Jack and the Beanstalk: Jack's slot and bean plant

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jack and the beanstalk

Who doesn't know Jack's fairy tale and the bean plant? The Software House Netent has thought of creating a fantastic and modern slot machine; Jack and the Beanstalk is a videooslot with 5 rollers and 20 episodes lines that are customizable, a return to the player (RTP) of 96.78% allows great chances of winning.


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Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most appreciated video games of the moment, and is able to entertain for several hours. With exclusive and engaging graphics, this Lock free Allows you to get good winnings. Here's how to play, what are its main features and all information relating to special figures.

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Jack and the Beanstalk: main information

Slot Jjack and the Beanstalk It is one of the most famous among those produced by the Netten software house. It is inspired by the famous fairy tale "Jack and the magic bean“, Britain and the United States is particularly widespread.

A story that has conquered the heart of the little ones and inspired the birth of further stories, films, series and games. NetEnt In fact, the protagonist of this video show made the little Jack or Giacomino.

The purpose of the game as always is that of obtain the best combinations of figures, which are inspired by the famous land of the giants. It wisely mixes the elements of history and the new technologies typical of video slots.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are similar to those of any other slot machine. We explain them better, however, within this review. Has a classic scheme of 5 rollers and 20 episode linesnull All laps can have a value ranging from 0.20 $ you have 100 $, depends on the betting level selected by those who play (1 to 10). The value of the tokens instead ranges from 0.01 $ to 0.50 $.

To set the video game in motion, just click on the "Play" or "Turn" button, the largest ever and is located right at the center of the screen, immediately under the wheels. In this case it is green and inside there are two circular white lines.

Both in the demo version for free and in the real money version it is possible customize the episodes by choosing the level, the value of the tokens, whether to play automatically or, proceed directly with the maximum episode without going from the play. Instead, the number of active lines cannot be chosen, it is always fixed to 20.

To be able to play, just register for a ADM online casinonull Before doing this you have to enter the "Read information" website page to find out what are the rules and methods of storage accepted.

Developer and software

The developer is the Software House Netent, famous in the world of gambling and the bet for high quality products, its level of safety and the fact that scrupulously respects the laws of the sector.

Among the information relating to the story of Nettend we know that it was founded in Stockholm in 1996. It is one of the suppliers that has contributed to the growth of the online Gambling sector always in compliance with the laws.

There are many flagship products of this videoslot, such as Gonzo's Quest, Video Games set in South America and tells the fabulous adventures of Gonzalo Pizzarro. Not to mention the synergy between Netent and Marvel Comics, which gave way to the birth of legendary slots.

Its slots are present within the best online casino from all over the world. They can be played both from desktop web, software and mobile app. The betting requirement, on the other hand, is always the same. The fact of offering the best solutions in the field of gaming manages to entertain people for hours and hours between one lap and another.

Caratteristiche della slot Jack and the Beanstalk

The slot is based on History of Jack and the Magic Beannull It is one of the games produced by Netent and allows to obtain excellent winning combinations thanks to its figures. It is the perfect videoslot for those who want to make important episodes on the web as it allows you to focus on each single lap of up to 100 $.

The main requirement is therefore only the desire to have fun because just click on the play button for set in motion its five wheels and obtain combinations of at least three equal figures within its 20 winning lines to obtain a bet that fruit interesting prizes.

Based on the ADM casino chosen to play it can take different characteristics relating to the welcome bonuses, the requirement to be met to unlock the prize itself, the possibility of playing as a desktop or app and how to make the deposit. Among the methods usually allowed we find Paypal, Master Card, Maestro, Postepay, Bank transfer, Paysafecard, Neteller and Skrill.

Jack and the Beanstalk: Payout e combinazioni

The slot machine in question has average RTP. In fact, we are talking about 96.78%null As we will explain later in the review, the concept of RTP and Payout is quite important when it comes to the ADM slot on the web. Payout is what guarantees those who play that a certain percentage of the collections is converted into prizes.

Therefore theRTP al 96,78% It indicates that every 100 $, 96.78 $ are rendered to players in the form of winnings. Thanks to the 20 payment lines and the 5 wheels, it allows you to obtain numerous winning combinations, which are based on rather standard rules. We offer you all the relative information in the underlying part of the review.

Payment table and lines

Below some information relating to the table and payments lines, in order to better understand the operation of Jatb and know each requirement to be able to win according to the laws.

This slot has in everything 20 paylines or winning lines. Within each of them, more equal figures can appear so as to give life to more or less rich prizes. The combinations are winning when consisting of a minimum number of 3 equal figures, to obtain a winning combination, the Wild symbol, that is, the Jolly.

All the laps can be winning, the value of the winning, however, also depends on how much a single bet is worth. If during the same roller lap they appear more winning combinations within several payines, these are added in order to get a prize.

When in the same winning line there are two good combinations, only the highest value is recognized. The three symbols to get a winning must always be arranged from left to right.


We analyze in this part of the review all the most important figures, also present in the Jack and the Beanstallk slot for free.

