The King Slot : La videoslot del re della savana

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The King Slot

From Isoftbet's the review of The King Slot, a slot machine with all the charm and sounds of the wild Africa: zebras, rhinos; Buffaloes, elephants and obviously the king, his majesty the lion, with his unmistakable roar. RTP of 96%, Wild symbols, bonuses and free laps.


Free spin
Synchronized rollers
Great Payout
Excellent audio effects
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Main informations

The King Slot is one of the video games of the casa iSoftBet which has collected considerable success among the players both in USA and abroad.

Il Theme at TKS It is certainly not among the most original seen in circulation. It is, in fact, a Slot machine Savana theme where the king of the forest and other animals that are notoriously populated sub -Saharan Africa are not lacking. For this reason, the player will be faced, in addition to the lion, also the zebras, the rhinos and the buffaloes.

In addition to appearing as icons on the wheels of the wheels, these animals intrigue the player with their singular verses. We can say that, despite having a decidedly trivial theme, this slot is treated in detail like this, not only graphics transports you to a wild world, thanks also to the very realistic audio effects.

There is no shortage of free spin areas That allow players to have fun with extra games, but you will also find cash prizes and synchronized laps that give unparalleled moments of leisure.

In the review of The King Slot We will see a very particular casino video game, both from the point of view of the theme and the bonus functions.

If you love the theme that characterizes TKS and you can't wait to find out where the king of the forest is hidden, try it in a demo version (with advertising) or for a fee, by subscribing to a gaming site with ADM license.

Rules of the game

The King Slot ha 5 ruote e 25 paylinAnd. Those who visit the best igaming sites that are authorized to operate in the Bel Paese, will be able to play with this isoftbet product without having to download the software.

This gaming product does not include Jackpot, but has a scatter symbol which allows you to access the rpm and the cash bonus that makes up to 100,000 tokens win.

The rules of the videoslot are the same as that are worth for any slot machine: to win, the winning combinations must be totaled.

To find out what are the combinations that allow each player to obtain prizes and bonuses, it is preferable to always take a look at the terms and conditions of use on the site. How? If the player click on the "Information" item, generally, a curtain opens in which the characteristics of the video game and its specifications are shown.

Developer and software

The King Slot, of which we are writing the review, is a product of the isoftbet company: a software house, whose games are tested by independent agencies (Itech Labs and Gaming Labs). In addition, the games on the web produced by the aforementioned Provider are admitted to USA online casinos thanks to the licenza ADM ex AAMS.

Unlike other programming companies that focus on a single video game, offering different versions, this has a very varied catalog that includes: the slots, the roulette, blackjacks and videopoker.

Given the heterogeneity of its production, it is really easy for a player who attends igaming sites to come across a video game branded by this provider.

Speaking of slot machines, we must see the low amount of products compared to the main competitors such as Playtech or Microgaming. The reason is easy to say: this Developer is quite young, and aims to offer a wide choice, this involves a lower alternative for single category.

Some of the slots targeted by the aforementioned provider are franchise products, as inspired by TV series or successful films. This method of advertising cinematographic productions is a solution often used by igaming programmers.

Slot characteristics

The King Slot è una slot machine che It has 3 runs which activate, based on the combination that is created, several special games. When these rounds are activated, the 5 rollers that characterize the videoslot turn synchronized.

It is easy to recognize this type of rotation precisely for the synchrony of the wheels. In this way the player has the opportunity to identify special games and, at the same time, remember that during the aforementioned rounds it is not possible to obtain free spins.

Those who visit a games site in search of the aforementioned slot could get the Money wheel bonusesnull It is a sort of video game in the video game, which activates a wheel that is three different types: super, mega e epic.

To turn the wheel At least 5 cash Wheel symbols must appear: it depends on the number of figures that appear which of the three wheels is activated.

The player who wishes to make an episode with TKS It has the opportunity to start from a minimum bet of 0.25 $ and reach a maximum of $ 25.

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Payout and combinations

When evaluating a video game you need to consider all the details concerning the product. Among these we have the payout, or the percentage of money that is destined to return to the player's availability in the form of winnings.

This value is commonly expressed as a percentage index. In the case of TKS We found that it is a perfectly in line with the other slots on the web.

Payout is a value that is given to each single video river from an independent agency.

Another aspect that must be taken into consideration, when choosing the game with which you play, concerns the combinations. We refer to that set of figures who appear in a certain position, precisely combinations, generate certain winnings.

To know all the combinations to focus on you can consult the info. relating to videoslot, in which terms and conditions of use are contained.

What are you waiting to try this fantastic slot machine? Just visit one of the best online casino USA.

Payment table and lines

Each slot machine has characteristics that distinguish it from its competitors, even if it must be said that there are so many slots with similar issues that resemble each other.

The King Slot is a video game that presents the classic grid with 5 rollers and 3 linesnull The wheels turn in a non -synchronized way, except In the event that the figure of the king comes out on the odd wheelsnull In this case, to the player 8 free games are combined in which the wheels are synchronous.

The payline of this video game are 25 And each of them has a preset value that depends on the episode made at the beginning of the game. The player click and decides how much to bet on a round, remembering that you can leave from a minimum of 0.25 $ and get to one Maximum bet of $ 25

Payline are indicated on the screen and located in the area below the game grid.


As with all themed slot machines, The King Slot also provides for the presence of figures inherent in the topic of the video game. In this case, it is not to be surprised if, Those who play, see lions, zebras and other animals typical of African savannah.

