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Irish Pot Luck Slot

The article analyzes the game mechanics of the Irish Pot Luck Slot Machine, released by Netent in 2022. The main features show a 5 × 3 layout, 20 payment lines and the presence of 3 non -progressive jackpots. You can also count on random activation bonuses in the standard laps, as well as on the free spins activated by the Scatters.

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Bonus in spins standard
Excellent graphics
Soundtrack gradevole
Non -progressive jackpot

The legends of old Ireland have gone around the world, tickling the imagination of young and old thanks to original, fun and lucky characters. Among these stands out the Leprecauno, a traditional symbol of luck and prosperity. In particular, the nice Separate lives onEmerald island And he is the protagonist of the slot that we will analyze in our review: Irish Pot Luck.

The title stands out, among many slot machine online Thanks to a truly enjoyable graphics, funny animations and special bonuses capable of moving the game play. The latter is traditional, it does not use mechanics such as megaways or clusters, but for this reason it is also suitable for the beginner player.

Irish Pot Luck Slot: Main information

The video game transports to the Verdant Ireland, proposing an original version of the Leith Broghan's legend, the leprecauno guardian of the golden pot hidden at the end of the rainbow. The protagonist of the videoslot is plump, designed in cartoon style and cannot fail to snatch a smile from the first glance.

Playing IPL, you make a real dip in the tradition of the Emerald Island, enjoying one in all laps Exceptional soundtrack which instantly puts in a good mood.

Many of the best web casino offer welcome bonuses that allow you to try free giri on the titles NetEntTherefore it will be easy to have the opportunity to try to get some victory without committing your money in a real deposit.

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Rules of the game

IPS follows traditional mechanics And it does not include variable size layouts or with the typical gaming style of megaways. To activate the spins, simply click on Play key After making a deposit on the account of your confidence casino (unless you enjoy a welcome bonus that offers free spins/giri gratis sui titles netent).

You win Aligning 3 or more symbols Of the same type on the payment lines provided and, obtaining more than one combination on the same payline, only the highest one is paid. In the event that winning bets on multiple payines occur, however, the latter are added.

Developer and software

The Software House Netten has long been one of the undisputed leader of gaming on the webnull The provider supplies the best web casino and the reliability of its games is guaranteed by ADM license (therefore they respect any requirement imposed by the laws). What made this provider famous is not only the high graphic quality of its titles, but also the technical specifications that count some of the highest RTPs in the sector, as well as wide choice between themes, settings and types of volatility.

Each web casino site always hosts a wide range of Slots Machine Netten games, offering an extremely positive review of the provider and placing each user in the condition of choosing between various types of gaming: tradizionale, megaways, cluster, etc.

Between Most clicked games of the Netten there are:

Characteristics of the Irish Pot Luck slot

Moving on to a review of the technical characteristics, it is immediately noted that the layout of the Videoslot counts 5 vertical rollers e 3 horizontal linesnull The screen therefore hosts 15 cards that can combine on 20 fixed payment lines.

The game offers Free spin (free laps), a Multiplier bonus on each episode, JACKPOT on 3 levels e Bonus symbols.

As for the technical options, it is possible to activate or deactivate the audio and choose the value that your bets must have on each payment line. The option is also available AUTOPLAY To activate from 10 to 1,000 automatic rpm and the function Fast lap.

Irish Pot Luck Slot: Payout and combinations

The Slots Machine games are so appreciated for being able to distinguish each other by type of payment and winning combinations, elements they offer Highly varied gaming experiencesnull Fundamental requirement that makes a enjoyable game is a good chance of winning and different ways to obtain paying bets. These factors can be controlled on Rules of the game And in the table that explicit all payments.

Payment table and lines

The table of the regulation, in IPL, opens By clicking on the "I" icon placed in the lower section of the game, next to the value indicator of the current bet. It can be consulted at any time, thus having the opportunity to read all Bonus functions specifications and understand which is the Payout of the individual symbols.

Further task of the table is to graphically show all the payment lines provided for by the slot. NetenT is always very precise in this sense, in fact, scrolling along the page the section dedicated to payines is made extremely clear and visible, highlighting the same with gods green pieces on black background.


On the rollers you can find many of the typical objects that symbolize luck. These are:

  • Golden coin - not paying;
  • Rainbow - not paying;
  • Four-leaf clover - not paying;
  • Horseshoe – con payout da 2,50x a 20x;
  • Magic harp – con payout da 2x a 10x;
  • Lepracauno hat – con payout da 1,50x a 7,50x;
  • Pipa – con payout da 1x a 5x.

Among the minor symbols, however, traditional poker seeds are reported:

  • Hearts – con payout da 0,50x a 4x;
  • Paintings – con payout da 0,50x a 3x;
  • Spades – con payout da 0,25x a 2,25x;
  • Fiori – con payout da 0,25x a 1x.

