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Treasures of Troy

Sign up now with a simple online recording and play today with the fun Treasures of Troy Slot, by far one of the best historical and mythological theme, what are you still waiting for? Try to win immediately by following our simple advice, you won't regret it!


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Main informations

Let yourself be transported to one of the most famous and mythical battles ever, with the Slot machine Treasures of Troy, ideata da Spielo (IGT).

It is a very well -kept game and particularly suitable for classical history and mythology enthusiasts. Here our complete review of suggestions to approach it optimally and possibly also winning.

Set the time of the Trojan war, this colorful video game has as protagonists the most representative and also more important characters in Homer's history.

In fact, there are the images of Elena Di Troia, the sword of Achille, Ettore, Menelao and other memorable characters and elements of the myth.

The game system of the Treasures of Troy is based on the classics 5 rollers and includes 40 different payment lines.

The player can choose whether to use one or more of these 40 lines or whether to try doubling through the multiway option that allows you to do Winning in 1024 different ways.

The slot machine subject to the review that you are reading has figures Wild e Scatter.

The first represented by the video game logo itself, which may appear starting from the second roller and acts as Jolly going to replace the others (except the run).

When they appear on the minimum roll two of these figures on the center column (the third roller) the free spins mode is activated, which allows in the best hypothesis to obtain 20 spins tribute.

Very important functionality for the overall dynamics of the video game, which strongly characterizes it.

Rules of the game

The Video Slot Treasures of Troy offers a game grid with 5 wheels and 40 lines of payment. It also offers players the opportunity to double their bets with the multiway option in 1024 different ways, with as many combinations.

The rules, at least the basic ones of the video game are very simple. Based on the amount of the bet and the corresponding symbols, the game will give a win of variable amount to the player.

To start the video game A minimum episode of just $ 0.01 is enough (only one cent)null The slot machine is very democratic and accessible as are these popular online video games. One of the reasons for their success.

Il symbol jolly of the web based slot is the Trojan horse who rewards players with a maximum of 20 free spin And it can replace other figures in an attempt to create paying combinations with an increasingly relevant value.

In the game there is also no lack of figures like it Scatter (almost indispensable) and there is also a Ghiotto bonus of 200,000 credits, 5,000 for each selected and active payline.

Another nice detail: when you win, you can hear The voice of Elena di Troia Encourage and stimulate the player.

Developer and software

The company behind this fun video game is IGT (International Game Technology) undisputed gaming giant, with relationships with reality such as Netent.

Founded back in 1975 in Las Vegas, the company has been able to constantly renew itself over time, also thanks to strategic mergers with other subjects, and today it is still one of the most famous brands in the vast and varied world panorama of the game.

Since 1981 the company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange and in addition to a strong specialization in slot machines, it is also active in the production of various board games and among the most appreciated and funny casinos in circulation.

IGT (today spieves) has always distinguished itself for the production of Very innovative slots From various points of view, capable of convincing both the neophytes and the most assiduous, deaf and often decidedly demanding players. It is no coincidence that it has agreements with Netent and other important companies in the sector.

Not all online gaming software are the same, being able to count on companies of proven seriousness and long experience in the sector allows you to spend time having fun even more carefree.

Slot characteristics

What are the main features that make the VLT unique that we are talking about?

The slot machine is very colorful, fun and has really interesting features under countless points of view. His main commands are not many, as often happens in games of this type, which focus so much on simplicity of action.

Here are some basic functions that characterize it and that it is good to know:

  • Play: starts the game;
  • Tokens +/-: decrease or increase episode;
  • Gettoni value: tax value in compliance with the limits provided for by the slot;
  • Tour/Ferma: Start and interrupt the spins;
  • Automatic ride: allows you to play automatically from 10 to 50 rpm;
  • WINNING TABLE: allows access to table and rules;
  • Options: allows you to customize some aspects of the VLT, such as the graphic rendering of the game;

To complete the characteristics of this video game there is the multiway functionality on which we will return shortly for a dutiful gaming in -depth analysis.

