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For those looking for an alien -themed slot, with a waterfall system and a screaming RTP, Reactoonz is the perfect video game! The play played play 'n Go, today is also available in version 2.0 with clear graphics, an attractive audio and many news, all to be discovered.


96% RTP Index
Excellent graphics
Engaging audio
Many features
high volatility
Low percentage of winnings
No giri gratis (free spin)

Main informations

Reactoonz is one Slot machine For the web produced and on the market by one of the most important software house in the gaming sector: Play n Go, and present in any casino 'site with an ADM license according to American laws.

This game is enjoyable from both mobile and fixed PC or tablet, but also has an app that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

The setting of the slot is decidedly spatial, since it is a roller machine with aliens and spacecrafts. In short, we are in the midst of science fiction, but it is a style that lovers of the genre likes very much.

The graphics is well done and the representation of the Aliens is definitely funny, so much so that these little "monsters" look likes.

The choice to depict the "Martians" with a reassuring aspect is due to the will of the programmers to make users play without generating anxiety, but fun.

It is an excellent technique, the one just described, which has the purpose of keeping players glued to the screen as much as possible.

For the same reason, the music that accompanies the games have also been studied in order to captivate the operator who plays, but we start with our review based on the details of this Videoslot.

Rules of the game

Reactoonz is a slot machine that uses a cascade system And that has a 7 × 7 grid. The various symbols that come out in the aforementioned grid create of the winning combinations which can give the right to bonuses or cash winnings.

Speaking of victories and earnings, with this slot we begin to obtain a profit by creating combinations starting from 5 equal symbolsnull In order for the icons to allow the player to mature a bonus or winning it must be arranged in a consecutive way horizontally or vertically.

The diagonal line, unfortunately, is not taken into consideration. If no combination is realized on the first lap, it is possible to pull the lever again and try the fate over several times.

When creating a combination of symbols, these are removed and in their place they appear to be new until a new winning combination.

Game functions

The victories made last for A game turn And they make the filling of the quantum bars advance. When one of the bars is charged, a new function is added to the game, in the manner of the everyone causal.

The quantum functions are 5:

  • Implosion, a function that transforms from 3 to 6 symbols into joker, also eliminating the icons located in nearby boxes.
  • Alteration, Roomly select a symbol with an eye automatically transforming all the same symbols into another icon. If there is no symbol with one eye, the function chooses another.
  • Demolition, eliminate all the symbols with a single eye and all the same ones.
  • Engraving, It inserts a joker in the center of the grill and creates two crossed diagonal lines that have the same symbol (chosen randomly).
  • Gargantoon, Which is obtained when all 5 bars have reached their maximum charge, the benefit granted is a Jolly 3 × 3 formation that is placed causally on the grill. If it is not possible to drop other symbols, this function transforms the Jolly training into 2 × 2 and then 1 × 1.

Developer and software

Play n Go It is one of the best known software house in the digital gambling sector. Fans of casino games on the web, in fact, will have already heard of the aforementioned company that dominates the scene since 2004.

In short, for almost 20 years this provider churns out games to entertain slot players and beyond. One of the corporate choices that made the name of Play n go among the most appreciated And known in the web gaming sector concerns the production of games for mobile devices.

In fact, this Scandinavian provider He understood, in unsuspected times, what were the potential of smartphones and tablets. Therefore, he directed his he efforts towards the creation of products that adapted perfectly to the reduced screens of these tools.

These games are accessible from most platforms in compliance with the laws (with ADM license) and which accept the most common payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • paypal
  • PostePay Evolution
  • Neteller
  • Credit cards of the Visa or Mastercard circuit.

Each of them has different times for execution or for deposit. Specifically, e-wallets provide for immediate deposit compared to cards or bank transfer.

Slot characteristics

Play n Go Make games for all tastes: fans of board games or roller machines lovers. Both categories of games are perfectly made with the aim of involve the player and make him passionate.

For this reason The slots signed by this provider They have impeccable graphics and an audio background, designed to pleasantly accompany the player during his gaming experience.

These characteristics are also appreciable with the REACTOONZ GAME

Try it in the demo version!

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Payout and combinations

One of the most important aspects when evaluating a slot on the web concerns the famous Payout, or the percentage of money that is really destined for the players' winnings.

For those who do not know, any provider establishes his gain percentagenull It is a rate that is calculated on the amount of money introduced into the machine by the various players and that will not return to the latter in the form of winnings.

This percentage is nothing more than the actual gain of the company who planned the game. Knowing this value, it is possible to trace another factor that, this time, affects users: the percentage that is intended for the winnings of those who place the episodes.

He pays!

Per The Reactoon game, Play n Go has set an RTP (Return to Player) index equal to 96%null Paliamo of one of the highest values in this sector.

Payment table and lines

One of the peculiarities that has favorably tasks Reactoonz it concerns accessibility. In fact, the slot in question adapts both to the neo-social and veterans, since it is intuitive and simple to use but above all it needs low initial amounts.

The minimum amount departure is 20 euro cents, while the maximum fee is 100 $null The reason why this limit exists is linked to the "playing responsibly" protocol to which many casinos and as many providers have joined.

Il higher payment that a player can get with this game is of 500 $. To reach such a rich prize pool, the user must obtain a combination of 15 equal symbols.

Il Gargantoon It is the highest combination that allows you to complete the 5 bars and obtain the bonus payment.

Reactoonz is a very particular slot because does not provide payment lines, which are in fact replaced by the "cluster" system, or cascade.

Consequently, to obtain a victory, the player must conquer a series of combinations that include at least 5 equal symbols.