Irish Pot Luck Slot game bonus

As mentioned, there are several bonus games provided for by this videoslot. To better understand the operation of each of them, just consult the following table:

  • In standard laps it offers a value of X1, X2, X3, X5;
  • In the free laps it offers a value of X2, X4, X7, X15.
  • Wild
    DESCRIPTION The symbol is depicted by the golden currency, replaces all the icons with the exception of Scatter and Jackpot.
    Pot Luck function
  • Random activation;
  • It adds to the rollers up to 3 scatter icons (rainbow) or jackpot (quadrifoglio) and from 1 to 5 Wild.
  • In standard laps it offers a value of X1, X2, X3, X5;
  • In the free laps it offers a value of X2, X4, X7, X15.
  • Wild The symbol is depicted by the golden currency, replaces all the icons with the exception of Scatter and Jackpot.
    Pot Luck function
  • Random activation;
  • It adds to the rollers up to 3 scatter icons (rainbow) or jackpot (quadrifoglio) and from 1 to 5 Wild.

    IPL provides Three fixed type jackpots: This means that the returned amount does not varied over time. The bonus game, in detail, involves the opening of a new screen that presents a wheel of the luck to which you must start with a simple click.

    The wheel consists of 3 levels and in each of them there is a good range of prizes they offer X, 5x e 10x times the basic betnull If the wheel pointer stops on the green arrow, we move on to the next level of the wheel, which offers a greater prize pool than the previous one. In particular:

    • First level offers the premist "Mini”Equal to 20 times the episode;
    • Second level offers the first "Midi”Equal to 100 times the episode;
    • Third level offers the prize "Maxi”Equal to 5,000 times the episode.

    Irish Pot Luck slot Free Spin

    The free laps are the most loved bonus by fans of the Video Games Machine. In fact, they allow you to obtain a variable number of free matches capable of making a more than substantial win, without spending your money during the individual bets.

    In iPl the free spins are activated when they land on the game grid 3 rainbow symbols, that is, the Scatter. These can only appear on the first, third and fifth roller. Initially the matches available to those who play are only 10, but if during the free laps, 3 more 3 -breast symbols land at the same time The function resets And other free laps are added, in number equal to the initial one.

    Theme and graphics

    The cartoon graphics that characterizes the video games is simply adorable. Luminous tones and rounded figures, including the protagonist Lepreca, enliven the main screen making the background and image in its interest extremely pleasant. The Irish green, of course, is the predominant color, but you can also notice typical inlaid stones (which surround the rollers) and wooden details suitable for making the atmosphere when as serene as possible.

    The soundtrack, in turn, was made in full respect of the traditional Irish music As often happens in the games that propose this theme. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the same becomes more pressing in the event of obtaining consistent victories and Lepcarno himself underlines the lucky win, giving up and winking.

    RTP and volatility

    Il Back to the player which characterizes the video game protagonist of this review is nothing short of excellent. In fact, it far exceeds the minimum requirement set at 90% by its legal laws. L'RTP Estimated, in fact, is of the 96,06%, therefore potentially betting 100 $ in a session, those who play should get at least 96 $ behind.

    As for the volatility, that is, the frequency with which the payment by the winning combinations takes place, is highnull This, however, must not scare since a lower frequency of winnings, as well knowing who plays in the best ads online ADM, implies more substantial prizes.

    The software house has therefore made, in this videoslot, a Excellent compromise between interesting winnings and real possibility of acquiring them: In fact, it should not be forgotten that the many games present bonuses greatly increase the probability in favor of the player.

    How to win at the Irish Pot Luck slot?

    After carrying out a deposit on your game account, to win the Irish themed video game you simply have to access the page dedicated to it, set up a maximum balance to be imported into the slot (option available only in some Adm casino) and start between turning the wheels by clicking on the play key.

    There are no strategies or tricks to guarantee victory: the Games Adm video are in fact governed by ARG, that is, a completely random extraction system that makes Impossible to predict the result of the matchesnull Trying the free demo version of the slot, however, could make those who play for the first time understand what the dynamics expected for spin and payment is actually. On the basis of these data we decide when to increase or decrease your bets, Optimizing credit to deposit.

    Irish Pot Luck Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

    Try a Variable number of free laps on demo Before performing a deposit and bet with real money is a strategy followed by more than one player. Since Video Games ADM maintain the same rules, mechanical and technical specifications both in the version with deposit and the free one, it can therefore be exploited for the latter for become familiar with the real functioning of the machine.

    The free trial mode offers well 5,000 $ in rechargeable virtual tokensTherefore you can play for hours without ever being forced to perform a real deposit.

    Play Irish Pot Luck slot with real money

    If you have decided to try the video games in the version with real money, it's enough Create an account on an adm online casino ed make a first depositnull You will then have to look for the title in the schedule and, often, you will be asked if you want to allocate the entire balance to the game session or just part of it.

    All the winnings obtained by playing IPL with real deposit they are immediately credited to the game account And they can be both taken, and used in other games. In some cases, the withdrawal can be subject to terms and conditions depending on the chosen casino site. For greater safety we always suggest to choose a site in possession of ADM license.

    Conclusion: our opinion on the Irish Pot Luck slot

    The game is fun, cheerful, jovial. Netent wanted to create a title Suitable for any type of player, since the mechanics prove to be very simple and, nevertheless, you can enjoy multiple special functions often sought by the most experienced users. This is also confirmed by a satisfactory episode range, which also allows more courageous bets.

    To play IPL it is essential to choose a casino equipped with an ADM license, so as to be sure not to run into hacking problems or problems at the time of filing and withdrawal. Test the video games in his Free tokens versionFurthermore, it is always an excellent idea before starting to play real money.

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