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Great Blue Slot

Great Blue Slot of the Playtech can be called a "cult" game, which offers traditional and highly immersive gaming experience. It is characterized by the presence of free laps reactivable to infinity and the Wild bonus that doubles all the expected payouts. The graphics seems slightly dated, but it is still more than enjoyable, being made in a mix of cartoon and 3D style.

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Intuitive mechanics
Payout elevati
Free spin reactivable
Graphics dated
Absence of jackpot

The slot machine online They have the great value of offering great variety of gameplay in terms of proposed thematic, betting of bets and gambling bonuses, while always remaining faithful to the classic mobile car scheme. In this review we therefore wanted to analyze a slot machine that he met great success in online casino Thanks to its technical peculiarities, able to fascinate and involve both expert and beginner players.

We are talking about the slot Great Blue issued by PlayTechnull It is no coincidence that the best casinos make this title available to users, as well as various bonuses to try the other titles of the famous provider. Let's find out, then, what it characterizes this cult machine slot and which bonuses its offer is composed.

Great Blue Slot: Main information

GBS's main strength is his intuitive and linear gameplay, also suitable for those who have recently played machines.

The car shows an intense blue background and immediately understands its main theme: the sea depthsnull Playing GBS offers an appreciable immersive experience for multiple factors, among which certainly stand out High winnings And the possibility of further increasing the same thanks to special bonuses and symbols.

Let's start our review by observing the technical specifications that characterize the game.

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Rules of the game

GBS risponde a traditional mechanics, by presenting a screen equipped with the controls useful to customize the episode and the offer includes variable lines, as well as options such as on/off on the sound.

The win is recorded only on paylines attive And the amount of the basic bet is the result of the value of a line for the number of active lines. The basic bet is modified by clicking on "-" or "+" under the item Line Bet, while the payines change through the same keys under the section Lines.

The rollers are activated via the "Spin"And they can be blocked with the command"Stop”. L’Auto Spin allows you to activate up to 99 automatic spins or until a special function is activated (until feature). The option TurboInstead, it allows you to activate faster games.

Developer and software

The Playtech Software House is one of the more renowned suppliers worldwidenull In the casino it is possible to play a wide range of provider games, whose experience in the gaming sector on the web counts over 20 years of activity.

Playtech games are in possession of ADM license and playable with real cash or free demo. To test the machines, simply connect to the official provider website and consult the games schedule.

Between more appreciated titles, in addition to GBS, are:

  • Saga “Age of the Gods”;
  • Bounty and the beanstalk;
  • Legacy of the Wild;
  • The Perfect Heist.

Features of the Great Blue slot

The game takes place on a screen a 5 vertical rollers e 3 horizontal lines. The payment lines are 25 and can be changed according to the needs of the individual player (starting from a minimum of 1 active line). By choosing a fewer number of active lines, of course, the basic bet will be less.

The episode range therefore varies from a minimum of 0,01 $ to a maximum of 50 $null From the rather limited choice we understand how this game was designed for cautious players.

Although the range may not satisfy the most courageous users, it is noted that The payments table offers higher amounts to the average, therefore potentially the win could reach more than interesting levels.

Great Blue Slot: Payout and combinations

The Payout offer and the winning combinations are two of the most characterizing features of the videos. The choice of the player is often based on these data, being fundamental to understand how much one can actually win ..

In the case of GBS all these elements are verifiable By accessing the game regulations, which shows itself to the user in two different versions. L'icon with the gear, located at the top right of the screen, offers more technical information, while the complete review of images is entrusted to the "info”, Placed at the bottom left of the main screen.

Payment table and lines

The table of the regulation, accessible in a graphic version from the key Information or with more technical explanations from the icon gear Any possible winning combination is explicit within the game, also offering a detailed explanation of the bonus games provided for by the same.

The graphic table is divided into three sections:

  • Paytable;
  • Paylines;
  • Sea Shell Bonus.

The first explicit the minimum and maximum winning winner with the individual symbols, the second shows an image of all the available payment lines and the third explains the functioning of the bonus activated by the Scatter.


Videoslot is characterized by Marine -themed symbols, accompanied by others that indicate the letters of the real poker and offer minor winnings. In particular:

  • Shark Paga Da 2x a 750x;
  • Turtle Paga Da 2x a 750x;
  • Seahorse paga da 15x a 250x;
  • Starfish paga da 15x a 250x;
  • Clownfish pays from 20x to 400x.

For minor symbols, however, we find the following values:

  • A e K pagano da 10x a 300x;
  • Q, J e 10 pagano da 5x a 100x;
  • 9 Paga and 2x in 100x.

All these values they are doubled If the combination on the winning line is made with the presence of a Wild symbol.

