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Haunted House

Subscribe and start playing online with the fun Haunted House Slot a nice horror -themed video game that has now become classic, full of vampires, ghosts and various monsters, with many chills and strong emotions to wait for you, which also offers excellent and concrete opportunities to win real money, what are you waiting for?


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Main informations

Reading our complete review of Haunted House Slot you can quickly discover all the main information, characteristics, scores and bonuses, of the popular horror setting slot that over the years has been the subject of several imitation attempts.

We are talking about an original Slot machine double spin, with 5 rollers, which among its characteristics also has that of having been developed by an American software house.

Do you want to know more and maybe even understand how to win this video game? Continue reading and you will not be disappointed, a win could hide around the corner.

Rules of the game

Haunted House Slot is as said a double spin slot, this means that after a lap the system will automatically suggest a Hold combination (modifiable by the user) for a second spin.

The second lap will not be only in the event that a winning line was obtained in the first, complete with 5 figures.

The payment lines are paid from left to right, and if they are more than one they are added. If there are more winning combinations on the same line, it is considered that of greater value.

At any time during the various game phases, if doubts about the regulation or on the scores, it will be possible to consult the documentation through the items of an intuitive menu, always under the hands of both desktop and mobile.

Developer and software

To develop the nice slot in question, able to achieve considerable international success was WMG S.r.l., an American gaming company specialized in the design, development and distribution of casino video game software.

The company has a registered office in the province of Padua and operational headquarters in Rome, its products are 100% Made in USA.

This reality takes his first steps on the market starting from 2009, after a joint venture between Maglet Eletronica S.r.l. With considerable commercial experience in the entertainment sector, the CMS Gaming Ltd instead mainly dealt with software and hardware.

As soon as the WMG was born immediately gets a considerable success thanks to titles such as Fowl Play, the first and original hens slot, which later became one of the most imitated ever.

The slots of the aforementioned Software House Gaming have among their greatest strengths the ability to throw an effective bridge between tradition and innovation.

Going to draw on classic dynamics and mechanisms, but also managing to study and create innovative solutions and systems, so as to convince in practice any type of player.

Slot characteristics

That of the haunted house is a now classic slot.

It is a double spin VLT, with 5 rollers and 10 payment lines on which to look for a win. It has symbols with fruit, characters and classic elements of the horror genre, such as vampires and other monstrous creatures.

His graphics are nice and colorful, nothing dark and distressing in short.

To complete its general characteristics and to make it even more interesting there is a bonus game that gives the luckiest the opportunity to make a big win leading to decidedly greedy houses.

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Payout and combinations

The slot has one Return for the 97% player which makes it very generous.

You win with combinations of 3 or more fruits (In the case of minor winnings) or monsters of the horror classics, for the most interesting winnings. Then there are also the "big win" made possible by the bonuses.

All the combinations of the various symbols on the rolls are available in a practical table with summary info, which can be consulted inside the video game.

Payment table and lines

Inside the video game, both in the demo version and with real money, you can access the corresponding key of the menu in the "Payment" section where a quick summary table with symbols, combinations and related scores is located.

The values shown in the table are expressed in points and each point is equivalent to a penny of $. Making the calculations of potential winnings is therefore very fast and really easy for anyone.

Combinations symbols

What are the main symbols of this bewitched slot and the combinations to always keep an eye on?

The Wild symbol of the Haunted House Slot is the vampire, which can replace the various symbols except that of the bonus game. This symbol will therefore help us create winning combinations.

If 3, 4, or 5 special figures appear on the rolls, the bonus game begins.

Let's assume that we have played $ 100, here is based on the different combinations of symbols that win we can collect:

  • 5 vampires: 100 $
  • 4 vampires: 80 $
  • 5 witches: 50 $
  • 5 watermelons: 40 $
  • 3 vampires: 20 $
  • 4 witches: 10 $
  • 3 witches: 4 $
  • 3 watermelons: 2 $

When you win it is impossible not to notice it, the slot highlights it unequivocally and in any case our account increases with the corresponding credits.

In any case, if there are doubts, it is always possible to refer to the table with the symbols and related combinations and values. Everything is very quick, simple and decidedly transparent to demonstrate the seriousness of the developers and platforms that offer the game.

Haunted House Slot game bonus

The special functions that characterize the Haunted House bar have remained almost unchanged in number in its online version, such as the possibility of obtaining the 5 vampires or 5 castles.

The Game Bonus is activated by obtaining at least 3 castles, which can also be not consecutive.

This allows you to activate the House of Death function that can reward the player up to 100 times his play. The game lines are 5 if they play up to $ 1.00, while playing $ 2.00 or more the number of payline becomes 10.

When dealing with the bonus topic, the fact that practically each site is never underestimated, among those of the best legal online casinos, it offers very interesting.

In addition to the one inside the game, there are therefore other bonuses, which are offered by the platform and which must be known and exploited to the maximum, because they can increase our possibilities to win cash prizes.

Among the most common and also more interesting, there are those reserved for new members, who can provide for the crediting of a free figure or a multiplier on the first deposit.

Then there are the bonuses on the deposit (first or subsequent) who are another large family of incentives, which should undoubtedly be known and that it is good to try to make the most of it.


The jackpot is one of the features that most characterize many slots, both terrestrial and online and undoubtedly contributed both to the success of these games, which not surprisingly today are most of the proposed titles, both in the physical rooms or the bars and in those virtual.

The Haunted House does not have a jackpot, but the presence of special figures and functions and that of the bonus game, still make it very interesting, even among the most demanding players, who often put on the hunt for the most gluttonous jackpots.

In this video game it is not possible to aspire to the victory of a progressive jackpot, but you can still multiply your episodes in an extremely significant way, collecting respectable victories, in the face of contained risks.

