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In the role of Ulysses you will live his adventure to return to Ithaca from his beloved Penelope, you will fight against the sorceress Circe and the fearsome cyclops. The Ulisse slot is available in the best online casinos also free, has a rich Wild symbol, autoplay and bonus games available.


Compelling setting
Rich reward system
Payout superiore
Scalar and immediate payments
High volatility
Absence of free spin

Main informations

The SLOT Ulysses is highly appreciated because in addition to having an intriguing setting, it has some very interesting functions. In fact they are present double wild e i three bonus.

Like other games this is available both for a fee and free.

These famous bar VLT games represents the most significant encounters of the Greek hero Ulysses: the sorceress, the cyclops and the siren.

Greek mythology enters online casinos using all its symbols, its allegorical figures, of the machines keys to earn money.

To learn how functions you can use it without the need for any deposit, because it has long been among the free games.

Do you want to learn to play with Capecod Gaming creation?

In our review you can find everything you need to understand if Ulysses Slot machine It's for you. Read it to the end and discover the advice and tips of those who spent the hours inside us!

Rules of the game

Ulysses slot in its digital version is made up of 5 rolls, and allows you to use 15 winning lines.

Scatter e Wild They are representations of characters from the great Homeric poem: the cyclops, the siren, can give the right to a win with instant deposit according to the combinations in which they appear on the lines.

To activate the bonus functions and earn real money, you must first extract a minimum of 3 identical symbols on contiguous rollers starting from the left.

Each of them has a different value. The gain could be calculated on the basis of the value of the bet and the number of symbols.

The maximum for an episode is when these are worth 100 the episode by betting line.

To better understand how to play with each symbol it is better to use a website with a demo account, so you can practice how much you want and better understand the meaning of each symbol.

Developer and software

Ulisse slot machine was made by a very famous software house in the igaming sector: the CapeCod, founded in 1987 in Castel Bolognese.

A Provider software much loved by videoslot players, known for the famous Stardust, whose main features are ease of use and engaging games of Games.

Capecod also created masterpiece games like Cleopatra Temple, imbued with symbolism of ancient Egypt.

In step with the times it allows you to work perfectly also on mobile devices, both iOS and Android, without downloads or additional applications.

Just access the Website And thanks to HTML5 you can enter the match with your smartphone.

Slot characteristics

Ulysses' game set is made up of 5 coils, 3 lines 15 winning lines (activated with keys + or -).

The minimum amount of episode for the player is 0.15, while the maximum is equal to 15 $.

It is equipped with ad hoc buttons to automate some movements, such as the "Max Bet" that aims to automatically every time.

Also for the player Autoplay can be activated (to the right of the display) starting from a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of a thousand laps.

The sorceress Circe, Lisaa, Polyphemus allow to increase the value of their own betting By giving access to good revenues, but never expect extraordinary figures.

It is a game forbidden to minors that can cause dependence because the small episodes and returns, make sure that they perseve in the hope of great results, which will never come.

All realistic and based on a concrete practice will not be able to give you better prospects. All that remains is to click on the "Play" button with the awareness of everything.

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Payout and combinations

The Payout is higher than that of bets for betting bar that was 70%, the online is 97%.

Being a single spin, each combination can be welded after each of them.

A win is obtained by aligning 3, 4 or 5 effigies.

What gives the most possibilities for bets are the Game Bonus, but compared to the average of its mother house, the Capecod, we can say that this game has a lower performance and without providing free bonus turns.

Payment table and lines

As we have already affirmed several times, the lines of payment for bets are 15.

The highest winning predictions occurs when the Joker appears 5 times in the same payline. In that case you have a amount equal to 1000 times the episode, But it is very difficult to access it.

This slot machine pays disdain, with the combinations aligned both on the left and on the right.

This 100% Made in USA application software allows both Methods with real money that the free without deposit slot.

In the event that you decide to invest in this pastime, many online casino portals offer inviting welcome prizes.

Even those who visit the online guides with the best tricks to win at online slots will find very little.

The only real stratagems that we can suggest to you are reduced to good advice, or you could try the fate with the tricks elsys of which we will talk to you later. But nothing is guaranteed.

Combinations symbols

Inspired by the Omerica epic, Ulysses Machine, it could only have symbols that resumed the most significant characters with continuous references of Greek mythology.

In all, we counted in our review as many as 12 representations, 2 scatter, 1 wild e un Jokernull Now let's see the most significant figures we can find in a bet:

  • Penelope, the wife who awaits the return of the beloved, gives a return of 1000% on the bet.
  • The ancient boat;
  • The Trojan horse: the original episode is worth 250 times;
  • the minotaur
  • Warrior, obviously inevitable, gives the original episode sometimes;
  • The golden helmet so dear to the gods;
  • The shield with the eagle;
  • The common letters of the poker cards: J, Q and K. These give the payment of the spin to one hundred times;
  • The shield with swords.

For what concern Wild It could only be representative of everything, in fact it is Ulysses himself to interpret him.

While The Joker is the Liga siren (which replaces everyone, except the scatter).

These figures can be found everywhere, on any coil.

If you can capture both Wild you have the final result 3 depictions in a single coil that allow you to have higher winnings.

The two runs are the sorceress Circe and the Polyphemian monster And both trigger the bonus. As soon as the player also enters this mode, Autoplay also stops, so that he can check if they perceive prizes.

Ulisse slot game bonus

The secret of success for those who visit the slot machine he comes just from the scatter, i Which allow you to enter the bonus mode When they meet. Let's see in depth which we can meet in ours web game:

Good circe: to trigger it you need 5 representations of the sorceress everywhere on the display.

The moment they activate it is possible to aim, click and win instantly. What do you focus on? The wine cups that are proposed to the soldiers.