  • Scatter: present in almost all Slots games. It is the symbol that activates the free spins, at least 3 are needed to activate 10. Othering others during these free episodes allows you to activate further.
  • Wild: it is one of the most important. When one is displayed, you win a tour for free. In the new lap, the Wild figure moves to the left of a roller and so begins a new spin. Until the Wild is displayed on the rollers, the free spins continue. All the winnings obtained with him are paid with an X3 multiplier. It also works as a classic joker, that is, it replaces all the figures except the scatter and the key symbol.
  • Key: the key symbol when displayed on the roller 5 in the free laps they unlock bonus games of which we speak later during the review.

Then there are the traditional figures, in all 10. 5 are thematic and 5 others are the most traditional ones with numbers and letters.

Jack and the beanstalk game bonus

The most important game bonuses of the Jatb Gaming are those given by the key. When they appear in the rumors for free on the roller number five, they unlock the Wild games and there are three.

There is that of the two bags of stacked coins. To unlock it you need to get at least three keys on the rollers. There is that of the three hens with golden eggs, it is unlocked by collecting six key figures. Finally there is that of the golden arpes that expand and only get reaching the 9 symbols of the golden key.

There is further functionality and it is that of Walking Wild, it is called this because every time you display one or more Wild symbols on the wheels, you get a new lap. As long as it remains on the wheels, the wild continues to win free laps.


Certainly among the points to its unfavorable points we find the absence of a progressive jackpot even in the real money version. Regardless of the website on which you decide to play, it is not possible to access this interesting function.

Jack and the Beanstalk Free Spin

I free giri, are undoubtedly very expected among the sluts with slots. This is because they allow you to continue to try your luck without spending real money on each episode.

The requirement to obtain and unlock them changes not so much according to the ADM casino website but rather to the single slot. In general, however, it is the Scatter symbols that unlock themnull In the case of this game it works just like this and it is enough to get three of them to unlock 10 bonus laps.

If other runs are obtained during free games, you add up 5 free new spins. It is worth both for those who love app or desktop gaming, indifferently from the chosen storage methods that can be PayPal, Master Card, Maestro, Postepay, Bank transfer, Paysafecard, Neteller and Skrill.

Theme and graphics

This slot has a very particular graphic theme as it is set in the land of the giants achieved by Jack after meeting the magic bean. As you understand immediately, in fact, the theme of the Fairy tale Jack and the magic bean resumes.

In the background an old house and an ancient tree, but They are above all the symbols that recreate the atmospherenull An old watering room, a magic trunk, two giants, a goat, the little Jack and an ax are undoubtedly those standing out, accompanied by the ARPA, the golden hen and the sack of gold coins.

Even the most traditional symbols, the numbers and letters are helpful. Their graphics are very particular because they remember climbing plants.

RTP and volatility

When it comes to Payout e RTP A slot refers to the percentage of the collections that is always made to the player in the form of a win. So the greater the slot RTP and the higher the probability of winning. All this, however, is managed by specific laws that protect the player.

The payout of a slot is always the same, Regardless of the Adm casino on which it is found. In the specific case, the RTP is 96.78%. It is quite good, because on average it is between 90 and 99%.

The value of the allowed winnings is already pre-set for each lap of slotnull This occurs in the gagiazie to an algorithm, it means that the casino always holds a certain recessed by that slot, everything else is made.

Obviously not always to the same player. There are those who play $ 100 and lose the sum and who with $ 100 wins $ 500, therefore much more than the minimum guaranteed return. The latter concept is strongly linked to that of volatility.

Videoslots are in fact high -risk gaming and for this reason our advice is to always play with the utmost prudence to avoid spending hours on videooslot and transforming simple fun into a compulsive and pathological action. Jatb's volatility is high.

Come Vincere a Jack and the Beanstalk?

There is no safe strategy for Winning at the Gaming Jatb. Slot machines are unpredictable and totally random by their nature. There are no strategies to be adopted to be able to increase the chances of winning.

It is true, however, that the favorable moments can be exploited to play, that is:

  • The night or early morning, when the casino website counts a lower number of online players.
  • Search for Slots Machine who have a progressive jackpot
  • Manage the money well, so as not to spend compulsively within a single play

Jack and the Beanstalk Free: play on the demo version to practice

There is the Jack and the Beanstallk Slot version. Allows you to use gaming in its version of the demo free In such a way as to practice and understand whether or not the videoslot is properly. It is not comparable with free laps since, the demo version does not provide for the need for any deposit and consequently there are no real earnings.

Play Jack and the Beanstalk with real money

It is possible to play real money within the main online casino adm. However, you have to keep in mind that playing is fun and you should never exaggerate. Among the main tips we want to give you are:

  • Set a daily budget to spend and not exceed it
  • Dedicate some specific moments of the day to the game, avoiding doing it every time it has the opportunity instead
  • Always withdraw parts of the victories, without believing that you have to replay them entirely only because it is so much money won

Conclusion: our opinion on Jack and the Beanstalk

The Jatb videoslot is graphically well cared for graphically. From our point of view it is one of the best, a bit like all the recent slots produced by the Netten software house.

The positive points are many, such as the presence of the free spins, the possibility of obtaining high victories and different bonuses obtainable thanks to the Wild symbol. The only negative point, if we want to see it, can be the lack of a jackpot.

We feel like recommending it because it is really good quality, it is also safe and you have the guarantee of finding it on the best online casinos.

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