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Payout and combinations

Il PAYOUT provided by the video slot varies between the 92.90% and 95.03%null The fluctuation comes into play based on the total number of spins made by those who play.

In the short term, the most likely percentage to be expected is 92.90%, while in the long term the expected payout grows gradually up to 95.03%.

This means that over 95% of the amounts bet are back on players. The minimum limit by law is scheduled for 90%.

To discover the winning combinations and the related values of the same, the easiest thing to do is always refer to the appropriate internal table for the video game. You can consult it every time you need.

Payment table and lines

The slot ha 5 wheels and provides 40 payment lines, but comes to predict 1024 different ways to win Thanks to Multiway function.

Combinations of symbols can be collected starting from the more left roller and collect the highest win of each payment line.

If the Multiway function is activated in addition to the normal combination, the symbols will also be counted (in any position in the adjacent rollers) and the same symbol in the same roller will multiply the prize!

For any doubt or further insights it is advisable to always refer to the "Rules" section inside the game, also in a mobile version.

Combinations symbols

This slot presents the classic symbols of playing cards, such as K, Q, J, A, but it also combines the faces of the most important characters related to the Trojan war and other elements that recall the epic battle as swords and helmets.

The figure bonus it is depicted precisely by Trojan horse And if it appears 2 times on the central spaces from the right to 10 laps, if it appears 3 times the turns will be 15, while with 4 horses they will have well 20 free giri.

Bonus symbols can also be reached even during the free spin for a maximum number of 13 times.

The figure Wild that acts as Jolly is the inscription "Treasures of Troy"Which allows you to access for free to the best winning combinations provided for by the game.

Treasures of Troy game bonus

The Treasures of Troy slot does not include a real bonus game, or a small video game in the video game, but has a very present and important bonus function, which allows you to get several thorn.

To activate the Free rpm bonus At least one number of 2 bonus figures in any position on the central rollers must be obtained. The more symbols of this type appear simultaneously, the more the free spins will be to which you will immediately

During the free rpm bonus, you can reactivate the bonus several times. This will continue to give Spins until the laps are exhausted or until 130 are or the maximum available prize is reached.

In addition to these bonuses, there are those on registration or deposit, provided for by gaming platforms. A visit to the best online sector sites helps to understand better than it is.


This slot does not have a jackpot, but the many possible combinations that allow you to obtain victories, together with the large amount of free spin to which you can have access.

However, these allow you to increase playing and potentially won, therefore they do not make the absence of a progressive increase treasure feel so much, on balance.

Free spin

If the Treasures of Troy logo appears on one of the rollers, this not only acts as a Wild, but is revealed even more precious by opening the possibility of making 1,024 different winning combinations.

The Wild replaces the various symbols at stake, except that of the Trojan horse And it opens to an exciting function of free laps. You can get up to 130 rpm or you can continue to have fun until you have obtained the maximum award of $ 250,000.

In both cases, this function as it is easy to imagine significantly increased fun and emotions and door not a few adrenaline discharges.

If 2, 3 or 4 images of the Trojan horse come out on the central roller, 10, 15 or 20 free spins are immediately obtained, very important to considerably increase your opportunities for victory.

The section of the game screen dedicated to the Free Spin offers a comfortable counter with which to always keep them under control. These take place with the same value as the episodes and number of lines of payment and also have the same winning methods.

Once used, the free laps will return to play normally with the usual dynamics.

RTP and volatility

The Treasures of Troy slot is characterized by a average volatility, So it is a good choice for players who generally do not like to make too demanding and potentially risky episodes.

It is good to remember that for the laws in our country the slots return in winnings at least 90% of the games made. This requirement explains the success of these game, but should not be read absolutely as a guarantee of victory for those who play it.

