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Cats Slot of IGT projects the player in the wild savannah and in the Americas populated by the most fierce and fascinating felines such as Leopardi, Leoni, Puma and Puma Nere, who will also win the less experienced players thanks to a simple but complete jackpot slot machine, e Wild and Scatter winning symbols


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RTP lower than average
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Cats Slot: Main information

Our team of experts tried one of the best slot machine online In circulation: Cats Slot. For this reason, we have drawn up a complete review that provides players with the details necessary for a conscious and fun game experience.

The product developed by IGT One of the most exciting games of recent times is presented, thanks to an captivating theme that of the great felines, fascinating animals and at the same time fearsome. There are lions, tigers, Leopardi, Puma and the black panther. The video game is very treated in detail, and a simplicity in the functions given by the 5 × 3 structure, which however does not lack bonuses and free laps.

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Rules of the game

As for the regulation, this is very simple to understand: in the "Rules" section, in fact, it will be possible to consult everything that the manufacturer has provided for this slot.

First of all, it is explicit that:

  • Any malfunction or improper use cancels any payment and playing;
  • The winning symbols must appear on a scheduled line and starting from the roller on the far left;
  • Only the highest win is paid on each payment line, this is multiplied by the episode made by the gamer.

Last note no less important:

Regardless of the amount of the bet, there is a maximum prize limit on each individual transaction. A transaction includes the results of the bonus free spin the result that allowed the achievement of that particular bonus.

Developer and software

Cats Slot, as mentioned above, is the result of IGT's work, one of the historical brands in the sector of casino, online and physical games.

To achieve this requirement, IGT has worked for years, intensely, on the quality of gaming products that emits for players around the world; Among some most famous titles we remember The Pharaoh’s Fortune, Book of the Sphinx And many other free slots.

The reasons for the huge success that this software house has developed over time are manifold:

  • Uniqueness: innovative and different games from its main competitors. An example is that of collaborations with other giants in the entertainment sector, such as Monopoly o Star Trek;
  • Safety: The manufacturer of this software respects American laws and is therefore equipped with the ADM/AAMS license for the disbursement of casino games. All this is accompanied by the use of advanced technologies aimed at the protection of players;
  • Technology: As mentioned above, technology is one of the distinctive features. In fact, any of the gaming products is adaptable to any type of device, thanks to the use of HTML 5 technology.

Features of the Cats Slot slot

As for the main elements that characterize the software, we have a series of interesting details on which to dwell on. First of all, this videoslot includes a wild and fascinating theme, inspired by the beauty of some of the most captivating felines in the world, such as tigers and lions.

Also, it has a Very simple and intuitive game system, built specifically to provide an experience that is not boring but that, on the contrary, involves the user who plays as much as possible. In addition, this is a free slot machine equipped with one demo version, to be used to better understand all features.

This is also given by a very well -kept graphics and with immersive music that propose many hours of play, relentlessly. Obviously, we recommend players to always consult the regulation and to play responsibly.

Cats Slot: Payout and Combinations

Important requirement to make this review useful for our readers is certainly the payout. Before introducing it, we specify that the payout of a slot in general is the percentage of the games, referring to a determined time, which returns to its players in the form of a win.

Payment table and lines

Within the info contained in the game itself, Cats Slot offers a series of clear and well -explained information.

Among these we find the different payment lines which, in a very simple and immediate way, are explained through 6 different illustrations of the combinations, depending on the different crossings and the different lines that come to compose.

These, we remember, are 30, a very large number and testifying to how fully this slot is in favor of the players and which does not arise, instead, with the exclusive goal of subtracting money. In fact, it allows you to compose combinations associated with cash prizes that can reach amounts equal to 10,000 times the episode wager.

Like the lines it is possible to find, in the same section, each of the payment tables proposed for each of the symbols present at stake, from the highest to the lowest.


The free slot, or for a fee, is presented with 9 basic symbols of which 5 are felines and the remaining 4 are taken, however, from poker.

In fact, we find the ace, the K, the Q and the symbol of the J. in addition to the 9 basis are also added 3 specials:

  • Il Wild with the inscription "Cats";
  • Double symbol Scatter, with two footprints or with one.

