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Robin Hood

Robin Hood Slot (Shifting Riches) is a Netent product, suitable for those looking for a funny, compelling and adventurous videoslot. It is rich in prizes, bonuses and free spins: the slot machine inspired by the popular hero that "stolen the rich to give the poor", is the favorite by adventurous gamers.


Excellent graphics
Bonus e free spin
Reliable slot
simple and intuitive
Volatility one can high
Free spin is not frequent

Main informations

Do you know Robin Hood? The hero who pipes the rich to give to the poor? If you have always loved the spirit of justice that moves the soul of this paladin of the people, then you should try la Robin Hood Slot (Shifting Riches).

Forget the adventure and the closets stretched to the king's guards, in this case you will have one game grid 5×3 con 20 Vicenti payment linesnull On each line, the player can focus up to 10 tokens whose value must be set before starting to play.

In addition, the player must also set the bet level for each single payment line and, only at that point, can operate the Slot machine And trying luck.

Robin Hood Slot è a gaming product Among the best in circulation for fans of the genre, also available in the mobile version. The provider who planned this game is one of the most renowned in the sector: NetEnt.

Its name is synonymous with Guarantee and reliability For the player, who will face a video slot with a really interesting RTP index.

Rules of the game

The rules of the game of Robin Hood Slot they are the same that unites all the slots: it is necessary find the winning combinations.

Before discovering the symbols that characterize this game that enriches the schedules of the best gaming sites on the web, let's see what methods the car is attributed before "pulling the lever".

Robin Hood Slot (Shifting Riches), del provider Netent, It is an online game with a grid consisting of 5 rollers and 20 payment lines. Each single line offers the opportunity to focus up to 10 tokens. The value of the tokens starts from a minimum of $ 0.01 and reaches $ 0.05, while the maximum episode is $ 100.

This game presents the Shifting Reel mode which translated means "sliding wheels". The Shifiting option and among the methods that allow you to multiply the winnings, the Wild and the Giri for free.

What are you waiting for to help the people's hero to subtract a large number of coins from the tyrant king? Subscribe to one of the web platforms that respect the laws (ADM license) on the net, make a deposit with one of the accepted methods (e.g. Postepay) and start betting.

Developer and software

Slots enthusiasts, who choose products with the requirement of reliability, will certainly know the name of one of the most famous software house in the gaming sector.

Web videos are its flagship product, and there are really many that populate the schedules of Best casino on the ADM/AAMS web, which are the only ones admitted by American laws.

Behind the success of this casino games club there are:

  • Excellent graphics;
  • RTP indices among the highest;
  • Free demo versions;
  • Bonus e free spin;
  • Mobile version;
  • Auto-play.

Founded in Sweden in 1996, the game company has been active for over 20 years, managing to establish itself in a Highly competitive field And always in the making: that of gaming. It is no coincidence that this software house has started with bar slots but, including the interest of any player for digital version games, has prompted to create A series of highly successful casino products.

Today, the Swedish gaming company It has over 1,000 employees occupied in the different locations of the world (Europe, the United Kingdom and the US).

These data must not be surprised since we are talking about one of the undisputed leaders of the world of gaming, so much so that it is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (since 2007).

Slot characteristics

Robin Hood Slot there is one 5 -wheeled game gridnull Referring to the history of the popular hero who "stolen from the rich to give the poor", The background of the video game is a forest: with trees, leaves and a slight breeze that moves the wires of grass.

In the lower part of the screen there is:

  • The value of the episode chosen by the player;
  • The level of game (increases by accumulating score);
  • The automatic game button;
  • The button to make the maximum episode allowed by the video game;
  • The value of the tokens placed on the individual payment lines;
  • The number of tokens available.

The game grid is characterized by the 5 × 3 schemenull The game combinations are really many and to be viewed enough Read the information relative alla slot.

Our review promotes this slot because it is one of the most interesting video games tested in the gaming sector, with valid bonuses (check the betting requirement). Finally, the Shifting mode which makes this game even more captivating.

