Legacy of Dead Slot: discovering the secrets of ancient Egypt

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Legacy of dead

Legacy of Dead Slot is ideal for fans of mystery and adventure in ancient Egypt. If you feel explorers and love Egyptian history, this game full of bonuses, winning symbols and prizes and what is right for you. It is also available in the demo version with free laps!


Excellent graphics full of details
RTP alto
Safe and reliable slot
bonus free spin
In the progressive jackpot
high volatility

Main informations

Legacy of Dead Slot is one of the most famous games among those produced by the Play'n Go provider and it is among the favorites of fans who love the "ancient Egypt" theme.

In practice, this game is very similar to the well -known Book of RA branded Novomatic. There Slot machine in question is characterized by a 5 × 3 grid, with 10 payment lines that can be chosen manuallynull The special symbols that represent the classics is inevitable Wild e Scatter.

Just as the combination that activates the bonus on free laps could not be missing, which is triggered every time they appear on the 3 scar screen.

The player who decides to have fun with the Play'n Go machine has the opportunity to choose, before starting the game, an icon at random that expands on the grill when the aforementioned bonus appears.

In our review we will see closely the main details of Legacy of Dead Slot, we will discover the value of the different symbols and what are the special functions that make the video game even more adrenaline.

Rules of the game

Legacy of Dead Slot is the classic video game of Videoslot where the icons appear on the wheels forming winning combinations. In practice, this video game also brings the player to victory when they present a series of precise figures on the grid.

To win it is necessary to obtain the combination of 2, 3, 4 or 5 equal cards. But all the winning combinations must start from the first roller, to be considered valid.

For example: the player must see the Tutankhamon symbol on wheels 1.2 or 3 appear to win a booty that is worth 10x times the bet made at the start.

The Autoplay version is available for Lods that allows you to automatically play the game. The player who decides to make use of this option can choose from 20 to 100 automatic rpm.

Obviously the player can decide to stop playing at any time, even if this choice costs him the loss/winning of a certain amount or the achievement of a single win.

What are you waiting for to visit ancient Egypt? The mystery of the pharaohs awaits you: with rich bonuses and lots of fun!

Developer and software

Slot Machine fans, and more generally of gaming on the web, will have already heard of the Play'n Go software house.

We are talking about a company that, albeit young (year of foundation 2005), has managed to establish itself in a highly competitive sector, until it becomes one of the leaders of the gaming on the web.

Its flagship product is the slot machines, for this reason it is possible to find many proposals for the Play'n Go brand that crowd and enrich the schedules of the best casino casino on the ADM/AAMS web.

That of ancient Egypt is a theme that passionate many players, for this reason, most of the successful providers have at least 2/3 slots set in the country where the sacred Nile river flows. Legacy of Dead Slot is just one of the many proposals that catapult the one who plays in the world of pyramids and pharaohs.

Slot characteristics

Legacy of Dead Slot is characterized by the classic 5 roller grid and 3 lines, even if the payment lines are 10 e They can be selected manually by the player.

The user who decides to play for a few hours of leisure on the web, will face one of the pyramid rooms in which Tutanchamon is buried. The grid is located in the center of the screen and welcomes the typical icons of ancient Egypt.

In the part located at the bottom there are the various buttons that serve:

  • Choose the value of the episode;
  • The number of lines;
  • The Play car key;
  • The key to start the game.

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Payout and combinations

One of the details that must always be taken into consideration in evaluating an online slot machine concerns payout. Let's talk about the value that allows the player to understand what is the share of money that remains in its availability, returning to the form of prize pool.

For every euro played, from the various players that follow one another at the game, a part goes to plump the booty of the players and another (minor part) represents the profit of the gaming site on the web and the provider.

The value we have just talked about in our review concerns the famous indice RTP (Return to Player) which indicates, in fact, the rate that returns to the winning user. The higher the aforementioned percentage, the more the game is to be considered convenient.

