Dolphins Pearl Deluxe: an ocean of winning bonuses and symbols

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Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

Enter and play immediately with Dolphins Pearl Deluxe the sequel to one of the most colorful and fun online slot machines in Novomatic. With its bonuses and the many possible winning combinations on its rollers, this splendid marine game will be able to reward and have fun like few others, giving you entirely unique emotions.


Simple gameplay
Wild very interesting
Free Spin with X3 multiplier
Not very suitable for novice players

Main informations

Are you looking for information about Dolphins Pearl Deluxe? Do you want to know the main features, the rules and maybe find out how to win this video game?

You are on the right site! We have carried out a lot of research for you and to follow we will give you the answers you are looking for, we will also explain step by step how to aim and win with this popular video game among the most loved in USA.

Launched in 2009, the Internet variant of the SLOT Traditional room, Dolphins Pearl Deluxe of Novomatic ensures significant emotions in a suggestive marine setting.

The slot we are talking about is the sequel of the Dolphin's Pearl, and allows you to get to know many nice aquatic creatures better and to discover the many beauties of the ocean seabed, through the symbols that appear on its 5 reel. To find out more, read our complete review.

Rules of the game

The slot has really simple rules and dynamics, before starting there is possibility to set the number of payment lines and the amount of your episode (single token).

Based on the value of the same and the lines activated, the total amount of the game will be calculated.

The victories also vary according to the value of the token and the overall one of the bet, but this regardless of the amount of payment lines that have been activated.

Despite the number of non -impact lines on combinations and prizes, it has as a remarkable relevance if we talk about probability of winning.

To create a winning combination in this video game you will have to align at least two, or more often, three equal figures on the same active line and on rollers close to each other starting from the first, the left one.

Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe has among its winning symbols those of the American playing cards: in particular you win with combinations of A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9, the other figures are instead linked to the sea: fish, horse, lobster, lobster, race, perla (Scatter) e delfino (Wild), very precious to hit a win.

Developer and software

Among the giants manufacturers Videoslot Novomatic Novoline figure, to whom the slot in question is due, a software house to which we owe many other titles, such as the famous Book of Ra.

Novomatic One of the major legal game operators in the world is an international reality that work to over 20 thousand people, one of the best known jug brands if we talk about online casino software, also in USA.

Slot characteristics

Novomatic replied with the slot in question a non -rare process in the sector, namely that of taking a successful video game and enriching it, renewing and expanding it, to create a sequel, almost always intended for a considerable appreciation by gamers.

In this case he took the already known and beloved Dolphin's Pearl and updated and enriched it, giving life to his deluxe edition, the theme is always the marine one, but they were introduced New delicious features and characteristics.

Among its peculiarities, in addition to a very pleasant graphics, the fact that the prizes obtainable with a single winning combination can reach well 45000 tokens.

Then there are the "free spins" and "Gamble" bonus functions, which respectively allow you to obtain free laps or to bet the prizes won up to that moment with a special play, ideal for the real fans of the azadal.

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Payout and combinations

Inside the video game it is possible whenever you want to access the table of the winning combinations, which is characterized by good graphics and an effective schematization, which allows with an eye to immediately identify the most interesting combinations on the plane economic.

The lowest winnings are obtained with 2 breeds or 2 numbers 9. You can then get more significant figures by collecting 3, 4 or 5 equal symbols.

By obtaining 5 races and lobsters you start to see a nice number of tokens, but things are even better with pearl or dolphin, which in addition to paying a lot bring other important advantages, such as free spins and multipliers, being special symbols.

Payment table and lines

The lines of payment, or the lines on which the symbols of the various rolls can be aligned to obtain a win, can be set by the player before making his bet.

You can choose from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 different lines, which will pay from left to right.

The payments table explains in a rather intuitive way and with a very effective and pleasant graphics the scores of the different combinations of figures.

In any case, if we are lucky, the slot will pay us without any particular operation we are ever requested, so even if we had not noticed a victorious combination.

Being aware simply increases the fun and quantity of emotions experienced.

Combinations symbols

In this aquatic theme slot The Wild symbol is that of the Delfino, which also reveals itself as the most value. If it is part of a winning combination, it also applies a precious multiplier X2 that doubles our tokens.

The scatter figure of the slot is instead the pearl, which allows you to activate the Game Bonus that earns important Free Spin.

These allow us to aim more and have more opportunities to win.

There are various possibilities to win, also on the basis of the payment lines activated, in any case it is necessary to put together a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 equal figures, based on the value of the same, following the reference of the payments table, yes they will multiply their tokens.

To enrich and complete the functions of the slot there is also the car car, perfect for those who want to automate some laps, perhaps to have their hands free so as to cross their fingers.

Pollphins Pearl Games Pearl Deluxe

The Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe slot is equipped with a Bonus mode that consists of a special round, a video game in the video game so to speak that it provides well 15 free spins with X3 multiplier which obviously will have to try to take advantage of the maximum.

In the normal laps, however, the role of the Wild symbol is interesting, which makes an X2 multiplier to those who win, with any combination that contains it.

The game bonuses often present in the best virtual slots are a truly important element, which must be known and exploited to the maximum and which greatly increases the convenience of the slot. The same applies to any bonuses provided by the sites that host the slot machine.


In this videoslot it is not foreseen, as is usually happening in some other similar slots, for example a progressive jackpot (or other type).

Other functions, such as configurable payment lines, a remarkable flexibility in the episode and gambling mode, which allows you to try the fate by betting what has been won up to that moment, still make the slot very appreciable, by various types of gamers.

