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Jammin Jars Slot

Push Gaming has accustomed us to the very high level video slots, with graphics, sounds and gameplay from before the class, Jammin Jars is an example, with a very high RTP of 96.83%, and 8 payment lines and 8 rollers , 3 bonus features managed to pay 19,995 times the episode!

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Layout originale
High rpt
Beautiful soundtrack
A little repetitive gameplay

The Jammin Jars Slot competes in a very complex sector that of videooslots, but has managed to get noticed anyway and this says it very long on its considerable quality.

Between Best online slot of the moment is no doubt Jammin Jars A video game that has numerous strengths and characteristics that make it unique and also for this appreciable.

His Layout originale, and the excellent support given to the graphics and the sound sector make it a practically timeless game, which, even if sometimes it is a little repetitive, always knows how to passionate, have fun and convince.

Jammin Jars: Main information

Each review of games or e-books on the theme should start from basic information, which are often among the most relevant and interesting for players. The Jamin Jars slot machine has a simple structure, but a gameplay that is still captivating, which all in all remains in the scale of the classics of the genre. The RTP, the return to the player is excellent, and the videoslot develops in 8 wheels e 8 lines.

Its symbols are colorful fruits and jam jars who pay everyone differently based on the combinations, as described in the relevant score table.

Particularly interesting is the symbol of the jam jar, which acts both from Wild that gives Scatter and also as a multiplier of the amounts won. The beauty is that the jar comes out with a certain frequency, we could not fail to report it in the review.

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Rules of the game

The basic rules that apply to this colorful online game are very few and very simple, this has undoubtedly contributed considerably to its success, as well as to that of many more or less similar titles, now available on the net for some time.

The slot machines are great protagonists in online casinos and in various game platforms, and the simple gameplay is among the elements that contribute more to making them extremely popular.

It is enough that randomly, groups or clusters are created, of equal symbols to generate a win of variable value, which goes to reward the players based on the combination obtained.

Developer and software

To make this fun game was the English software house Push Gaming which took the first steps in this competitive sector already in 2010.

A company that has been continuing for over a decade to churn out Excellent online casino games, and who also pays great attention to the growing mobile market, showing that he knows exactly what he is doing.

Competence and experience Behind the software they see, the players notice them, even without necessarily having to be experts are absolutely evident in push gaming products.

Characteristics of the Jamr Jars slot

No universal bell is 8 rollers and 8 lines And it includes a cluster system, or bunchy that you want. So the symbols must be grouped in a single cluster and based on combinations, type and number of the same will be obtained the relative win.

There is a special symbol, the jar of jam, which acts as Wild, but also has other peculiarities. The game foresees Free spin and rather common features, but always appreciated, like theAUTOPLAY.

The general dynamics of the game can be defined as substantially classic, but there is still no shortage of emotions, free laps, bonuses, special functions, etc.

Jammin Jars: Payout and combinations

The game grid of the slot machine is an 8 × 8 with bunch mechanics In order to be able to create the various combinations.

Groups of groups of groups of At least 5 fruits of the same type, between: strawberries, oranges, raspberries, apples, plums or blueberries.

The more the same figures group in the same cluster, the greater the consequent winnings. The lowest winnings are obtained with 5 blueberries, the highest with 5 strawberries, but let's see in detail in the next paragraph.

Payment table and lines

The different fruit applies different multipliers. The strawberry pays from 0.20x to 10,000x based on how many are found. From 5 to 25 in the game grid.

Orange pays from 0.10x to 6,250x, the raspberry from 0.05x to 3,750 times its episode. Each figure has its own value and from different prizes, there are in addition to those mentioned: apple, plum and blueberry.

The easiest thing will always be to refer to the relative table to understand how lucky we are, and what are the best combinations to focus on with our Spins.


To win at the slot they will have to get At least five adjacent identical symbols on the spaces of the 8 × 8 grid. Those who play can go up to a maximum reward equal to 20,000x their episode.

With 25 or more identical symbols you can reach very relevant figures, also you can take advantage of bonuses, useful for obtaining even more exciting rewards.

Rainbow Feature, Jam Jar Multiplier is and Free Games I am functionality which are activated with particular combinations of symbols and can multiply the fun and the opportunities to win, these three are also bonuses.

Jamin Jars game bonus

Inside the game there are common features, such as car play and wild, but also others that we can define as bonus functions:

  • Rainbow function;
  • Jam Jar Multiplier bonus;
  • Free Games function.

La Rainbow Feature It is activated casually After any waterfall of figures that proves to be not winning. When activated, a rainbow will appear on the grill and add one or more giant fruits.