In the case of the slot of our review, we must admit that we are faced with one of the most interesting games with a Berry L -Sakh, 58% Is one of the highest shares in this sector which, however, must always be evaluated by associating it with the volatility rate.

Payment table and lines

As we noticed This game is highly volatilenull However, the excellent graphics and exciting audio are details that make this product the revisited version, better than Book of Dead.

If the one who plays should be able to obtain a combination of Tutankhamon It could win up to 5,000 times the betto. Then It is 500x for the value of the bet initial, multiplied by the 10 payment lines.

Victory opportunities increase considerably when playing with the Free Spins mode, because in this circumstance the user can play with 9 expanding special figures. The number of reactivations is really high, to the point that for each lap the player can see the screen full of different icons.

The maximum winning limit is of 25,000 times the game of the player and is obtainable when the free laps function is active. It should be noted that in this case the real chances of victory are 1 out of 3.75 million rpm.

Paragone con Book of Dead

Legacy of dead slot è molto simile a Book of Dead, ma It has 8 more special symbols that are expanding. This means that, in free laps mode, the player does not depend on a single special card but on multiple figures who can expand on the game grid offering substantial winnings.


What are the symbols that offer the highest prizes of the game?

The figures that appear on the Legacy of Dead Slot rollers are all inherent in the theme that characterizes the game: the ancient Egypt. But there are also the most common cards that can be found in most videos.

We are talking about the poker cards that are represented from 10 to the Ace: A, K, Q, J and 10. Not responding directly to the game theme, the aforementioned icons have the lowest value.

Players who have fun on the rollers of this game, in fact, aim for the most important symbols:

  • Tutankhamon;
  • Horus;
  • Anubis;
    The king (which is represented as a mummy).

The king is the most coveted card, because it pays up to 500 times the play.

The grid also appears to jolly, represented by the altar: it symbolizes the scatter, or The icon that increases up to 500x times The value of the hand bet. In addition, this image is very important because it replaces all the other symbols. It is a requirement that creates a combination of great interest by opening the doors to the spins for free.

What are you waiting to try this incredible play'n go slot? Make a deposit on the website of an ADM regulated casino and start having fun.

Bonus di gioco Legacy of dead slot

Those who delight with the slot machines, do it to win by trying their luck but also for the simple taste of having fun playing. If you don't want to do it with a demo version, you can try to extend the leisure by winning the free laps.

The games produced by this renowned software house are all characterized by Presence of a Free Spins Bonusnull Most users who visit online gaming sites to focus on videooslots, in fact, get excited in the face of the opportunity to do it free of charge.

When the videoslot is free of charge mode, further bonuses can be obtained if the Scatter symbol appears.

The bonus is a strategy widely used in the gambling sector because it aims to encourage players to aim. We recommend that you always view the promotion information, evaluating the episode requirement established by the telematic casino website.


Progressive jackpot is a type of prize that The latest generation games do not foreseenull It is a prize pool that goes to take the played played after playing, which can be accessed by obtaining the highest score that can be totaled with every single game.

Usually, the value of the jackpot is indicated on the main screen and serves to encourage players to focus still in the hope of winning the rich booty. Lods does not present a progressive jackpot, leaving out a typical feature of bar or early millennium slots, which has always been appreciated by fans of this game.

Free spin

Another requirement that makes a slot attractive are the very areas bonus that offer free spinsnull It is a bonus that allows the user to continue playing and having opportunities for victory, free of charge.

Free Spins are a must in all successful slots, which respect American laws (with ADM license). To obtain them it is necessary to find the right combination of scatter figures.

According to the payments table, if 3 or more Wild/Scatter appear on the lods grid of the player gets:

  • A win that multiplies up to 200 times its episode;
  • 10 free laps.

At the beginning of the game, a symbol of expansion is randomly chosen. When this appears on the screen it takes control of the roller, going to replace all the other cards.
The number of free laps depends on how many figures appear on the screen, as indicated in our review.

