4 Fowl Play: How to win at the hen slot?

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4 Fowl Play

4 Fowl Play, known in USA as a hen slot, full of premiums and special bonuses. Here is the complete review to find out how to win, what is the value of the symbols and how to make the episodes to better optimize the money you choose to invest in the most famous farm on the web!


Up to $ 5,200 of prizes
Excellent bonus game
Graphically engaging
ADM (ex AAMS) authorized
Does not have a jackpot
Free spins cannot be activated

Main informations

4 Fowl Play has become a classic in the world of Slot machinenull Note in USA simply as a hen slot, it has achieved great success both in bars and inside digital casinos.

Some typical elements of the vintage slots are taken which were already a few decades ago inside the bars. Among the images, for example, there is the bar symbol and number 7.

Others, on the other hand, are totally innovative, such as that of the chicken (the bonus) and the gold egg. Made by WMG, in itself it has the ADM authorization, however also check the casino in which you record it is.

It is possible to use it as much on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Rules of the game

The rules of the "Slot Machine of the hens" do not vary much from those of all the others, including the old version of Fowl Play Slot, that is, Gold. In fact, this game has a rather simple operation. Let's see the rules:

In order to play this WMG slot with real money you must register with the site of an online casino that has a regular ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies) license to operate in USA.

After registration, the player must make a first deposit on the site, so as to also take advantage of the probability of receiving the welcome bonus.

Before activating the roller movement, it is important to set the episode requirements well and choose the value of the single rotation. The minimum is $ 0.25 and the maximum of $ 16.

The goal is to obtain a winning combination. Minimum three and maximum five equal figures within one of the 10 Paylines.

Based on the hands, that is, if they have a more or less high value for the episode, here they give different earnings up to a Maximum of 500 $.

Developer and software

The 4 Fowl Play slot software and its predecessor Fowl Play Gold is the WMG Gaming.

An American company born in 2009 in the city of Padua thanks to the merger of two other companies, Magly Electronics Srl and the CMS Gaming Ltd. It is among the best known names, just like the Playtech.

The Mag was famous in USA already in the years 1994 for having produced bar slots and then survived digitization by landing in online casinos.

He immediately proved to be capable of producing high quality and safe Made in USA games.

The slot in question is certainly one of its best successful and most appreciated games online, but it is not the only famous.

For example, there is Haunted House, or Big Ghoulies. Those who play regularly in the best online casinos are certainly used to seeing these WMG Gaming titles, both in the paid version and in that free demo.

Slot characteristics

What leads a player to choose a slot rather than another are his special characteristics.

The 4 Fowl Play starring chickens does not disappoint from this point of view, it is no coincidence that it is one of the most famous currently available on the market.

Let's see the most important features that we will then analyze in detail in the rest of this review.

It has a special bonus and you can access you to increase the probability of winning by obtaining at least three chicken figures.

The structure is the characteristic with 5 rollers and 3 lines, for a total of 15 figures that can appear on the screen.

Returns to the Double Spin categoryIn addition, it is increasing the value of the hands you can choose to do 4 games simultaneously with each rotary movement.

Its rollers can be blocked on each lap from the player himself. Games in this way allows you to get a little at a time to get the best possible combination.

You can set the number of lines active to each play, choosing between 5 and 10. From the two $ up to the round, however, all ten ten are activated automatically.

The minimum bet with the 4 Fowl Play is $ 0.25 up to a maximum of $ 16 per spin. In fact, here is that the maximum winning winning, aiming for the maximum, is $ 5,200.

Finally, one of the most important features is the probability of playing 1, 2 3 or 4 hands.

When an additional one is activated, in fact, the dial of the slot above the main screen is freed, to activate the additional hands you need to invest twice the initial episode.

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Payout and combinations

Although, as mentioned several times in the review, the 4 Fowl Play slot could be considered in all respects one of the most appreciated on the web.

It must be admitted that his RTP is a bit below the average, especially if compared for example to Playtech products.

There is talk of a 90.2% of theoretical returnThat is, it has a higher volatility. For each patron bet, a return to the player of just over 90%is expected. We will see the details later.

As for the combinations that offer winnings, these are given by the figures.

The earnings are obtained when on one of the active payines appear from 3 to 5 equal images. If several combinations appear on several lines, these are added.

Payment table and lines

We continue the discussion of the payments lines in this part of the review.

For each episode during the game you can choose whether to activate them all 10 or only 5. If you set the value of the token and the level in such a way as to reach $ 2 for each of the laps automatically the activated lines are 10 and the much higher winnings

For each of the Lines it is possible to obtain only one winning combination, from left to right. At least three of all symbols must be the same.

The major winnings are obtained when all five symbols are the same in the same strip.

The figure Wild allows you to complete the combinations and get the money, increasing its value

If you get more winnings in multiple payment lines, the money add up and you can choose to withdraw it by requiring payment or betting them again

Combinations symbols

The symbols of the slot machine vary from the classic ones of bar slots to the thematic ones.

They were already present in the Gold version. At each round of rollers you are in front of you 15 different figure which must offer minimum combinations of 3 equal images in one of the 10 payment lines to be able to offer a victory.

Let's explain to you now what they are, so as to understand each figure in detail and at the same time see what are the probability offered by the slots.

The typical symbols are the number 7, that of the coins and the one with the Written bar.

Other symbols that offer normal victories but are however characteristic of this slot are those of the rooster, hay, cob, chick and gold egg.

Certainly, however, the most important figure of this WMG slot is precisely chicken.

Could he not be the bonus or scatter symbol? To be able to activate the game Bonus of the "Golden Eggs hen" It is necessary to receive from 3 to 5 chickens figures on a fence.

Finally, the last most important and characteristic is that of the fox, that is the Wild. His presence is always appreciated by those who play on the website specialized in online azadic because they increase the chances of victory.