There are also combinations that really pay a lot, so on balance, the absence of a jackpot is not so heavy.

This video game is very enjoyable both by those who make small bets and are satisfied with small winnings and by those looking for strong emotions.

Free spin

Free laps are always highly appreciated by those who play with the Slots Machines on the web because they allow you to multiply the fun, increase the game time and of course their opportunities for victory, all at no cost.

The presence of tribute laps or bonuses or mini games that allow you to get more and more to get among the variables that more than others push the players, both expert and novice, to go to one slot rather than another.

The colorate slot has a round bonus speciale con ben 15 spins gratis During which it is also possible to enjoy a very interesting X3 multiplier that can bring your earnings to the stars.

RTP and volatility

The RTP (the economic return for the player) of the video slot is 95.13%, its volatility is high and the slot is known to request good management of your bankroll since it is not rare at all rarely to clash with several spins without interesting combinations.

The great part of the bets is returned to the players, but you have to prepare for an altrote, there may be various spins that pay little or even zero, then followed by a series of lucky turns with important satisfactions.

With a little patience and an adequate dose of luck, the collections will come and can also be very relevant.

Just take a look at the payments table to immediately realize it; There are decidedly greedy combinations.

Theme and graphics

If the blue of the ocean relax and marine creatures like dolphins excite you, this could be the slot machine suitable for you.

On the wave of the success of the now classic Dolphins Pearl, its Deluxe variant maintains the same general spirit, but further improves graphics and functionality.

It is a truly compete game, very well cared for in detail and substantially able to meet the taste of a definitely large and diversified game of gamers.

One might think that all the slots are similar, but in reality there are many and not all of them are at the same level.

When there is a careful research on design and a great quality in the graphic and sound sector, this is noted and from a remarkable extra gear to the game, the Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is a concrete example.

Come vincere a Dolphins Pearl Deluxe?

This is probably the point of the review that will arouse the greatest interest between video gamers and aspiring such.

How do you win the slot? Are there effective laws and strategies for a winning bet?

Slot machines are great protagonists both in physical and online game halls, each gaming site always offers a good number. More and more often they represent the vast majority of the titles planned in the mess and this applies to every part of the world.

The success of the Slots, in particular if we focus on the online ones, is rather easy to understand, these are always very colorful and fun video games, which have not requirement the knowledge of complex rules or the application of specific game strategies.

Basically they are based on luck and the combinations are regulated by sophisticated programs for the generation of random numbers.

Having said that, however, it is undeniable that knowing the slot on which you can aim can give non -negligible advantages, both in the immediate and medium and long term.

By understanding the game and episode dynamics we will be able to better manage our budget and take advantage of any bonuses, such as free laps or multipliers who help us maximize revenue.

To approach in a winning way to the Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe (but this is generally worth a bit for all slots) we therefore recommend trying it initially in demo version without any deposit, just to have fun and better understand its dynamics and potential.

Once we know her well we can start aiming with real money and if luck there will be a friend, also to obtain potentially very interesting winnings.

Dolphins Pearl Deluxe Free: play on the demo version to practice

Play the Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Slot Machine Demo Version free, no deposit, this allows you to have fun risking zero euro and practicing, a very important requirement to understand the best rules and dynamics and be able to, if and when you want, move on to the one with real money.

You can play the demo version without having to download any program even on your smartphone or tablet,

Without deposit of money and directly from the website that proposes it, through its browser (the program for navigation on the Internet), without registration and playing in the same way both from computers and mobile.

The latter is the most growing mode in recent times.

Thanks to the demo of the slot it is possible to easily familiarize yourself with the various mechanisms and game dynamics and test your gaming strategies without running unnecessary risks, it is therefore an important opportunity that must be absolutely cultured.

You do not spend a penny of your own pocket, you have fun all the time you want and at the same time you discover all the characteristics and secrets of the game, increasing the winning opportunities.

Play Dolphins Pearl Deluxe with real money

For those wishing to try the fate with the fun aquatic slot, it will be good to know that practically all the best legal online casinos propose it on their site, being a really very popular title and for this required and appreciated by users.

Many game platforms then provide remarkable bonuses, which it is good not to miss, because they multiply the chances of gaming, to have fun and also win money.

In addition to offering free turns, some websites with ADM/AAMS license also offer welcome bonuses when registering or a deposit bonus.

Please note that in USA the game is forbidden to minors, it could also cause pathological addiction, always played in a responsible way and on platforms respectful of national and international laws, mainly to have fun and not to chase easy earnings.

A general rule, which is important to respect is to point only figures that we are arranged, in the worst hypothesis to lose.

Conclusion: our opinion on Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

This review was born following a scrupulous research work carried out by our team, which not only documented himself on this slot, but has tried it, dedicating himself for many hours to the game and deeply understanding the various aspects.

That of testing a videoslot is an essential requirement to really know it, and guide you towards a possible win.

In light of this and what has been written so far, what is our final opinion on the Dolphin's Pearl in its valuable Deluxe edition?

It is a very beautiful slot, well -kept in detail and aligned at the level of other Novomatic products that it is no coincidence that it has been able to impose itself over the years among the undisputed leaders of a highly competitive sector such as that of casino games.

If you can get noticed in this endless world, it means that you are really smart because you can count on an extra gear.

What we like most and convinces of the slot in question, in addition to the original and pleasant underwater theme, are the many interesting features that make the game always dynamic, fun and exciting.

Combinations that pay very well can be obtained and also exploit free laps and multipliers who can give significant economic satisfactions and beyond. The absence of a jackpot does not stand out too much and the time spent playing with this video game is truly pleasant.

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