Sizzling Hotxe Deluxe: the most loved vintage slot ever

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Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe by Novomatic is a rich slot machine in all: 96%RTP, variable lines from 1 to 9 selectable from the player, autoplay function and bonus game available. Each win can be doubled or quadrupled to obtain increasingly high prizes, all with only 10 cents of episode!


Simple to use
AAMS authorized
Good winnings
High volatility
Wild not present

Main informations

Why choose Sizzling Hot Deluxe? We recommend this Slot machine For a series of reasons that we will analyze well within this review.

Mainly, however, we feel we can try to try it because it is extremely simple, safe and produced by the Software House Novomatic, one of the most famous online game producers in the world. His brand always remains a guarantee.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe was born in 2007 and the dominant theme is that of fruit.

For a very long time it was one of the most loved, similar, among other things, to the traditional slots found in bars machines.

His vintage air, his being simple to use and the good available prizes make it still appreciated today by a large number of people.

Its structure is the classic one. 5 columns and three files, for a total of 15 boxes and each of which containing a figure.

Rules of the game

The Sizzling hot Deluxe rules They are really simple and don't differ much from those of any other slot machines, let's see them:

  • To activate the rollers and obtain the combinations, just click on the Central button "Play".
  • To win at least three equal figures are needed within one of the five lines of payment. The lines are not selectable.
    It is possible to change the value of the episode. It starts from a minimum of 40 cents up to $ 100.
  • Players can choose to make their episodes using the automatic way, clicking on "AUTOPLAY“. To block it, just click the same button again which, however, reports now “STOP”.
  • You can choose to further try your luck after a win by accessing the risk functionnull By guessing the color of the hidden paper, double the win, if not guess, lose it.

To play you must register on the website of a casino that has chosen the products of the Novomatic games provider. The possibility of choice is really wide in this case.

Once registered you can make a first deposit with one of the methods you prefer, such as Master Card or Visa, electronic wallets such as Skrill, Paypal, Postepay, or you can make a bank transfer.

Often after the initial deposit you also receive a welcome bonus that you can use to increase your victory possibilities at a much more low price.

Developer and software

The developer of Sizzling Hotxe Deluxe is the Novomaticnull Famous for example for having produced the Book of Ra and the Book of RA Deluxe, among the most appreciated slots of recent years.

Novomatic was born in Austria but is present in over 40 countries with slots and many other board games present in the most famous casino in the world.

All its products are available as much for desktop as for smartphones.

It has the ADM license to operate legally in USA and its name today is synonymous with safety, a bit like it happens for example also with the Pragmatic Play.

The quantity of games that has produced and that continues to produce is really high.

This represents a point in favor because by always renewing his proposal means that his customers are not bored. In addition, the free version of various gaming is also available.

Slot characteristics

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is a slot that could safely be used by those who are overlooking only now within the world of gambling.

This because of his truly basic characteristics that make it suitable for everyone.

  • Typical structure 5 × 3, for a total of 15 boxes.
  • It has high volatility, with an average theoretical return, stopped to 92.28%.
  • The combinations are offered totally randomly and without the possibility of implementing strategies.
  • Each figure has a different valuenull They are a combination of fruit and numbers. For example, we find a lemon, a cherry, a mandarancio and a plum.

Instead, the Wild is not present and it is an aspect of which we took into account during the review.

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Payout and combinations

Payout, also known as RTP, is the percentage of money that is returned to players who bet on a single game. In this case, the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot. In his case Payout is 92.28%.

The combinations are given by the figures. They must be at least 3 equal within the same payment line.

Since the Wild is not present in this slot, there is no joker to increase the chances of winning. The combination is also made up of 5 equal figures.

Payment table and lines

The payments lines, also known as paylines, are not visible lines inside the screen. Which, however, are recognized by the software as within each line, one or more winning combinations can appear during the rides.

In this paragraph of the review we explain in detail How the lines of payments of the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot work which in total are 5.

The important things to know are:

  • At each round of rollers, a line recognizes itself as a winning only a combination of equal figures. If they are more than one, the highest is recognized.
  • The combination of symbols always starts from left to right and not vice versa.
  • If multiple payment lines have winning symbols inside, the various prizes are added.
  • The higher the number of equal figures in a line, the greater the prize.

Combinations symbols

As we mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot has a rather simple operation scheme. In fact, his images are fruits and numbers, like the typical bar slot.

By shooting the wheels we immediately notice that theAnd typical images are the bunch of grapes, lemon, cherries, plum and a mandarancio. Plus the number seven and a starto. These are the basic figures and have a variable value.

A negative aspect of this casino is that there are no special symbols such as the Wild (Jolly) and the bonus. Instead there is the scatter which is depicted right from the star.

When it appears, the value of a winning combination appears in any of the five lines increases.

Il higher payment it is made When 5 "seven" symbols appear within the same payment line. Pays 100 times the value of the bet itself.

bonus of Sizzling Hot Deluxe game

Unlike most modern slots, the protagonist of this review does not have a bonus figure. This is certainly considered by many to be a limit.

For other people, on the other hand, it does not make a big difference because it is still present a function that at each winning allows you to further try their luck in order to double the sum.

The internal laws of the slot explain it well. In practice, in this mini gaming you have to guess what is the color of the stopped card.

Is the seed red or black? The requirement is only that of doubled the sum, if this were not the case. POtete attempts to double up to 4 consecutive timesnull Stops if you lose.

However, do not forget that it is possible to use in gaming i Casino welcome bonus.

In this way it is a bit like having many free laps that allow you to try your luck and get real victories, without spending your money and without the need for any further deposit.

