Sizzling Hot: the traditional bar slot machine

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Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot by Novomatic is a rich slot machine in all: 96%RTP, variable lines from 1 to 9 selectable from the player, autoplay function and bonus game available. Each win can be doubled or quadrupled to obtain increasingly high prizes, all with only 10 cents of episode!


Simple to use
Ideal for beginners
Quality guaranteed by Novomatic
Does not have the Wild symbol
No special bonuses

Main informations

How to win at Slot machine Sizzling Hot? If you are fond of slots you certainly know that it is one of the most famous versions ever.

It is the traditional machine where all the figures are fruits or numbers.

This video game is offered by one of the most famous software house ever, Novomatic, and is present in most AAMS authorized casinos, therefore respects the American laws on the subject.

E’ You can select payines from 1 to 9 And the cost of each varies from 10 cents up to 10 $.

It has a rather simple mechanism, however, we go to analyze it precisely to understand the dynamics, the rules well and of course, find out if there are tricks to win.

Rules of the game

Like all Slots Machines, the traditional as much as the Deluxe has really simple to understand and follow game rules.

In fact, this vintage slot maintains the most traditional characteristics ever. In fact, all there is to do is click on the central button to run the cylinders.

The aim is to get at least three equal figures within the same payment line, From left to right.

If more winning combinations are obtained within the same line, only the highest value is recognized. If, on the other hand, there are more winnings in several lines, these are added to each other.

When a tour is winning, here the Novomatic slot allows you to access the challenge known as Gamble Feature.

Here the player chooses to risk the winned win. By clicking on risk, you will have to guess if the stopped paper is red or black. If you guess, double. Otherwise he loses the sum.

Developer and software

The developer is Novomaticnull It is one of the most important gambling companies internationally and was founded in 1980 by Johann Graft.

Today it has offices in 43 different countries. In USA, however, the Novomatic AG group was founded in 2007.

Its name represents a guarantee for gambling fans. It offers only safe and authorized ADM (ex AAMS) products, which are legal in USA and are therefore subjected to rigid quality and safety checks.

In fact, a software house produces Slots Machines such as Sizzling Hot and its deluxe version so that the algorithm at the base is absolutely random and not controllable.

Slot characteristics

As you have already seen at the beginning of this review, the Slot Machine Online Sizzling Hot has rather clear characteristics.

It is considered a typical Vintage casino videoslot and a simple structure. We now analyze the various characteristics that will keep you glued for hours. The first requirement, however, is to know it better.

Has a typical 5 × 3 structure (15 boxes in total) with Variable lines from 1 to 9, therefore you can choose how many activate.

By clicking on the play button, set the random mechanism of the positioning of the figures through the movement of the wheels.

We believe that its simplicity makes it even more accessible even to less experienced players because it only presents the essential characteristics does an online videooslot.

Once the payment to upload the account to the gaming website is made where you intend to make your bets, you can run the rollers by clicking on the central button.

Gradually collected the prizes obtained by one or more combinations of equal figures, which range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 within the same payment line.

What is immediately noticeable is the lack, for example, of the Wild symbol, but also of the free laps that are not there, or of original bonuses. The only extra bonus game is the classic and timeless prawn feature that allows you to try your luck to double or lose.

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Payout and combinations

The Sizzling Hot Payout is 96%, we can therefore say that it has a theoretical return value to the average player.

It does not change independently of the casino website to which you are playing and defines the general prizes of this specific videoslot.

Now let's see the most practical part, the one that concerns the winning combinations, the lines of payments and also the figures that can represent your luck.

Payment table and lines

We analyze well how the payments table works.

The first requirement to win at this Games in Novomatic is that of Get at least 3 equal symbols in the payments lines.

Or one or more scatter symbols, who pay independently of the value of the bet, how many hours you are playing or from the position in which they appear.

This is certainly good news and helps to compensate at least in part the lack of a Wild symbol. Those who play must also take into consideration other basic rules.

