Extra Chilli Slot: Complete review with symbols and combinations

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Extra Chilli

Try immediately the colorful BTG extra chilli slot, sign up and play with one of the most fun and generous online slot machines ever. Discover today its unique setting and its particular game mode and appreciates its high Payout which allows remarkable winnings even to the least expert.


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Up to 20,000 times their episode
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Extra chilli slot main information

Extra Chilli Slot is a popular game developed by the Big Time Gaming team, Software House author of other notes, such as the famous Bonanza, a real cult.

If you are looking for more information on this colorful slot online You are in the right place.

He made his first appearance on the recreational video market in 2018 and soon passionate and convinced many players in various countries around the world.

It has a well -kept graphics and megaways functionality not always easy to find in similar games, special symbols, freespins, etc. Extra Chilli is in fact original from various points of view.

If you want to get to know the rules, the main characteristics and opportunities for winning the aforementioned slot, continue to read our review, in which we will deal with these and other interesting themes, in a rather in -depth way.

Rules of the game

The rules of extra chilli slot have undoubtedly contributed not a little to its considerable success, since they characterize it and significantly differentiate from the other slots that crowd the igaming sector.

To begin with Extra Chilli, it has an extra roller that allows you to add figures and significantly increase the opportunities to obtain winning combinations during the different phases of the game.

All figures, excluding scatter, can be replaced by others that come from above above the standard rollers and from the right on the extra roller.

The Scatter symbol is the hot writing and allows, when you complete on a roller, letter after letter, of Get 8 rpm Extra Free.

There is also another scatter, the +4, which in this case as it is easy to guess makes you get 4 free spinnull The firecrackers are instead the Wild, which could replace all the other elements, with the sole exclusion of the scatter.

All the figures are characterized by a pleasant graphics, very colorful and fun and perfectly in line with the general aspect of the game, set in Mexico.

This slot on the design front manages to be rather innovative and in any case effective, without however distancing itself too much from the most appreciated trends, therefore manages to meet the tastes of a vast slice of users, but without ever being trivial.

Developer and software

To have conceived and built the sophisticated software that makes the extra chilli work was Big Time Gaming, also known to be simply with the acronym BTG.

It is one of the largest and most famous game software manufacturers in the world, strongly specialized in the latest generation online slot.

Born in Australia in 1996, today BTG is among the most successful software house on the European market and beyond.

The fact that the slot has such a colossus behind it is very important and ensures maximum quality and safety, aspects that as of course should never be underestimated.

Slot characteristics

Extra Chilli Slot has several peculiar characteristics that we will deal with the review that make it unique.

Features that have contributed in a very significant way to making it appreciate both from the new players and from the more experienced and sorted ones, always looking for interesting news and that manage to stimulate them and perhaps amaze them.

This slot has no payment lines, but a system that provides well 117,649 possible winning combinations.

Many of the best known slots in the world have 3 or 5 wheels on which the various figures appear, this slot has 6 instead and allows you to play with a deposit starting from only 20 cents For single bet.

The original setting, the fun graphics and the particular features, together with a high Payout are all winning characteristics that help to explain the global success of this game.

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Payout and combinations

The Extra Chilli Slot has the main symbols of the Mexican chillies of different colors, a look is enough to imagine how spicy they can be.

There are green, blue, red and purple peppers that alternate by leaving the rollers after the bet. The wait to see the combinations that are progressively forming is always very exciting and also fun, as well as finding out if and how much you have won.

Green and blue peppers have the same payout, while the red one pays more. This is important information to know.

To give the greatest economic satisfactions at the end is the purple pepper, just find only 2 to immediately create a winning combination capable of translating into a win.

This incredible slot allows you to collect your episode up to 20,000 times, making calculations is very easy and consequently also understanding its incredible potential.

By playing a few $ you can hope to get a win that changes life. With a single play of just 1 euro, twenty thousand can be obtained!

Payment table and lines

The slot does not provide for the classic payment system system, the method that is larger.

With Megaways, the ways to win are really many, thanks to its particular system of wheels, and the presence of special symbols that also entitle to Spins for free (which multiply the fun and the possibility of accumulating money).

Combinations symbols

Above the spicy rollers of the extra chilli we find the figures and numbers of the American cards (the poker ones to be clear), from number 9 to the ace.

The paper with the lowest nominal value is also the one that pays less, while Jack and women have the same payout, as well as Asso and Re.

However, the symbols of spicy peppers, which characterize our slot set in a crowded and vital Mexican market make things. By putting 2 or more chillies together, according to their color we can get potentially very interesting winnings.

With the symbol of the coin it is possible to activate the appropriate feature that allows you to unlock 12 to 24 rpm for freenull Having more played more, as it is easy to understand, increases fun, the time in which you play and consequently also the opportunities of victory.

The free spins are therefore truly fundamental and being able to have 24 of them can change the outcome of their games and give us the time necessary for luck to turn the right direction, ours.

Extra Chilli Slot game bonus

The videogame we are talking about does not include a real bonus game as other slots make that refer to nice mini games.

The many online casino that propose it, also on mobile, often activate welcome bonuses or bonuses on the first deposit, as well as other promotions that allow you to try this and other games, sometimes even in a completely free way.

The bonuses are a very widespread marketing tool and that as of course it is good to know and exploit, they can in fact prove to be truly advantageous for those who play.

The bonus on the first deposit or on subsequent payments, for example, is as an important incentive, which pertains to the casino to collect, but is also advantageous for the user who sees multiplying his spending capacity.

Extra Chilli Slot also includes some features often indicated as a "bonus":

  • Megaways Reactions
  • Reactions
  • free giri
  • Feature Drop

Thanks to Megaways Reactions, free turns can be obtained and through the function Unlimited Win Multiplier The multiplier increases for each single lap, reaction (or victory) obtained.

