Blood Suckers: bonuses and symbols in a terrifying review

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Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers has a modern graphics, a bonus game, free spin and autoplay function. It is a video slot by Netent with 5 rollers and 25 winning combinations, 400x multiplier, Wild symbol and Scotter symbol. The symbols for obtaining winning combinations such as Dracula and bats are all terrifying!

Innovative theme and graphics
Bonus game
Few bonuses

Main informations

If you are lovers of dark games and enthusiasts of the creatures of the night, then the video game that is for you is Blood Suckers.

Discover all the secrets of the SLOT More popular than the moment: rules and gaming details, secrets, symbols and software, bonuses and how to get them.

Blood Suckers in American literally translates "blood suckers".

The most famous ones are certainly the vampires, and they are the ones to be the protagonists of this slot machine, among the most popular of the software NetEnt It is available on the site of many platforms.

These beings of horror mythology are present in many legends and many nightmares.

Their birthplace is said to be Transylvania, where the famous was born Conte Dracula, reworked by the writer Bram Stoker and inspired by the Prince of Valacchia Vlad III.

Blood Suckers is a very modern video rush consisting of five rollers and twenty -five winning combinations.

Symbols, like Scatter and Wild, and bonus are creepy details! Continue reading to discover our experience on this slot!

Rules of the game

The video game of the Netten slot is a classic and traditional site. There are five wheels and twenty -five lines of paymentsnull The requirement for winning combinations is given by the combination of eight symbols.

It is a video game on the web, and the episodes can be made with the filing of real or virtual money.

In version of the demo free In fact, fake credits can be used, useful to train and have fun free of charge without incurring the risk of losing large sums of money.

The minimum episode is only 25 euro cents for each spin up to a maximum of 50 $.

There are gods "levels" and "value" buttons which are used to regulate the amounts of the episodes.

The percentage of RTP (return to the player) is one of the highest on the gambling square on the web (on platforms with deposit and the ADM license as a requirement) and is equal to 98%.

Also in Blood Suckers there is the automatic game that allows you to select the number of games you want to make and the software automatically elaborates the laps free without having to crush the button every time.

Four vampires, a bottle of magical potion, a manuscript, a weapon and a garlic are the protagonists of the combinations and details of Blood Suckers. In addition to the eight "normal" cards, you will find three special cards.

With regard to The Wild symbol is the vampire bite (you can see the teeth of the vampire and the neck of a just bitten woman) and replace all the other symbols present, with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbols.

The bonus figure is obtained in groups made up of three or more symbols from left to right and free and bonus matches will start. It is represented by the pointed wooden stake that kills the vampire, while Scatter is a vampire bride.

Those who pay the total amount of the bet for the multiplier are the symbols Scatternull With them, it is possible triple the winnings and free laps.

A way that likes video games is very popular is the Free spin, which can be activated with the appearance of three or more vampire bridal icons: the win is DIECI giri free played on the same number of lines of the game in which they were won.

The victories are thus tripled. Games bonus activated by three or more bonus symbols is played in an ancient funeral chamber.

Developer and software

The developer of the Blood Suckers software is NetEnt.

Born in 1996, Netten today is one of the most famous and established companies and providers in the videogame sector.

It is among the main providers of casino games and its games on the website offer players an unparalleled fun and gaming experience.

The graphics are among the most innovative, modern, exceptional and intriguing, always updated bonuses, omnipresent animations and cutting -edge technologies and functionality.

In fact, Netent is recognized worldwide as one of the best producers of network slots. The games are synonymous with a guarantee and satisfies the highest standards.

Slot characteristics

Suitable for all types of players, both to beginners who visit the world of gambling and virtual games for the first time, and to those who are more experienced and that video slots have made its daily bread.

The betting range (from 25 cents to 50 $) is wide and suitable for all types of pockets and wallets. The amount is decided by the player And the episode must be put on a certain line, which will bring an increase or not based on the selected level.

Blood Suckers respects the laws and fees dictated by the Netten provider. Functionality and visit is possible both from desktop and from mobile version, Available for both Apple (iOS) devices and Android.

The graphics and the interface are studied on the concepts of the user experience, simple, intuitive and graphically avant -garde.

It is the provider and its innovation at a technological and language level that allows you to take advantage of the online version without prior installation of any software.

The optimized version also allows use on "non -ultra technological" devices and therefore is perfect for the screens of practically all the smartphones and tablets on the market nowadays.

The mobile screen is very similar to the PC one, only minimums.

The essential strait for a better use of the slot. The colors are gloomy, suitable for the macabre atmospheres of the inhabitants of the night, which recall the suckasans and the horror world.

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Payout and combinations

Green button in the center, click and play, the video game started.

It is very simple, just start the wheels and turn them. The figures create the winning combinations, which happen how much a minimum number of equal images appears within the same payment line.

The levels range from one to four And the value of the single token varies from 1 to 50 cents of $.

These variables influence the value of the episode, which can be done by both PC browser and mobile browser. The maximum that can be focused is 50 $ and the minimum 0.01 $.

Payout (mandatory for all casinos with regular adm/aams license and for a use that complies with the laws and regulations) it is 98%.

High if you consider that it generally wanders between 95-96%, values that rarely exceeds. A factor that makes this slot even more appreciated by the players.

Excellent free laps, which allow the most played play and the possibility of greater winnings. A high bet can lead to a more prestigious win.

The RTP is exhibited on the website, as a must for all casinos with regular authorization and license ADM (ex AAMS).

The probability of victory is calculated on the basis of the total of the slots and which is then returned to the player who wins. In this case, 98 to 100 tokens are returned.

Payment table and lines

It is a slot machine that develops on five rollers in twenty -five payment lines. The game command bar is located at the bottom of the game screen.

