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Dog House Megaways

The new version of Dog House Megaways is very similar to the previous one, despite the improvements made, this means: same level of fun, same reliability and rich bonuses. In short, a slot to try (especially for those who love relaxing and bucolic settings) who can give strong emotions with the generous free spins bonuses.


Award -winning slot
Excellent graphics
High RTP index
Reliable game
High volatility
Absence of a jackpot

Main informations

If you love dogs, kennels and everything that revolves around these fantastic dogs dog house megaways is the slot that is right for you.

How to play? How much do you think? Is it a safe game? We will give these and other answers in our complete review.

We will discover this in the product created by the famous Pragmatic Play provider who for years has dominated the sector, putting on the web slots with impeccable graphics, quality audio and many surprises for players.

If you want to dive into the fantastic dog world and try your luck, we advise you to do it by choosing one of the best online casinos that respect American laws (ADM).

Before placing a bet with Dog House Megaways, it is good to take a test with the demo version, which is available on any ADM license. In many cases, it is not necessary to have an account for Play free slots.

It is time to discover all the secrets of this incredible rollers that in 2020 deserved the best slot prize of the year. Not bad?!

You are ready? It starts!

Rules of the game

Dog House Megaways is a slot machine, as such the main requirement to win is to total a certain combination of equal symbols.

For this reason it is important to know all the icons that will present themselves, from time to time, on the grill and know what their values are.

In the case of this dog -themed machine, the protagonists of the video game are four dogs: A dachshund, a pug, a rottweiler and a shih tzu.

To place a bet with real money you need to make an episode, while with the demo version it is sometimes not even necessary to be recorded at a gaming site with ADM license.

The symbols that pay the most are those inherent in the theme of the video game, while the classic icons (e.g. poker cards) pay less.

The video game programmers thought of a particular meccanica Megaways which allows you to have available As many as 117,649 ways to grab a victory.

Developer and software

Pragmatic play It is a house of software that needs no introduction, because we are talking about a leader in the gaming and gambling sector in general.

For lovers of rollers, this provider is undoubtedly the best of the field of igaming.

In fact, its offer is precisely focused on the programming of Slots Machine and, every year, entertains players with new products that start from a small deposit.

Obviously the slots are not the only video game of which the aforementioned company deals with, even if we could call it its "flagship product".

To witness the great commitment made by the programmers of Pragmatic play, there are the numerous awards and prizes that every year enrich the bulletin board of the digital games company.

In short, we are making the review of a very successful reality that creates quality products in terms of entertainment, graphic and technological point of view.

Not surprisingly, all slots are available (and equally efficient) for both browser (website) and mobile.

Slot characteristics

Dog House Megaways is a car with 6 rollers on which they can appear from 2 to a maximum of 7 symbols.

The icons that characterize the award -winning video game are (beyond dogs) the collar, the bone and the poker cards from 10 to the ace.

One of the aspects that has impressed us positively of this slot is the "Buy Giri FREE" function, it is a free spin bonus option that is activated at any time by the player.

In order to access this chance, a payment of 100x must be made based on the total episode.

When the aforementioned purchase (for a fee) is made, They appear on the game grid from 3 to 6 scatter symbols which activate the function.

Another very interesting feature is the one that bears the name of the slot, or "megaways". We are talking about a mechanics designed by the software developers who have, in this way, created 117,649 ways to win.

To find out what is the sum of money assigned, just take a look at the Megaways box located at the top right in the game window.

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Payout and combinations

When taking into consideration the idea of placing a bet with a slot, it is necessary to evaluate several elements, among these we have the PAYOUT.

For the uninitiated, the Payout is the percentage of money played by users who are really destined for the winnings of the same.

In practice, when those who play an economic bet squares, a part of the latter represents the gain of the provider and the online casino, the remaining part is the winnings that goes to the players.

In the case of Dog House Megaways, the value that returns to the user is of 96,55%, among the highest in the license gaming sector.

As for the combinations useful to win with this wheels, we recommend consulting the "info" section of the video game.

Payment table and lines

The MEGAWAYS SLOT DOG HOUSE that we are making the review is a product released in 2020 as version 2.0 of an existing video game.

Most of the characteristics have remained unchanged: symbols, theme and free laps.

Among the elements that have not been modified in the update there is also the total absence of the payment lines which are, in fact, variables.

Combinations symbols

As the name suggests, Dog House Megaways is a dog -themed slot consequently the symbols that the player will find on the grill will concern dogs, bones and collars.

In addition to the icons consistent with the mood of the game, there are also the classic cards with the values of the poker cards (from 10 to ace).

This 7 × 6 format slot is version 2.0 of a pre -existing video game that has been revisited and updated by the provider.

To obtain a winning score, you must create the right combinations using the waterfall effect that characterizes this cylinder machine.

When you create the right combination, the tiles tremble and move towards the player.

Il Wild symbol, the most coveted by the players, in the aforementioned slot is the dog's kennel. It It can only appear on rollers 2, 3, 4 and 5null His Multiplier is causal: 2x or 3x of the value of the amount of the episode. If in the same combination there are more equal symbols, their multipliers are added.

Another icon that arouses a lot of interest in users is the scatter: a card that in this video game may appear on all wheels. It is recognizable because it is a red panel with lots of bonus writing.

If those who play are lucky enough to tota 2 or 3 symbols, it has the opportunity to access the free spins round bonus function. Upon the occurrence of the aforementioned circumstance, the player can choose between two game options:

  • Sticky Wilds Free Spins;
  • Raining Wilds Free Spins.

Sticky Wilds: focus

By choosing the Sticky Wilds game option, the player has the opportunity to get a number of free laps in the bonus based on how many symbols they really appeared on the grid.

