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Sphinx Slot

What are you still waiting for? Sign up now and start playing immediately with the Sprinx Slot, a game now considered as a classic in the sector, but always beautiful and fun, which allows very delicious winnings thanks to its intuitive game dynamics and its special and original and generous bonus symbols game.


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Winning doubles function
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Absence of jackpot

Main informations

The Sprinx Slot is a really well known game, proposed by various mess and which is appreciated in particular for its suggestive Egyptian setting.

Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating periods of all history, and it is no coincidence that it has also inspired numerous games, including various Slot machine, just think for example of the famous Book of Ra.

Sprinx Slot is one of the first and one of the most loved of this type.

It is a classic videooslot with 3 × 5 wheels, and 5 fixed payment lines. It has truly basic dynamics and operation, provides for the alignment of winning figures on one of the payment lines.

The main symbols, except for the super classic "bar" written (common to many VLTs) refer to the Egyptian world: pharaohs, pyramids, palm trees, ancient jewelry and hieroglyphics.

The slot has a pleasant and not too elaborate graphics, even its structure is decidedly traditional, however it must not deceive, in fact hides secrets, as in the tombs of the ancient pharaohs.

Among its most delicious characteristics there is a fun game in the game that is divided into two distinct levels.

Rules of the game

The rules of this video game, collection champion in many mess, are few and very simple, as in the case of the Book of Ra and other similar, it is a truly classic slot for dynamics and approach.

Its main symbols are the pharaoh, pyramids, hieroglyphics, etc. It is no coincidence that it is also often called the Faraone or VLT of the Sphinx slot.

This can create a little confusion, also because there are other slots with similar names and as mentioned various Egyptian themed VLTs.

To play the slot in question, just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the episode per line by clicking on the corresponding "+" sign;
  • Select the number of lines you want to play by clicking on the corresponding "+" sign;

Click on "Turn" to start playing;

At any time it will then be possible to click on the "Stop" button to reduce the wait by locking the rollers prematurely.

During the game, when you get a valid combination on the rollers, the buttons that allow you to collect the winning or betting it are activated having the opportunity to double it or even triple it.

Just make two quick accounts to understand the scope of all this.

The game has a Jolly symbol and a scatter, the first allows the player to complete series that bring a win, as happens with the classic and today spent more widespread Wild.

The run has a similar, but even more interesting and convenient function. In fact, it allows you to complete the winning series on different payment lines.

Also The coin is a special figure, indeed we can say in many ways the most important of the slot.

Allows access to Two different bonus games, but only if there are 3 coins on the same line.

In this slot more than ever, special symbols are great protagonists and bring a considerable added value, transforming a game also almost skinny, into a complete and exciting pastime.

Developer and software

To develop the SPHINX SLOT has already been Spiendo, already IGT (International Game Technology).

Once known as Gtech, it is an important multinational active in the development, production, sale and distribution of online gaming devices and websites.

The Gaming company is based in London and works all over the world, but also has strong links with USA and in particular with the De Agostini group and the Lottomatica holding.

The fact that behind a slot machine there is a structured and decidedly solid company as a spiex (IGT) represents an important business card that allows us to play with greater safety.

Slot characteristics

The SPHINX SLOT online slot faithfully resumes the characteristics by type and number of the traditional VLT of the same name, highly appreciated in slot rooms and fans of other popular titles, such as Book of RA.

The player has the opportunity to set the value of the single episode, starting from a minimum of just 1 cent. You can therefore have fun without significant risks. We can say that it is a truly slot for all budgets.

The structure of the game is very simple, that of the classic slot that we all know and that many love. Instead of fruit and coins, however, there are images related to the ancient Egypt theme.

The fascinating and mysterious theme and the presence of special gaming symbols and bonus game, which help to earn much more, make the game even more captivating.

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Payout and combinations

The slot in question is regulated by AMS e has a high payout, the goal of those who play there is simple: to obtain as many winning combinations is possible.