The only requirement is therefore to want to try their luck. The bet in this way is certainly much more fun. The gaming sector is always full of surprises!


Sizzling Hot Deluxe does not have a progressive jackpot. However, it has a new version of the slot known as Cash Connection Sizzling Hot.

The progressive jackpot, as explained by the laws on the subject, allows to obtain truly high victories.

As such VLT, it means that a part of the sum played by users is always put in a deposit fund, destined to be won by a person.

Once the website leads one of its players to win, the sum is zeroed and starts from the head. The payment times of the premium change based on the company or the chosen method. It is not available in the free version.

Free spin

There is no symbol that releases free spin. However, the players have the opportunity to use welcome bonuses that are obtained by registering for a legal gambling website.

In practice when you register, after the first deposit you get a Welcome bonus.

There is talk of a percentage on the first payment, with a maximum accessible roof. In this way it is a bit like having free rpm available, as the money of a prize are being spent.

However, these free turns are used to get real victories.

Obviously there is a requirement to be respected, such as that of having to make an episode a number of times before you can collect the winning of the prize.

RTP and volatility

Let's focus now in this part of the review of this gaming on the speech of volatility. We are talking about an aspect that is controlled by specific laws.

The RTP is a little lower than the average with its 92.28%, for this reason it is considered to High volatilitynull Those who play a lot in online gaming halls usually consider payout good when equal to or greater than 95%.

However, this does not mean that it is a low value or the slot is not of good quality, on the contrary.

Now we deepen this concept a little better. The RTP indicates what is the sum that the casino returns to those who play. Out of $ 100 that are spent, $ 92.28 are victories that are returned to their customers who have invested in the specific game.

Be careful though. If you spend $ 100 during the various laps or in one episode, it does not mean that there is the mathematical certainty of receiving the aforementioned sum back. You could win much more, or don't take anything home.

In fact, this sum remains in the virtual case of the slot and is then released at any time and in an absolutely random way.

Theme and graphics

The mechanism of the various slots is always quite similar. Here when you play the speech of graphics, music and generally of the underlying theme is also noted.

What like this game is its simplicity and its vintage air that brings back in time, when these slots were the most popular inside the bars.

Those who do not seek anything particularly complicated but want to enjoy only the possibility of making a good bet, here he can find in this gaming exactly what he wants.

Come vincere a Sizzling Hot Deluxe?

Are there tricks that allow you to win at Sizzling Hot Deluxe?

The same is the same as any other slot machine. There are no tricks in reality but it is only a matter of randomness.

There is no way to be able to tamper with the random system of a slot machine. Those who tell you that it is possible, do it with the aim of inducing you to aim more.

Instead, what can be implemented are a series of game behaviors, which allow to maximize earnings.

Here are some:

  • Do not change the slot when late to paynull Remember that it must return 92.28% of the money, therefore sooner or later you have to return something to you or it can even give you the largest prize of all, those of the five "seven" that multiplies the episode by 100.
  • Online slots don't work as physical onesnull Therefore it is not true that, once a good sum is paid, she stops deliver. It can continue to offer more or less good victories. It therefore makes no sense to change the slot, at least that you have not already reached your maximum spending budget in the slots.
  • Play when there are fewer people in the casinonull There is not a way to know specifically, but you can concentrate your business in those who are considered dead hours. They are above all the late night and early in the morning. This increases the chances of winning, especially when there is a jackpot in the middle.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe Free: Play on the demo version to practice

You can choose to use Sizzling Hot Deluxe in free demo mode on different online casinos that provide the free game mode.

It means that you don't have to load the account with any PayPal or Visa deposit, because you use a virtual test credit made available by the casino itself.

In this way obviously do not spend real money and everything is free, but even the winnings are not real.

Why use the demo mode therefore to make this "bet" with the casino?

Simply to practice or, as in the case of a slot where there are no techniques and strategies to be adopted, to see a bit how it works and if it's right or not. From our point of view this is an essential requirement.

Play Sizzling Hot Deluxe with real money

Finally, playing real money is the goal, what will allow you to get real winnings to transfer to your bank account.

To start you must:

  • Choose an ADM authorized casino (ex Aams) that you like and understand what is the requirement to participate.
  • Record at the casino, make your first deposit using one of the methods allowed. Usually you find for example Visa, Skrill, Paypal, Master Card, Postepay and the bank transfer.
  • After the first deposit you receive, Unlock and use your welcome bonus
  • Pay attention to the betting requirement, which is always indicated on the company's website
  • Set a Maximum Spes budgeta and be careful not to spend more than you can afford
    Manage the winnings, dedicating only a percentage to the game. Everything else transfer it to your account, whether with Skrill, Master Card, Post Pay or through a bank transfer.
  • Do not forget to make sure that the value of each single lap is well set.

Finally, remember that the maximum episode can cost you 100 $, while the minimum is at the contained amount of 40 cents.

Conclusion: Our opinion on Sizzling Hot Deluxe

As you may have understood by the review We consider ourselves satisfied with the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot.

On the one hand because every now and then we like to use simple games, which go straight to the point and do not lose too much in sensationalistic graphics.

On the other hand, however, Sizzling Hotxe is however a timeless slot, active since 2007 and still widely used by fans.

However, we have seen that there are some critical issues, which could induce experts to look towards a little more modern games, such as Book of RA for example, always of Novomatic.

Among these we find the presence of only 5 Paylines, the lack of a bonus figure and the Wild, the impossibility of accessing extra games and the RPT below the average.

However, it remains a very simple slot, today designed more than anything else for those who are starting and do not want to lose their attention due to too many elements that prevent you from focusing on the essential.

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