Great Blue Slot game bonus

Remaining faithful to the mechanics of simple and traditional spin, GBS does not have extra features that upset standard games. However, we noticed that the Jolly symbol and the Scatter can optimize winnings in an excellent way that can be made with basic bets or if the free laps are activated. In detail:

  • l’orca It is the Jolly of Videslot and replaces all the other figures, helping in the formation of combinations on a winning line. Pay from a minimum of 10x to a maximum of 10,000x the initial bet. According to the information already obtained on the Payout, therefore, the most profitable card is far;
  • l’oyster with pearl Instead, it is the scatter that activates the special free laps function. Before that, however, the player is asked to choose 2 between 5 closed oysters. These reveal the free spin multiplier and the number of the same. The pearl is also a paying icon and returns from 2x to 500x.


La videoslot Does not include a jackpot, whether this fixed or progressive. This lack could certainly make the nose turn up, since those who play are often used to its presence in slots with the most basic dynamics, but thehigh level of the Payout It compensates it effectively.

Many Videslot, among other things, do not foresee that the Jolly and the shots offer prizes, which instead also happens with a certain generosity in GBS. The choice of the Playtech not to add even a jackpot, we agreed, can therefore be easily forgiven.

Great Blue Slot Free Spin

I spins free They are certainly the most loved by those who play videooslots. Not to aim for your money for each single spin, in fact, it is a not indifferent advantage and allows you to win decidedly higher prizes than those provided for by the standard match.

In GBS the free spins (or free laps) are activated when they land on the grid 3 or more shots icons, represented by oneOyster open and containing a precious pearlnull After choosing, with a small mini game, Multiplier e number of free matches, the same begin as soon as the "spin" key is activated.

The extra mode can be potentially reactivated to infinity, since the appearance of 3 other shots icons are added to the free turns already in progress 10 games.

Theme and graphics

Il Marine theme It dominates the scene, showing itself in the dark blue background, with bubbles that liven up the screen and characterizing all the icons of the videoslot. There graphics reminiscent of 3D, rounded and colorful, but offers a right mix with it stile cartoon, which makes the gaming experience carefree and lively.

The sound elements, in turn, are fitting and the classic jingle of the rollers is made lighter and recalls the bubble sound, the same that date back from the background. The music is actually made with one xylophone, but we thought that this element was perfect for the proposed theme and really remember the atmosphere of a holiday on a Caribbean beach.

RTP and volatility

The regulations on online casino software impose stringent requirements of RTP, i.e. the potential return to the player, and volatility, which indicates the frequency of payments.

In the Games Playtech, always in possession of an ADM license, it can be sure that these requests set in the laws are respected. The minimum RTP, in fact, asks for a percentage of 90% and the slot Great Blue offers an excellent 96.03%.

When at the volatility is high, that is, payments are less frequent, but offer higher amounts. An excellent compromise, therefore, also considering the remarkable return to the player.

Come Vincere a Great Blue Slot?

The winning bets are those that see the aligning of a minimum of 2 or 3 cards of the same type along the expected payinesnull The icons that pay in combination of 2 are the orca, the pearl, the shark, the turtle and the 9. All the others must be combined at least with 3 of the same type, from right to left.

There are no tricks or strategies that allow you to get safe winnings. L'RNG (Random Number Generator) provided for by the laws for casino software, in fact, ensures that extractions take place according to completely random dynamics.

Great Blue Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Mode free without deposit provided for by the laws on online casino software allow you to test the quality and reliability of the various Games without the need to perform any deposit. These versions, also known as Demo free o Free without deposit software, they are excellent for players who wish to study the dynamics provided by the videoslot without committing their money.

GBS's free demo offers 1,000 $ in virtual money who recharge every time the page refresh is made. There is therefore no limit to the bets that can be carried out in this mode, available both on the provider website and in the best casinos.

Play Great Blue Slot with real money

Those who play in the casino with real deposit could naturally choose to try their luck on GBS in real cashnull To carry out bets, it is therefore necessary to have performed one cash charging on your gaming account. Performed this operation, just identify the software in the Slots section Available in the chosen platform.

It must be remembered that the best online casino, in compliance with ADM laws, often allow new users to test the software on the platform by giving a Welcome bonus which provides for free spins Su Alcune Slots or of the fun cash to be exploited on the games you prefer.

Conclusion: our opinion on Great Blue Slot

Playtech's Great Blue slot is a perfect title for players who prefer Simple and intuitive mechanicsnull Whether it is expert users or beginners, in fact, this videoslot proves extremely simple to use, while presenting excellent payout and gods good internal able to effectively optimize winnings.

Available both in real money version both in the Demo without deposit, is compatible with both desktop websites and are the Android or iOS mobile devices. The game experience is light, fresh and engaging: to conclude our review, we can certainly say that it certainly deserves a chance.

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