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Zeus Slot

Slot Zeus is the theme of Greek mythology and the bonus is up to 100 free spins, an immense videoslot with 5 rollers, 30 payines and 11 symbols, Scatter and Wild. Payout record 97% What wait for entrances in the Olympus of the video slots!


Low volatility
Rollers and payines
Non -innovative graphics
Few bonuses

Main informations

Are you lovers of Greek myths and gambling?

Slot Zeus will conquer you: the god of Olimpio is the protagonist combined with thunder, Saette, boats typical of ancient Greece and mythological animals.

Special symbols, features and free spins, 97% Payout discover all the secrets of this videooslot in our updated and complete review.

Always famous in the world of casino, Slot Zeus has also landed online. It is in the world of Greek myths and we move to Olympus.

The protagonist is, as the title suggests, the God of the gods: Zeus, the God of Thunder and Heaven.

In this Slot machine It is represented large, with gray beard and flowing hair. The figures combined with this divinity are lightning, eagle, bull and oak.

The lightnings are present everywhere on the screen of those who play this slot: the god Jupiter wears a golden bracelet and in one hand holds the key figure of this video game, the lightning in fact.

It is a very popular slot and with the landing on the net has become one Among the most loved and appreciated video game videos, also for its speed.

Another beloved feature is the variety of offers, promotions and functionality that make it smart to offer a unique videogame experience.

Rules of the game

It is a very large video game that develops on five rollers and thirty lines of payment, where it is also possible to bet 150 toilet tokens.

Certainly one of the video games on the most famous myths and legends of the ancient Greece and is offered by the WMS software.

Slot Zeus is available for both desktop on PC and mobile devices (excellent on both Android and iOS, therefore Apple devices). It is a video game to download to play offline or to use to make betting even in online mode.

Payment lines lead to winnings. The Return To Player is around 95-96%, like most of the slot games.

It is a very large platform, in fact hosts 30 payment linesIn fact, it is considered one of those video games where you can get a profitable victory if you bet on the totality of the lines on the screen.

The winning lines are obtained from three to five symbols and must be placed from left to right.

The minimum amount of each token is a penny of $ for a maximum of five $ (around and played it is possible to bet a maximum of 150 $).

Positive review for theAutoplay option, therefore it is possible to set the total amount of the laps automatically and customize it (minimum amount, limit, etc.) and for the different promo and the eleven figures relating to the Greek myths, nine of which are normal and two are special.

The quantity of the free spins is in ten to one hundred per episode. The specials help to create more lucky combinations and try their luck for a substantial win.

Developer and software

Slot Zeus is developed by the Williams Interactive software.

Quite recent provider, born in 2010 in the United Kingdom. Today the WMS base are the United States and has foreign offices in Australia, USA, India, China, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Austria and the United Kingdom itself.

This software is responsible for the introduction of Reel'em and the launch of multi-pace bonuses and more lines of payment.

He has obtained games under license and the most famous is certainly the monopoly and its extensions (Epic Monopoly, Epic Monopoly II, Monopoly Big Money Reel, Monopoly Luxury Diamonds and Monopoly Party Train).

Altri titoli con licenza sono: Willy Wonka e Willy Wonka World of Wonka, The Simpson, The Flinstones, Star Trek Explore New Worlds e Star Trek the Trouble with Tribbles.

Slot characteristics

Both from desktop and mobile: Slot Zeus is one of the most loved slot machines, appreciated for some time, present in casinos before the advent and explosion of the web.

The goal of the video game, like most machines, is to make betting and make different lines of payment that can lead to quality and quantity victories.

For our review, we can define this videolot a simple video game, in which it is possible to find a profit on all the lines on the screen.

It develops on five rollers and thirty payines. The Vittorio take place with 3 (up to 5) elements combined from left to right.

This videoslot has two more modern versions, which differentiate in the quantities of wheels and payines. The combable elements are eleven (nine normal and two specials) and inherent in the Greek myths.

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Payout and combinations

Payout of the video game is an average value, as well as the probability of winning.

The Return To Player is around 96% like most videohols. The victories can be obtained with 3.4 or 5 combined elements that must appear adjacent and on the same line.

The combination of three or more special activates the promotion for free laps. During these free games, the value of the winnings by combination is multiplied.

Payment table and lines

One of the largest slots with its thirty payines.

The victories take place on one or on payines.

The added victories can provide a greater total victory. Not all paylines are the same, in fact the bet on the total line must be divided on the total payines.

It is a very simple video game and the rules are suitable for any type of player, the more experienced ones and beginners who approach the world of betting and gambling for the first few times.

The most important figure is Zeus: his appearance, multiplied five times, is worth 2500 times the betting valuea.

If it appears four times Vale 1000x and three times 250x While two extras are equivalent to 20x. The figure with lower value is the laurel wreath.

Combinations symbols

This slot characterized by eleven elements.

Nine are normal images and two are special: the details are an ARPA, a vase, Pegaso, Galeoni, Zeus and a ship. Finding the protagonist Zeus means finding the most important.

The elements that depict Zeus and Pegaso give access to the major prizes, in fact, 2500 and 200 tokens can be reached if luck combines in your round 5 of these symbols aligned and having a selected maximum episode.

The minor prizes are given by the symbols with the silver coin and the laurel wreath not exceeding 1000 and 750 tokens respectively.