The Jolly replaces all symbols except the bonus to increase the possibilities of obtaining winning combinations. It is the figure with a higher value.

Another municipality but with a truly high value is that of the golden egg. After the Wild symbol it is the one with the highest value.

Game bonus 4 Fowl Play

This Games exists a bonus and you can activate it by obtaining the figure of the chicken (i.e. the run) during the laps.

The minimum number to activate it is 3 equal symbols and allows you to access a series of extra victories. The Wild does not replace the run instead.

Unlike many other slots that are found on the web, in this game the bonus does not consist in obtaining free spin.

It is rather a real Games Extranull It is played by choosing between some chickens the one that most attracts us, so that we can then receive the money connected to the animal.

The n ° of the chickens displayed changes according to how many figures who activated this extra game.

Three figures appear three hens, four figures four hens etc.

The chosen hen will then deposit an egg that can be golden, silver or white. There is also the possibility of receiving the diamond egg, with the highest winning win.


The 4 Fowl Play slot Machine has no progressive jackpot.

This is not necessarily evil. Do not forget that the slot allows you to obtain up to $ 5,200. In fact, not always The best titles offer a progressive win.

Sometimes the beauty is precisely to use these a little more vintage air machines, despite the mechanisms, the style and the bonus games do nothing but underline the fact that they are modern and ahead of many others!

Free spin

4 Fowl Play does not include Free Spin, not even setting the Bet Massimo.

As can be seen from the details released by the manufacturer and listed in this review, the choice not to release free laps with the slot but activate an extra gaming that increases victories has been adopted.

However, when you recorded on the online gambling website you can take advantage of the free spins made by them on several occasions, such as those who are obtained with the Welcome bonus.

Those made with the prizes obtained from the first deposit can be considered free, as they are basically not money uploaded by your account but offered by the company itself.

RTP and volatility

Let's go back to talking once more than RTP and volatility.

Before starting to use this Games, it is always good to take into consideration this specific betting requirement, which must be exposed in the details of all games.

It is nothing more than the Return To Player, that is, the return to the player guaranteed by the slot machine.

As in this case, whose percentage is 90.2%, it means that it is released to those who play 90.2 tokens per 100 played. However, this calculation is not carried out on the single session, but on the total.

This is also why slots are considered games with high volatility and the risk of losing their money is certainly high. The playout is calculated on very high numbers and therefore playing you can get with a single spin large victories or losing the money deposited in a few minutes.

Theme and graphics

The graphics of 4 Fowl Play is quite engaging and attracts a beautiful group of fans who are now fond of its characters.

The theme chosen is that of a farm, where the protagonists are animals (such as the fox), the fruits and some traditional images such as 7, the bag of money and the bar symbol.

Even more evocative, however it is The bonus gamenull Where they appear from 3 to 5 hens to deposit eggs that offer prizes.

It is a mini game that perfectly mixes a graphics and modern figures, to the more classic and vintage ones of the bar machines we know. It is no coincidence that she herself became the protagonist of the game rooms as virtual as physical.

Come vincere a 4 Fowl Play?

Are there any tricks to win at 4 Fowl Play? The answer unfortunately is no.

In fact, do not forget that the slot machines are games that offer absolutely random victories and there is no way to cheat or circumvent its algorithm. Without considering, however, it would be illegal to do it.

However, there are small suggestions to try to increase the probability, most of these linked above all to a matter of common sense.

Be careful Set the value of each spin well To avoid spending more than you want. Remember that a tour can be worth 25 cents as well as 16 $.

Set a maximum weekly or monthly budget.

When you win, withdraw one part and invest another. But a portion of the victories should always be set aside and not used in the slot

Play the 4 Fowl Play using welcome bonuses, so as to use the prizes made available by companies without investing your money.

An exclusive feature of the slot is what Players can block some rollers to try to get the best possible combination possible.

4 Free Fowl Play: play on the demo version to practice

There is one version of the demo free To use the Games 4 Fowl Play and do so practice? The answer (fortunately) is yes.

In fact, the manufacturer provider decided to offer this opportunity before starting with real money.

Opportunities often made available by other software house such as IFT, Big Time Gaming (BTG), Merkur Gaming, Playtech etc.

So don't spend your money and you don't need to make a first deposit to play free demo.

With the 4 Fowl Play this opportunity proves to be particularly interesting, however even usually it is not recommended for beginners and indeed, before starting to use it, it is suggested to practice.

This is because of its high level of customization, the fact of being able to activate multiple screens simultaneously for the spins and that of being able to block some rollers and make others move to increase the victories.

Play 4 Fowl Play with money data

The goal is obviously to get to play 4 Fowl Play with real money. In fact, only in fact can rather be winning rather interesting sums.

As already mentioned, the lack of a jackpot is not so dramatic considering that The highest prize is $ 5,200.

Starting to play is easy, that's how you can do:

  • Identify an online casino for you;
  • Make your first deposit with bank transfer, Master Card or Pay Pal;
  • Unlock the welcome bonus connected to the deposit and use it immediately to focus on the 4 Fowl Play;
  • Remember to read the bonus details to understand what are the requirements to be met to collect the money;
  • Set the slot well so as to make the right choice for you, you can start from a minimum bet of 0.25 $ to a maximum of 16 $.

Conclusion: our opinion on 4 Fowl Play

From our point of view 4 Fowl Play is one of the best vintage slots that can be found, both on the Internet and in the bars.

Of course, it has a volatility a little higher than the average, but the bonus is really captivating, as well as the fact of playing multiple games simultaneously and that of blocking the rollers are among the most interesting aspects of this online game.

To play and win, identify the best online casino where you can invest your money and start following the advice and strategies shown in this in -depth review.

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