Theme and graphics

Legacy of Dead Slot has an Egyptian theme and is set in an ancient mortuary of the Pharaoh Tutankhamon. Following the book of the dead, the story that acts as a backdrop to the game tells of the escape of the Egyptian King who has disappeared and must be found.

To complete the mission The player must use the ancient power of the king, thanks to which it is possible to find treasures and unspeakable wealth.

With a graphics and an unrivaled animation because it is rich in details, Lods introduces the player in a dark and left environment, made of mystery and adventure. In fact, the history of Faraone escaped gives a nice discharge of tension, which is amplified by the exciting and intense soundtrack.

Register on a regulated gaming site and, after reading all the information and our review, feel ready to make a deposit and press "Start".

RTP and volatility

The RTP index of the slot we are dealing with in this review is among the highest in the category, with a value of 96.58%null This value, alone, is not enough to evaluate the convenience of a slot machine. In fact, it must be considered on the basis of volatility.

The volatility rate is given by the machine's ability to absorb money/tokens before making an unloading/winning. In the case of Lods we found that we are faced with a very high number, which means that this game tends to absorb a lot of money.

Our experience with the slot and the world of online gaming requires us to preach attention when having fun with products with these characteristics. In such circumstances, in fact, the risk of meeting high losses is around the corner.

Our advice is that of Fix a starting budget that allows the self-limit player And, at the same time, to reduce the threat of developing any gambling dependence.

Come vincere a Legacy of dead slot?

Winning to the game is all about luck and this axiom also applies to this videoslot. The basic rule is: get the winning combinations!

In the case of the Play'n Go product that we are dealing with in this review, it should be remembered that the most important symbol is the golden sepulcher/altar. When 5 come out, the player can benefit from A victory that multiplies the initial game of 200 times.

If, on the other hand, 4 symbols that appear come out, the multiplier will activate with an increase in the episode of Sole 20 times. If, on the other hand, whoever plays sees 3 cards with the sepulcher, the multiplier will grant him an X2 increase.

Indispensable requirement to win is to be enrolled in a betting site that respects the laws: with ADM license (it is a guarantee of safety and reliability for the player). After checking the game account, you can perform a deposit, choosing from the payment methods admitted by the online casino.

Most of the game casinos that respect the laws accept different deposit methods, in order to offer a wide choice for customers. Therefore each account can decide to use one of the following deposit systems:

  • Credit/debt cards of the Mastercard circuit, Visa and Maestro;
  • Postepay Evolution,
  • Paypal,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Neteller,
  • Skrill,
  • Paysafecard.

Choose the one that is most comfortable and always do the first deposit on one of the ADM/AAMS casino of the network!

Legacy of Dead Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Many software programmers, such as Play'n Go, make two versions of their games available to users: one in free demo mode without a deposit, and the other real paid.

The purpose of a demo slot is to make themselves known by fans, without forcing them to immediately aim for money.

Using the free demo version of Lods each player can:

  • Become familiar with the main functions;
  • Learn to recognize the Scotter/Wild symbols;
  • Evaluate the product without any economic commitment;
  • Have fun for free.

Our experience in the online gaming field requires us to underline how important it is that web planning companies offer one version of the demo freenull In addition, we believe that all players (experts and non -experts) should try all the games in the fictitious version, before working real money and risking losing them.

Often the demo versions of the games do not require registration to the ADM casino website.

Come and try it also in the free demo version!

Playing Legacy of Dead Slot with real money

After experimenting with the free version of the game, those who play are ready to move on to the real one. In this case, however, we must deal with a variable: emotion. Betting real money causes adrenaline injections, which can be managed by fixing a budget and reaching it with it.

Conclusion: our opinion on Legacy of Dead Slot

Legacy of Dead Slot is one of the best proposals on the Egyptian theme. His RTP is quite high, but attention must be paid to the volatility rate that is on average high.

Our review ends with a applause to the provider who put this game on the market, which is well done and very pleasant to use. If you love the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and the pyramids with its puzzles this video show is the one for you.

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