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Payout and combinations

One of the aspects to be taken into consideration When evaluating the review of digital games, like Slots Machine, concerns the Payout value assigned to the video game.

We are talking about a percentage, often indicated with the acronym RTP, which represents the share of money that is destined to return to the players in the form of winning or prize pool.

Il Payout value is assigned, to each individual game of a regulated provider, by An external and independent agency Compared to the gaming company, which in addition to defining the RTP index periodically checks its respect for use methods.

The higher the rate and the better the slot game conditions. In the case of the video game NetEnt, Robin Hood Slot, the value of the index RTP is 96.75%. One of the highest of the moment.

Another feature that must be evaluated together with the Art is the volatility ratenull The latter indicates the level of absorption of a slot, before making a discharge of money. For the game, of which we are dealing with in this review, we must ascertain that we are faced with A video slot with medium-high volatility.

Our experience requires us to recommend moderation with this type of machines, and of fix a starting budget, which imposes a limit on the episodes. It is one of the best self-life methods that does not allow the player to develop any form of addictions, retaining the taste of responsible fun.


Playing Robin Hood Slot We realize that you can win or get bonuses with different winning combinations. List them all is practically impossible and would take too long, for this reason we recommend players who are interested in this video game to read the Section dedicated to the game info.

Furthermore, to take more confidence with all the functions and combinations that can be totaled, we suggest approaching this slot using the free demo version first.

Payment table and lines

To better understand How a slot works, what are the winning combinations which make access to the promo, bonuses, multipliers or spins for free, you need to view the payments table.

It is a table that establishes a priori, according to what is decided by the slot programmers, which is the value of each symbol.

In the case of the Robin Hood game, all the combinations that contain the symbol Scatter they are to be considered valid. However, it is necessary that the First roller on the leftnull To understand how the various symbols must be interpreted, it is necessary to list them and specify the value of each of them.


Who visits the online casino Adm/AAMS (approved by American laws), which in their schedules host the Robin Hood Slot game, will see the cards appear with the characters of the story. There are all the main ones: Lady Marian, Little John, friar tuck, and obviously the protagonist Robin Hood. There is no shortage of the inevitable icons of American cards such as: A, K, Q, J and 10.

Il coins bag is one of the special symbols that It serves to get the spins for freenull Specifically to get free laps it is necessary to collect At least 4 bagsnull These icons are really important because yes They transform Wild in tiles.

In addition to the images we have just listed, the writing "Free Spin" may also appear on the rollers. In this case, the player must expect to see this card on wheels 2, 3 and 4. if the aforementioned writing appears twice on the wheels, the player gets 5 free lapsnull If, on the other hand, they are 3 times in which the symbol presents, the spins for free they become 10.

Il Wild It is easy to recognize because it bears the name of Robin Hood, the protagonist of the slot. This replaces the symbols, except for the scatter and the bag of coins.

Whoever plays with this slot must wait for the wild:

  • On wheels 1, 2, 3 and 4 during standard laps;
  • on rollers 3.4 and 5 during the spins for free.
  • The icons that allow you to win rich riding bottles are those who have to do with the history of the thief Robin Hood, but it is The latter the character who pays the most.
  • The minor icons, or the playing cards, pay little.

Robin Hood game bonus

Robin Hood Slot is characterized From the Shifting Riches option which is characterized by the presence of a mobile roller.

In practice, when a video game makes a winning combination, the roller that is located to the right of the screen disappears. At the same time, a new wheel on the left appears that accumulates the winnings of the players until they have further winning combinations.

With regard to I Bonus That Netent's programmers thought for users who delight with this digital game, we point out the presence of areas free giri.

To get them it is necessary Total 4 bags of coins, positioned in the speakers that are below. During the free laps, the players can get further bonuses and promotions, Thanks to Wild that appear on the wheels.

If you have a Postepay Evolution you can make a quick deposit to start with the first bet and try this incredible slot.


The jackpot It is one of the most coveted prizes by slot fans. It is a particularly generous prize, which is won by the player who gets the highest score that can be made to the game.