In addition to these icons, there are also the classic symbols of American cards from 10 to ace. Obviously, the cards that pay the most and offer better bonuses are those in which there are the main figures of the video game:

  • The lion It is the most important symbol, acts by Jolly and replaces all the other cards;
  • The footprint of the lion which represents the Scatter symbol is granted 8 free games when the figure appears on roller 1, 3, or 5.
  • The wheel of money It is obtained from the combination of 5 or more figures and guarantees excellent prizes.

The King Slot game bonus

The King Slot does not include a progressive jackpot but a series of bonuses that are activated when certain combinations occur.

Based on the images that appear on the wheels and their number the player can access:

  • Free spins.
  • Cash Prize, for a maximum value of $ 1,000.

To make a withdrawable bonus, all the bet requirements must be respected. Our advice is to always take a look at the terms and conditions of use relating to the offer to have all the information and details on the matter.

To get the areas Spin Free, the player must see the symbol of the king appear on the odd wheels. In the event that this game condition presents, 8 free laps would automatically activate.

The other combinations of symbols pay a premium in tokens:

  • The feline with the mane pays up to 500 tokens;
  • The elephant gives a maximum of 400;
  • The hippopotamus offers maximum 300.

Finally, the figures with the gaming cards icons (from 10 to ace) should not be forgotten which, if combined correctly, allow you to win figures lower than those just listed.

If the user click on the info. can view the terms and conditions of use.


The jackpot is a prize pool that is plumped played after playing and leading to the victory of the highest prize of the Slot machinenull To obtain this conspicuous cash unloading, it is necessary to tota the combination of cards that allows you to reach the maximum score.

Generally the slots that offer a progressive jackpot as an offer do not give free bonuses and play.

In the case of the digital product, which we are talking about in the review, we found that the manufacturer has preferred to direct its choice on bonuses and cash prizes, renouncing progressive jackpot.

It is not a problem, even if many players love to aim for the stars and prefer to play knowing they can win a substantial prize pool instead of being satisfied with small frequent winnings.

If you belong to the category of players who want to have fun with free bonuses and spins: this is the video game suitable for you!

Free spin

To get the laps for free with The King Slot and, more generally, with most of the games on the web It is necessary to see a combination of scatter appear.

Each slot has its run, in the case of this videolsot, the scatter is represented by the feline now. When the icon appears on the odd wheels (1, 3 and 5), free spins are automatically activated.

The free games can be the maximum 8. Not a very high number, to tell the truth, but the algorithm that manages them is rather generous. In fact, through our tests we have noticed that the frequency and volume of the winnings are definitely higher than the average

Theme and graphics

The theme refers to the wild African savannah. It is no coincidence that the game grid has as its background a typical place sunset and the images on the cards are inspired by the African wildlife

The king of the savannah, the elephant, the rhinoceros, the zebra and the gnu are the most coveted signs, together with the scatter (the footprint of the king of the forest) and the Cash Wheel card.

The graphics are quite simple, even if clear and perfectly adapts to the mobile version as well as the audio effects that accompany the player during the game, reproducing the verses of the animals and the typical Savana sound.

RTP and volatility

The RTP index of The King Slot is among the highest in the category, let's talk about a percentage value that it stands around 96.02%.

The Return To Player is one of those details that very much affects those who visit the online casino, because it allows users of the best gaming sites to understand what is the percentage of money that falls within the prize pool to be won.

However, this factor, alone, is not enough to evaluate the convenience of an igaming product. In making a consideration on the real earning opportunities of a slot it is also necessary to examine the volatility rate.

We are talking about an element that gives the player the opportunity to find out how much a video game absorbs before making a discharge of money:

  • The higher the rate and the greater the episodes to be made before you can win a prize;
  • The lower and less the number of bets that must be made to obtain a prize will be.

In the case of the slot we are writing about The volatility rate is average.

Come vincere a The King Slot?

To win the slots, real money must be aimed (by making a deposit) and being registered with a regulated gaming site (with a former AAMS license). In addition, it is necessary to obtain the right combinations, as required by the video game.

To discover all the winning combinations of The King Slot, just read the information about the video game, in which the details and conditions of use of the product is indicated

The King Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

The King Slot is available in free demo version, also from Mobile.

To access this game mode it is not necessary to be registered with any website.

The function of a demo slot is to allow the player to:

  • Become familiar with the video game;
  • Learn the different functions and recognize special symbols;
  • Evaluate the enjoyability of the video game.

If you are still undecided, try the free demo version, no deposit!

Playing The King Slot with real money

When you move on to the version with real money, things change:

  • The player must be enrolled in a regulated site (ADM license).
  • You have to have an active account and with a deposit.
  • The player deals with emotions (for example tension, adrenaline, etc.).

To have fun with real money, it is necessary to be recorded at an ADM casino. To make a deposit on the game account you can use one of the many methods made available:

  • Debt/credit cards of the Master Card, Visa and Maestro circuit;
  • Postepay Evolution,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Paypal,
  • Skrill,
  • Neteller,
  • And many others.

Conclusion: our opinion on The King Slot

The King Slot is a basic roller machine, suitable for both expert players and novellins in the gaming sector.

The graphics are simple and clean, while the audio aims to introduce the player the best in the setting of the mysterious and fascinating Africa. To point a few cents are needed (episode min. 25 cents), it being understood that with the demo version you access the video game for free.

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