Wolf Gold Slot: Review between Ululati and Canyon Dell’Arizona

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Wolf Gold Slot

Sign up and play immediately with the Wolf Gold Slot La Vlt del Lupo that catapults you into the culture and traditions of Native Americans, to live an exciting adventure between deserts and meadows. Discover all the winning combinations and the best strategies to get winnings. What are you still waiting for? Start playing immediately!


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Main informations

Reading this review you will discover everything you need to know about the Wolf Gold Slot, the online game of wolves ready for hunting.

Set in the Arizona desert, between eagles and many dangerous animals, this Video slot machine of Pragmatic Play makes those who try a compelling adventure live.

The undisputed protagonist is the wolf, not an enemy to fear, but a faithful friend, a guide, who under the moon that illuminates the road, will help us overcome many pitfalls.

The guiding spirit of the wolf accompanies us in every phase of WGS, which offers classic dynamics alongside decidedly innovative others.

Rules of the game

The ADM Videoslot we are talking about in our review has 5 wheels and 25 payment lines.

Like all the most recent and successful online games, Wolf Gold Slot allows a customizable experience capable of meeting the preferences of various types of players, from the least to the most experienced.

The figures of the videooslot in question pay from the left to the right on adjacent wheels, starting from the one more left.

In Wgs we can find the classic figures of the American cards, but more important are those with animals and elements of deserts and meadows.

The rules of the video game are few and simple, this contributes to its success, as happens for many other similar slots.

There are many possible combinations and various game methods that can be activated, with relative payment bonuses and advantages. A complete overview of the same can always be accessed by the scores and combinations table and a specific rules section.

Developer and software

To develop Wolf Gold Slot is Pragmatic play, leading supplier, in the competitive gaming content sector, who collaborates with sector giants such as Nettend.

The company with Licenza Adam/Arms Over time, various innovative video games proposed, often strongly oriented to mobile and always characterized by high quality.

Slots are games with simple basic dynamics, but this certainly does not mean that it is easy to create this type of game and above all make it visible and appreciable in a sector, gaming, strongly competitive and constantly evolving.

Realities such as Pragmatic Play, Nettend and a few other gaming brands, manage to almost systematically lead to successful video games of great technical and graphic video games. It is no coincidence, behind there are relevant skills.

When approaching a VLT like Wgs, which was born from a specific Studio Games you notice and appreciate it.

Slot characteristics

Wolf Gold Slot is a 5 × 3 Videoslot Machine set in the America of natives, between wild animals and suggestive atmospheres for those who play.

This video game has scatter figures and Wild, an interesting one Free turns and really very generous jackpots. There is also no lack of Games software that always appreciated, such as l’autoplay, very useful requirement.

Wolf Gold Slot is a Pragmatic Play title that has several imitation attempts, but which remains among the most appreciated slots both by expert players and from those who start now to get closer to this world.

There are on the market both web software with references to the figure of the wolf and others with Indian theme, but in this video game there is an effective alchemy between elements and the result is convincing.

Creating original proposals in this field is increasingly difficult and those who can focus on quality and safety are intended for a well -deserved success, as in this specific case.

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Payout and combinations

Among the figures that alternate on the wheels of this Videoslot Machine there are: Bufalo, Aquila, Cavallo, Puma, Luna, Canyon and those of the cards: Asso, Re, Regina etc.

His RPT is 96% and the luckiest can aspire to win well 2500 times the amount of its episodenull Non -small numbers.

There are 25 fixed payment lines in WGS, but thanks to bonuses and jackpots you can very much multiply the potential of the video game and open new stimulating doors.

Modern VLTs are games that often know how to go a lot beyond the classic bar slots machines, with game and bonuses that make them more interactive, complete and engaging.

To find out at any time what are the most interesting and profitable combinations in the video game in question, the easiest thing to do will always refer to the payments table. It can be consulted in the video game itself, and easily accessible at any time with a few clicks.

Payment table and lines

All gaming information on scores, multipliers and mechanics of the video game, as well as regarding bonuses (free spins) etc.

