Age of the Gods Slot: The Videoslot of the Olympus gods

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Age of the Gods

Age of Gods Slot is one of the most famous Playtech signed slots. Authorized ADM has a rich jackpot, symbols that offer rich prizes, two bonus games, free spin and obviously a free demo version. Immerse yourself in the world of Greek mythology, with the king of Olympus Zeus and the semide Hercules.


Progressive jackpot
Playtech qualities
Excellent rtp
Up to 100,000 $ of winnings
Non -edible winning lines
Audio improved

Main informations

Why choose Playtech's Age of the Gods Slot?

On the one hand, because the software manufacturer is one of the most famous worldwide and always the guarantee that all the slots it produces are of high quality. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that Aotg has a really good payout, and a progressive jackpot that allows you to win up to 100,000 $ in one episode.

Our experts wrote this review with two goals: one is to explain why it is worth trying Age of the Gods slot, rich in mystical atmospheres of Greek mythology; On the other hand, show yourself what you need to know to increase your winning possibilities.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game are simple. Those who play slots will soon live because they are basically the same, less for example what concerns the way to unlock a bonus and play it.

Let's see them:

  • The classic mode provides in total 20 payines which, in this case, cannot be changed.
  • To activate the roller movement, just click on the button at the bottom right "turn" and wait for the figures to position themselves casually in the 15 boxes.
  • You cannot point less than 1 cent and more than 25 $ to each single round of the rollers.
  • This video game has a progressive jackpot, but how the rules want, it can only be won by making the maximum episode.
  • You have to totaled at least 3 equal figures on the rollers to have winnings.

For the rest, those who visit the casino can know what the "laws" are about the deposit, assistance etc. As they change not based on gaming but the platform itself.

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Developer and software

Needless to deny it: when it comes to slot machines, know who the developer is makes the difference. In fact, some names immediately transmit a sense of security. And that's what happens with Playtech.

Founded in 1999 he immediately specialized in the production of legal online gambling. In addition to videoslots, it also produces games such as poker, bingo, sports betting software etc.

The company was founded by Teddy Sagi and is based in the United Kingdom. In 2006 he was also listed in the London stock exchange. It has the certification of Gaming Laboratories International, accredited verification body among the most famous in the world. It also has the ADM license that makes it legal in USA.

Slot characteristics

All slots have common characteristics. But each of them presents unique aspects, which make it more or less interesting than other games in the same category.

Let's see all the specific information on AOTG:

  • 20 non -modifiable payment payines.
  • 97.63% RTP
  • You can set up the maximum episode, to which it goes from a minimum of a penny to a maximum of 25 $.
  • Those who visit the slot immediately realize that they have the opportunity to choose both manual and automatic mode.
  • You can choose to run the rollers automatically for 10, 25, 50 or 99 times.
  • An X200 multiplier is available.
  • Two bonus games that can be activated, one to get the multiplier one to get free matches.
  • No free lap can be reactivated during the free mode.
  • The winnings can be collected or bets again in the same slot.
  • To withdraw the winnings, on the other hand, you need to read the info relating to the payment on the casino website from which you are playing, as well as to make a deposit.

Payout and combinations

Those who play these virtual slot machines know how important it is to learn all the relative info on the winning combinations in advance.

Although slot machines are among gaming that do not require skills and everything is based exclusively on randomness and luck, it is good not to start unwary and know what the "laws" that govern the game and that allow you to derive winnings or not.

Any Age of the Gods Slot figure could help offer a winning combination, let's see how:

  • At least three equal figures in a star of payment line generate a win.
  • Any combination is made up of minimum 3 and maximum 5 equal figures.
  • In the same payment line you cannot get more than a paying combination.
  • The Wild symbol, represented by Hercules, works by Jolly and replaces any other figure with the exception of the scatter.
  • Based on the combination, the victories can be more or less high.
  • At least three runs in any screen card give access to the bonus game to get to the rpm.

Payment table and lines

The times when bar slots offered a few simple possibilities of winning and a handful of payines are far away. Today it is good to be prepared and get to know the rules of the game well.

Those who often visit a slot site know that the rules relating to the payments lines are practically read, as they are the same for everyone. We decided to report the details below in order to know how Aotg works.

  • The payments lines are 20 in all and cannot be changed.
  • From any line of winning you can only receive a winning combination.
  • If you get more than two combinations, the highest value generates the prize.
  • More winnings more payines generate a bigger prize because they are added.
  • The only figure that must not appear on the same line of victory to generate prizes is the scatter, which in any card appears allows you to access the game for free.
  • A betting requirement is that the symbols can only generate a victory when they appear combined from left to right.


Those who have been playing slots for some time, both in a safe ADM site and in a bar, know that the traditional symbols are the numerical ones or the letters of the alphabet. Aotg uses letters, whose rewards are the minor ones.

The most important symbols of this Gaming by Playtech are those of Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules, which as we have seen are also fundamental for free games. Of all is proper The figure of Athena the one who pays the most as it corresponds to a victory of 1000 credits if the combination is 5.

In the classic mode you can also see the Scotter and Jolly symbols appear on the rollers. The bet becomes much more interesting as they work like special cards.

Scatter: Start the bonus game that allows you to access free games. At least 3 on the rollers must appear, regardless of the position. He is depicted by Hercules, hero of ancient Greece.

Wild: It is the Jolly symbol, it can replace any other gaming figure. It is depicted by its own name.