Many players are not by chance that the possibility offered by numerous among the Best casino virtual with Licenza Adam/Arms to establish daily and/or monthly episode limits. An easy and effective system to protect and have fun without too many thoughts or insidious risks.

Theme and graphics

La slot Treasures of Troy di casa IGT, that is, of the producers of other well -known and appreciated titles such as Cleopatra, Cluedo or the Transformers slot, is known and loved in practically the whole world.

Her theme and its graphics make it a won bet, perfect for those who love history and mythology, but not only is enjoyable by anyone.

If you want to relive the epic clashes between Greeks and Trojans, the story of the fall of the city of Troy and at the same time place some episodes hoping to accumulate a little euro, this is the perfect video game.

Its soundtrack is also remarkable, which helps to support his epic setting.

Its graphics are effective, aligned in style to other similar products and undoubtedly characterized by excellent quality.

Come vincere a Treasures of Troy?

Everyone loves game, to spend time, to have fun, to get excited, but above all, in particular if we talk about slot machines or other famous casino games, people like to play to earn or at least try to do it.

All those who play with a slot hope to win (needless to deny it), but how can we succeed? Are there any effective tricks, laws or strategies to create this goal?

Online there are many online sites, videos, ebooks and all kinds of content that promise to reveal incredible secrets to those who play with VLT or other well -known games.

In reality, in particular just if we talk about slots, everything is based on extractions of completely random figures, so the only thing that matters is, as it is easy to imagine, luck.

Having said that, the premise was truly a must, it is undeniable that at least two ways can be increased to win.

First we have to know the video game and play a little in the demo version before starting to spend real money. Second fundamental point is to learn to manage our emotions and our budget.

The conscious and disciplined player has the greater possibility of success in the bet and lesser chances of living situations that can also become very unpleasant.

Treasures of Troy free: play on the demo version to practice

Playing the Treasures of Troy in demo mode is a great way to have fun free and no deposit, and at the same time making the necessary practice, directly on the site of the chosen casino. Slots are games where the real great protagonist is luck.

No particular strategies are needed, But undoubtedly know the site, the video game, its scores and learn to make the most of any free bonuses, they are elements that can give many strategic advantages.

To increase your knowledge of a video game, many hours of play are often needed, which in the case of a slot have a cost. The free demo version, for pure fun, resets this cost, which we can define, of learning.

Playing Spins for free is not only fun, but therefore allows us to prepare for phase two of our plan, face (and perhaps possibly beating) the slot after a deposit of money, making real episodes.

Playing Treasures of Troy with real money

Playing real money on the fun mythological theme slot is a way to have fun, get excited (even from mobile) and if you are lucky at the right point also to win figures that can also be respectable.

When playing real money, even in the event that it should only be treated of a few cents it will be essential to do it always and only on serious and fully legal sites based on our national legislation.

Furthermore, not only is it enough to choose the right platforms, you must also work a lot on your general approach to the game and the management of the budget.

Playing is a healthy and fun pastime, but only if we do it without ever overdoing it, responsible and on a legal site, stopping when it is time to do it.

Conclusion: our opinion on Treasures of Troy

We are at the end of our review of the online slot that comes directly from ancient Greece, compared to the modern one, it might seem a distant and completely incompatible world.

This is not the case at all, classical mythology is a theme that incredibly manages to create a bridge between eras and cultures even very distant.

Everyone studied the story of Troy, Ettore and Achille, and maybe they bored and today they only have a vague memory, finding those stories in a fun and colorful online video game can be something really nice.

The desktop slot and mobile mode has classic characteristics, supported with innovative elements, in many ways almost unique in casinos.

This alchemy creates a enjoyable game, also supported by a valid sound sector, which often in similar games is a bit neglected.

The final judgment of the review, after having dedicated several hours of play to the slot machine, is therefore in light of these very positive considerations.

We recommend to fans of history and mythology (and not only) to try it at least once in a lifetime, visiting one of the best online casinos, which allow you to test videooslots even without a deposit.

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