They can be as said you can easily find from those who play in the appropriate table present in WGS, it can be reached from the menu at any time you want it or you feel your need.

All the details on the payments, the different functions and the RTP, can be consulted, together with the complete rules, by clicking on the appropriate "Rules of the game" button.

The online slots machines that depopulate in the mess are simple games, which do not require the study of complex rules or specific strategies.

Understanding what is happening on the wheels helps us act with greater awareness and makes everything more exciting, stimulating and fun.

Symbols and combinations

The desert is not an easy environment to face for those who do not know the secrets and pitfalls. A wolf must be an expert in order to guide him and this will be evident for those who face this video game.

Among the figures that we will see on the wgs wheels there are the buffaloes, the classic American eagle, the wild horse, the Puma and the well -known signs of the cards: ASSO, King, Regina and Jack.

Between these The buffalo is the most important symbol, Since it offers payments with an interesting 20x multiplier.

Among the special figures we find that of Wolf, the wild, Therefore, being able to replace all symbols if necessary except the Scatters to form winning combinations.

With a number of 3 wolves you get a reward immediately. Lo Scatter is the canyon and allows you to activate the rpm for free If it appears on wheels number 1, 3 and 5.

The Money symbol, that of the LIPE, may appear on all rollers and take a random value on a predefined set, or Mini or Major Jackpot values.

Collecting 6 or more Money will activate the interesting Repear modes.

Wolf Gold Slot game bonus

Free laps are an important opportunity for those who play with Wolf Gold Slot in any mess, finding the canyon bonus image on wheels number 1, 3 and 5 activate the free spins mode with 5 spins free.

In this phase of the video game, the rollers number 2, 3 and 4 are replaced by a giant figure.

When 3 canyon symbols are found during the round, free turns are obtained, to multiply fun and also victory opportunities.

Another important WGS video game mode is that Respin that is activated with 6 or more money symbols.

This mode starts as soon as the winning combinations on the active lines have been assigned. At this stage the traditional symbols do not appear to me only the moon and empty spaces remain where the other figures would normally appear.

The Respin mode of WGS starts with 3 laps, every time an Moon appears this remains stopped on the screen until the round is completed.

Each figure adds 3 Respin and the mode ends ending all the laps or all the positions on the rollers.

In the end, all the symbols of the moon are paid and if they are 15 they are disbursed the Mega Jackpot.


In Wgs there are special symbols called Money, in the videooslot in question they are blue spheres that indicate cash prizes and allow access to three different video game jackpots.

The mini, the major and the mega jackpot that give access to free spins in which all the winning combinations will be paid, not only the major, as happens in normal mode.

Have not one, but Three different Jackpot It contributes to making this Videoslot even more interesting.

There are players that focus mainly on games with jackpot to try to hurway them. Many latest generation slots do not foresee this option. When it is present without a doubt it constitutes a remarkable added value.

Free spin

The free spins, or the rpm for free, they are always important in every video river, in the one in question if possible they become even more, given that they are the basic requirement of its bonus.

Some of the advantages they involve are: playing more, accumulating experience, having fun and increasing methods and opportunities to win money.

If during the free spins we can also multiply our score or access bonuses and jackpot all the better.

Almost all of the best latest generation slots provide for the opportunity to obtain free laps, but these are not always numerically such relevant, as happens in this specific case.

RTP and volatility

How much pays in the casino the VLT Wolf Gold Slot?

In USA, legal casinos, such as Nettend, with AAMS license, the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies and Adm, propose on their site, in compliance with national laws, only software with a minimum RTP 90%.

In the case of Wolf Gold Slot called percentage, or that of money bet that is returned to the players rises to 96%.

His is an average volatility, the video game offers more frequent payments with contained sums, revealing itself suitable for various types of player.

It will always be important to manage your Bankroll well, given that various spins without victories can follow each other causing some potential difficulty.

Theme and graphics

The theme of the videoslot subject to this review is the suggestive history of Native Americans and their ancient traditions.

