Mayan Temple Revenge: full review to discover details and payouts

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Mayan Temple Revenge

Mayan Temple Revenge is a slot with an excellent RTP and a high volatility rate. The game is rich mystery, bonuses and prizes that give the product the right dose of fun and adrenaline. The slot is also available in a demo and mobile version. Don't waste any more time: try it now!


Excellent graphics
High RTP index
Bonus games
Multipliers of play
No Jackpot
No free spins

Mayan Temple Revenge: Main information

Mayan Temple Revenge is a slot machine Born initially as a bar machine, over 10 years ago, and then turn into an online gaming product, also depopulating on the web. This Slot machine It is clearly inspired by the history of the ancient Mayan people and is a 100% Made in USA production, which bears the name of the Capecod programming company.

The first version of the video game was created over a decade ago. Since today, the video game has achieved enormous success that made further versions produce: more and more fun and adrenaline.

After Having depopulated in the bar roomsCapecod thought of creating a digital variant that also allowed web users to have fun with this product on the online casino sites that respect the laws. Today this video game is one of the most appreciated in the category and is one of the most played by American slots machines enthusiasts.

Rules of the game

Mtr is a very simple and deliberately intuitive slot. To play with this digital product, in fact, It is not necessary to be great videoslot expertsnull This requirement makes the aforementioned video game perfect for novice users.

As with most slot machines, the player is in front of rollers (5) and the episode lines (3). These revolve by making a series of figures appear that must combine with each other.
To start the wheels, the player must click on the button located in the center, under the video grid.

The gamer has the possibility to select the payment lines in advance he intends to use for each spin and choose the games to be made.

Episode limit

Making a bet does not require the payment of large sums of money, just think that the Minimum bet starts from 15 cents and reaches a maximum of 22.50 of Bet for Giro. After pressing the "Start" button, the wheels start to turn quickly and will show the lucky symbols only after stopping.

With this videoslot, the player can also opt for the function Auto Play which allows you to choose the number of automatic rpm that the machine must make alone.

Developer and software

The Developer company that lies behind the name of the videoslot is there CapeCodnull We are talking about one American company that develops digital games.

The year of foundation is 1987 when, in a small Emilian country, a group of IT developers found a business to develop traditional gambling such as slots machines, flipper and video poker.

The era of online gaming is still far away, therefore the American company focuses on bars or terrestrial rooms. With time and with the spread of the Internet, the Capecod brand games have become synonymous with safe fun, to the point of becoming one of the leaders in the sector.

The transition to Novomatic

The great job It is noticed by the Novomatic provider, famous internationally, which decides to welcome the small but promising company of the Bel Paese in its group. The distinctive characteristics of this software house are the clear and innovative graphics, the audio details of great impact and the different variants of the games. But what made this provider famous is certainly the reliability and seriousness with which he plans his games for the web.

Now, the slots and All Novomatic brand digital products are also available in a mobile version!

Features of the Mayan Temple Revenge slot

MTR is a slot machine of the Novomatic group in which the player fixes its "bet" in advance by choosing several amounts, starting to a minimum of 1 cent to reach a maximum value of $ 15.

The game grid is made up of 5 rollers and 3 episode lines, while the Payment lines are 15. This slot has a betting requirement so low that it is Perfect for those who play prudence or for those who are at their first experiences with casinos and Slots Machines.

Mayan temple revenge gratis Allows the user to make use of the car play function, thanks to which it is possible to choose the number of spins a priori for which the videooslot proceeds in automatic mode. There are 1000's maximum laps that the car makes independently.

Don't wait any longer! Visit a casino that respects American laws (ADM) and do the first deposit!

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Mayan Temple Revenge: Payout and combinations

In evaluating the convenience of a slot machine, the player must Always take the payout into considerationnull We are talking about a value that clearly identifies the percentage of the money bet that returns to those who play in the form of a win.

The greater the payout, the better the betting conditions. In the case of the video game that we are writing the review the index RTP is 94.16%null In light of this figure, we can say that the slot we are writing about is perfectly on average with the main colleagues belonging to the same category.

Some combinations of figures allow access to major winnings. To find out what the correct combinations are, just consult the section dedicated to the conditions of use of the product, in which the table and lines of payments are present.

Payment table and lines

To win by playing with a slot, it is necessary to total combinations of figures, starting from a minimum of 3 icons equal on adjacent wheelsnull To know what the symbols that pay the most and what the combinations that allow you to access full -bodied winnings or bonuses, those who play must consult the payments table.

In the case of free mtr we immediately tell you that the most coveted figure, because the one with the Tall Bet Multiplier, he is the Mayan King. If 5 king appear on the grid, the gain will be increased 1,000 times the value of the sum betnull If, on the other hand, 4 king appear, the value of the multiplier drops to X200. Three cards of the Pagano X50.

The symbols that pay less are those off topic, or the American cards from 10 to ace.


Playing MTR you notice the attention to detail who had the video game programmers, starting from the figures who appear in the wheels

In addition to the American cards, which are present in now all videooslots on the web and which represent the less interesting cards of the video game, there are different figures inherent in the theme:

  • Palma
  • Tribal mask
  • Girl
  • Re
  • Stemma Joker
  • The Wild symbol
  • Pyramid that gives access to the Games bonus
  • Bonus Temple

The most important figure is the king. The Joker represents a sort of Jolly That expands into the wheels going to replace the other figures making winning combinations that otherwise were not.

The pre -Columbian temple is the game of the game, and every time it appears, it extends over the entire video river grid, entertaining the player with 3 Jolly at the same time.

