alvaro Vitali, dedicated precisely to this iconic character, who in his own way is an integral part of American culture and tradition.

This fun slot is a tribute to Pierino and his world, made up of jokes to his companions and above all to his unfortunate teachers. Its graphics are simple, perhaps too much, but it is still very nice and we could say in various timeless aspects.

RTP and volatility

The abbreviation RTP indicates the Return To Player, or the percentage of money bet by the various players in a specific video game on the web, which is destined to return sooner or later in their pockets.

The higher this percentage, the more interesting is interesting for those who want to earn or simply just be able to have fun as long as possible.

The RTP of this slot is of 94,6% a fairly interesting percentage, while his volatility It is classifiable as medium-low, That is, this slot machine often gives winnings of rather contained amounts.

It is therefore, for these characteristics, always fun and of course, if you are lucky, it will also be able to get significant figures.

How to win at the Pierino slot?

Approaching the slot Pierino attempts to luck is easy and fun and the opportunities to win thanks to the rtpt of the video game are more than concrete. However, those looking for particular techniques, tricks or strategies that can ensure victory, after the deposit, with this or other slots will be disappointed.

Slot machines must most of their great international success on the web and beyond, precisely to the fact that they do not require the knowledge of complicated rules or the application of specific strategies, everything is based on the fortune and on the completely random appearance on the wheels of the Various figures.

The video game is in no way manipulable, by anyone. To win on a site with the Pierino slot attempts luck, therefore you have to rely on your good fate, nothing more. It remains essential to increase the chances of winning know the rules thoroughly.

Pierino slot free: play on the demo version to practice

Many of the best known and appreciated online slots are often available also in demo version, that is, it is possible to try them for free, without necessarily having to take risks (of your own pocket), however contained. This naturally also applies to the colorful Pierino slot attempts luck, a now classic title that deserves at least to be tried at least once in life by any player.

Starting with the demo version of the slot is important not only to save money, but to familiarize yourself with its interface, the few rules and special functions to be known, so as to avoid any errors or trivial carelessness.

When you have taken a little, the hand can be passed without problems or details expected to the version with real money, or if you prefer to continue playing, for only fun, whenever you want it, without limits of any kind.

Play Pierino slot with real money

Playing with slots on ADM (ex AAMS) sites is always a fun experience (as well as absolutely safe) and doing it with that of Pierino if possible is even more, in particular for fans of the character and a certain type of 80s comedy.

This applies to whether it is playing in demo or real money mode, but of course having the opportunity to focus winning real money the emotions and interest of the average player are amplified, as it is easy to understand, not a little.

The important thing, if you choose to play by placing an episode and making bets with real money, will be to choose only serious platforms, respectful of the laws and equipped as mentioned since the beginning of adjusting ADM license (ex Aams).

Another fundamental aspect that can always have its considerable weight, in addition to the aforementioned and indispensable respect for the laws it will then be to play always and only responsibly, without ever exaggerating with the amount of the episode and number of the various games.

Conclusion: our opinion on Slot Pierino

We are at the end of this articulated review on the fun slot dedicated to that nice donkey of Pierino. The newly read review does not refer to a specific Casino Aams site that proposes it, but precisely to this specific videogame title, proposed today by practically all the best sector sites.

We considered in the drafting of our review various aspects, including graphics, theme, the rules, the scores of the various combinations and bets, the Game bonuses and many other variables and we tested the slot machine both in the demo version (therefore free) , that pointing real money.

In conclusion, the gaming experience (analyzed from the point of view of an average player) was very positive and therefore we absolutely feel to recommend this software title to those who are curious to try it, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience with the games With slot machines or the world of online betting in general.

We always recommend choosing a serious online casino and respectful of American laws, therefore with a regular AAMS/ADM license. This is essential to better appreciate the characteristics of the game and also to enjoy any welcome bonuses on the first deposit or other convenient promotions.

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