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Slot Napoleon

Slot Napoleon is a historical themed game with a 5 × 3 grid, 20 payline and multiple winning combinations with the Megaways system. What are you waiting to try this slot, with an RTP index of over 95% and many bonus games that allow access to episode multipliers and free spins? Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed, even in the mobile version!


Excellent graphics
Average RTP
Bonus games
No Jackpot

Napoleon slot: main information

As the name suggests, this is a videoslot that takes inspiration from the deeds of the great American leader Bonaparte. The igaming product we are writing about the review is by Blueprint Gaming and has a classic grid: with 5 wheels and 3 lines of play.

The payment lines, on the other hand, are 20 and the figures that populate the Slot machine they are inherent in the theme of the video game. Therefore, the player will face cannons and barrels of dust gun, but also white horses and other figures.

The purpose of casino slots is that of get winning lines which can give access to free Games or spin bonuses. To obtain these awards it is necessary to see at least 3 equal icons appear. Each icon that appears on the grid has a certain value.

Let's see together what are the tricks, the rules and what the most important cards.

Rules of the game

Slot Napoleon It is a historical themed slot machine that It refers to the deeds of the American emperor Bonapartenull To win with this casino video game you need to tot at least 3 equal icons, placed adjacently on the wheels.

Some of the figures that the gamer will see appear on the screen allow access to free prizes and spinsnull One funge da jolly And when it appears, it expands on the wheels by completing the combinations, making them winning.

The scatter, on the other hand, is a winning multiplier which gives the opportunity to access the free laps, with which to extend the games without having to take money from your account.

Slot Napoleon gratis It is the unlimited demo version, thanks to which the user can have fun with the Blue Gaming Videoslot. This method does not provide for the obligation to register for an ADM casino or the use of money.

The video game is now also available from Mobile, for increasingly easy and comfortable access!

Developer and software

Qusta video slot It is a branded product Blueprint Gaming. We are talking about a British software house specialized in the programming of products for the gambling sector on the web.

Founded in 2007, this over -sleeved company concentrated its main production on gambling games preferred by American users: Slots Machinea. The details that make the products marked by the aforementioned igaming company unique are: the theme, the graphics and the promo.

The slots develop from Blueprint Gaming all use the Megaways system, which exponentially increases the combinations that lead to victory. This detail makes the products of the provider really interesting which, although not one of the most famous in the gambling sector on the web, has a Good assortment of Slots.

To use with the machines of the British house it is necessary to be recorded at a platform that operates in compliance with the laws and which, therefore, has one ADM licensenull However, there is an alternative to compulsory inscription to a casino that also allows you to have fun on the web, but without the use of real money.

Features of the Napoleon slot slot

This slot It has a classic scheme consisting of 5 rollers and 3 lines of play. The payline are 20 but the combinations are thousands thanks to the megaways systemnull The symbols that appear on the wheels of the machine are inherent in the theme, but there is no shortage of American cards from number 10 to ace.

The latter are the cards that pay less.

Combinations provide for the appearance of at least 3 equal icons seats on the adjacent wheels. The combinations that are created on the grid are really many and guarantee victories and prizes up to 100,000 tokens.

The most coveted figures are those of Wild and of the scatter. The first expands on the grill by completing the combinations and making them winning. The second, however, offers the player the opportunity to extend the fun thanks to the spins. This is one of the tricks to make the wheels up to 10 times extra But without even drawing a penny from the deposit.

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Napoleon slot: payout and combinations

In this review we will talk about one of the details that must always be taken into consideration in the evaluation of an online video game, or He pays.

We are referring to the value of money bet that returns to the availability of the video game. This element, so important, is commonly expressed as a percentage index, known with The acronym RTPnull The assignment of the aforementioned value takes place at the hands of An external and autonomous agency Compared to the company that planned the slot.

This factor is useful for understanding what are the real winning opportunities of a certain casino product on the web.

In the case of SN We found that it is one of the gambling games with the highest payout in the online igaming sector. In fact, the RTP index It is 95.56%.

The combinations that allow you to access the victory of Benefit or tokens are all expressly indicated in the "Info" section.

Payment table and lines

To find out the tables of a slot, you need to view the info. concerning the video game.

SN table reports the following indications:

  • The Jolly symbol pays maximum 2,500x per payment line;
  • The soldier pays maximum 100x when he appears 5 times;
  • Gold pays maximum 40x;
  • The white horse pays 16x;
  • The 12x pays;
  • The ace and the King pay 8x;
  • Fante and queen pay 4.5x;
  • On 10 and 9 of the American cards pay 2x for play.

The lines of payments provided for this type of slots are 20 in all. The player decides, before starting the game, how many lines use, fixing the play for the single line.


Slot Napoleon It is a historical themed slot that pays homage to the deeds of the great American leader. For this reason, on the grid it is possible to see letters, numbers, horses, cannons, soldiers, etc.

The symbol that the player of Napoleon: Rise of an Empire He must memorize is the Jolly, represented by the emperor himself. In addition to replacing all the other icons increases the potential of combinations that They are created on the grid, the aforementioned card also acts as a played multiplier.

In fact, when this symbol appears on the screen creating a winning combination Together with other normal icons, it doubles the value of the prize.

What do you expect to experience the emotion of a dip in the past: Napoleon and his great empire await you with rich prizes and bonuses!