Then there is also a bonus game that represents a delicious opportunity. It will be necessary to open two sarcophagi to look for multipliers from 5 to 250 times the number of your episode.

If the Sphinx statue is located, the secret chamber will open and you can have From 100 to 2,500 times the amount bet by the player.

All winning sequences and related scores are available in the payments table, inside the game

Payment table and lines

The table with the scores and combinations of the slot is easy to consult on the site that hosts the videoslot.

There are 5 lines of payment and you start earning prizes finding 2 equal figures, but the satisfaction in gaming increase if the symbols are 3 and they start to become very strong if there are 4 or even 5, thus completing an entire line.

In the case of the Jolly symbol, with 2 it multiplies its episode by 5, with 3 pharaohs multiplies by 3, with 4 Jolly it multiplies by 1000 and with 5 you get to multiply the bet by 10,000.

The chances of reaching very high winnings so there are and are concrete, just have the right dose of luck.

Combinations symbols

The main symbols of this slot are all Egyptian theme and the most important are The funeral mask of the pharaoh and the medallionnull The winning sequences are obtained with 2 or more consecutive equal figures that reserve prizes.

Extra functions make the game dynamics more lively and interesting.

The special symbols are:

  • The head of the pharaoh that acts as Jolly And it can therefore replace all the figures of the game (except the coin) to help the player compose victorious combinations.
  • The medallion with the scarabeo is the scatter And he pays in every position when it comes out.
  • The coin, it is a bonus symbol which activates a mini game that allows you to multiply your tokens in a very significant way.

All the winning combinations of the various symbols and the characteristics of the special ones are summarized in a special table, with a pleasant graphics, always available when playing the slot, both in demo mode and in real money version.

Schinx Slot game bonus

The luckiest players can have excellent satisfactions by playing at the Schinx slot, also thanks to Two bonus games which allow you to obtain extra sums that can become very relevant.

Both game bonuses are activated with a combination of 3 or more gold coins on a single payment line previously selected.

  • The first bonus game is that of the sarcophagi, which will be open to look for the bonuses, obviously aiming at the richest.

The second game is connected to the first and is activated in fact by playing. If in a sarcophagus there is the statuette of the Sphinx you will have access to a special room with new opportunities to have fun and win more money.

Speaking of bonuses it is then important to remember those offered periodically by the various game platforms. There are bonuses for registration, welcome bonuses, filing and other promotions that will always be good to keep an eye on.

Some bonuses are linked to the registration on the platform or to specific actions to be carried out on it (such as a money deposit).

Others instead serve to promote specific games and can also add up to each other, consequently multiplying as obvious the advantages.


This slot does not have a jackpot, a sort of treasure that increases to every bet of the various players.

It is everywhere capable of paying very high figures, based on the bet carried out, in the presence of special figures and bonus game, of course if luck will kiss us.

If you are particularly lucky you can really multiply the figures invested, thanks to the exit of special figures or to access the bonus game.

Free spin

This slot does not allow to obtain free laps based on particular combinations of figures that appear on rolls.

His High RTP and the presence of a Game Bonus Which allows you to win a lot, they still make the absence of the always appreciated free spins all in all acceptable.

In addition, the minimum sum set per lap is only 1 cent, so even if there are no free of it, it will be possible to have a lot of fun with truly negligible figures.

RTP and volatility

The ADM/AAMS online slot machines, i.e. legal ones that are available only on platforms with license granted by our state monopolies, have all a minimum payout of 90% set by law.

In the specific case, this slot reaches more than 95% therefore has a Good RTP and a rather high volatility.

Most of the money bet on AAMS platforms will always return to players as winnings, but you will have to manage your budget well because several laps could follow without victories.

Making many episodes of contained amount could therefore prove to be a good strategy, in particular if it seems to us that at the moment the slot is paying little or nothing.

Theme and graphics

The graphics of the slot in question is treated and enjoyable both by desktop and by mobile, but rather simple and at times too essential.

