Hot Shots Slot Machine: The football slot video slot between nice animals

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Hot shots

Hot Shots Slot Machine is an isoftbet branded with one of the highest RTP indices in the category, as many as 97.17%. The average volatility rate make this winner. The demo version allows you to play for free. For those looking for a safe, fun and winning slot this is the right one!


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Hot Shots Slot Machine: Main information

In this review we will talk about the details that characterize Hot shots slot machinenull This isoftbet product It is inspired by the world of football, starring the cute animals who challenge each other in a pitch in the middle of the jungle. To make a bet there is no need to be the connoisseurs of the sports discipline, I just need to love the Slot machine!

We are talking about a digital game with A RTP index to scream, which far exceeds the average of the other games. All this translates into concrete winning opportunities and lots of fun.

Hot shots slot gratis It is the demo version that we recommend to all those who want to have fun without risking or, simply, want to know the product before making a bet, in fact allows you to have fun without having the obligation to register on the platform

The game is also available from Mobile!

Rules of the game

Hot shots slot It is a video game that allows the user registered to a regulated casino (with ADM license) to obtain money by totaling combinations of symbols. The slots work in the same way and, to win, we need to totally weave cards.

Each image depicted allows the player to multiply your episode for a certain factor.

For this reason It is important to know the score of the various figures, in order to identify the winning and profitable ones. It being understood that the online slot games, as well as bar ones, are automated and recognize the correct combination by themselves.

Developer and software

Hot Shots Slot is a video game produced by popolare provider Isoftbet, which over the years has developed dozens and dozens of igaming products. The company's motto is "Innovation, Experience and Delivery", which translated equals: innovation, experience and distribution.

This Developer is one of the LLeader of the video game sector on the web And it is an all -round Igaming Developer. In fact, this company in addition to dealing with the programming of online casino products, has also created versions compatible with mobile devices (es. tablet o smartphone).

The details that make the games marked by the aforementioned software house are unique are graphics, audio effects and the ability to make the product compelling, with Innovative functions and elements.

Another important aspect, not to be underestimated, concerns the level of reliability that this digital programming company manages to guarantee. On the other hand, we are talking about a company that has squeezed partnerships with the best gaming platforms on the web. We refer to regulated sites, which respect the laws and protect the privacy of the players.

Caratteristiche della slot Hot shots slot machine

Playing with the SLOT The video game is catapulted into a green rectangle located inside a forest. Players and spectators are the animals that populate the aforementioned habitat.

The graphics are really well done: cured in detail It is really pleasant for those who use the slot. The same goes for the sound effects who are appropriate to the theme of the video game, but do not distract the player.

The grilled scheme of play is the classic a 5 rollers and 3 episode linesnull This digital entertainment product makes use of a system that multiplies the winning opportunities, in fact, the slot in question offers well 243 successful combinations.

The player chooses the value of the bet which starts from a minimum of $ 0.01 to reach a maximum of $ 125. Videoslot on the web has special functions, with attention to detail, which allow you to access the Bonus game, that is, to the rpm and to the Jolly/Wild symbol that completes the combinations.

For players who want to try videooslot without obligation, there is la versione Hot shots slot machine gratis.

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Hot shots slot machine: Payout e combinazioni

In evaluating the information relating to a slot you intend to focus on is important Take the payout into consideration.

In this review we could not fail to dedicate an in -depth analysis of the Payout very concept, intended as the share of money bet that really returns to the player's availability. The value of the Payout is expressed as a percentage And it indicates the rate that, for every euro of bet, is transformed in prize pool for the player.

In the case of Hot shots slot We must admit that The return index to the player declared is one of the highest ever. We speak, in fact, of a percentage Berry L Sah, 17%. This means that for one euro played, the player has the opportunity to bring home more than 97 cents. The remaining 3% represents the payment that the slot subtracts as a profit for the site and the provider.

Il Payout is calculated by an agency outside the software house And it is periodically monitored in order to guarantee maximum transparency to the players. The winning combinations that allow you to win a hand are expressly indicated in the "terms and conditions", In which all the information information is present.

Payment table and lines

In the table present inside the info section. The video game, the player brings together the individual values of the figures who appear on the game grid. In this way, those who visit a platform that hosts the Impara video game a know the slot cards, And how much can earn by obtaining the winning combinations with each of them.

The lines of Game payments are 243null In practice, those who play have many combinations that allow them to obtain more or less high figures. Considering the index and the available payment lines of the slot, we can say that the video game that we are writing the review really represents An excellent opportunity for gamers.


In order to obtain a winning combination of symbols it is necessary that at least they appear on the grill 3 equal iconsnull However, they must be positioned in a certain way on the adjacent wheels.

The theme of Hot Shots Slot is football, therefore, it is not to be surprised if the player should see the Balls of different colornull To complete the table of the symbols, the American cards from 10 to the ace think about it.

The most important card is The red and white painting ball which represents the symbol wild. This works in the same way as a joker that expands on the grill and replacing other figures, helping to make some combinations win. The only figure that is not replaced by the Wild is lo Scatter that appears on the screen With the word "Hot Shots".

Characteristics of the symbols

If on the video grid it appears:

  • 3 Scatter, the player gets the payment of the hand multiplied X4 and 10 free spins;
  • 4 SCATTER The value of the hand and the free laps multiply by 6 become 15;
  • 5 Scatter They guarantee the payment of the hand 10 times and 20 free spins.

