Halloween Fortune Slot: What is hiding between witches, monsters and magic?

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Halloween Fortune

The Halloween Fortune Slot slot is made by Playtech. Witches on their broom, black cats and a lot of magic, for a fearful game! It is available in the most famous online casino with infinite free spin, bonuses, scatter symbols, wild, multipliers and prizes up to 10,000 $.


Owns a bonus game
Good rtp
Made by Playtech
Does not have progressive jackpot
Audio improved

Main informations

How much could you win with Halloween Fortune Slot? This is one of the first questions that those who start playing us. Despite the lack of a progressive jackpot, the highest pair is really excellent. In fact, there is talk of 10000 $. In fact, with a single bet it is possible to take home a lot of money.

The main theme is that of Halloween starring the witches of their flying brooms. You can choose to play both Desktop and Mobile. Within this review we show you all the details and characteristics that could be revealed interesting, in order to make good bets and take you home rich prizes.

Rules of the game

This first part of the Halloween Fortune Slot review is dedicated to what are the rules of the video game, common to all of the videooslots on the web. To be able to play your play You must first select the value of the tokens through the appropriate buttons

You will get winnings only when at least three equal figures appear on one of the payment lines In total there are 20 payines and cannot be changed

To activate a play, everything you need to do is click on "turn" and wait for the figures to position themselves randomly on the wheels.

  • The minimum mail you can do is 20 cents, the maximum one of 20 $
  • The maximum victory you can get is 10,000 $

Developer and software

Those who frequently visit the website of a gaming house cannot fail to know the Playtech, one of the most important gaming software in worldwidenull All the videogames it produces are of the highest quality, from slots machines to bingo, from poker to roulette. It also recently opened in the world of sports betting.

Among its objectives there has always been to offer the best possible experience, here are all its products are accessible both from desktop and by mobile and studied in detail. Another requirement in his possession and which should never be underestimated is the fact that he obtained the ADM/AAMS authorization, thanks to which he has the opportunity to operate in totally legal form also in USA.

Owning the ADM license is a guarantee of security for the player. Both as regards the obtaining of the payment of the premium, and for security during bets for example, when making a deposit, or the fact that they use the best technologies to prevent an escape of sensitive data.

Slot characteristics

Analyzing the characteristics and details of the Videoslot we immediately notice that it has different special figures. In fact, there are various symbols and bonuses, each of which has its own functions to improve the result of the bets made.

The Halloween Fortune structure SLOT it is the classic one, that is 5 rollers and three vertical lines, for a total of 15 figures on the screensata.

The payines are 20 and are fixed, That is, you cannot change them at will. A factor that in our opinion, especially if you are not real experts in this gaming, is irrelevant.

For the rest you can choose to activate automatic games at any time. Once the mechanism has started, the game will always be of the same value as the last selected. With just one click, on the other hand, deactivate them when you don't want to use them anymore.

Finally, the maximum victory that you can get with this videoslot is quite high, this also thanks to the numerous multipliers that can be activated. In fact, there is talk of 10,000 $ of prize That can become yours if you make a bet with HFS.

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Payout and combinations

The winning combinations are really many, let's see how they work so as to better understand the dynamics of the video game.

First of all, because the combinations give cash prizes must be obtained during the episodes in the version with real money. The free demo does not offer prizes and is for the purpose of entertainment.

The combinations are winning when:

  • Inside one or more payment lines there are at least three equal figures.
  • All combinations must be formed from minimum 3 to maximum 5 equal figures
  • For each payment line, in the same episode, it is considered valid no more than a win
  • If you get more more lines wins these are added
  • If the Wild appears, this replaces any other figure less than special ones such as the bonus
  • Obtaining the scatter, start the multipliers
  • By getting the bonus game you can win free spins

Payment table and lines

The same rules are almost always worth the betting and gambling sites when it comes to Paylines of the slot machines. This witches' themed videooslot is no different. The info. that you see reported below they are worth both if played by Desktop and from Mobile.

Halloween Fortune has in total twenty payines that cannot be changed Any figure can recreate a winning combinationnull They must appear on the wheels in such an order that at least three are found in the same payline

A fixed rule is that within a payline if there are more than one winning combination, only the one with the figure that refers to a higher prize is considered valid. If in the 20 lines of payment in the same episode there are more winning combinations (one for any line), these are added

Thanks to the multipliers it is possible to increase the value of the win. This is achieved with the scatter. To generate victories, he must not compulsory in the same winning line.
The combinations that begin from left to right are considered valid.


The symbols of the Halloween Fortune Slot are highly evocative and refer precisely to the theme of the famous party celebrated on October 31st. Inside the payines you can find skulls, the witch on the broom, amulets, black cats, crows, magical potions etc.

Of all these figures, they are that of the witch is the most convenient for those who play. Let's talk about Payout ranging from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1000 credits.

To follow there are the Black cat and the crow that pay both up to 300 tokens, up to the Skull, the magic potion and the amulet that allow you to win a maximum of 200 credits.

This videoslot also has three special symbols and are:

  • Wild: It could make you win up to 10,000 credits. These are the Jolly and as such it can replace all the symbols over the wheels except the special figures.
  • bonus: thanks to him you can activate the "Witches Brew" bonus game. During the review we will be able to deepen what it is. It is activated only when the figure appears in the first or fifth roller, in any position.
  • Scatter: When you get the run you are entitled to multiply the victories by the total episode, adding them to the prizes of the line.