In particular:

  • 3 allow you to get 7 attempts at zero cost and from 2 to 7 Sticky Wild
  • 4 grant 12 free and 2 to 7 sticky games
  • 5 offer 15 free and 2 to 7 sticky games
  • 6 grant the player 20 rpm at zero cost and from 3 to 7 Sticky Wild.

During the laps for free, a Wild symbol may appear again. In this case, the user obtains a random multiplier (1x, 2x or 3x) which remains active on the wheels for the duration of the play.

Raining Wilds

With the Raining Wilds Free Spins option, on the other hand, those who play choose to make use of a function that, while operating similarly to Sticky Wilds, offers a different number of rpm.

In particular:

  • 3 grant 15 free laps and up to 6 Raining Wild on each lap;
  • 4 assign 18 rpm for free and up to 6 Raining Wild;
  • 5 grant the player 25 free laps and up to 6 Raining Wild;
  • 6 allow you to access 30 rpm for free and 6 Raining Wild.

The difference between the two options is easily identifiable: the free games granted to the player are in greater number by choosing the version just described.

Dog House Megaways game bonus

Like all Slots Machines in compliance with the laws that are respected, Dog House Megaways also offers its users a bonus.

Also in this case the bonus paid are the free spins and the symbol that allows you to access it is called Scatter.

Recognizing it is really simple. It is, in fact, a red dog imprint with the word bonus. Clearer than that…

Based on the number of scatter that appear on the game grid it is possible to obtain a certain amount of free laps.


The Jackpot is a rich prize that is paid to the Slots Machine players on the web or royal when they manage to tota the highest score. It is a strategy used by a lot of providers that aims to encourage players to bet.
Dog House Megaways does not include this type of incentive!

Free spin

Free spins are one of the most coveted bonuses by Slots Machine enthusiasts and, fortunately, Pragmatic Play has decided to insert them also in this dog -themed game.

As we have seen, to access the bonus you need to get a combination of symbols scatter on the game grid.

The free laps are a bonus allow those who play to continue placing the bets without concretely risking their money, but equally managing to get winnings.

RTP and volatility

Among the aspects that most affect slots enthusiasts are theRTP index and volatility rate.

The RTP index is a value that serves to identify the percentage of money that is destined to return to the player. In essence, the aforementioned rate tells the user what is the share of money that is not collected the provider or by the online casino.

The greater this index, it is more convenient and the slot is sore. In the case of Dog House Megaways we can say that the RTP declared by the company is one of the highest in the gaming sector, equal to 96.55%.

This means that for every euro played, 96.55% return to the player in the form of a win.

Another very important element in the evaluation of a wheel car on the web is the volatility rate.

We are referring to a value that could be low, medium or high and allows the player to know in advance how much money absorb games.

In the case of the slot that we are writing the review we must, reluctantly, admit that it is a highly volatile game (always in compliance with the laws and ADM licenses).

Theme and graphics

The theme, as the name of the game suggests, is a tribute to the best friend of man: the dog. And so, by accessing you, it seems to enter a beautiful garden, complete with English lawn and fence.

In this bucolic landscape, where there is always the sun and life seems to run serene.

The player is welcomed by 4 nice canine breeds: a shih tzu, a pug, a rottweiler and a dachshund. In some ways he recalls the Slots Book of the Irish or Smash the Pig.

The graphics are well done and the icons are depicted in cartoon style, an aspect that makes the setting really relaxing and welcoming.

Come vincere a Dog House Megaways?

To win at Dog House Megaways you need to get the winning combinations. To find out how the game icons have to arrange themselves on the grid, just consult the regulation.

In practice, it is a very simple and intuitive video game that allows any player, even the less experienced one, to understand, after a few attempts, what are the winning rules and combinations.

In order to win, a deposit must be made according to what is indicated on the game site.

Generally among the most used payment systems we have:

  • paypal
  • Credit card of the Visa and Mastercard circuit;
  • Postepay;
  • Skrill.

Deposit times and payment times depend on the system used by the user.

Dog House Megaways Free: play on the demo version to practice

As in all reviews of Game d’Azzardo, our advice is to try playing with the demo mode, or no deposit.

It is an identical version of the game which, however, allows every curious to test it without risking your money.

In practice, with the demo version slot, the user has the possibility of:

  • Understand if he likes the theme,
  • Become familiar with the different functions,
  • Learn to recognize the winning combinations;
  • Identify the symbols that grant bonuses.

Playing Dog House Megaways with real money

After trying the slot in demo mode and learning what the most important functions are, the player is ready to activate the "real money" version by making a deposit.

In this case, the player must deal with the emotionality and the real loss of coins.

When accessing the "real money" mode, it is good to fix the sum of money in advance to be allocated to the leisure which, once finished, will force the user to stop. It is a great way to self-regulate.

Another very effective method is theAuto Play: a function that can be set by the gamer before starting to aim that it allows him to decide in advance how long to bet. Ultimately it is a sort of game timer.

Conclusion: our opinion on Dog House Megaways

Dog House Megaways is one of the best slots machines in circulation and the numerous prizes and awards obtained over the years also think about it.

It is the classic wheels with a 7 × 6 grid and adopting the waterfall method.

The setting is really beautiful and offers a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The RTP index declared by Pragmatic Play has also favorably affected us. Too bad for the high volatility rate that obliges to prudence.

The game in question is available on the website of the best online casino in the world, so let's talk about reality on the web that are in line with the laws governing this sector (ADM license).

The slot itself is also equipped with a specific authorization.

Dog House Megaways is certainly a reliable product, but like all gambling can push the player into the dependence tunnel.

Even if the laws provide prevention measures, you need to pay close attention to games with or without license. We recommend that you take advantage of the demo version and car play function, to minimize the aforementioned risk.

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