Totalizing at least 3 tessere “Hot shots” It is possible to activate the offer Game Bonus gratis which increases the X3 winnings that remains fixed for the duration of the function.

Hot Shots Slot Machine game bonus

Like most of the games on the web, too This signed isoftbet It presents promotions that are activated only when some combinations of cards on the 5 × 3 cards are presented.

In this digital product, the combination that allows those who visit the slot to obtain the area Game Bonus it consists of at least 3 Symbols Scatter. The latter are very simple to identify because they appear how to weave with the writing that refers to the name of the video game itself.

When the correct combination is presented, The video game automatically multiplies by X3 all the winnings obtained from that moment on. This requirement remains valid for the entire duration of the function And it adds to the other promotions offered, such as free spins and other episode multipliers.


The jackpot, also known as prize pool, is a booty that should be constituted subdued after bet. In practice, the slot games that have the aforementioned function are scheduled by the provider who produced them to accumulate a small share of money aimed, in order to constitute the jackpot.

The coveted figure is generally shown on the monitor. In this way the player can see how much The highest award amounts.

To obtain the prize pool, it is necessary to tota the combination with the highest score on the game grid. Clearly it is a circumstance that occurs a few times, based on the algorithm that regulates the video game.

Not all slots include a progressive jackpot. This is the case of HSSM, which has other more frequent promotions such as episode multipliers. The idea of eliminating the Jackpot in favor of this type of bonus is quite recent and unites many of the slots scheduled in recent years.

Free spin

Players who love videoslots appreciate the presence of combinations that allow him to access the rpm for freenull The free spin of the video game are hidden behind the scatter combinations, starting from 3 equal figures.

As we have seen, the minimum combination starts from the number 3 and continues with 4 and 5 cards adjacent to the rollers. Each of these combo allows the user to get 10, 15 or 20 rpm for free.

Playing when the function The player is active can equally obtain sums of money, based on the multipliers activated.

Theme and graphics

The theme of the video game is football. But do not expect a crowded stadium of fans and athletes of the caliber of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but of the funny characters who came out of a cartoon. The field is located in the center of a forest and the protagonists of the video game and the spectators sitting on the steps are the animals that live in nature.

The video game has one clear and very colorful graphicsnull The characters that make up the cards on the wheels are: a cheetah, a chicken, a bear, a bull dog and a buffaloes. To complete the grill, the icons of the American cards from 10 to the ace think about it.

What are you waiting for? The forest with his nice friends, awaits you for large winnings and lots of fun.

RTP and volatility

The RT index of a video slot is the value that allows, to those who love to play with this type of products on the web or live, to understand how convenient this is. In the case of Hot shots slot We must admit that his return index to the player is among the highest in the category.

We speak, in fact, of a percentage of Over 97%: well above the average of its illustrious "colleagues".

However, this requirement alone is not enough to provide enough for paid slot informationnull In fact, in order to have a wider view of the advantage of playing with a digital product you need to take in the volatility rate is also considered.

We are talking about a requirement that serves to identify the level of absorption of a paid video game. In reality, this factor is given by the relationship between the amount of money absorbed by a slot before proceeding with a drain of tokens (win). For tale slot We found an average parameter.

Come Vincere a Hot shots slot machine?

To win with Hot shots slot The combinations of figures must be obtained as indicated in the game table. But in order to play and total victories it is necessary, first of all, to be enrolled in an online regulated platform, or in possession of all the requirements provided for by the laws on igaming.

One of these consists in having received the ADM license: a certificate issued by the Customs Agency that verifies the reliability of the casino on the web and periodically monitors its work.

To date, the ADM license is the only certificate that allows users to identify Safe gaming sites.

After subscribing to one of the many portals on the net, the client of the online casino can make a deposit on the game account choosing between one of the payment methods provided for by the site. In this way, the user has the financial resources to start a game a Hot shots slot, with real money.

To make a deposit you can choose between different methods made available by casino on the web.

Hot Shots Slot Machine Free: play on the demo version to practice

Hot shots slot gratis, Instead, it is the demo version of the same video game, which we are talking about in this review.

The purpose of this game mode is:

  • Having fun without risking a penny;
  • Playing without having to record at any Gambling site;
  • Become familiar with the main functions of the video game;
  • Family familiar with the icons that appear on the rollers, learning to distinguish Wild and Scatter.

Playing at Hot Shots Slot Machine with real money

To play real money a Hot Shots Slot required requirement is to have an account on an online casino. The choice of the platform to register is very important. In this regard, we feel to recommend our readers to always opt for regulated electronic realities.

This type of gaming sites, in fact they protect players and protect their privacy. In particular, registration to an ADM portal secure the player's transactions data, as well as the info of him. personal.

After registration, a deposit of money must be made, choosing from one of the methods made available to the igaming platform.

Conclusion: our opinion on Hot Shots Slot Machine

Hot shots slot It is a product that we feel to recommend both novice and more experienced players. This digital product has Great gain margins, thanks to its return index to the player to scream (+97%) and to a content volatility rate.

Inevitable i Bonus game With multipliers of amount and free laps that make the roller laps more exciting. Recall that Videoslot is also available in the free demo version, no deposit.

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