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Gladiator Slot is one of the most famous videos. Despite his over 20 years he continues to keep a timeless charm. It will be thanks to the programmers, the captivating setting of ancient Rome, for those who are passionate about slot machines, this game is a "must" that must be tried. Bonus, free spins and other promo are waiting for you at the Colosseum!


Excellent rtp
Wild symbol
Licenza Gaming Laboratories International
Graphic can dated

Main informations

Gladiator Slot is one Slot machine In rollers no longer very young and, perhaps for this reason, it retains the charm of the video slots of a few years ago.

What are the details and characteristics that have given this product so much popularity?

In this review we will discover all the information of the Playtech branded game, born after the planetary success of the Hollywood movie with Russel Crowe.

With 25 payment lines (later we will discover why 25), this video game is full of references to the film with CE tiles portray the various characters of the cinema film.

The version is inevitable Auto Play which allows the preset player to play and let the software turn the wheels independently.

Rules of the game

To have fun with Gladiator Slot you need to have an account at a regulated casino, or in possession of an ADM license. Furthermore, before aiming for your money, it is always important to know the rules of the video game well.

Although the mechanism that determines the winnings of the slots is always the same, that is to find the winning combinations, when you approach a new product it is good to know the winning cards.

In the case of this video game The image of the helmet is the Wild one, but when he presents himself on wheels 2, 3 and 4 starts the Bonus Jackpot Gladiator that gives the areas extra spins.

The videoslot that we are writing the review is set in the most well -known Roman arena and the symbol of the famous Roman amphitheater most famous in the world, which represents it Scatter which activates a bonus game.

II is good colosseum, on the other hand, makes stone tables appear behind which prizes are hidden. The aforementioned tables are arranged in lines that start from the bottom, for a total of 4 rows.

Developer and software

The video game developer is the Famous provider PlayTech which boasts years of experience and numerous very successful games.

Founded in 1999, the aforementioned British company collaborated with the best digital casinos for the programming and digitization of entertainment product such as slots, roulette, poker games, etc.

In the seven years following the Foundation, the software company has grown to the point of entering the capital market with an initial price of 257 points (in 2006).

To date, Playtech boasts over 1,200 employees in different countries and its growth has been such as to lead to the purchase of Snaitech, the American online game company.

The Gladiator Slot software, and video games with the same abbreviation, is Certified by Gaming Laboratories International: An external control body, among the most important in the casino sector.

After the legalization of poker in USA, the British software house has entered into agreements with various poker rooms, based on the laws set by the regulation and the provisions of the ADM/AAMS.

Slot characteristics

La slot set in ancient Rome It is equipped with a progressive prize pool: a requirement that allows the lucky players to obtain a rich prize.

We are talking about a car that has 5 wheels and 25 payment linesnull The choice of number 25 is not accidental but is linked to the film film.

It seems, in fact, that the producers of "The Gladiator", a successful film with Oscar prizes Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, have announced a sequel 25 years after the first release.

Hence the brilliant intuition of the video game's programmers, to further pay homage to the famous film and everything that revolves around it.

In addition to the figures inherent in the theme of the gladiator, the player can find the classic cards with the values of the poker cards (from 10 to ace).

To have fun with the slot we are dealing with you can start from a minimum episode of 0.01 cent Euro up to $ 5 for each game line.

Established the budget that is meant to aim, Those who play can choose between two versions:

  • Manual.
  • Automatic.

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Payout and combinations

Il PAYOUT It is a requirement of the slot that particularly affects players.

We are talking about the amount of money that the slot plans to enter the system again, in the form of a rich final booty or constant prizes.

The percentage is calculated on the value of each individual bet and is a priori stability by the software programmer, in this case Playtech.

As for the rate that affects this slot, we must say that it is a fairly high: 95%.

To be clear, this value indicates that for each euro aimed by those who play:

  • 0.95 cents plug the prize pool and become usable prizes,
  • $ 0.05 are the gain of the provider.

