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San Quentin

San Quentin Slot is the latest creation of Nolimit City, Beefy Dick, Biker Bill, Loco Luis, Heinrich 3rd and Crazy Joe, 5 dangerous prisoners in the famous prison ready to escape and win rich prizes, 243 winning combinations, RTP from primacy and up At 150,000 times the episode with high volatility, and free demo version.

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captivating and realistic graphics
High volatility
high average prizes
Niche theme

San Quentin Slot: Main information

San Quentin Slot is a game released by NoLimit City, Providers who are affirming himself with great force on the gaming market. The theme is clearly inspired by the now famous penitentiary of maximum US security, which owes its sad fame to the large number of capital convictions performed within it.

If the theme is quite controversial, so as to cross according to some the limits of good taste, the prizes proposed are of considerable importance, thus offering great reasons of interest for those who usually play with the slot machine.

Of course, in this case too, it is necessary to have fundamental info to better understand what the number of rollers (reels) is which are 5 out of 3 lines (5 × 3), the presence of the symbols, the maximum winning that can be obtained, the volatility is high And everything else that characterizes this kind of game. This video game, however, already enjoys considerable consideration at those who love to spend their time with videooslots.

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Rules of the game

SQS sees the presence of 16 symbols, prison theme. Those of lesser importance are toilet paper, handcuffs, the toothbrush (which can also act as a razor), the soap, the zippo and the screwdriver. While the most important symbols are represented by the 5 prisoners.

To play the role of bonus symbol is the sighting turret, with his appearance who preludes the opening of the corresponding wheel. Once you open, a prisoner or one of the three special symbols can come out:

  • Il razor which will divide all the symbols of the roller;
  • The symbol Wild to which the task of acting as Jolly is entrusted;
  • The figure xWays cHe reveals 4 random symbols on as many cracks.

During the game, the appearance of a further symbol is then possible SplitWild, Also delegated to the division of each of the symbols referring to that wheel.

Where the three bonuses are reached, a special function is also activated, called Lockdown Spins, which causes the opening of the cells placed on the top and the appearance at each round of one of the special symbols.

Note that the start of the game is preceded by the appearance of a multiplier valid for all free spins. During the free games on the rollers (Reels) they will appear for the symbols Mistery to which the important task of determining a further multiplier is due.

Finally, among the special symbols, it is also necessary to remember the Jumping Wildnull It appears during the Lockdown Spins and assumes the task of acting as a special Jolly intended to jump randomly of position.

Developer and software

To develop the software in question is Nolimit City, a company born in 2014 based a Island, Malta, from where his commercial branches are departed, touching in particular Stockholm, Sweden, and Gurutgram, India. Equipped with an owner development platform, the software house does not require thanks to it of external aids to encounter its virtual machines.

Another prominent feature of Nolimit City is the ability to propose highly topical issues in an extremely original perspective. Among its titles, they must be remembered for example Tomb of Akhenaten, Barbarian Fury, Milky Ways, Book of Shadow, Xways Hoarder XSplit e El Paso Gunfight, in which the issues are developed trying to mark a certain discontinuity with respect to the competition.

Finally, the distinctive feature of the Nolimit City Slots Machine, or the XWAYS mode, a game system that increases the number of symbols on the rollers (Reels) exponentially. In this way it is possible to make the possibility of winning the players. A feature that is pushing the fortunes of San Quentin with considerable intensity.

Features of the San Quentin slot

As for the info on the characteristics of San Quentin Slot, the main one is represented by the game grid. If apparently appears to be made up of 5 rollers and 3 lines, actually to total calculation Two more lines must be added, above and below, divided in turn into cells whose opening depends on the occurrence of certain conditions.

In total they can check well 243 winning combinations And the episode is positioned in a range between a minimum of 0.20 and a maximum of 32 $. The user can also set between ten and a thousand automatic games, customizing some limits.

Volatility is high, while the Return to Play (the percentage of the episodes that a machine or a game in general must return to users of the casino) is able to exceed 96%, reaching a maximum of the 96,95%.

San Quentin Slot: Payout and combinations

As for the Payout, its value is destined to vary depending on whether it is one of the five prisoners or less noble figures (soap, lighter, screwdriver, toothbrush/razor, handcuffs or toilet paper).

As we recalled, 243 winning combinations can occur. Precisely this number contributes to making San Quentin an extremely attractive title for players, adding to a very high Return to play.