Bonus di gioco Age of the gods slot

We said it at the beginning of the review: the Slot Machine Age of the Gods Slot is among the most loved of the moment. Among the reasons there is also the presence of excellent game bonuses. There are jackpot, free spin and two bonus games.

Let's see the bonus details of the first game, the most requested one because it can multiply the winning of the 200%. Is called Pantheon of Power And yes, the protagonists are once again the gods of the ancient Greeks.

To get to the maximum from this bet you must be particularly lucky. To the point of having five symbols of the gods in the same line. Instead, it does not influence the result of the order in which they appear.

If you are lucky enough to reach at least three symbols of Hercules, activate the Bonus Age of the Godsnull If you manage to combine three symbols of the gods, free laps are activated.


It is one of the most appreciated videos also for the presence of a great progressive jackpotnull It can make you win with only one round of the rollers of up to 100,000 $. Like all progressive jackpots, Aotg is also generated by all those who invest in her. The prize continues to grow until a player wins itnull At that point it starts from the end, from a figure is based which is always quite good.

The progressive Jackpot of Aotg can be won by simply playing the slot on the web. In order to try to obtain it, however, one of the most important requirements is to have to make the maximum episode that in the case of this slot corresponds to $ 25 for any lap.

Free spin

As we mentioned a little while ago in this review, the free spins unlock after activating the Aotg bonus and in the mini-game having found three of the many hidden figures.

During your free laps, however, remember that, if new figures of Hercules appear, these will not activate the bonus game again. In fact, the only way to have new free episodes is to wait to return to the main screen and find the symbol in question three more times.

The free laps, however, are worth like any other lap. That is, to each movement of the rollers you can obtain winning combinations that lead you to more or less large victories.

By clicking on "Read the info" you can understand the mechanism a little better.

Below we report the salient information, so those who visit the casino to use Aotg Slot know what to expect.

You cannot activate more than nine free spin at one time. However, they are divided into four types:

  • Athena: has a multiplier between X 2 and X5.
  • Zeus: begins with +1 and each three laps increases by a +1.
  • Poseidon: There is Poseidon who throws lightning and transforms up to a maximum of five symbols into Wild.
  • Hercules: of the same name of the Wild which is able to cover the third roller in full in the nine laps for free.

Theme and graphics

When you start with Aotg inside your favorite casino, the first thing that will probably hit you is graphics. This is because the theme is truly exceptional e cared for in detail.

As we have already mentioned in the review, it is openly inspired by the world of the Olympus of the ancient Greece. The colors are brilliant, each symbol was treated to such an extent that it seemed to have really been catapulted into the mythological era of the gods.

From a graphic point of view there is no note to do and we can say that it is one of the most modern. After all, however, considering that the manufacturer is the Playtech, this should not be surprised.

RTP and volatility

When you subscribe to the site of a casino to start betting with slot machines, you should never underestimate the concept of RTP. Also known as Payout, it is the percentage of money that the casino returns to players who focus on a specific game.

In the case of Aotg L’RTP is really good. We are talking about 97.63%, a higher value than the averagenull It could be translated on the one hand that with this machine it is easier to win, but it is not obvious.

The casino for every 100 $ played in Aotg Slot returns 97.63 $ to the gamers. However, this does not mean that you always resume part of the bet. The casino randomly returns and the high volatility of these games is here. A person could spend $ 20 and lose everything, another with $ 1 played win $ 300.

Come vincere a Age of the gods slot?

There is no infallible method to win at Aotg Slot. Unlike for example, poker on the web, slot machines do not require strategies. Everything is based on luck but above all on an algorithm that is not possible to be deceived.

Although on the web it is easy to find guides that explain how to win safely, we want to dispel this myth and tell you that it is only a matter of statistics and to "throw the euro at the right time".

However, there are small things you can do to win or at least, minimize losses:

  • The most coveted prize pool is the jackpot. If you also run to win it, always check that it is "rich", so as to invest your money well and increase the chances of winning.
  • The best moments to try the fate are night and early in the morning, this is because there are fewer people connected to the casino and it is statistically more likely to obtain prizes.
  • Carefully manage your money. Never spend more than you can afford to lose.

Age of the Gods Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Most slots now have a demo version. Why use a slot in the free version?
On the one hand it is true that you do not have to make any deposit, but on the other hand I do not even generate victories. It is therefore an activity designed with the only purpose of entertaining and having fun or simply allows a person to understand if this slot is the one that is the case of her or it is better to look elsewhere before making any deposit.

Play Age of the Gods Slot with real money

In order to obtain prizes with Aotg you have to play real money mode. You must therefore make a deposit on the online casino website to which you have chosen to play. Any casino matters a minimum price base to start.
To help you save on research times, we immediately tell you that among the most important online casinos there are Betfair and Lottomatica they offer among the best desktop games for example.
Payment times instead vary according to the method itself. The only one who normally is not instantaneous is the bank transfer that could take up to 3 working days.

Conclusion: our opinion on Age of the Gods Slot

We feel like recommending Age of the Gods Slot to all online gaming fans who are looking for excellent winnings but at the same time they also want to be able to play safely.

Don't forget that the software manufacturer is Playtech, a company famous all over the world for the excellent quality of its products and the safety that guarantees users. It has a regular ADM (ex AAMS) license this slot, you can also win the jackpot and many other prizes from God!

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