Payment table and line

Winning with a slot machine is all about luck, it can happen to bet a few $ and bring home a rich booty, but it can also happen to lose without gaining anything. It is the beautiful and bad weather of the gambling.

However, what unites all the Slots Machine is the need to find the combinations that allow you to win.

Any videoslot has special cards. These are icons in line with the theme of the slot, to be combined correctly to obtain a maximum discharge of coins or betting on offer.

To find out what are the tables to be respected and the payments lines it is good to take a look at the rules of the video game.

Furthermore, according to our many years of experience we feel we are recommending to the newbies not to bet immediately but to try the demo version first.

If you want to play with real money, the fundamental requirement is: having an account at one of the regulated web casinos that have this video game in their schedule.

In addition, you need to make a deposit of money using one of the methods set by the gaming website:

  • Credit/debt cards of the Mastercard or Visa circuit;
  • Postepay;
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Symbols and combinations

The theme of the slot is a clear reference to the famous Hollywood film, and presents the details that concern this cinematographic blockbuster.

For this reason, it is not surprising to come across the Emperor Commodus, his sister Lucilla, Senator Gracco, and the gladiators Juba and Proximo.

l’helmet icon It is the commonly defined one Wild And it allows you to access some bonuses.

In order for this to be profitable to the limit, it must appear on the wheels 2.3 and 4. In this case, the activated benefit is the Bonus Jackpot Gladiator that It allows you to win the highest prize pool of the slot.

During the game Bonus Colosseum appear stone files and behind each of them there are prizes that must be revealed from time to time.

Press by line

The list of prizes that each line offers:

  • First line: free giri;
  • Second line: multiplier winning for extra spins;
  • Third line: Extra Scotter symbols, which allow the player to win in any position of the grid and pay the total episode, based on what is indicated in the payments table;
  • Fourth line: extra "s" symbols.

For each prize selected by those who play, you can choose between 4 different options:

  • All the prizes of the selected column
  • A prize that belongs to the upper line
  • A prize that belongs to the same line
  • Welcome the prize and have other extra bets.

It should be specified that during the laps made with the free spins, the player cannot get the bonus game again.

This means that if, while playing with free spins, the winning combination of the helmets should appear, it will not activate the bonus but, at most, spins extra.

Gladiator Slot game bonus

The game bonuses planned by the aforementioned "Roman Empire" themed slot are two:

  • Coliseum Bonus Game
  • Gladiator Bonus Game

To activate this offer, or the one that refers to the Flavo amphitheater, 2 or 3 scatter icons must be totaled.

In this case, the player appear 25 stones arranged in 5 columns and 5 filesnull Each stone hides a different prize: extra betting, multiplier, etc.

Il gladiator bonus, on the other hand, it activates with the "W" symbols when they appear on the second, third and fourth roller. In this case, 9 helmets appear on the game grid that can have the color gold, silver and bronze.

The color that characterizes the figure is very important because it allows those who play to multiply the value of the episode for 10x, 5x or 2x.


The progressive prize is a system that most recent slots are excluding from their game system.

Since Gladiator Slot has a few years more, he retains this offer which is currently one of the highest slots in USA.

The image that allows you to access the rich final prize is the helmet, but to obtain the rich prize pool you need to tota 9 cards with the helmet.

The aforementioned symbol may appear everywhere on the video game grid, but it is only when the image is located on wheels 2, 3 and 4 that the video game activates a certain number of helmets of different color (gold, silver and bronze).

Each color has an expressed value in points, the sum of the scores gives access to the prizes. If the player is lucky enough to see 9 helmets appear on the monitor, it means that he has won the progressive prize pool.

Free spin

To access the fields for free with this video game you need to obtain the Colosseum bonus And, therefore, see the Scatter card appear on the monitor, for two or three times.

When this occurs, the user can see the presence of 25 stone cards that conceal several prizes, among these there are also free spins.