Like all video slots games, you need to click on the Pulsatone to put the laps in a way and make the figures appear inside the payines: Each PayLines releases only one award at each lap

Using the Sizzling Hot Deluxe video game with real money is finally the real goal, what will allow you to get real prizes to be transferred to your bank account.

To start you must:

  • Choose an ADM /AAMS authorized casino.
  • Record at the casino, make your first deposit using one of the methods allowed. Usually you find for example Visa, Skrill, Paypal, Master Card. Postepay and bank transfer.
  • After the deposit, receive, unlock and use your welcome bonus. It may take a few hours.

Some advices:

  • Pay attention to the betting requirement, which must be indicated on the company's website as well as the games on games.
  • Set up a maximum spending budget and be careful not to spend more than you can afford in the games.
  • Manage the prizes, dedicating only a percentage to the game. Everything else transfer it to your account, whether with Skrill, Master Card, Post Pay or through a bank transfer. A few hours for the trial may take place, it depends on the laws and rules of the single bank.

Info on payment lines:

  • If more combinations appear, only the highest is recognized.
  • If, on the other hand, multiple lines have a combination of equal figures, the victories are added
  • In total, the payment lines are 9 and they can activate in this way: 1, 3, 5 or 9. Important requirement is to set them before making the episode.

Symbols and combinations

When you decide to make a bet on the Sizzling Hot Machine Slot you have to be clear how combinations work.

It is true that the car does everything alone and in the lucky case it is she who warns you and allow me to withdraw the money or try their luck by doubled it.

But undoubtedly having a general knowledge of the figures you need and which can be to win you is useful and fun.

  • Basic symbols: They are watermelon, lemon, orange, plum, grapes of grapes and cherries. Among these, they offer the highest victories and watermelon.
  • SEMB SEART: It is he who offered the highest winnings during the bet. Based on the number of seven that appear, the figure is more or less high.
  • Scatter: There is a run symbol that is star -shaped and this pays in any case, regardless of where and when the game is made and where it appears inside the 5 × 3 screen.

It is good to remember that every time you click Play, as happens in other slots such as Book of RA or The Gonzo Guest, it is not said that you generate the prize.

In fact, it may not lead to any entrance but only to a loss, for this reason the slots machines are considered to be high risk and have a volatility higher than other desktop or web games.

Sizzling Hot Game Bonus

A like almost always is put to the slots that offer interesting game bonuses. Unfortunately we must say that the Sizzling Hot does not offer many possibilities, in fact it does not present any type of special gaming, Games Extra to be activated etc.

As we have seen during this review, this is a really simple version, which has few extra features.

The only bonus available with the Sizzling Hot is the The Gamble Feature.

It is a challenge that over the years has obtained several likes from people, even if today according to several players it is considered a little passed and therefore focus on those proposed in the gaming sector that offer something more.

Still, there are not few users who continue to be lovers of traditions and old slots.

The prawn feature allows you to risk what you have just achieved. So be careful, not everything you have won up to that moment but only the last one.

In practice instead of clicking again on the play button that would allow you to collect the victory and continue, you must click on risk. A discovery card appears and you have to guess the color or seed.

If you guess the color double the victory, if you guess the seed quadruplicate. You can then decide to withdraw the eventual winning or continue betting it by trying luck up to a maximum of five times.
The only requirement? Having a good sixth sense and knowing how to let go by intuition!


Another negative point of The Sizzling Hot is the absence of the jackpot. That is, the progressive prize that could be obtained by playing many of the slots on the web.

The good news, however, is that there are many other novomatic slots that offer it.

As for example Apollo God of the Sun, the whole Book of Ra saga, but above all, the updated version of the same Sizzling Hot, that is, the Deluxe.

In fact, the Sizzling Hotxe has the progressive jackpot that allows you to win truly high prizes.