Payment table and lines

As regards the table and line of payments, precisely in consideration of the complexity determined by the high number of winning combinations, it is recommended to examine them carefully before starting to use this machine on the web. In fact, they are compulsorily present in videoslots and indicate not only the RTP, but also the Massimo Prize that you can achieve with the various games.


As we previously remembered, the figures available to those who play in San Quentin Xways are 16. The most important are however

  • i five prisoners, Beefy Dick, Biker Bill, Loco Luis, Heinrich 3rd e Crazy Joe;
  • The sighting turret, a real bonus symbol whose appearance corresponds to the opening of the cells whose prison is made;
  • i Three special symbols, or the razor in charge of the division in the middle of each of the symbols of the corresponding roller, the Wild, which covers the function of Jolly and XWAYS in charge of revealing 4 random symbols on a similar number of cracks;
  • Il Simbolo Split in, which can prove to be during the regular game by dividing all those of the corresponding roller in half. Split, in fact, means dividing, as it actually happens with its appearance.

It should also be remembered that the three Wild can replace all the others, with the exception of the Scatters.

San Quentin Slot game bonus

San Quentin Xways presents to those who also play a bonus purchase function, with which you can activate, for a fee, the free spin session. In practice it is possible Buy 3, 4 or 5 Scatter And also the number of Jumping Wild (1, 2 or 3) and the corresponding RTP. In the event of three or four of them, the RTP of the Bonus game will be able to position themselves 96.26%, going up to 96.95% with five of them.


No jackpot is available, but in case you decide to make use of 5 scatters, not only the Return to play will rise to its maximum, but those who play are also able to make use of the opportunity to have ten available Enhancer Cells open for each lap. This is not a secondary detail, considering that we carve out the opportunity to have a jackpot up to 150 thousand times the episode.

San Quentin slot Free Spin

The number of free spins, or free laps, is assigned before the start of the game, together with the multiplier. These go to increase by two every time a Jumping Wild stops on a bearded blade, during the free laps. The free ones, in turn, are able to increase in the event that, during the bonus lap, the landing of a new run occurs, with its subsequent transformation.

Theme and graphics

The San Quentin theme is the one connected to the very particular universe represented by a maximum security prison such as the Californian one. A dramatic theme, but which is addressed with great irony by the developers, to whom one is added graphics of considerable level, this gives further appeal to the top title of Nolimit City.

RTP and volatility

The Return to Play stands at an average greater than 96%, therefore a decidedly high value. Just as volatility should be considered high. Two features that explain the considerable success of San Quentin at fans of electronic machines, joining the others that we have already previously remembered in our analysis, starting from a maximum winning such as to reach 150 thousand times the aimed mail.

How to win at San Quentin Slot?

There are not few enthusiasts looking for info that can help them win with electronic casino games. However, the value of these advice is completely relative. For our part we can say that before operating our deposit and playing real money, it would be the case of practice with a demo.

Fare Spins Free On the sites that allow it, it may in fact allow to better understand the basic mechanism, acquiring a confidence that may be precious later. However, this must not lead to thinking that tricks can really exist that can certainly win, as the position of the casino's advantage is an impossible data to scratch, if related to large numbers.

San Quentin Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Before starting to play your money, it must be emphasized that it is also possible to do it with one version for freenull To make it possible are the sites that propose a demo of the various games, like real free spin.

An extremely welcome opportunity not only by those who do not want to present themselves completely fasting on their performance for the test of the fire, but also by those who play for the simple fun connected to these software. To do this, it is not necessary to pay any deposit, thus removing the stress factor that characterizes gaming.

Play San Quentin Slot with real money

Of course, once you have taken advantage of the free laps offered by the sites that offer the free version, the next step must be taken, namely that of pointing real money inside a mess on the web. With the possibility of increasing the opportunities to remunerate the episode precisely due to this practice for free previously.

Conclusion: our opinion on San Quentin

San Quentin XWays enjoys considerable reputation between those who play constantly with online videos. The creation of Nolimitcity managed to become a sort of sector standards thanks to a series of important characteristics, starting from a very high volatility and a maximum winning that stands at 150 thousand times the episode.

For those who love to have fun on the slots after paying the deposit at the online casino identified, this software must in fact be indicated among the best currently available. Also made such by the great variety of bonus games, with an attractive graphics and the setting in that prison of San Quintino which has now entered the collective imagination.

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