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Power stars

What better opportunity to play online at a traditional slot machine, Power Stars of Novomatic is the right opportunity to win with winning symbols such as oranges, lemons, watermelons, prign and grapes! Thanks to the Power Stars bonus you will get a free repellent, which weighs to win!


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Main information Power Stars

Power Stars is the typical case of classic that never tires, one Slot machine Vintage in all respects, with cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, watermelons, and the inevitable number seven card.

It is a VLT product of the well -known and award -winning Novomatic, a guarantee of quality and safety, it is the classic slot machine with 5 rollers and 10 winning lines, has a Wild symbol that is the star.

The many sites in which this amusing gaming is hosted, where to make their bet have a deposit as requirement, but the free demo version is possible in some.

The only requirement for playing is therefore to press Play.

Rules of the game

With a vintage taste, this slot machine resumes the classic bar pastimes with mechanical machines, far from today's gaming slots.

It is a VLT with a low cost, Power Stars offers favorable winnings with its 10 PlayLines from minimum 4 cents and maximum 10 $.

Only 40 cents are enough in a gaming casino where you find this VLT to win those who play you, but the most delicious opportunity is when the writing Deluxe appears.

The rules are very simple: when playing they must appear At least 3 equal symbols to be able to win obtaining Deluxe status.

Lo status Deluxe is obtained by finding Three times the symbol 7 In the rollers, so you can have a payment 40 times the episode, In this it would be the best bet of the game.

Some casinos offer the opportunity not to use money and practice free of charge.

Developer and software

This Gambling Power Stars was Designed by Novomatic, which has already been a requirement for some time to be permanently one of the largest producers in the world of these VLTs.

The Novomatic AG group has one of its locations also in USA and is present in over 50 countries. Synonym for reliability, entertainment and internationality, it has its headquarters in Austria.

Novomatic leader of the gaming sector has developed famous VLT such as: Book of Ra, Book of RA Deluxe, Lord of the Ocean, American Diner, Gorilla, Mega Joker and many others.

Novomatic Gaming House software opened in USA in 2007 and now in its staff it has more than 3000 units distributed on multiple locations in the Belpaese, those who love slots play 100% with a product of this provider.

It operates in the sector with ADM license bet, managing 216 thousand terminals.

Recall that payments or deposit in a casino the bet site such as Neteller, Skrill, Carte Visa, Master Card, do not depend on the games provider.

Features of the Slot Power Stars

The features of Power Stars are very basic, 5 rollers and 10 winning lines.

The symbols are those of traditional VLTs such as: oranges, plums, cherries, watermelons and the golden bell.

The number seven is the most important card, if it appears 3 times the Deluxe status is activated, and the payment is 40 times the bet, the only thing to do is click "play", or activate "car play" and see what happens null

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Payout and combinations

With a percentage of payout del 95,54% The digital game has a single spin, so it does not allow you to keep the combinations that are preferred.

Better to read the conditions of use to understand what are the most favorable possibilities.

Simple, immediate, this VLT Slot allows you to choose the number of active lines and how much to aim for each bet.

The most fortunate combinations of the Gaming Stars are those in which the number 7 repeated at least 3 times or the gold bell from left to right.

Furthermore, an important requirement, which is also present the risk function that can be activated through the homonymous button when a winning combination was created.

This special option allows you to double the amount of the lucky composition and thus also obtain a Maximum award of five thousand $.

The other Power Stars requirement also from Mobile, Go and visit, common to similar pastimes of the software house is that car play that allows the automation of the gaming experience, without having to check each time.

However, the latter we strongly advise against it because it does not allow you to supervise the game, also risking making you dissipate the capital in short. Better always to be able to manage the play alone and make your choices independently.

Payment table and lines

Bidirectional slot, Power Stars pays in multipliers. If you activate a maximum bet of $ 100 you can access the ten thousand euro prize. So the double chances of victory.