Each of them could contain a poisoned drink, and in this case the fighter turns into pork, or the wild liquid: The Instant Money. There are four total attempts, after which we will return to the previous game-screen.

Signs: This is linked to the other Scatter, the Polyphemian cyclops.

In this case the signs must be arrested in the first and last column. If you can stop the symbols of the payment table, then you can be entitled to an immediate gratification.

Arco: In this case it does not matter if there are representations of the sorceress who transforms the procures or of the monstrous and powerful Polyphemus into pigs, the important thing is that they are at least 5, even mixed.

The Game-Screen Arco is like finding yourself in the Robin Hood forest: here too the soldiers with arrows must be affected.

There are only 5 attempts if you manage to have a good aim and get at least one, you could get your flash gratifies.

This imaginative creation that comes bonuses is one of the most fascinating aspects that excites those who use free locknull Because through realistic sounds it seems to find themselves in there, in those fantastic worlds of our readings.


Il Jackpot is progressive For players It is possible to collect it at any time And episode, but the total is proportional to the capital invested.

But it is not convenient to do it immediately, unless it is a large sum. Otherwise you should always leave time for a tot of episodes, staring at a budget before starting and without ever getting out of it.

Free spin

In this reality Homeric there are no free laps, unless there are particular requests from the casino.

But it is good to remember that there is the possibility of using Ulysses Slot in the demo version, at no cost, and also several platforms offer the possibility of having good visit, thanks to which you can bet without paying anything.

RTP and volatility

The RTP is 94.03%. With a return to the player so we attest to an average - high level, also considering that usually the VLTs have a lower return, equal to about 80%.

The volatility is medium -high, since to win the bonus trigger you need to have 5 useful icons available.

However, we do not face a tool that gives the possibility of acquiring considerable sums of money.

Theme and graphics

The graphics are really very interesting. Simple but well built, it allows you to return in an instant to ancient Greece and dream of the amazing adventures that our astute master of deception Homeric has experienced.

The sounds contribute to generating an atmosphere of 100%dive: they are well placed in the historical reality of our brave son of Laerte.

The commands are easily identifiable and within very little it will become automatic to pull arrows, turn the fearsome monster from one eye and face the adversities to get to the end of the lavish booty.

This historical theme is one of the best frescoes in the panorama in which the return journey to Ithaca of the hero is narrated: the magical and monstrous misadventures are well highlighted by the allegorical symbolism present.

And why not, perhaps entertaining himself there, you want to reopen those books forgotten since school.

How to win at Slot Ulisse?

We talked to you even before stratagems to be able to earn Money through this playful pastime. Now let's see in detail some of them.

First of all, however, we specify that what we are going to explain there will be no indications that guarantee a safe victory, because in this type of reality nothing is insured.

They are general indications, which can be applied or not, and must not strictly give a certain result. Sanctioned this, we can start listing some of the known tricks.

  • Il 10 cents trick Elsy It suggests starting the game with an episode of 10 cents and continuing to reach around 30 $. This could give access to better profit opportunities and give victorious combinations. The maximum amount that could be reached is 80 $, beyond you would risk throwing in the wind what has been acquired until that moment.
  • Il Trucco etsy da 25 centresimi It must be started when the game time is limited to just 2 minutes. How you do it? We focus first at 25 cents, after the maximum, but keeping 25 cents. This for 2 minutes, then do the same procedure with the Bet 50 and leaving 50 cents. Once finished it will be up to Bet 100, but keeping 1 euro. With this type of makeup you could stop at 150/300 $.

This type of tricks can only be used once on the platform. But we reiterate that nothing is insured, so it is not said that these revenues actually arrive.

One of the advice that we feel to give you after spending hours is to use all the payline and avoid the autoplay function because by automating everything you lose with what is happening.

We also suggest to always fix a budget to spend and never go further because the expense of small quantities makes you do not realize what you are spending, taken from the adrenaline of the game.

Free Ulisse slot: play on the demo version to practice

This wonderful video game can also be played on some online sites.

Playing free Ulise slot will thus allow you to learn all the techniques and tricks to play real money in this fun pastime.

Free demo do not require downloading any software, and often are available without subscribing to the online games site.

We remind you that to access the online casino 'platforms you need to be at least 18 years old.

Play Ulisse slot with real money

The funniest moment is when it is finally possible to earn real prizes from your passion.

This case is no exception, indeed the possibilities are behind the door, we remind you to always fix a maximum budget to invest in a video slot, beyond which it is good to stop.

Slot Ulisse allows you to play with only 0.15 cents of $, a great opportunity to play for a long time, risking figures within the reach of all budgets.

The maximum episode of 15 $ is obviously the one that most will slide adrenaline, but it still remains lower than the maximum of other famous video slots.

Recall that the game can cause pathological addiction.

Conclusion: our opinion on Slot Ulisse

This American Capecod software involved us a lot during this review.

Obviously forbidden to minors, it is ideal for all adults who want to relive, gaining us on a casino site ', the adventures of Homer that have passionate about us on school desks.

According to our experience on the platform, this game is well thought out in order to spend hours in front of the screen.

Become famous thanks to the online casino, the hero's video game offers good probability of victory on the predictions, although not exceptional.

Certainly you could find more with other similar software, but with a different setting and perhaps less pathos.

However, we feel to recommend it both to those who start and want to experiment with a historical setting, and to those who already use similar leisures, on the other hand, it is possible to play Slot Ulysses even for free.

The extremely simple interface allows anyone to use immediate use, without any difficulty.

Between casinò online ADM/AAMS, this game stands out more than for incredible revenues, for its ease of use.

Basically, we suggest using Ulisse slot machine More for the experience and the possibility of having greater familiarity with this type of reality, than for the remuneration it offers.

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