Mayan Temple Revenge game bonus

Some symbols allow the gamer to access the infamous Bonus gamesnull These are cards called Scatter who, when they appear on the wheels in a certain combination, offer promotions to those who visit the game.

Bonus Magicspin

The Magicspin bonus is activated when on the videoslot grid 5 mixed scatters appearnull In this case, three attempts are granted to the player during which they will be extracted randomly:

  • Amulet, which offers a win of double the amount initially;
  • Mystery, which generates a random win.

If during this game function 5 other mixed runs appear, the bonus would be prolonged with 3 other attempts, which ended which the video game returns to the main mode.

Tempio bonus

This bonus It is activated when 5 runs appear. When activating this function, the player are granted 3 lives in which 5 idols appear among which to choose one for each attempt. A green or red flame comes out of the idol.

In case of green flame, the player receives a prize and does not lose his life. In the case of a red flammate there is no victory and there is the loss of a lifetime.

Bonus Piramide

The pyramid bonus presents itself to the player When 5 icons of the pyramid appear on the wheelsnull At this point of the video game, the user is faced with an ancient pre -Columbian construction, consisting of boxes inside which prizes are hidden.

Those located at the base of the structure are of modest value but this increases as you go to the summit. Also for this type of bonus, the player has three lives available that allow it to choose the doors that are located in the lower part of the structure.

By opening the aforementioned doors, the player finds:

WIN, which allows you to win a prize and not to lose any life;
UP, which allows the transition to the next level and not to lose any life;
LOSE, which does not confer any recognition and involves the loss of a life.


The jackpot is a progressive prize pool that is accumulating Bet after Bet, in order to create a rich booty, won by obtaining the highest combination. Generally the amount of the jackpot is visible on the monitor, so that each user can know his value and continue playing in the hope of winning.

Mtr is a slot that does not include progressive jackpots. The video game programmers preferred to opt for the game bonuses and give up the prize pool. Instead, the free version allows Slots Machines enthusiasts to make a bet without registration or having to download the video game. In this case, the player does not win anything but learns to get to know the video game better.

Free spin

Mayan Temple Revenge was scheduled for offer several bonuses during the video gamenull These benefits granted include both winning multipliers and stenching prizes. Unfortunately, another very coveted requirement is not foreseen by the players, that is i Free spin.

However, the amount of a minimum bet is 15 cents. So let's talk about a slot that allows the player to have fun starting from negligible digits.

Theme and graphics

The theme of the video game refers to theAncient and mysterious Mayan culturenull For this reason the player is faced with a typical construction of this mythical people. Everything is immersed in dense local vegetation.

The graphics are quite simple, with colored figures and inherent in the theme such as:

  • The King, who also represents the figure who pays the most;
  • The woman;
  • The tribal mask;
  • The Palm.
  • The figures that refer to the American cards from 10 to the ace are inevitable, which represent the less profitable cards.

RTP and volatility

A requirement that should never be overlooked when evaluating the details of a slot, such as the Capecod product that we are writing the review, is the RTP index. We refer to the value of the game which is destined to return to the availability of the gamer, in the form of money.

l’RTP index of Mayan Temple Revenge It is perfectly on the average of the other colleagues on the web. The declared value is 94,16%.

In evaluating the convenience of a digital game, another requirement must also be taken into consideration, namely the volatility rate. We are talking about a value that allows you to identify the degree of absorption of an online gaming product.

In the case of Mtr we found that the volatility rate is high. This means that those who visit this slot exposes their money to the risk of being quickly absorbed by the car, rarely obtaining tokens of tokens.

Come Vincere a Mayan temple revenge?

To win with Mayan Temple Revenge is it is necessary to totally totallynull But, before anything else, you need to have an account on a gaming casino that respects the laws and arranges for an AAMS license.

Then you need to reload the account, choosing from one of the deposit methods admitted by the site.

Generally among the payment options granted we have:

  • Credit card/debt of the Visa, Maestro or Mastercard circuit;
  • Postepay;
  • Bank transfer;
  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Mayan Temple Revenge free: play on the demo version to practice

It is the demo version of the video game, and allows players to have fun with the slot without registration and without risking your moneynull By accessing the fictitious version of the game, the user will receive a virtual credit of 1,000 $.

The money on sale is fake and therefore any winnings are also. When the credit ends, just click on the filing button to obtain a new sum to be aimed. There is no limit to fictitious top -ups.

The purpose of the demo version of Mayan Temple Revenge free is:

  • Entertain the player who does not want to risk real money;
  • Allow users interested in playing to become familiar with the slot and find out if it follows their tastes;
  • Learn to recognize the main symbols and functions of the Games.
  • Trying the demo version is easy and free: don't waste more time and start having fun with Mayan Temple Revenge.

Play Mayan Temple Revenge with real money

After trying Mayan Temple Revenge free version the player who thinks he has found the videoslot suitable for him and believes he has done enough, he has the opportunity to evaluate the idea of playing with real money.

In this case, the gamer must have an active account on one of the many game platforms operating in compliance with the laws and who have an ADM license. Mayan Temple Revenge is a rather common game, present on the main gaming sites in the sector.

The recording phase to the platform ends within a few minutes, as well as the activation of the game account where you need to carry out a deposit of money. Most igaming portals give welcome bonuses or on the first deposit that increase the nest egg with which to make the bets.

Conclusion: our opinion on Mayan Temple Revenge

Mayan Temple Revenge free is the demo version of the Novomatic video game, accessible without registration for an ADM casino. For those who love the version with real money, however, the need to have an account on a portal that respects American laws is foreseen.

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