With a few $ or even a few cents, they can potentially be, if luck there is a friend, center relevant goals.

This slot, for all these reasons, is also chosen by expert players, who only select video games capable of giving excellent satisfactions on the economic front.

Free spin

This game does not include combinations or bonuses that give the right to free spins (free laps), but it is a double spin slot, so for each play there is no round of the wheels, but two and this is certainly not an aspect from little.

You can choose which figures to keep the first lap and try with the second to go to complete a winning combination, which of course is the greatest possible value.

Then there is the presence of a nice bonus game, which contributes not a little to forgive the absence of a good number of free laps.

Free laps can also serve to practice.

But if this is your need, the advice we give you is to orient yourself towards the demo version, for fun, with which you can delight yourself without risk by testing everything you want, all the time you consider it necessary.

RTP and volatility

The slot has one Average volatility and an RTP of 97%, therefore more than respectable. The minimum required by law in USA is 90%, but our slot goes much further.

This percentage means that as many as 97% of the games are returned to the players, however, you have to learn to manage their budget, because you can also expect several laps with low or even completely absent victories.

In the slots the characters and the related combinations come out completely randomly, talking about statistics, tricks or episode strategies is therefore as obvious out of place.

These games are based exclusively on luck, therefore we must approach them in this way, to have fun, to try the fate, but without ever getting angry or incapacity in the relaunches, if the victories do not arrive in the times we would like.

Theme and graphics

The Haunted House slot brings the player to a bewitched house inhabited by ghosts, monsters and witches, but do not expect dark and distressing settings, the graphics chosen is that of a fun cartoon.

Horror is little more than a nice pretext to use such icons, such as vampires or monsters that have made the history of cinema and beyond.

Its graphics are treated and modern, decidedly enjoyable and aligned with the style and quality that is expected in this kind of software. The theme will undoubtedly meet the taste of horror lovers, but not only.

Come vincere alla Haunted House Slot?

Here are the info you are looking for. The slot in question has 5 rollers and provides up to a maximum of 10 episode lines on which winning combinations can be composed that allow you to reach 100,000 times the amount of your episode (Bet).

The slot of the infested house also provides Two different special figures, the Wild and the bonus symbol, with the first you can replace other figures, with the second activate a fun game bonus.

The best way to win in this slot, without the need for particular tricks or strategies, is to learn to know it, approaching the demo version, so as to understand all the dynamics and functions of each button.

This game, like all slots, is based on luck, but understanding its dynamics and scores helps us to make more aware choices, such as which images keep after the first of the two laps scheduled for each play. That's all, no tricks, these are the information that matters!

Haunted House Free Slot: Play on the demo version to practice

The demo version of the slot is a mode available on many different websites and allows you to practice with this game, without risking even one euro of your own pocket.

Many casino and online game rooms on their site allow you to play for free in Demo mode, only for fun.

Making the games try first is a strategy that works very well, since once they tested their quality there are many players who move on to the version with real money, eager to try a few more thrills and of course to put a victory in his pocket.

Using the demonstration version at the beginning should become a consolidated habit for each player.

It doesn't matter that you are expert or novice players, when you play for the first time with a slot, it is always good to take a test with the demo version, to avoid wasting money due to trivial errors or simply not to take advantage of it The potential.

The demo version of the games allows you to test your strategies and learn to better manage your Bankroll.

The latter is the main competence that each player must develop, but which is too often underestimated, with even rather serious effects.

Play Haunted House Slot with real money

Approaching real money the Haunted House slot Machine allows you to increase fun and emotions, and with the right dose of luck to take home victories that can also be very interesting.

When playing with real money it is necessary to rely only to legal platforms, equipped with all the necessary permits and licenses, which in our country are issued by AAMS, the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies. Make a deposit only on these.

Furthermore, in this mode it will be necessary to learn to manage and properly limit your budget, always and only playing to have fun, in a responsible way.

A good basic advice, easy to apply, is to bet only figures that we can allow ourselves to lose, without this being able to create problems, economic or perhaps even psychological problems.

This approach is not a choice, but the only one that allows you to avoid problems after deposit. In fact, games can cause pathological addiction, a problem not to be underestimated and in considerable increase in USA and beyond.

Ludopathies often speak too little, but fortunately the companies that make and distribute video games to take the field to raise awareness on the topic.

Conclusion: our opinion on Haunted House Slot

We have come to our final reflections on the Haunted House slot. So what is the opinion of the staff of our site on this game? Here are our latest info on this "terrifying" videooslot.

Before pronounced, we spend two words on the process that led us to make us a precise idea about the game.

Our team of experts and enthusiasts has not limited itself to a quick look, but has played with hundreds of titles over the years, accumulating a remarkable and interdisciplinary experience.

When evaluating a game like this there are many aspects to consider adequately:

  • graphics;
  • game dynamics;
  • he pays;
  • i bonus.

You have to play for a long time with the slot to get a precise idea and we did it.

The slot in question has a rather classic structure and this is good, since it knows how to intercept the interest of many players.

Its horror theme, addressed with a fun graphic approach, makes it suitable for lovers of the genre, but also to fans of comics and cartoons and in general to players looking for fun, colorful and original video games.

The presence of a bonus game undoubtedly enriches it in a significant way, increasing and diversifying the opportunities to have fun and also to win prizes, which as of course should never be underestimated. Finally, the fact that the game is Made in USA can only please.

Often we do not think about our country as a quality software manufacturer, but in reality it is not so, we are absolutely competitive in the sector and we are able to carve out a slice of the market and presence in the book of one of the most dynamic and competitive industries to the world.

American excellence is expressed in many areas and games and software are undoubtedly among them.

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