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Lord of the Ocean

Would you like to take a dip in the blue of the seabed of Lord of the Ocean Slot? The Novomatic product is simple, intuitive, funny, with bonuses and free spins. By playing it is possible to obtain a rich booty, starting from a few cents, and there is no shortage of twists and turns with the scatter symbols ready to multiply the payment lines. What are you waiting for?


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Free spin
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Main informations

You are looking for a SLOT with 10 payment lines? Lord of the Ocean Slot It is the ideal wheel machine. The Novomatic provider produced another quality game, with 5 rollers to win rich prizes.

The simplicity that distinguishes this game make it perfect for the best online casinos that are always looking for captivating and impactful products.

It has existed for several years and has become very popular among lovers of aquatic themenull Despite, he decided to write a review to reveal some tricks and to make you know a really fun product up close.

The theme is inspired by Greek mythology and the God of the Sea Poseidone.

The graphics are well done and, with a little imagination, it seems to be just at the bottom of the sea.

Like most regulated slots (with ADM license), this also has one demo version which allows players to get to know the product closely without spending a penny.

Rules of the game

As for all slots, also for Lord of the Ocean Slot It is necessary to comply with the requirement of the combination of equal signs placed in a certain position on the grid.

Speaking of grid, the Creature signed Novomatic is characterized by 5 rollers and 10 lines Pussy.

The signs to combine with each other are 10 in all and recall the world of Poseidon and Greek mythology. Therefore it is possible to find the king and the queen, but also the classic pieces with a letter or a Yggdrasill number, in addition to icons consistent with the main theme, a scatter symbol.

There are two additional features that can be reached in compliance with a certain requirement, let's talk about:

  • Gamble Feature;
  • Free games.

To win, just get a combination with equal signs, starting from the first line of the left. The winning lines are indicated in the "info" section of the game.

Developer and software

Lord of the Ocean Slot A creature produced and networking by one of the most important software house in the sector: Novomatic.

All fans of the world of gaming on the web will have heard of this programming company at least once.

Among the convincing aspects that have contributed to making the aforementioned society popular all over the world, there are attention to the graphics and reliability of video games.

In addition, this product is available on the main online casino that respect the laws, i.e. those with Licenza Adam/Arms, come Octavian Game, Fantasyteam Casino, Big Casino e Merkur gaming.

The deposit methods often depend on the online Gambling website, however the game we are reviewing accepts systems such as:

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • paypal
  • PostePay Evolution
  • Neteller
  • Credit cards of the Visa or Mastercard circuit.

Slot characteristics

The slot we are dealing with has a very common grid, consisting of 5 rollers and 10 fixed lines.

Starting from one combination of 3 scatters Those who place the bet can access 10 free spins.

But they also have the opportunity to select a bonus icon that is expanded to the entire roller on which it appears. In this way, the chosen line becomes automatically All winning.

After finishing a game in profit, the player has the opportunity to increase his win with the GAMBLE Feature feature.

To access this option, just click on the "Risk" button and a hand of cards will appear in which there is the same number of red and black cards.

At this point the player can select one of the two colors and, if this appears on the play table will have doubled the amount aimed, with the possibility of playing a new hand.

If the color chosen by the user does not appear on the table, the sum of betting money is canceled and the Gamble Feature termina.

Free games

Another feature of the slot, which is highly appreciated by the most loyal users, concerns Free gamesnull To access this method, in the initial phase, an icon that will represent the access key is randomly selected.

During the “Free Games” function, the symbol in question extends and included 3 Roller positions, paying in all the positions of the lines played.

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Payout and combinations

I games results They are randomly formulated, responding to a preset algorithm. What really interests the players, however, is the payout, or the share of money that is really destined for winnings.

In essence, every time a user focuses their money a share ends up in Site coffers of gaming and provider, while a rate constitutes The return to the player.

When evaluating a slot, the RTP index is one of the aspects that most affect users.

In the case of Lord of the Ocean Slot, we have noticed is not one of the most convincing games from the Art point of view which, in fact, amounts to 92,13%.

In light of what has been said, we can say that what we are reviewing is not one of the cylinder machines with the best payout in circulation, despite being largely average.

Payment table and lines

The table and payments lines can be viewed in the "Game Rules" section where there is a graph containing all the necessary indications.

The winnings scored with Lord of the Ocean Slot are multiplied on the basis of the amount of the line, except for those with the Scatters which, however, depend on the amount of the episode.

Combinations symbols

Per increase winning opportunities It is important that the player knows the signs and their value well. The icons depicted in this game are:

  • King Poseidone, depicted with the trident;
  • The sirens;
  • A treasure chest;
  • A statue;
  • He lies the poker (A, K, Q, J e 10).

The most important symbol is the "golden wheel" that is used to create the Best winning combination which is called "scatter".

For example, if two golden wheels appear next to a Jeck, these will not turn into j but into two kings.

The choice not to triple the symbol is linked to the desire to offer the best combination and, in this case, 3 jacks would have paid 5x amount, while 2 Poseidoni pay 10x amount.

The golden wheel which appears in the grill it has two functions:

  • it's a joker able to complete the winning combination;
  • it's a scatter And when 3 appear to access the bonus.

Bonus di gioco Lord of the Ocean Slot

Lord of the Ocean Slot is a wheel car very similar to all the others and, in order not to disappoint the expectations of the players, he thought of proposing the Classic Spin bonus for free.

To access it, it is necessary to total at least 3 runs, thus obtaining 10 free laps. Before playing with free laps, you need to choose A cones Bonus who will expand on the grill and make it winning in every position.