Extra laps can be obtained from the player even while the roller machine is in Colosseum bonus mode. In this case, if the helmets appear again, the cards would not appear but free spins would be added to be used immediately. RTP and volatility

There are two details that must always be checked when you decide to place a bet with a new slot machine:

  • RTP Massimo, or return index to the player
  • volatility.

In the case of video games like these, we must underline the presence of one of the highest index in the sector. These are not negligible details, because we are talking about an offer of 95% of "Return to Player".

Although, on the other hand, it concerns the concept of volatility, let's talk about how much money is a wheel car absorbs first to unload.

Also in this case, the Playtech branded video game is confirmed one of the best products on the market because in the face of a high return index to the player, there is an average volatility rate.

Theme and graphics

The theme is clearly inspired by the cinematographic film "Il Gladiatore", with Russel Crowe.

For this reason, the player who approaches this video game is catapulted into the Flavian amphitheater and will have the feeling of taking a dip in the past, at the time of the ancient Romans, and of the struggles among the gladiators ..

The graphics are impeccable, like most of the games signed Playtech.

Although it was produced at the beginning of the new millennium and is already about twenty years of age, this roller spot has nothing to envy to her younger colleagues, but it certainly cannot be considered innovative.

Even the music have been treated to create the right tension and suspense When you are about to activate a bonus.

Come vincere a Gladiator Slot?

To win in Gladiator Slot, the winning combinations must be totaled, as indicated by the rules.

It is a very simple and intuitive wheel video game, which allows the player to activate bonuses and obtain free spin when certain cards combinations are present.

This review acts by vademecum, with all the information for the newbies who do not have enough experience and think they can win everything immediately.

The experience we have purchased in this field allows us to recommend to the neophytes, and not only, to try the demo version first and, only after evaluating the video game well, to proceed with the real money.

Gladiator Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The demo version represents a great way to practice without spending any payment. Using this game mode, those who bet can:

  • Become familiar with the videogame functions;
  • Know the value of the various symbols;
  • Memorize the combinations that allow access to bonuses;
  • Understand if the slot likes or not.

Most regulated games have the Free version of the video game And this also applies to the aforementioned videolslot.

To access it, it is not necessary to be enrolled in an online casino, in fact there are many regulated platforms (with ADM license) that allow users to play free without registration.

Play Gladiator Slot with real money

When the player thinks he has acquired sufficient experience to point his money, then the time has come to move on to the real version.

In this case, registration on the gaming website that provides the video game is practically mandatory.

Furthermore, before betting it is necessary to make a deposit or access the benefits granted by some online casinos (e.g. extra laps on the first deposit).

A advice that we feel to give in this review, to avoid falling into the vortex of the obsession of the win, is to fix a budget and stop when this comes to an end.

Thanks to Auto Play mode, of which the video game set in the largest Roman monument has, those who play have the opportunity to set up a timer that starts a countdown.

This method also allows the player of self-disciplines, making preset temporal and deposit.

Conclusion: our opinion on Gladiator Slot

To conclude, we can say that Gladiator Slot is a video game that has a few years of experience behind them and perhaps, for this reason, it remains a favorite of the players.

For those who love the setting in ancient Rome and the largest monument of the Eternal City, this game represents, without a doubt, a spot on.

To create the suspense and tension typical of the fighting fighting, the music made well made and perfectly combined with the different moments of the video game.

The user will remain amazed by adrenaline that the audio effect is able to create when the 25 cards with secret prizesnull To each stone that turns, there is sequence of crescendo notes, which create that right mix of emotion and tension.

Over the years he has accumulated awards and prizes that have allowed him to be one of the most appreciated and played slots.

It will be the 95%"Return to Player" index, the average volatility rate, the graphics, the theme or the timeless charm of the Roman Empire.

What is certain is that we are doing the review of a fun, reliable product with good winning opportunities. To access it, you must be registered in a Gambling platform and make a deposit.

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