The two special symbols are Scatter and Wild. The first figure or feature is the hand of the god of thunder and the sky with the narrow on a lightning. By combining them with each other they earn many laps for free:

  • With 3 you can earn ten games
  • With 4 you can win 25 free laps
  • With 5 you can have a reward for hundred free games

The other Special symbol is the Greek temple with the Wild writing, precisely.

If the Jolly mode is found inside a payment line, in fact it is able to replace the total quantity of the figures on the video game, with the exception of the scatter.

Before each game, the slot allows you to customize the video game settings: for example the number of payines and the value included from 1 to 30.

All this is selectable from the button located at the top right. On the left there is the button to set the value of the toilet to be bet, from a minimum of 1 cent of $ to 5 $.

Slot Zeus game bonus

This offer of the Zeus slot machine is given by the combination of three or more scatters or feature.

This combination entitles you to the free spin offer. Once activated, you can get a conspicuous quantity of games without spending a coin, then free.

This variable depends on how many runs have appeared on the screen (three to five) and offers players from 10 to 100 free game.

During the action of the promo, winning combinations can be composed following the rules of the video game, then with the extraction of 3 or more equal figures close to each other from left to right and on a single payment line.

The prize varies according to the combination made and calculated on the basis of the episode performed and the bet made in the game that gave the right to the bonus. The maximum winning prize can reach 2500 tokens.


The jackpot is 90,000 coins. The largest win with a single winning combination is 2500 tokens.

Free spin

They have their dedicated bonus. It is with the combination of three or more scatter, or even defined feature, you can activate the free laps and give rise to a variable number of free games.

The quantity of the free played games is given by the appearance of this figure on the payines.

RTP and volatility

The RTP, like most of the aforementioned type of gambling, is between 95% and 96%.

Volatility is to be considered medium, suitable for less experienced players, with a weak game strategy and who love to make episodes with small sums.

According to our experience, Zeus with such a low value points to beginner players. Each lap is a possible winning combination and the slot guarantees a positive game experience.

Theme and graphics

The myths and legends of ancient Greece are the undisputed protagonists.

It is a videoslot produced by the software and provider of games and roulette Williams Interactive. Zeus is the first of a trilogy (the following are Zeus II and Zeus 1000) for this reason the graphics are not among the most innovative.

The graphics are impactful and tempting for the new players. A classic 5 × 3 grid and the wheels are represented by Greek columns. The background is a typical and relaxing blue sky with scattered clouds here and there.

The details of the setting are highly highlighted. Weapons and fantastic animals, animations with lightning and saette to highlight the highlights of the various games, in the moment of a winning combination or the activation of a bonus: it is the world of the God of Olympus!

Everything is obviously linked to Greek myths and legends. Zeus the god of thunder who holds one of the famous lightning of him, the Greek temple, symbol of architecture, the harp, pegaso, the winged horse, the helmet, the laurel wreath, and much more.

The God is represented with a wise man, authoritarian, with white and long hair and a thick beard.

The section of the site dedicated to rpm and episodes is totally golden.

How to win at Slot Zeus?

Are you looking for how to win on Slot Zeus? We are sorry to disappoint you but there are, for now, tricks to make a bang.

Each lap is the result of randomness. In fact, an RNG generator is implemented on the videoslot, or a generator of random numbers that guarantees a play dictated by the case and not victories decided a priori to the table or with very precise strategies.

The advice is a step by step game. Set, first of all, a game limit budget to never exceed, recognize when it's time to stop.

The too much desire to win could lead in follies and losses of large sums of money. We must know when to stop and abandon the video game, moving away from the device and the platform.

The totality of the casino on the web, or at least most, implement a responsible game process or legislation on their site, to encourage users to set a budget limit and play in a fun way without leading to a large loss, money and of mind.

Free slot Zeus: play on the demo version to practice

Are you looking for tricks to win on Zeus without too much effort? There is no possibility. Unfortunately, there are no tricks and secrets on this type of game. The work and the SPIN studio after Spin is the only weapon to aim for victory.

Like many slot and video games games, Slot Zeus also uses an RNG, a random numbers generator to ensure a random play on each lap. There are no tricks, guarantees and secrets: Zeus' work is random.

On the various platforms of Best casino Online you can play Zeus in a totally free way. The demo version allows all players, especially the inexperienced ones to play and episode with virtual money.

Certainly the demo version could be a way to explore and become aware of the slot without fear of a loss that could lead to the risk of losing sums of money.

Play slot Zeus with real money

To start making episodes with money and thus start trying to make substantial victories, there is a need to be registered on a casino platform on the net.

Once the registration form has been completed, you are users of that casino and you will perhaps get a welcome promotion. Most offer an offer after deposit on their gaming account. Each bet affects the games and episodes.

Conclusion: our opinion on Slot Zeus

The information we have given you is many and we can say that this is the slot suitable for players who love Greek myths.

In it, the figures are many and from Zeus to the Greek temple, the harp, pegaso, the winged horse, the laurel wreath, and many others, are figures of divinities, legends and ancient myths.

It is one of the most "old" machines, as already present in casinos before the advent of the online and much loved by those who play for speed, simplicity and size.

It has 5 wheels 30 payines for 11 figures.

The graphics are simple with setting in ancient Greece.
It offers a pleasant and fun game experience, suitable for beginner players, also given the average payout.

Excellent offer for free turns.

Did you like the review? Then you are ready to press Play and start playing a videoslot from God!

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