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Night Vampire

With Night Vampire Slot Vampire lovers, bats and cemeteries will be in their world. A slot machine of the American very American World Match with an excellent graphics and an RTP of 96.02%!


Well -kept graphics
Free spins
Bonus game
High RTP
A progressive jackpot is missing
A multiplier of winnings is missing

Night Vampire Slot is one of the many excellent slot machines signed by World Match. To animate this original video game they are dark night creatures such as vampires and other typical horror genre icons. There Slot machine It has a rather classic basic structure, but has been enriched with very fun and engaging features and bonuses, which make it unique.

Night Vampire Slot: Main information

Night Vampire slot has a classic grid consisting of 5 rollers per 3 lines and 15 different winning lines.

In order to "pull the lever" of the slot, just have made a deposit from a few $ on your igaming site. The purpose of the video game is to obtain as much as possible winning combinations, which form from the left of the grill, towards its right on one or more paying lines.

To know the various winning combinations, just consult the practice when necessary Payment table, always reachable directly from the game console.

Rules of the game

NVS must most of its success to a few simple rules, a feature that unites many slot machines, and contributes to their planetary success, in traditional mess, as well as in virtual ones.

The setting is that of a cemetery populated by bins thirsty for blood, the Wild symbol replaces all the others (with the exception of the other special figures) to increase the probability of winning.

The symbols of the bat or horse if in combination on the rollers, give access to 3 different game bonuses that can increase the winnings of the play exponentially.

The Night Vampire Slot Machine includes 3 Bonus Games that can be activated with the two special figures and associated with different play mechanics. With the special symbol of the bats, a microgame is activated that makes a small group of bats appear on the screen, the player will have to choose and hit one to obtain the associated prize.

With it run of the horse A carriage pulled by a series of white or black horses appears on the screen. The gamer guiding the color of the horses will win random prizes.

In the end By extracting 5 mixed scatters, the gamer can get free spins, or of the free matches with which to have fun and potentially win, without spending a euro of your own pocket. The special symbols give considerable dynamism to the video game, which without this element would undoubtedly be a little flat, in particular in the long run.

Developer and software

The slot software in question is the work of World Match, one of the most important video games suppliers for online gaming platforms.

Worldmatch srl is an American gaming company Note for having been among the first in the world to have proposed and brought to the Vdeogames HD market, often integrated with the best known social networks, such as Facebook.

The company catalog provides Over 200 different video games, all with a very well -kept graphics, with always appreciated characteristics, such as bonuses and jackpot.

Founded in 2000 in Padua, WM is now very active between USA and Spain, but open to expansion also towards other promising markets. The company has precisely in this perspective, started an active collaboration with Softgamings, to offer game content also in Turkey, Greece and throughout Eastern Europe.

At the moment the titles produced by the software house are played in over a hundred gaming platforms, practically all over the world, on average about 3 new titles per month.

Features of the Night Vampire slot

To strongly characterize the slot machine is certainly its theme. The figure of the Vampire Dracula or Nosferatu fascinates humanity for centuries now. The vampire is the most loved classic monster and to which a large number of novels, films, TV series and of course also video games are still dedicated today.

La slot However, it is not a dark and distressing product, its graphics are fresh and aligned with a comic or a colorful cartoon, therefore suitable for practically all types of video games. Night Vampire has a classic grid consisting of 5 rollers per 3 lines and 15 winning lines. To make it even more dynamic there is then the presence of fun bonuses.

The presence of games in the video game is not rare in the most modern slots and undoubtedly contributes to making these videogames even more pleasant.

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Night Vampire Slot: Payout and combinations

NVS has 15 payline and his symbol of greater value is that of vampirenull Those who play must always take this into account. To find out with how many sucks you win, and all the other paying figures and combinations, you must always refer to the table present in the video game.

The table of payments and combinations is an essential element in videoslots, for a more conscious game and therefore greater fun.

Payment table and lines

Night Vampire Slot ha ben 13 simboli, Also counting Wild and Scatter and 15 lines of winning on which to go to align them, based on how lucky you are. As in practically all the best online slots, this titles also has a payments table, which is always easy to consult.

The table, easily accessible from the video game itself, allows you to find out which combinations of figures make us get winnings and which are of greater amount. Then there are also combinations that give access to very nice and potentially generous spin or minigames.

  • With 3 blood glasses, 3 seven or 3 pistol pairs, you win 20 times how much bet. With 5 bars or 5 potions you win your episode 300 times.
  • With 5 vampires, at the end, you win 1000 times the amount of your bet. It is therefore potentially enough a few cents to have good economic satisfactions.


The regular symbols present in the slot machine are 10, while the special ones are 3 for a total of 13 different figures.

There are vampire and her immortal bride, garlic, magic potion, bar, double and triple bar, 7, pistols, blood chalice and special symbols.

Dracula is the most value figure, the Joker is instead the Jolly symbol that replaces all the others, except for the horse and the bats that are the scatter figures.

Night Vampire Slot game bonus

NVS offers 3 bonus games 2 of which can be considered themed bonuses and one is the free spins bonus, which It immediately gets free spins, always very appreciable.

When 5 bats are obtained on the game screen, the corresponding bonus is activated, the same for the horses.

If you meet the bats, it will be to the gamer being skilled in taking well to hit the greatest number. In fact, each contains a figure to be collected immediately. If the 5 horses are found on a winning line, instead you will have to try to guess the color of the horses that will tow the carriage of the vampire, they can be black or white.

