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Sahara Slot

For those looking for a classic roller game, well done and without too many pretensions, Sahara Slot is the ideal online gaming product. If the setting in the desert likes, the typical climate of the adventure, with some bonuses and many free spins, don't waste any more time: try the demo version immediately!


Indice RTP
Easy and intuitive
Bonus Spins Free
Basic game
Absence of jackpot

Main informations

Have you already heard of Sahara Slot? Fans of Slot machine They perfectly know what we are talking about in the review: a roller game set in the largest desert in the world.

Forget the silent and quiet climate typical of the immense expanse of sand, with this game you will have to deal with armed brigands and poisonous snakes.

Before becoming an online casino gaming, Sahara Slot achieved considerable success in traditional rooms around the world.

In the review we will reveal what are the 5 strengths that have made this digital video game so famous and appreciated.

Sahara Slot is a premium video game produced by the prestigious Novomatic software house. The operation is the same as any other slot, the settings and the graphics change.

As the name of the casino product suggests, the 5 -rollers slot has a scenography reminiscent of the largest desert in the world.

His arrival on the net takes place after years of honored career in the slot rooms around the world, where players and fans of the genre had already been able to appreciate this game live.

Rules of the game

The rules of Sahara Slot are very simple and to flow them we have to start from the fact that this game has 5 wheels and 10 active lines.

So, for all the games, the player who visits the site has the opportunity to try to win with different combinations of game, which allow you to activate symbols and get bonuses.

To activate the icons, three equal icons must be totaled on nearby cylinders, starting from what is in the most left part of the screen. Obviously, as with all slots, the same symbols must be positioned on the same line.

If, on the other hand, the user prefers to aim for bonuses and therefore to the famous Free spins It is appropriate Use the Wild sign.

Each gamer has the opportunity to modify the number of lines to be activated for all individual games at will. To do this, just use the buttons positioned in the lower part of the screen.

Click play and have fun!

Developer and software

Novomatic It is the company that is hidden behind the programming of the product from Casino Sahara Slot.

We are talking, for those who knew it, of one of the most important software house in the world of gambling on the web that like his partner Playtech, every year, churns out new funny video games.

The developer of the casino video game that we are reviewing is a gambling club that has an experience of over 40 years behind.

From the moment the company, founded by the billionaire Johann Graf, began to take its first steps in this area producing slots and real games, to be distributed to various traditional casinos.

With the spread of the internet and the increase of players who prefer to have fun with a device connected to the network, the company has understood that she had to keep up with the times by creating videooslots.

The numerous digital games of the company were born from this need which, today, populate most of the best gaming sites.

Slot characteristics

Playing with Sahara Slot is quite simple, just subscribe to a regulated online gambling platform, and therefore, equipped with Licenzaadm/ Aams.

In this way, it is possible to have an account where to make a money deposit, choosing one of the available methods (eg Visa, Mastercard), and receive the bonuses.

To have fun with the slot machine only 20 cents are enough, while the maximum amount is 200 $.

The reason why the site has decided to set a maximum amount is due to the "playing responsibly" regulation, to which all certified realities adhere, as well as the partner Playtech.

The aim is to reduce the game addictions to the web and avoid the depletion of the capital of fans, then click Play and play the right, without overdoing it.


Before starting to play with Sahara Slot, the gamer must:

  • Have money on the account;
  • Make a deposit by choosing one of the admitted payment methods (to find out, just click on the "?" Symbol)
  • Establish what is the figure it intends to allocate to this video game.

Among the tools allowed to make a deposit are the credit cards of the Visa and Mastercrad circuit.

To win, at least 2 equal symbols must be shown, in this case those who make the bet gets the same amount they had aimed. If, on the other hand, the equal drawings are 3 or 4, the user has multiplied by 4 or 10 times the share of the bet made.

To make the casino product even more captivating, the Sahara Slot programmers have inserted icons that allow you to use a multiplier ranging from 20 to 1000.

The figure in question is quite easy to recognize, because it is a beautiful Egyptian who appears directly on the scoreboard.

Before pointing your savings and making a deposit with one of the available methods (e.g. Visa) it is possible to become familiar with the product by playing with the test version that is free.

Our advice to use the demo version is dictated by the high rate of losses that gambling games recorded to users.

Furthermore, following a research we did, it seems that this video game has a very high level of volatility and an equally low percentage of positive outcomes.

Most gaming companies offer a demo version, the prestigious Playtech is an example.

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Payout and combinations

Sahara Slot's payout is one of the highest in the sector, In fact, we are talking about 95% return to the player. For the uninitiated, the Payout is the ability of a site (in this case an online casino) to pay the winnings.

In substances, in the case of the aforementioned digital product: out of 100 tokens inserted in the slot, 5 remain with the company that promotes it, while 95 are intended for the positive results of the players.

This factor is among those that most affects the players that collect information on an online gaming product.

Sahara Slot is a very simple video game, in fact it has a single Special Wild symbol that performs different functions.

Payment table and lines

The return to the player as mentioned is 95%, even if Sahara Slot has two payment methods that depend on the bet with which you bet:

  • Bet alto (between 100 and 200). If the slot has recently granted a win of $ 100, it may also want $ 3-400 to get the aforementioned figure again. So it is not convenient to aim for the unloading of $ 100. If, on the other hand, a $ 300 mini bonus is scheduled to focus on up to $ 900-1000. Consequently, if in the one who places the bet it happens to attend an absorption of at least 800 $ without exhaust, it has the opportunity to try to insist another 2/300 $ to obtain 2-3 mini bonus.
  • Bet basso (between 25 and 50). In this case, the operator aims at 20 $ and its purpose is to obtain small discharges that allow you to recover the hit and earn.