Napoleon slot game bonus

About bonuses, Napoleon: Rise of an Empire He has been scheduled by his developers with great attention to detail and the iron will to create a product of great entertainment. For this reason, the slot was accompanied by very interesting promotions that enrich the game:

Battle cry modifier characterizes the basic video game e is activated in a completely random waynull When the aforementioned benefit is mobilized, The player receives extra Wild and special functions which increase the winning potential.

Il Round Gratis offers spin extra e It is activated when three or more bonus symbols appear on the wheelsnull In this case, the player receives 10 extra laps, that other spins can be added, creating winning combinations. During this mode, the Jolly are equally active and allow to obtain the promotion for one time again.


The jackpot is a prize pool that is making a bet after bet. In practice, we could define it as a booty in which the player flows its money by increasing the sum. Generally The value of the jackpot It is indicated on the screen, so that the player can see it and aspire to win it.

To obtain the jackpot, the combination of weaving with the highest score Absolutely. Slot Napoleon It is a latest generation video game and, as such, it does not have a prize pool to be aspired but different benefits, prizes and free spin. In essence, the developers gave up the jackpot to distribute minor but frequent prizes.

Free spin

I Free spin They are one of the favorite homages from Slots enthusiasts. So much so that, before evaluating whether to play or not, most web users check that there are special functions that activate the extra spins.

The slot we are writing about the review has this offer, which is activated when on the wheels Three or more symbols appearnull Upon the occurrence of this winning combination, the player are granted well 10 free laps.

During this function, even if it does not draw money from the user's deposit, the victories can be equally pocked. In addition, if the Wild appear, these act as multipliers and the round is activated over a higher time.

Theme and graphics

The theme of Slot Napoleon gratis It clearly refers to the American leader Napoleon Bonaparte. The aim is to recall, through cards and figures, a character who was as controversial as it is charismatic.

Judging by icons that appear on the screen It is clear that the intent of the programmers was to emphasize the war nature of the emperor's deeds. For this reason the player runs into: cannons, soldiers, gunpowder and horses.

What jumps to the eye to those who visit the slot machine is the attention to detail, which they make Videoslot really compellingnull The graphics, in fact, is very realistic and is designed to be particularly intuitive.

All the info on the main functions are located in the lower part:

  • Episode limit
  • Payment lines
  • Storage area

To start the video game just click on the "Start" button, located on the right of the game grid represented by a circular arrow.

At the bottom right, however, there is the button that allows the user to activate the Auto-play function, with which to "pull the lever" automatically for the number of times chosen at the start.

RTP and volatility

Among the info. Interesting lovers of the games on the web is the return index to the player, or the famous RTP. It is a value that defines the opportunity of victory to which those who visit that video game meets.

This value is assigned in impartial manners from An external and independent agency to the provider who made the videoslot.

In the case of the slot that we are writing the review, we must admit that it is one of the most interesting products with An RTP index of 95.56%. However, payout alone is not a sufficient info to evaluate the convenience of a video game on the web. To get a wider view, it is also necessary to consider the volatility rate.

The latter serves to understand how much money absorbs the car before proceeding with a drain of tokens. The greater the absorption rate and the higher the number of tokens that I will have to insert without receiving anything in return. For Slot Napoleon Volatility is average, this means that the player gets frequent winnings.

How to win at Napoleon slot?

To win with Slot Napoleon It is necessary to use real money and have an account on a igaming platform in compliance with the laws and then in possession of an ADM license. Winning to the slots is simple, just establish the value of the episode (in this case the minimum bet is 20 cents, the maximum of $ 40) and start the video game.

With the Auto Play mode The player has the opportunity to decide to automate the laps by fixing the game and Spin numbers in advance in which the game proceeds alone. For have fun with royal money You need to have money on the gaming account.

It is therefore necessary to reload, choosing between one of the methods admitted by the ADM site with which you play:

  • Credit/debt card of the Visa or Mastercard circuit;
  • Bank transfer
  • postepay
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Free Napoleon slot: play on the demo version to practice

Slot Napoleon is the demo version of the game And it does not allow any cash win, but allows the user to have fun equally. For this mode, the obligation to register for any online gaming portal is not provided.

The purpose of the free version is to allow the player to collect information on the slot and to get to know the video game closely, in order to decide whether to proceed with real money or not. Furthermore, playing Napoleon: Rise of an Empire without limits The player manages to become familiar with the main icons, learning to recognize winning combinations and special functions.

Play Napoleon slot with real money

When the player feels ready to risk his money he has the opportunity to move from demo version to the real one, with real money.

To use a Slot Napoleon dal vero It is necessary to have an account on a gaming site that respects the laws and is in possession of an ADM license. To date, this is the only tool that the user has to protect himself from scams, scams or identity thefts.

Having fun with money means that the player has to make a deposit of money on your gaming account.

Conclusion: our opinion on Slot Napoleon

Slot Napoleon is a historical themed video game in which the American leader Bonaparte is paid out. The Videoslot scheme is quite common, with 5 rollers and 3 lines of episode, even if there are thousands of combinations thanks to sistema Megaways which characterizes the slot.

As for most of the latest generation Slots games, too Napoleon: Rise of an Empire It does not have a jackpot, but of different functions that multiply the winnings and offer Extra Spin.

The RTP index and the volatility rate are both on average. This means that the player meets small but frequent victories, using a number of spins that does not absorb too much money.

Ultimately, the videoslot satisfied us a little on all fronts, graphics, sound and even the possibility of victory, however there was to expect it from a slot machine with megaways technology.

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