By accessing the "Read the information" page in the Videoslot you can access the complete explanation offered by the Playtech software house.

Halloween Fortune Slot game bonus

During the various laps it is possible to obtain the bonus symbol on the wheels. The bonus symbol is depicted from the image of a pot. To activate the Special function known as Witches Brew One or five or five must appear exclusively during the various Spins. What does the mini-game consist of?

In the mini-game there are three witches and you have to choose one. Immediately after the selection you are revealed the number of free laps you received.

It doesn't end here though! Immediately afterwards six magical potions also appear, you must choose one to receive your multiplier. There is no specific requirement, all you have to do is cross your fingers and try your luck.


Many consider a negative aspect of HFS the absence of the progressive jackpot, thanks to which it is possible to win the highest prizes. We also see it as a shortage, however, for this you should give up doing your bet with this videooslot.

Although there is no jackpot to win, the highest prize always remains excellent. There is talk of 10,000 $ of winnings.

Furthermore, not everyone wants or can try to win the jackpot, this is because in order to get it you have to make the highest episode scheduled for videooslot, which still involves a nice expense, especially considering the high volatility of these gaming.

Free spin

We have already seen during the review that Videoslot allows you to win free laps thanks to the bonus symbol.

You can get to get Ben 20 free spin and with them up to 10 multipliers. All this increases and not just the possibility of taking great victories at home.

To season everything, The possibility of activating other free spins during the free laps mode, so as to continue receiving prizes without spending. With HFS there are no limits on the laps you can receive. The number is practically infinite.

Theme and graphics

Already from the first moment it is noted that the Halloween Fortune Slot graphics are very particular. It is completely inspired by the world of magic and in general to the most frightening feast ever.

All the tones are dark, the background is the image of a full moon night, with dry trees that refer to the idea of a desolate place. The symbols of the wheels are Halloween themed and in addition to the witch with broom there are black cats, crows, skulls and carved pumpkins. A perfect videooslot for those who love magical themes.

RTP and volatility

Those who visit a casino must be clear that the RTP is among those details that must be known. Any time you decide to spend your money in online games, make sure what the theoretical return percentage is.

We all know that these are high volatility games. It is not easy to win great sums to slot machines. However, this possibility is reduced if the Art value is low. It is in practice the theoretical return to the player, that is, how much an online gaming site returns to the player.

You can always find out the Art number of the Art of a slot by reading the details relating to the information page. In the case of Halloween Fortune Slot we talk about a 98% RTP, who is quite highnull In practice it means that, for every 100 $ played, the casino returns 98 $. Not to the single player, but in general.

This means that a person could point $ 1 and win $ 200 and a person playing 200 and losing them.

Come vincere a halloween fortune slot?

There is no specific technique to win at Halloween Fortune Slot. Although it is easy to see online titles such as "Read the infallible method to win at slots", when you then enter techniques that do not work or generic advice. A specific requirement is not required to win, only luck counts.

Our promise is to always speak sincerely to fans of slot machines and gaming. So whoever plays always know what to expect. Videoslot have an algorithm that is not compromised in any way. There are no strategies to follow because it is based only on randomness.

Let's say rather that there are gods Small tricks to increase the probability of receiving a prize.

For instance:

  • The best time to aim for online casinos is night or early morning. This is because there are fewer connected users.
  • Take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by casino on the web when you record and make the first deposit. So you can aim without spending your money
  • Choose slots that have a high RTP, it means that they pay more than the others.
  • Make sure the Videoslot has free spin, just like HFS.

Following these little advice, increase your possibility of victory.

Halloween Fortune Slot Free: Play on the demo version to practice

There are those who play only for fun or, before spending money, want to be able to understand if a certain video game is to his liking or not. For this reason, a very requested requirement for a game room on the web is the presence of free demo versions. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Halloween Fortune Slot by practicing and discovering whether this slot is really right for you or not.

Playtech slot machines allow you to test the games before. Sometimes it is still necessary to enroll in an online casino, however it is not necessary to make the deposit on the account. However, this implies that you do not receive the payment of the victories. It is only a demonstration version with non -real money made available by the platform.

Play Halloween Fortune Slot with real money

The purpose of the free version is to make you test the potential of the video game and then start betting real money immediately after the first deposit. It is probably also your goal since only in this way can you receive the payment of the victories!

To be able to aim for HFS so you need to:

  • Identify the website of a game room that sees it in its section, such as William Hill for example
  • Register on the casino and make the first minimum deposit required with methods such as PayPal, Postepay or bank transfer.
  • Request the welcome bonus once payment on the account and check the "Read the information" page if there is any specific requirement to unlock it and be able to get real winnings

We want to remind you that those who visit a gambling platform always serves to take into consideration not only the RTP of the game, but also the rules of the casino. It is important to choose those with ADM/AAMS authorization, so you can play safely.

Conclusion: our opinion on Halloween Fortune Slot

It is one of the SLOT Themes produced lately that we liked the most. This not only because of the really well developed graphics, but also for The presence of a really fun mini-game.

Making trial turns we immediately noticed that the slot has no problems during operation, everything flows fluid. In addition, the Halloween Fortune slot has from its own that of having been produced by one of the best software house in the world, the Playtech. Already only for this its quality is not questioned.

If you are undecided you can first try the free version, so as to see if you like it or not. However, we feel to recommend it, also in light of the fact that you can also focus small figures, what to say a fearfully intriguing video river.

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