The Jam Jar Multiplier function It is activated to the appearance of the symbol of the jam jar, which will move to a free position and add a multiplier. The multiplier will continue to increase with the victorious combinations and the jam will continue to move on the grill.

I Free turns They are activated by landing three jars of jam on the grill. During this bonus, the Jolly is also equipped with a multiplier that increases with its movement on the screen.


This colorful slot does not provide for a JACKPOT With an amount that gradually increases one tour after the other, this can be considered a limit by some, but if you reflect on the characteristics and opportunities to multiply your episode playing with this title, on RTP and volatility, you realizes how the problem does not exist.

Between generous winning combinations and multipliers, the slot allows by playing few pennies to obtain, if you are kissed from the blindfolded goddess, a win that often makes the most generous jackpots pale.

Jammin Jars Free Spin

I Free spin Or simply free turns, they are loved and highly sought after by those who love to spend time playing with the most popular slot machines, such as the well -known Bise Battle Videoslot of the same software house push gaming.

Free laps are often foreseen by bonus mode internal to the game or are offered as Free incentives from the single casinoHowever, they are useful for familiarizing with the slot and for potentially increasing their opportunities for victory.

Theme and graphics

The fruit icons are gods Great classics in the world of slot machines, but this title has been able to use fruit in a new way, without absolutely becoming trivial.

The fruit of the figures that appear on the wheels is colorful, fun and perfectly integrated to the rest of the graphics of this game which is also strong of an engaging soundtrack that supports its setting and its general mood.

Theme and graphics make the video game very carefree and enjoyable, with an extremely wide and heterogeneous user.

RTP and volatility

The RTP of this slot is of 96,83%, most of the symbols present allows you to get interesting winnings, in the long run part of the money spent by the players could therefore return to the same in the form of winnings, but there is no security.

Jammin Jars is a slot with medium-high volatilityThat is, it offers players a level that we can undoubtedly define reasonable risk or if you prefer gamble.

Volatility, high, medium or low, should always be considered properly when choosing a slot machine. However, remember to always play responsibly, without ever exaggerating.

The winning combinations at the Jammin Jars Slot are not very frequent, but i consistent payments They compensate amply this aspect, as well as the return to the player, well above the average.

How to win at Jammin Jars?

To win at the Jammin Jars, just make a deposit, make the episode and create winning groups of symbols, to do so you will have to rely only on luck.

In fact, there are no special tricks that can serve for the purpose. Some apply strategies, but these, exhibited in some free e-books, leave the time they find.

The beauty of the slots is that they are games totally based on randomness Of the spins and therefore on luck, it is not important to prove to be experts or know each rule or score by heart, the single spin leads to a completely random outcome.

Dutiful is an invitation to Responsible game, those who play must not aim for a winning that changes their lives. The slots are fun and if you are lucky, they can give good satisfactions, but you must not chase the mirage of easy wealth with a deprived deposit with respect to our availability.

Jamin Jars free: play on the demo version to practice

Like practically all the best online slots, Jammin Jars is also available on the best sector sites in demo versionnull You can then play for free.

The different casinos and game platforms allow you to try the Jamin Jars for free, as well as many other slots and any function, in a demo version, without deposit and therefore without risking even a penny of their recharging.

Apply this policy because trying a game in a demo version is a way that helps to understand if it is of its own liking and does familiarize yourself with its interface, so the Jammin Jars Demo is undoubtedly something very useful for those who love to play.

Playing Jammin Jars with real money

If after testing the Jars Slot free (game in demo version), we believe that the push gaming game is of our taste and we want to increase the adrenaline by betting a few $, we will be able to move on to real money, always with a responsible approach null

Choosing a charging method For the deposit on the game account of the Adm casino we chose, we can immediately start pointing, and consequently also win, real money.

Often then we can enjoy a Welcome bonus on the first deposit, a remarkable benefit, not to be underestimated that many casinos apply as if it were a consolidated routine.

Conclusion: our opinion on Jammin Jars

The Push Gaming Jars slot Jars is colorful, with attention to detail, really fun and with the passage of the laps of its 8 rollers, increasingly engaging for players looking for a win.

It is not a particularly eccentric game, on the contrary, he uses very well -known images and dynamics in the sector, but he still does it without giving up appreciable elements of novelty. The game is of value, cared for in the graphics and in the sound sector, which often is a bit neglected by similar titles, those who play in the mess know it well.

Special symbols and particular combinations make a gameplay a little more handled which still remains rather classic in the mess and as such decidedly tested among the players.

Our opinion therefore, at the end of this review, it is very positive overall, whether it is free demo mode or to exploit a casino welcome bonus, our advice is at least to try to play with this slot, naturally always and only responsible.

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