Combinations symbols

All Power Stars symbols are themed fruit and vegetables in cartoon mode also from Mobile. All the dynamism is linked to the main phase, so that adrenaline remains very high throughout the game.

The star card represents the joker as we said previously, and appears only on the second, on the third and fourth coil.

It takes place in place of the other signs and thus comes to the completion of the right combinations.

You can also expand and appear on the rollers 2, 3 and 4. When it appears it becomes fixed for a lap. But if in the following one it is possible to have another, then both remain fixed for one more ride.

What else do we have in this video game?

We discover in detail what else we will have to expect during the interactive experience also from Mobile.

Look up to find yourself in front of the fruit and vegetable corner of a supermarket, an experience to make your mouth water!

Power Stars symbols:

  • Watermelon and grapes: they make $ 2, $ 0.5 every 4 and $ 0.2 every 3.
  • Plum and orange: their value is not great, like the others too. $ 1.5 every 5, $ 0.3 every 4 and $ 0.1 every 3
  • Lemon and cherry: these adorable colorful drawings entitled to $ 1 every 5, $ 0.2 every 4 and $ 0.1 every 3
  • Il number 7, which is a greater value. Gives the possibility of having $ 10 every 5, $ 5 every 5, $ 1 every 3
  • The bells, these also offer interesting opportunities in fact thanks to her you have 5, $ 2 every 4 and $ 0.5 every 3.

Those listed above are the ones you will always have to keep in mind when you decide to rely on the Goddess Fortuna.

Power Stars game bonus

Inside the game on a website there is a huge possibility, which takes its name from the same slot machine, or the Bonus Power Stars, the star of power. What is it about?

Thanks to it you can finally access the maximum potential, of this vintage game play and become successful players. It is accessed if you can see represented on one of the three central coils. What will happen?

It will be expanded until you stop in position. At the end of his path he will give you a respire free,

There is no limit, it can also be found indefinitely and continue to donate for free. The maximum is obtained when in rollers 2, 3 and 4 there are only stars blocked.

At that point you will get winnings never imagined. The gameplay thanks to this possibility has a whole other flavor.

However, unlike other similar products, there is no other bonus or prize. We are precisely at an essential level of gaming, skinny and aimed at pure game.


As mentioned before, there is no progressiveness, only the Bonus Power Stars It can give access to amazing possibilities of profit.

In addition, since multipliers are used in the mechanism of the game, then all those who also bet 100 credits or 10 $ of the maximum prize are automatically favored if you use real money.

It must be said that although there is no jackpot as in similar software, but the bonus with "stellar power" allows you to get to interesting revenues, so much so that it is worth investing time and money.

The betting function can be activated that allows you to make the cards appear, red or black. Depending on what you choose, you will have double reward or or lose everything.

Free spin

There is no free spin for this bar classic, however some sites choose to pay free turns like Welcome bonus.

If you want to exercise with the laps before really investing, then it is wise to use the free game available online, making a visit to your confidence casino.

But as we saw before there are the kings - Spin, which are an excellent alternative to free laps, since they are also shifts for free but must be earned through the special functionality that is made available online.

Don't worry: it is more likely to meet a large star on your line, rather than activate the free spins in other slots even from mobile just visit the online casino.

The latter usually must be joined by three symbols all close, while instead here it is enough that The Big Star appears and everything changes.

RTP and volatility

There is no joke with an RTP of 95.54, or for every 100 beat the result is 95.54 $ and a medium -high volatility.

You have to be careful and take precautions such as setting automatic limits.

Nonetheless, a slow and thrifty use allows you to use this platform for your advantage.

Theme and graphics

The intense red background makes the appearance of the display very lively.

But we are certainly not talking about a product with a spectacular slot of the slot. Indeed, the style of the retro slot is underlined in every detail, even with a simplicity of images that immediately returns to the mood of the 1960s.