The bonus functionality Free Spins Gamble It then allows you to have other free laps available by collecting multiple bowls full of spicy Mexican peppers that appear on the spaces below the main set.

As is clear, therefore, the bonuses are there and they give countless advantages, which if well exploited can be translated into an exponential increase in the opportunities to bring home important victories.


The extra chilli does not have a progressive jackpot (and not a fixed one), but thanks to the megaways, thehigh RTP (the return for the players) and the possibility of obtaining several free laps in many different ways. This does not represent a big problem if you think about it and two accounts are done.

Even if there is not a jackpot there is the possibility of reaching (if you are extremely lucky) 20,000 times the amount of your episode, arriving how easy it is to understand at very high winnings.

This possibility has undoubtedly contributed to the success of this kind of video game which for years has not done for years has been on the crest of the wave in different countries in the world. A highly competitive sector like that of online slot machines, where emerging is certainly not easy and staying at the top is even less possible.

Free spin

The free laps likes a lot to those who play with slots and extra chilli allows you to access you in various different ways.

You are entitled to 1 tour (spin) free of the wheels for any winning combination obtained on them. Then there are spatter turns that may appear on the extra roller and add 4 or 8 free spins.

With the function Feature Drop, which can be purchased at the price indicated from time to time in the button dedicated to it, you can then have other turns (up to 24), which can become completely free if the price drops to 0, finding the Feature Drop icons.

RTP and volatility

Extra Chilli Slot RTP and volatility, what is there to know?

The RTP acronym for "Return To Player" is the return to the player, in essence what is returned of the amounts played, obviously the more a slot has a high RTP and the greater its convenience.

In the case of the extra chilli slot theRTP abundantly exceeds 96%.

In addition to the Art, it is important to evaluate the volatility of the game, in the case of the extra chilli slot is high, reaching 96.82%, this means that the winnings are not as frequent as in other games.

When they happen they are often significantly higher giving good satisfactions to those who have carried out the bet.

Theme and graphics

The Extra Chilli slot is very colorful and fun, it has a cardboard -style graphics and an original setting.

It turned out to be a bet won for the company that made it. It will catapult you into a picturesque Mexican market full of stalls with many typical products, where obviously there is no shortage of spicy chillies that are almost a flag of that country.

One might think that the graphics of a site, an app or the theme of a slot are not so relevant, but in reality an unwitting or simply monotonous graphics in the long run could tire.

The aforementioned slot instead knows how to excite and convince various types of players, without ever boring or disappointing them. Which at all obvious.

How to win at Extra Chilli Slot?

How do you win at the extra chilli slot? The number of ways to win in this slot varies to each single lap of its colorful rollers.

When you reach a maximum of 7 images for roll, there are potentially 117,649 different ways to have your winning bet.

You can get a victory or a "reaction" by collecting 3 or more images above the following cylinders, starting from the first. The winning symbols removed and replaced with other new ones will allow further victory opportunities.

The Extra Chilli slot adapts to all needs and preferences and all budgets, since it allows you to focus from a minimum of 20 cents around, up to a maximum of 40 $.

Above the selection button, there is the car play functionality that allows you to choose from 5 to 100 automatic rpm, also setting a loss limit and one on the winnings.

Being able to this game is not at all difficult, from desktop or mobile. As with all slots, the important thing is to have the right dose of luck.

However, we keep in mind that most of the money spent are however returned by winning, so even those who are not lucky will be able to have fun for some time and try the thrill of victory.

Extra Chilli Slot Free: Play on the demo version to practice

It is a simple and very funny game, it does not require particular ability or the study of complex and often also rather boring rules.

Any slot has its specific dynamics and features, therefore before starting to make your episodes it is undoubtedly good practice to familiarize us a little.

The possibility, given by many different game platforms on their website, to access the slot in demo mode, only for pure fun, without pointing money is for this reason as obviously very interesting and concretely useful for each player, independent of his experience.

Once we have practiced with the extra chilli slot we can start aiming and collecting real money, to the extent more in line with our risk profile.

It doesn't matter if we are expert players, if we have never played with this slot, approaching it the first time in demo mode it will still be useful, avoiding trivial errors, or the loss of interesting economic opportunities, as well as playful.

Play extra chilli slot with real money

There is no casinos or respectable casino or site that does not propose this slot.

Choosing the extra chilli slot with real money allows us by aiming even a few cents or if we want it even more relevant figures (up to 40 $ around).

We could excite ourselves, try the fate and have fun and also to have concrete opportunities, percentages and statistics in hand, to bring us home some not negligible victory.

Of course it will always be essential to play responsiblely, without ever exaggerating.

Our first goal will be to have fun, not that of wanting to become rich in an easy and perhaps even fast way.

We will have to identify reliable sites, gaming platforms with regular license granted by our state monopolies and can help us define immediately a maximum budget to be allocated to our games, not to be spoiled for any reason.

Conclusion: Our opinion on Extra Chilli Slot

Extra Chilli Slot, here is our final opinion on this popular video game available in many of the best online casino with AAMS license active in USA.

It is a modern slot machine, colorful and really very funny, which is characterized by uncommon functions that make it different and therefore capable of emerging between a multitude of slots in many similar ways, but which do not reach its levels.

Among its major strengths are the many free laps that can be obtained in various ways, the comfortable function of Autoplay, the presence of Scatter and Wild and the original megaways system that replaces the most classic payment lines.

The only drawback, to want to find one at all costs, the absence of a real jackpot.

In conclusion it is a very beautiful, decidedly original slot, treated in detail and which undoubtedly knows how to be appreciated, not surprisingly is among the most successful titles of BTG, one of the giants of the sector, a great protagonist if we talk about software from casino.

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