From here you can customize the value of your bet. The tokens and their value range from 0.01 to 0.5 $ and the level of episode is selectable from one to four. Put simply, you can have episodes from a minimum of 0.25 $ to a maximum of 50 $.

Il "Episode Max" button Allows the player to go all-in and have an extra to try to access the most prestigious and abundant prizes.

Blood Suckers makes available to its users Autoplay game modenull The wheels can be made and place the episode automatically. It can be deactivated at any time, pressing stop.

The winning combinations are given by adjacent and consecutive images from left to right on the active payment lines.

Combinations symbols

The figures are the representation of the world of horror and the narrative of the succhiasangue. In fact, we find four succhiasangue, a bottle of magical potion, a manuscript, a weapon and a garlic for a total of eight icons.

There are very special images that They reward players with conspicuous victories.

Two specials entitle to five credits, three by two hundred, four to two thousand and five to a total of seven thousand five hundred.

The runs as a tribute to multipliers: five x100, four x25, three x4 and two x2 cards and allow you to unlock free laps, up to Also get ten free games.

These are these particular images that attract the players and make the video game even more exciting and varied, all this is made possible by the skills of the provider Netent to offer users an unparalleled game experience.

l’garlic allows you to win x75 The initial episode, while with the vampire with the red hood the highest win is obtained. The maximum win is x500.

The "vampire bite" replaces any other figure, except vampire or bonus marries are precious help to create winning combinations.

The bonus is represented by a vampire who bites a woman's neck to suck her blood. In addition to replacing the boxes on the slot, it is a real symbol that with the right combination is to win a prize up to 7500 times the episode.

The maximum winnings obtained in free turns on Blood Suckers is very high, Almost 51000 $.

Blood Suckers game bonus

Unfortunately, the Blood Suckers bonuses are not numerous.

There is the famous Bonus games: When the bonus play is activated it will start. Is activated when there are Three bonuses on the same line (to look from left to right).

The player will enter the heart of an extra and special game heats with greater victories. Twelve coffins will appear on the screen, nine of which is the body of a vampire and three are empty.

Every time a coffin will be opened and a vampire killed, they will earn prizes and bonuses, while in case the coffin is empty and bats come out, then the game will stop and the bonus will be lost.

On many online casinos, to play Blood Suckers, the platforms provide a bonus with deposit, also equal to 500 $.


Blood Suckers is a slot machine present on the best online casinos, with some game bonuses and the possibility of reaching the jackpot.

It is characterized by a five -wheeled scheme and twenty -five playing lines, until you can increase the various levels from one to four and increase the value of the token up to a maximum of 0.5 $.

The winnings and the possible Jackpot are maximized by a few bonuses, such as Games bonuses and the appearance of special figures.

Free spin

Free laps characterize this slot. Both to use the demo version without having to aim with real money and risk losing big sums of money, and because free laps are an excellent and frequent bonus.

The demo version gives the possibility to take the hand with the video game, understand the rules, the mechanisms and try their luck without thoughts and risks. The Scatters activate the free laps.

If three or more of these special images appear on the wheels, the free laps mode is activated. All this consists of up to a maximum of ten games on the same episode lines as the game that activated them.

During this mode for free, the victories will be triple. It is estimated that the maximum winning during the free spins is 50,730 $.

RTP and volatility

Paylines are 25 fixed lines, that you cannot change and inside you can have the combination of figures with the highest value for each bet. As established by the law, the winning combinations add up.

It pays o RTP is 98%, one of the highest among the online slots. The return to the player so high is given by the free spins and the greatest possibilities of having victories.

Theme and graphics

The graphics of this slot machine is interactive, simple and innovative. With dark colors, the protagonist is the world of horror, the legends of some of the darkest creatures of the night.

There are four succhiesangia between the main images and elements that are part of this universe and even specials are represented by images of these legends.

The Games bonus is characterized by dark and death tones.

12 coffins appear on the screen, three containing bats, friends of the vampires and of the most famous of each other, Count Dracula, born from the Pen of Bram Stoker, and nine containing succhiesangue bodies.

Come vincere a Blood Suckers?

The advice is to try the video game for free in a demo version. In this way there is no risk of unconsciously aiming and losing money in case of incorrect combinations.

Slots machines are a gaming that require a lot of luck. Take advantage of the free spins to look for more winning combinations and triple the victories.

The RTP is one of the highest, around 98%, and it is a positive factor to take into account when you play and press the green button to start the game.

Free Blood Suckers: play on the demo version to practice

Absolutely yes!

Use The demo version allows you to know the rules and the mechanisms of the video game. Blood Suckers is also appreciated for free laps and the demo mode without using the deposit.

The demo version contains numerous features of the version with paid bet.

So you can focus on how much you want to take your hand and become formidable in this slot governed by succhiesangue, we used the demo version a lot during our review.

Play Blood Suckers with real money

First, the value of the tokens must be set. Second step, set the number of episode lines and the number of tokens per line.

All this organization will allow you to obtain respectable payout.

There are many opportunities for winning and winning combinations: Blood Suckers provides bonuses and multipliers for the different episodes.

The free laps are allied in grouping as many winning combinations as possible without spending real money.

Conclusion: Our opinion on Blood Suckers

A captivating and intriguing theme, among the highest RTPs in circulation, easy and intuitive games of Games: for our review we can say that Blood Suckers is a promoted videoslot.

The quality of the provider Netent is very present and brings only that high quality to the gaming experience.

There is some extra features, such as Games and Autoplay bonuses that are decidedly appreciable, perhaps they should expand the bonus section.

The play is interesting and the demo version is perfect for learning. You play both from PC and mobile. Did you like our review?

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