The product is pleasant, very intuitive in the iconographic style and high playability. The theme is the classic of old Fruit machines, which manages to make smiling without too many artistic efforts.

How to win at Power Stars?

Each of these "automatic distributors" determines the outcome of each episode through an RNG, that is, a generator of random numbers.

For this reason it is impossible to establish a secure method to obtain the desired sum. But if you read the website review you will arrive at the awareness of the game.

Having the slot a high volatility rate it is more cunning to proceed slowly and gradually, without squandering all the money immediately.

These Pay to Play sites are made to generate Entertainment and Recreation, not to undergo continuous beating. For this reason, limit your time spent on the gaming platform, interspersing it with constructive breaks, so as to get rid of stress.

Free Power Stars: play on the demo version to practice

With this digital game also accessible from Mobile, you can also test yourself for free with the demo version.

In some sites there is a need to register before accessing you, while in others you can immediately access without the need to provide any personal data or make any deposit.

When the free games will end, you can decide whether to play real money or not.

Using this type of free form is always an advantage, even when you think you already know it, for reading this review of the game with details, bonuses, etc.

Instead, when accessing the free mode you have the opportunity to try new techniques for free, experiment with your luck and the self -control that you have when the adrenaline begins to scroll in the gameplay experience.

Every time you want to experiment with these free games in which to try the fate, read the review first. In this way you will reassure you on the actual characteristics of the video games and you will not be deceived by false réclame or mirrors for the larks.

Very important in free and bonus game mode: never provide payment method. In this case you don't need and they should never request them.

Also separate the possibilities with real money, from those of these experiences of pure simulation of the video games, use different platforms for this slot machine, so as not to have to indicate your generality.

Play Power Stars with real money

When choosing to fully use this title of the Video Games, you have to carefully evaluate where to do your game, because you risk not getting enough if you do not make the right choice.

We provide you with some features to consider when you evaluate the casino on which to lean on for these games:

  • Winning percentage: Not everyone offers the same, no one provide 100% to play, others 80%, others still 200% in promotion.
  • Welcome bonus: Each website reads well, offers different opportunities, tour for free, play for free, or money available to be able to bet and play online again. Always pay attention to checking the conditional related to this type of bonus: nothing is really free, there is always a bet. The important thing is to understand which it is better for these bonuses.
  • Casino or betting site with Licenza Adam/Arms, you have to check in the home of the slot machine or in the other page that exactly the type of licenses it has, so you can understand if it actually worth putting your savings and making a deposit is actually.
  • Payment of deposit methods: There are those who require for the Master Card payment, Neteller, Wallificings, Skrill, Paysafecard, others who have only a few or very few. Based on your payment, choose where to go. Between those who require deposit and those who do not, opt for those who do not do the deposit, but only if there are no too disadvantageous conditions in the other.
  • Speed in providing paymentO: In this case too, focus more on those who give you a maximum margin of 48 hours, later it is too much. Also wait to receive the sum in deposit first and then continue your Betting operations.
  • Positiv reviewsE: Read details of details of this cottotwer novomatic casino. Use the guides that are already found in the platform, consult, view and compared with the experiences of other users.

Remember that the time spent in verifying this type of characteristics of these games with deposit, will eliminate you any future concern later. So read it all right.

Conclusion: our opinion on Power Stars

When Prof. Johann F. Graf in Gumpoldskirchen in 1980 created this slot had a precise idea in mind: have fun and earn with something simple and usable by everyone.

Power Stars is a very different VLT from titles such as Book of RA or Book of Dead, but as they are a classic for those who play with the "Machines" MangiaSoldi.

Our guide on the slot machine cannot provide a complete and exhaustive overview, of everything you can do and get by spending hours of the game.

However, it allows you to get a clear idea of what you could face out there with these games machines.

Based on the direct experience with these interactive machines games, its use can be recommended both for neophytes, and for those who already have a rich and vast experience on the subject.

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