The wolves that populate the great spaces of the new continent, the myths and legends of the Indians, are the protagonists of several games of the main software house, such as Netent.

In this case, Pragmatic Play used them for its Wolf Gold Slot, undoubtedly a nice videoslot, with A cured of graphics and soundtrack and perfectly aligned with the theme chosen and the style of modern mess.

In addition to the enjoyable music, the sound effects with the verses of the animals stand out in Wgs, including obviously the howl.

Exciting sounds, at times surprising and that help a lot to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the video game for greater involvement, also emotional.
The final product is a really very engaging video games, capable of giving many emotions and always satisfying experience.

How to win at the Wolf Gold Slot?

How do you win with the Wolf's Videoslot, what methods can they give satisfactions? This video game has five rollers and three lines of figures with 25 fixed payment lines.

You can win by obtaining a payment on your bank account, up to 2,500 times your episode and to make the game even more dynamic there is the presence of three types of jackpot: the mini, the major and the mega.

Our advice to try to win is to play a few hours first in Demo mode Without deposit, so as to understand all the dynamics, laws and functionality of the video game.

Then move on to the real money mode, depositing with Postepay, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer and various other deposit methods, always paying great attention to the management of your budget.

The advice is simple and perhaps trivial, but it must be followed: you never play sums higher than those you can allow you to lose, if you are lucky.

Always play responsibly, don't exaggerate and never get your hand.

Respect this requirement and your times, there are no tricks or particular secrets or methods to know.

Rely on luck and always aim primarily at fun, for a few hours a day.

Wolf Gold Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

On many of the best virtual legal casinos active in USA it is possible to play with the Wolf Gold Slot for free, also from mobile and often without having to register with your data and without a deposit.

It will be possible to try this and many other games for free, in the Games mode only for fun, without risks and deposit, all the time you want.

You can play for free from PC or mobile and at any time, for those who want it and when you feel ready, it will be possible to move from the Demo to the real mode.

By exploiting bonuses on registration or deposit (which can be carried out with Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer and more).
Play WGS with real money

Playing this License Vlt online is simple and fun, even for those who play mobile, but without a doubt if you do it with real money it is also exciting.

Choose an ADM/AAMS license website, which operates in compliance with American laws, this is a fundamental requirement when playing in virtual casinos.

Through the "+" and "-" keys "you can change the amount of the episode.

Spin can be started with the appropriate key in the graphics or through the space bar which also allows with prolonged pressure to start the Mode defined turbo spin.

The Autoplay function Complete the features and partially automatically automates the video game, from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 1000 spin.

It will be possible to bet after the deposit with a minimum of $ 0.25 and a maximum of $ 125.00.

As always, we remember to play on gaming websites that respect the laws, with its time, making fun in first place, a fundamental requirement.

Conclusion: our opinion on Wolf Gold Slot

When we write a review on a video game we analyze it carefully from various points of view for several hours, as a desktop and mobile, taking our times.

Over time we have developed our approach to the analysis of the video games and in our staff there are people who concentrate each on specific aspects of gaming.

We believe that this is an important requirement to provide an opinion that is the widest and most articulated possible.

We have come to the final reflections of our review of the Wolf Gold Slot. It is a video game with a suggestive setting and with fun and exciting dynamics.

Many of the most common and appreciated functions of the license with license are not lacking and in this title others of considerable interest have also been foreseen.

There are various possibilities for getting free laps in abundance and generous multiplier and jackpot, an important requirement.

In addition to the graphics, the sound sector of the video game is also valuable. An important requirement to which attention is not always given, but which in this case contributes significantly to the creation of the atmosphere that accompanies the player.

The final judgment of the staff of our website, which has gained long experience in testing video games respectful of the laws and has tried VLT for several hours, is therefore in light of what was written, very positive.

If you love video games, the nature, the spirituality of the Indians and perhaps the possibility of significant winnings, this videoslot is for you and deserves to be tested, at least in the demo version, which with zero risks will be able to give you beautiful emotions.

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