Combinations symbols

Sahara Slot is a very basic videoslot, so according to our opinion it is more suitable for experienced players, but not very suitable for newbies looking for panache and liveliness by a slot machine. The symbols are very few and the only requirement that really interests those who bet is the symbol with the double V.

Using this icon, those who place bets have the opportunity to access three different functions:

Create a prize combination, which can lead to collect 5000 tokens;

  • Have the same usefulness as a joker by replacing the other icons, increasing the opportunities to create winning combinations;
  • Access the Giro bonus for free, when it appears in 4 different positions of cylinders.

Shara Slot game bonus

The bonus that all lovers of slot machines await with trepidation is the famous spin at zero costnull It is one of the methods that allows the user to get free laps.

Sahara Slot uses these benefits as a method to entice to play, which thus continues to aim. Often, in fact, Jolly and unpaid sultans can appear who tend to delude the player, believing that the machine will pay shortly.

The slot proposes frequently game bonuses which, however, are not granted randomly but respond to a precise point rule. In practice, Sahara Slot not from bonus on the first lap: never!

Only if the screen changes color and the player who visits the site has already pointed the credit won, the car will grant the bonus area.


The jackpot is what we Americans commonly define prize pool. In the case of gambling, like Sahara Slot, the Jackpot indicates the winning combination that allows the gamer to obtain the prize pool or a final prize.

In the world of slots, this element, which allows you to accumulate a substantial gain, is the special observed of fans of the sector.

The presence or absence of a final prize pool is an option that depends only on the software house. In practice, each programming company of digital games decides whether or not to associate these particular slot prizes.

In many cases this economic recognition accumulates, supporting a progressive system.

It provides that, at each episode, a share is destined for the jackpot. When this occurs, we are faced with a slot that collects its prize pool, which continues to grow over time.

The lucky winner gets the entire amount, at the time of a certain combination that is generally the one that allows to obtain the highest score is recorded.

For those who want to know and try Sahara Slot, it is good to know that no jackpot is expected.

Free spin

Free laps are another feature highly appreciated by lovers of roller machines.

It is a bonus that allows those who place the bets to obtain a certain number of free laps. In this case, the player has the same victory opportunities as when the real money is aimed, but the cost of the investment is zero.

Sahara Slot Grant Giri Free!

The requirement to obtain them is: stack three Wild symbols. In this way you get free turns which, of course, have the "W" blocked.

With this slot machine you can have a maximum of 7 spins, however during the games played with the rpm, the user can accumulate other attempts (if the symbol of the bonus on the screen appears).

RTP and volatility

For those looking for a slot machine that has good chances of winning we must, in spite of ourselves, find that Sahara Slot is not the right machine.

In fact, this Novomatic product is perfect for those who want to have fun with the rpm, rarely capitalizing small figures: a requirement that does not excite us.

The RTP index is one of the highest in the sector (95%), but the methods of the points and bonuses, which are given only to entice the player to remain attached to the car, are not among the most convenient.

These two aspects, just mentioned, represent a large limit on the winnings and make this digital leisure highly volatile. This means that it is necessary to enter a large number of tokens in the car in the face of poor earning opportunities.

Theme and graphics

The graphics of the slots, launched on the web in recent years, are increasingly clear and well made.

After all, the competition is high and of similar products, on the market, there are really many.

This condition arose the need to create Games who captured the attention of the players and who pushed them to passionate themselves to that specific slot.

So in addition to planning simple themed game, software house are demonstrating great attention to the themes that are called to distinguish these games.

Sahara Slot is a video game on the web which, from a graphic point of view, has nothing to envy to the other protagonists of the sector. The theme is compelling, thanks also to the setting in the African desert and the appearance of sultans and beautiful Egyptians.

How to win in Sahara Slot?

To win a slot you have to understand exactly how it works. We are not referring to the method to be used to play, but of the programming that is hidden behind that online gaming product.

Sahara Slot is a game that does not promise a number of important winnings, also for the absence of a final prize pool.

But more general, the real limit to the opportunities for winning in Sahara Slot is due to the fact that this game is linked to a points system, so only after obtaining a certain score does the slot pay.

Sahara Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

In this review we want to give advice to those who approach a new game for the first time, even if it is an intuitive slot like Sahara, it is to try first with the demo version.

In this way, you play without making a deposit and evaluates:

  • If the game is right for him or not (on average 40/60 attempts are enough to mature a judgment);
  • How Sahara works and what are its main characteristics;
  • How to access the bonuses and free laps.

Playing Shara Slot with real money

After taking enough familiarity with Sahara Slot, the player can aim real money. This is an important step in which we move from the almost total absence of emotion and a "blow" adrenaline.

The advice we give, to those who are deciding to pass from the demo version (free without deposit) to the real (for a fee), is to fix in advance in the budget.

Thanks to this method, the player can decide in a lucid and detached way what is the sum of money to be allocated to fun with a specific slot.

In this way, we avoid falling into the temptation to try again and again, dilapidating one's heritage but above all one avoids falling into the very dangerous spiral of addiction to gambling.

Establishing, in advance, the sum available means having fun, in total safety!

Conclusion: our opinion on Sahara Slot

Sahara Slot is not a product that has impressed us particularly and, although it is in possession of an ADM license, we do not consider it a suitable game for those who are a beginner.

Sahara Slot's graphics are well studied and also its functions, however we must clarify that it is a very basic casino product that little suits those looking for extra functions and liveliness.

The videoslot of this review is the classic slot machine: fun at the right point, without overdoing it, these characteristics make it perfect for veterans in the sector, but as perhaps perhaps less for newbies.

The characteristics that have left us many doubts concern the absence of a jackpot, the bonus and free rpm system and the high volatility.

However, we must also report positive aspects such as a high RTP index, the presence of a demo version with which to practice and become familiar, and a limit imposed on the games.

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