In fact, it includes the cumulative games not of the single machine, but of all those connected to each other (we speak of Slots VLT) and present precisely this Games.

Free spin

Often those who play inside an jug site also make it encouraged by the presence for example of welcome bonuses. In the case of the slots, free spins are particularly sought after.

These are free laps for which there is therefore no need for further deposit and are often provided for by the laws of games sites. You could participate simply by using the laps that the manufacturer makes at our disposal to make the bet.

Unfortunately, neither the standard version of Sizzling nor the Deluxe allow you to get free laps. This is also another limit of this game and underlines once more its great simplicity.

RTP and volatility

When you play online slots always pay attention to the concept of PAYOUT.

It is the return to the player and every single slot has his own.

It is also known as RTP and in the case of Sizzling Hot we are talking about 96%. In a nutshell it means that every 100 $ betting on the aforementioned slot by all users, the slot will return $ 96.

Be careful, however, this does not mean that it certainly recovers 96% of the money you personally bet, but that the slot will return it over time to those who are betting.

Here you can lose all the money invested, as well as spend 1 $ only and get a win of $ 300. It is a matter of luck and probability.

We now continue to better understand how the lines of payments, figures and combinations work.

Theme and graphics

Among the last aspects to be analyzed before starting to use it, both the free and paid version, is that of the graphic appearance.

Although it certainly does not represent a fundamental question in that it does not affect the playability, we realize that for many of you it is important because it is a distinctive element of the slot itself.

Sizzling Hot is a simple slot, considered vintage for the presence of a few elements and the standard sounds of a machine. In addition, the figures are a series of fruits, classics of the most dated machines. The number 7 does nothing but strengthen this feeling once more.

Come vincere a Sizzling Hot?

Most of the games that can be found on the gamble site do not require great strategies, as the fact of winning or losing depends on luck or not on a technique.

For Slots Machines this reasoning is even more true because there are no techniques that increase the chances of victory.

You can spend hours in his company without results or, already win a discreet sum on the first lap and then transfer it to the Neteller or Evolution account.

Certainly the advice we feel to offer to those who play is to manage their money well. The first requirement is not to spend more than you can invest and the second is to place a maximum daily, weekly and monthly budget.

The winnings should be reinvested only in part in the bet, instead withdrawing a part for itself.

Free Sizzling Hot: Play on the demo version to practice

A user playing the free demo version of Sizzling Hot normally does it to understand if according to him it is worth investing his money on the specific slot.

Analyzes its lines, the presence of any bonuses etc. Or simply if the atmosphere is to its liking.

Otherwise, thanks to the free demo version you can practice, become familiar for example with the buttons. Obviously it is a situation in which there are those who have never played and want to understand the mechanism.

Playing Hot Sizzling with real money

How to play hot Sizzling with real money?

After seeing how to try it for free, we face the question of how to truly make a bet with this slot. First of all, make sure that the casino website you want to play is authorized by ADM and is therefore legal in USA.

Even a high games number can be a good quality index.

Before starting, it is good to look at what are accepted deposit and payment methods, if there are times to be respected etc. The best online casino for gaming usually accept between the deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Master card
  • paypal
  • Neteller
  • VISA
  • Skrill
  • Visa Evolution
  • postepay

Paypal is among the most appreciated because it allows you not to have to issue personal data of the card, as happens with Visa, Visa Evolution and Master Card.

Once you have filled with money in the account you can start betting with real money, always paying attention to not spend more than you can allow you to lose. The money obtained can then transfer it to the real account, Neteller, Evolution, Skrill, Visa. The same used for deposit.

Conclusion: our opinion on Sizzling Hot

We came to the conclusion of the review. Our opinion is good because however it is talking about a slot made by Novomatic, one of the most famous software house in the world and in possession of the ADM license.

However, during this guide we also understood the limits. For those looking for a higher experience, in fact, it is undoubtedly better to move on to Deluxe version, which for example allows you to access a nice progressive jackpot.

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