You have the 50% possibilities to guess and to win according to the prizes, given in random mode as regards the amount. In addition to the minigames, if we speak of bonuses, they must then be considered those offered directly on the website of the various online casino, such as the bonuses on the deposit, the welcome ones, etc. The bonuses are in fact one of the most used marketing tools by the different casino on the web and one of the most loved by gamers.


NVS does not include a progressive jackpot, or a sort of treasure that increases with playing in play and then go and accidentally reward those who will be kissed by luck. Although there is no jackpot, the slot remains much loved, sought after and in fact decidedly enjoyable, by different types of video games.

Those who love it appreciate it in particular for the theme and graphics, but also for the presence of fun bonuses that amplify and diversify the game experience.

Free spin

Free spins are one of the most loved characteristics in the latest generation slots and in particular in those on the web. The possibility, obtaining on the specific rollers combinations of figures, or winning bonus games, of obtaining free spins is really very tempting.

Thanks to the free spins you have the opportunity to have fun without having to spend, multiplying your opportunities to win a bet, as well as those of accessing bonuses and other advantages without risk.
The slot machines that integrate the functionality of the free spins are sought by the players, both the least experienced and the most smalled ones.

Theme and graphics

Having a well -defined theme and a well -kept and captivating graphics are important elements for a slot machine that aspires to success and the slot in question is an excellent example. In NVS icons of the horror genre, such as tombs, pistols and bats are rendered with high quality graphics, and decidedly not frightening, so as to meet the tastes of a large user.

Attention to the sound sector and in the presence of social interactions are also important ingredients, typical of WM products. Those who win can easily share their success with friends and s on the most popular and used social networks.

RTP and volatility

The RTP, or the percentage of money played, returning to the players in the form of winnings, It is always very high for the legally proposed slots in USAnull In this case theRPT is 96%, truly high, well beyond the minimum limits imposed by the State Monopolies to the Gaming ADM platforms.

The slot we are talking about in the review that you are reading has aHigh volatility, therefore pays well, with high figures even if not in an extremely frequent way. There are free of charge and winnings that multiply the betting figures multiply, in particular if you are really lucky.

All these variables help to understand the remarkable liking of this video game, increasingly present in the best online casinos with an ADM license.

Come Vincere a Night vampire slot?

Episode after episode, one game after the other you learn with your own games to get to know this fun slot, playing it for free, therefore, in particular at the beginning, it can undoubtedly help a lot. The individual games always make us understand something more about the video game, but there are no real tricks, mathematical laws or particular strategies to win.

In online casinos there are games such as roulette or slots that are based only on luck. There are those who speak of tricks, strategies and the like to win at slots, but they are only illusions. The beauty of the slot machines lies precisely in the randomness of the results proposed by the software. The video game is not manipulated by anyone, in no way, it is therefore very safe.

Night Vampire Slot Free: Play on the demo version to practice

Those who play for free always make an intelligent choice. It reduces learning and risks, without giving up healthy fun. Free games are always very sought after online and even casino video games in some cases allow this game mode.

The demo version of the slot machines is useful for practicing and having fun without running unnecessary risks, all the time you want. You don't need Postepay, Paypal, Skrill or other payment methods, you can proceed with virtual credits, without too many thoughts.

To play with the demo version of the slots, a registration on the casino website is not even requested, so the times are reduced and you must not communicate your personal data. Each player can then choose, with his own time, if and when he feels ready, to move from the demonstration mode to that of Bet with real money.

Night Vampire Free Slot gives a memorable experience, healthy entertainment, without any risk for your pockets. The most widespread choice and that we also strongly recommend is to always start free of charge, and then move on to the one with real money, but there are also those who always and only play free, only for their fun.

Play Night Vampire Slot with real money

Free NVS opens the road, but when you play real money you start to do seriously and nothing can be left to chance. Before clicking on the play button and starting the game with this or other colorful slots, as well as with roulette or other popular casino games, it will always be important to choose the right website.

First of all, the website must have ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies) license, therefore be respectful of American laws. He must then provide safe and widespread payment systems, as a bank transfer, Visa, Paypal, Postepay, Skrill, etc.

After making a deposit on your gaming account, we will be able to place the episode and start trying the fate with real money, always making it responsibly, without therefore ever exaggerating, for no reason.

A good habit will be that of define a precise budget at the time of the filing and also to place yourself daily or weekly limits for the games, which will be strictly respected.

Conclusion: Our opinion on Night Vampire Slot

Here we are at the end of our review on the Night Vampire Slot, what do we think of the online slot machines online proposed by World Match?

On the web there are truly slot of all types, a really large number of games, but not everyone has the same technical and graphic quality and not everyone respects national laws.

A well -made review, if we talk about gaming, must take into account numerous quantitative variables, but above all qualitative. Our staff did it for you.

Night Vampire is a slot machine, which He faithfully resumes his live version, further enriching it with interesting features and consequently extending the fun. After depositing on the game account with Visa, Paypal or your favorite payment tools, you can place the games using the Bet button, in a very intuitive and extremely quick way.

Each game potentially allows you to get cash winnings, free turns or access funny mini -to -stakes with interesting user prizes up for grabs. Graphics and sounds are very accurate and the video game software appears truly stable, well designed and well made. This aligns the video game in question to top in its category, which is not obvious given the high competition.

If you play on sites with regular license, all American laws will always be fully respected and the security for the absolutely guaranteed player.
The times for the payment of any winnings will be certain and often also very quick and in case of problems you can always count on a fast, competent, precise and also courteous assistance.

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