Combinations symbols

The reactoon slot is characterized by panache and liveliness. But in fact it is an offer for the very basic web offer that, for this reason, we feel like advising those who are beginners.

In this review we could not fail to mention the symbols that favor the achievement of certain offers.

However, it lasts us to emphasize that, also from this point of view, Reactoon presents a single icona Wild, which generates the area gargantoon.

To obtain the aforementioned symbol it is necessary form a square with 4 symbols of the same color and the same shape. When this requirement is presented, the player will have obtained the doubled in the master value.

Reactoon game bonus

Reactoonz is an online casino game that strangely does not offer free spins. Free spin is a must for each games site that wants to entice users to win to make a deposit.

It is a large limit that has struck us in a negative way and, in all honesty, from such an important provider we would have expected a better offer.

On the other hand, there are some bad bonuses (according to the opinions of the most faithful players).

In addition, it must be said that the slot in question is present on the portals of Best digital casinos (also in the mobile version), which often provide a bonus policy with free laps (free spin).

Therefore even if the free spins have not been contemplated by the game programmers, there is equally a way to benefit from this benefit choosing the game site with ADM license (the only one that follows American laws) .

Generally, these bonuses are not automatically given but the fundamental requirement is that The user performs the request.

If you have an account on an online gaming site and therefore you are in possession of a gaming account, you can enter the specific promotional code, when the deposit is made.


Some of the More famous slot machines on the web they have a progressive system, which allows you to accumulate a jackpot to be allocated to the player who realizes one specific combination of symbols.

The maximum altitude is plumped by every single episode made to those who play. In essence, for each episode, the Software retains a small percentage which produces the aforementioned prize pool.

Jackpot is a way like any other to entice players to place episodes.

REACTOONZ is a game for the web that does not include this type of benefit. This requirement is a further painful note that weakens the game offer.

Free spin

I Free spin, literally shifts, they are one of the most coveted bonuses by those who play with slot machines.

It is a promotion that grants the player a certain number of free laps, that is, without having to make a deposit for them.

Thanks to this bonus the players can Having fun with slots and earning money concretely.

Often this Benefit is granted by the online casino to which you are registered and to obtain it you need to perform a first deposit.

Reactoonz is available on the main online gaming sites (also in the mobile version) who have the license provided for by the laws on the subject and issued by the ADM (ex AAMS).

RTP and volatility

RTP's RTP index, That is, the share of money that really returns to the player is quite high.

We are talking about anmaximum rate of 96%, This means that for every euro aimed by a player, 96 cents return to the player in the form of a win.

Payout is one of the most important details that are taken into consideration when you do the Review of a slot machinenull But it must always be evaluated in combination with the volatility index.

In this case, the real winning opportunities that a user can score by playing with the aforementioned game.

In the case of Reactoonz we want to emphasize that the level of volatility is really high, this means that we are in presence of a slot that "eats" many coins before downloading a prize.

Theme and graphics

The characteristics they have favorably Struck by Reactoonz They were: the cure for the details of the graphics and the audio.

The programmers of the aforementioned slot thought of setting the game in a fantasy context populated by aliens and small space monsters.

But these are not threatening or fearful characters, but of funny representations of imaginary creatures.

In summary, we can say that this video game is simple and funny: perfect for those who play without big pretensions.

How to win in Reactoonz?

To win at a slot it takes a lot of patience and luck. It can happen, in fact, to insert some currencies e Receive a drain immediately Or to insert many without being able to get anything.

To win in Reactoon it is necessary to obtain a combination of At least 5 equal monsters.

The gray of the play played play 'n Go is very similar to that of the Candycrash video game. In practice, i rollers are 7 × 7 And the combinations that can produce prizes, bonuses or free spins are only those made on the vertical or horizontal line.

The waterfall system used to create this slot allows you to totally total win equal symbols are not aligned with each other, but simply close.

Whenever this circumstance is presented, points that allow to quantum bars to load, unlocking the offers.

REACTOONZ Free: play on the demo version to practice

REACTOONZ, like most regulated slot machines, i.e. provisions of AMD license, is available both in the website version and in that without deposit demo.

Thanks to this game mode, the player can become familiar with the details of the rollers and understand if it is right for him.

As in many reviews, also this time we recommend players to consider the idea of playing la slot gratis, before placing episodes or making a deposit.

To access the demo version, just be registered on an online gaming site. However, there are casinos that grant free laps without providing for any obligation to register or deposit.

Play Reactoonz with real money

Only after including the mechanism of REACTOONZ operation a player can be said to be ready to make an episode with the real money.

When this happens, it is necessary to remember not to overdo the episodes.

A great way to avoid Spend too much money With a gambling is to fix a share in advance and use only that sum of money to have fun.

In addition, it should be remembered that these game software are designed and planned to attract people and push them to the game/episode.

Do not do you deceive from a well -made game, with attractive music and settings: be the masters of your will!

Conclusion: our opinion on Reactoonz

Our review has come to an end, and each basic requirement of a good videoslot on the web as the possibility of playing free without a deposit, a mobile app, and the bonuses are all there.

We have analyzed all the aspects that characterize this product signed Play 'n Go and we can say that, thanks to the detailed graphics, the interesting theme and the presence of a mobile version it is of a very fun slot, And for this he became famous.

Reactoonz is a very basic videoslot that may not adapt to those looking for some more emotions.

The slot we are dealing with could be indicated for novice games, which need a simple, intuitive, and well structured product.

However, it is necessary to pay close attention to the high volatility rate which is a game requirement, the cause of large economic losses.

Finally, if you try to have fun with Reactoon, choose Casino in compliance with the laws (with ADM license) and do a few trial laps with the demo version without deposit.

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