When the Scatter icons appear, remember that:

3 symbols pay 2x times the bet;

4 symbols pay 20x times the episode;

5 symbols pay 200x times the episode.


Jackpot is one of the most coveted prizes by slot machines enthusiasts. It is a rich prize pool which is granted to the luckiest player who totals the highest score of the video game.

Not all slots provide for this option e The slot we are reviewing It is one of those.

In fact, given the high volatility of the game, it is understandable because the programmers were not interested in offering a rich booty to users.

The Jackpot, in fact, is a prize that is offered to encourage those who play to aim more and more, in an attempt to make the Massimo gain. But if the slot already has the requirement of volatility, what is it for use to use a further input?

Free spin

The offer on free spins It is a "must" for each self -respecting slot and the creature signed Novomatic could not be less. Users who play with one of its best known products know well: Book of RA Deluxe.

To access the aforementioned bonus, a combination of 5 Wild signs of King Poseidone, which offer 10 free laps.

Most gambling games that respect the laws provide for the possibility of self-set a limit to the episodes. It is a method that allows you to have a peaceful game experience which does not lead to crazy and disastrous episodes.

In fact, thanks to this system, each player can fix the amount to be allocated to leisure in advance before getting caught by emotion.

RTP and volatility

The RTP index It is a value that allows you to identify the share of money in advance to return to the player in the form of a win. It is a requirement to be taken into consideration when evaluating a slot machine or any other game.

In the case of Lord of the Ocean Slot The aforementioned rate amounts to a value of less than 93%.

Objectively, we must admit that this is not one of the most convenient slot machines from the Payout point of view, however it is in line with most of the most popular games online.

Another requirement that must absolutely be taken into consideration when evaluating the idea of pointing your money by playing with a slot machine is volatility.

The slot we are writing about the review is a average volatility ratenull This means that it is not a machine eats money that rarely downloads prizes, but you must still be prudent and have a regular game strategy.

The two aspects just described, push us to believe that this wheels is indicated for players who do not like to overflow but prefer get small constant winnings.

Also try Book of RA Deluxe, of the same provider!

Theme and graphics

Lord of the Ocean Slot is a cylinder machine that transports the player to the world of Marina mythology, with Poseidone, Trini, Sirene and much more.

If the aquatic setting likes this is certainly the ideal slot, thanks also to the impeccable graphics typical of Games signed novomatic which does not deny even in a mobile version.

The presence of blue that abounds in the background and colors of the icons gives a relaxing game experience, characterized by adrenaline peaks when the golden wheels.

Come vincere a Lord of the Ocean Slot

Lord of the Ocean Slot has a grille characterized by 5 wheels and 10 fixed payment lines.

Before starting to play users they can:

  • Practice with the demo account free;
  • Fix the share intended for the game in advance or UN hours.

The minutage is set by those who play, before starting to aim: just click on the auto-play.

This function allows you to fix the Maximum rpm numbernull It is an excellent method to avoid squandering your money and have fun responsible.

To win this game you need to, as with each self -respecting slot, obtain precise combinations. The signs that pay are:

  • King Neptune, which allows you to win 5,000x every 5 on a payment line;
  • Scatter which pays 2,000x every 5 in every position on the wheels;
  • Siren which win 2,000x every 5 on a payment line;
  • Chest who pays 750x every 5 on a line;
  • Statue who pays 750x every 5 on a payment line;
  • Book yes poker who pay a value between 150x and 100x every 5 on a payment line

Lord of the Ocean Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Lord of the Ocean Slot is a game produced by one of the most important gaming field provider on the web.

Therefore, we are talking about a slot that is scheduled to entertain, in compliance with the measures envisaged to reduce the risk of gambling dependence.

In addition to being a corporate choice, the Strategy adopted by Novomatic It is also a legislation of the laws governing this world.

One of the methods used is that of Free demo version on the web, also available from Mobile.

This is the same slot with for which it is meant to make a deposit of money, but which can be used without spending a single cent.

The usefulness of this demo function is to allow all players who approach the cylinder car for the first time understand how it works and if it is right for them.

In essence, The demo version slot It allows you to become familiar with the product without risking.

Playing Lord of the Ocean Slot with real money

After trying the demo version and when the player feels ready to aim for his money, you can make a deposit on the game account of the online casino to which you have registered.

The methods to be used to perform the transaction of money are established by the regulated platform, or with ADM license that follows American laws.

The Minimum episode is 0.40 $ And you get to a Maximum of $ 100 for the round. This requirement makes us understand that the game is perfect for both players who have a high budget and for those who decide to aim a few tens of $.

Almost all gaming portals accept credit/debt cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuit, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Postepay, etc.

These deposit methods They can also be used in the mobile version.

Conclusion: our opinion on Lord of the Ocean Slot

Here we are at the end of our review on Lord of the Ocean Slot.

Il game signed novomatic It is the classic cylinder slot with a 5 -wheeled grille for 10 payment lines. The theme adopted that that of the Greek Marine mythology with King Poseidone and the sirens.

To win it is necessary to obtain the combination of at least 3 equal signs and if the icons in question are the golden wheels, it is possible to access the Bonus Spin Free.

It is not foreseen a jackpot e The RTP index It is not among the highest in the category, but all in all it is a good product: safe and reliable.

We suggest using the first demo version (also present in mobile mode), to get an idea of the game and its main characteristics, without risking even a penny.

I deposit methods Accepted are those indicated on the game site and, in most cases, these are the most common deposit systems.

Ultimately, it is a game that adapts to the needs of all users who love this type of entertainment: with high or low budget, with or without experience.

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