However, its theme, without a doubt fascinating, or the Egyptian setting, between pyramids, palm trees, gold and ancient mysteries is operated.

This topic has been used for various slots which in many cases have achieved considerable international success. The slot in question goes the merit of having been one of the first ever to decide to adopt this suggestive theme.

Those who arrive first not always impose themselves, but the quality of the software and the general realization of the game have been able to convince at the time of its launch and continue to do so still today.

Just see how many players every day they choose it and how many seek it expressly, orienting their choice of the web casino in which to register, also based on the presence of this title.

Come vincere a Sphinx Slot?

How can we increase our opportunities to be successful in the game with the SPHINX slot? Are there tricks or strategies that can concretely help us win?

Online slots are game software which, regardless of graphics and functionality, are all united by the presence of a sophisticated system for the generation of random numbers.

The exit of the symbols on the various rollers is completely random and this makes the game safe and ethical, not manipulable from gaming houses or other subjects. There are therefore no tricks or mysteries to reveal.

The slots are among the most successful online games, they undoubtedly have many arrows in their bow, but one of the greatest motivations behind their affirmation is the simplicity and randomness of the game.

There are no complex rules and no elaborate strategies are applied. Simply wins those who are luckier, not those who are better or maybe just a little smarter.

SPHINX SLOT FREE: Play on the demo version to practice

As we said, the slots are based on randomness, therefore on luck. However, this does not mean that the experience does not pay.

Although the basic mechanics of the game are common to all slots (physical or online they are), each is unique for figures, scores, special symbols and any bonus games.

Know the slot with which you play for this without a doubt of the advantages are not a little.

The good news is that you can familiarize free on the web with the slot of our interest.

The best online casinos in fact allow on their website of Try the most famous slots in demo mode, just to have fun and spend your time carelessly.

This mode is very important to try the game for free on the Casino website and understand all the functions and potential well.

When approaching this type of games, the experience certainly does not ensure victory, but helps us to better understand what we do and to make more aware and in the long run potentially more profitable choices.

Before making a deposit, it will always be good to test the video game for a while.

Play Singinx Slot with real money

We recommend as soon as you write to start playing with the SPHINX SLOT in Free demo mode on the Casino website '.

When we have learned to know it a little, we will also be able to choose to move on to the version with only real bar or online, to have fun and excite even more, making our deposit.

Remember, however, that the game is forbidden to minors, and that we must always play responsible and only on completely safe and legal platforms, no tricks, maximum seriousness.

Often when it comes to strategies to play and be successful at slot machines, we generally refer to the gestured del bankroll, That is, the figure that is willing to play and then put at risk.

To play d'Azzardo you need SALES NERVI and know first of all to manage their money and above all the losses.

Many angry players, worry, agitated and this generally makes you make wrong decisions, or in any case hasty and risky, such as making an exaggerated deposit or pointing more than you may lose.

Always be wary in the gaming world by those who promise you to reveal secret secrets or miraculous strategies and maybe say they are a guru and sell this type of information.

The slots, it is good to reiterate it once again, they are based on luck, the rest are only chatter if not real scams from which to stay away.

Conclusion: Our opinion on Sphinx Slot

We have reached the final conclusions of this review on the Sprinx Slot, a game that we can now define classic in the vast and varied panorama of online slot machines.

Our staff has documented and tested the slot for several days, familiarizing that its main characteristics and different features.

What do we understand, is it possible to expect a win to this game?

This game may seem in some ways a little dated, it has less sparkling graphics, compared to other similar ones, but also has functions, such as the bonus game, which even more modern slots do not always offer.

The overall slot is undoubtedly enjoyable, it has a good payout and special symbols such as the Wild that can give excellent satisfactions.

There are no important elements to be complete, such as Jackpot and Spin for free.

The presence of the Game bonuses, however, go to balance these gaps, returning in the whole an enjoyable game, which will continue to have a good success for a long time.

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