The money that constitutes the higher prize pool It accumulates played after playing, going to create a really interesting booty for the lucky winner.

There is no real jackpot on Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, but it is possible 1,000 times the return to the player with a maximum episode. By adding the 5x multiplier from the roller movement function, you can receive the payment of 5,000 times your episode.

The RTP index pushes us to believe that the winnings that can be made with this online game are quite high.

Free spin

Free laps are among the most desired benefits by those who play with slots on the web. It is a bonus that offers a certain number of Free turnsnull This is one of the methods to get the opportunity to play and win without spending your money.

During the free spins many slots allow the player of multiply the number of laps, based on a certain requirement: find the Wild. Robin Hood Slot offers free turns when they appear on the game grid 4 bags of coins.

Don't miss this opportunity! Choose a website that respects the laws and choose one of the funniest games of the casino on the web.

Theme and graphics

The theme of the game is inspired by the deeds of the popular hero of the United Kingdom, Robin Hood. It is not known exactly if this character has ever existed, but around his figure there has been a housing of mythology, which pushes scholars to believe that he is an invented or in any case misrepresentation hero.

Many stories, writings books and films/cartoon products have been told about this character. Despite the time that passes, people are still today fascinated by the mysterious thief Which does justice together with his friends hidden thieves in the Sherwood forest.

In fact, Robin Hood represented and still represents that sense of justice against the abuses, harassment and arrogance that the need is still heard.

Lats the Tremeight It is treated in detail, and it is already perceived by the background of the game that portrays an autumn forest (where the hero hid, waiting for a new attack). But also graphics, music, effects and 3D symbols catapult the player in this magnificent gaming reality.

RTP and volatility

The average RTP of a video river He stands between 95-96%. We are talking about a value that characterizes most of the products that crowd the schedules of regulated online casinos.

All this makes us understand how difficult it is to find a digital game that has a good index, accompanied to an average volatility rate and excellent graphics.

Robin Hood Slot It has all the characteristics listed above with a return value to the player of 96.75%.

On the other hand, volatility is medium-high, this means that the slot offers important winnings But after long absorption periods.

How to win in Robin Hood?

To win with The Robin Hood Slot game It is necessary to obtain the combinations provided by the software programmers. Therefore among the methods to win, it is advisable to memorize the winning figures well and their value, before focusing money on the slot.

For completeness, in our review, we cannot fail to underline how important it is to be registered with a regulated online gaming site (with ADM license).

Also, in this videoslot you can make use of the Auto-play mode, a function that allows you to fix the budget and the games to be used for gaming activity in advance, making it turn automatically.

Free Robin Hood: play on the demo version to practice

Netennt branded videooslot are all equipped with one demo version, this means that it is possible to play without spending even a penny.

The purpose of free demo functions is to allow players to Practice, become familiar with the game and memorize The value of the symbols that lead to victory.

In this way, the risk of meeting addiction is reduced and you can calmly evaluate the game.

Play Robin Hood with real money

When the player feels ready, he can try to have fun with real money. In this case it is necessary to be recorded ad An online games site and having made a deposit on the account.

Most of the betting sites that respect the laws accept different payment methods, in order to make available to the account a wide choice of options.

The most common deposit methods/sampling are:

  • Credit card/debt of the Mastercard circuit, Visa or Master;
  • Postepay Evolution;
  • Postepay;
  • Bank transfer;
  • PayPal;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill

These payment methods can also be used by mobile device both from apps and browser version. Recall that the withdrawal methods (e.g. Postepay Evolution and credit cards) are dictated by the online casino that hosts it.

Conclusion: our opinion on Robin Hood

Here we are at the end of ours Review su Robin Hood Slot. This videoslot is available on all the safest betting sites with ADM license.

To our readers we suggest the version of the demo free (does not require registration on the betting site) and the auto-play function (useful to moderate).

In Robin Hood Slot the bonuses, the free spins are small part of the fun, the best part is the story full of twists and turns of the most famous thief in history.

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