With the aim of maximizing the winning for the user who plays each spin, in this online slot the "Cats" symbol can replace any other except, of course, one of the two Scatter symbols.

Feline symbols are represented by:

  • Pantera;
  • Leone;
  • Tigre;
  • Leopard;
  • Jaguar.

The lowest prize is provided by Poker figure who will only get the episode 5 times, in case of exit. Instead, the felines will make the episode with three symbols on an active line win at least 10 times.

Cats Slot game bonus

Another very important factor that having to talk about in this review is certainly the one that concerns the benefits and bonuses granted in the free slot cats slot.


The slot machine subject to this review is not equipped with a real jackpot but, as explicitly explicit, it is characterized by a series of very interesting functions and which, at the same time, offer truly inviting prizes on the filing of all players.

Cats Slot Free Spin

The symbol of the imprint, as mentioned above, is the run of the game and activates the Free rpm bonus function, as well as promising an inviting payment. To obtain a prize, therefore, there is a need for four or more footprints: four of these, wherever on the rollers, will win a 2x multiplier.

5 symbols of the imprint anywhere of the rollers, on the other hand, will activate the free laps function: a bonus of 5 rpm free exciting for this will be obtained. Finally, find 6 footprints of legs everywhere on the rollers will reward players with a generous number of 10 free laps.

If you are wondering how it is possible to cross six symbols of the imprint on five rollers, this is due to the fact that the footprints can also appear as divided symbols. This gives many more possibilities to activate the free rpm function (free spins) and win some really juicy payments.

The other special symbol of the game, after the run, is the Wild. This is represented by the suggestive "cats" logo viola and gold on a shiny metal background. The Wild symbol appears fairly regularly during the base game and in the free laps function, which translates into a great potential of winning.

Theme and graphics

Continuing in our examination on Cats Slot, we move on to a very important requirement for the user's experience.

This is linked to the construction of the setting in which our online slot focuses: in fact, the theme of the Slot Machine Cats is inspired by the boundless beauty and ferocity of some of the most terrible and fascinating felines in the world, such as tiger, lion e Panther.

The scenario is divided into the boundless and unspoiled Savana of Africa and the forests of the Americas, ideal settings for the feline protagonists we have spoken so far. This is accompanied by immersive music with wild traits that leave the gamer immersed in a sort of journey to discover all the most loved and fascinating felines.

Although this slot has no particular animations, the graphics are treated and well built, as IGT represents a guarantee from this point of view.

For example, also Book of The Sphynx It is an excellent title that characterizes the offer of titles of this manufacturer.

RTP and volatility

Before entering the merits of those who are the Return To Player index and the volatility of this slot, we explicit in general what these elements mean.

Starting fromRTP, this is the index that calculates the return to the player of a specific game. A figure that indicates on the total of the games on a slot machine, which percentage will be returned to the player's filing in the form of winnings.

By volatility, however, we mean the risk linked to the slot, that is, what a video game can be expected from the side of the frequency of the winning and the sum of relative money.

Compared to what has been said, therefore, we can say that Cats Slot has an index "Return to player" of 94.93%, slightly lower than the average, and a volatility classified as "average".

Come Vincere a Cats Slot?

Unfortunately, there are no particular methods or requirements that can ensure a winning bet on any casino slot machine. Taking confidence with this type of game and maturing experience could certainly be a weapon in your favor.

We advise our readers to know as much as possible about this world, reading and inquiring about all reviews, like this, that are on the web.

This will provide not a certain victory, but the experience and knowledge necessary to be active in one's own way of approaching a gaming session and not only at the mercy of the rollers and spins, jeopardizing their deposit.

Free cats slot: play on the demo version to practice

The best free slots have a version that allows players to be able to try and know every feature, free of charge and without any need for download or money deposit.

This is precisely the demo version: On each Casino Adm site, in compliance with the laws, in which Cats Slot is presents there will be, in fact, the possibility of playing his personal demo, with a virtual credit that allows you to play for hours, thanks to infinite free laps e without the need to spend real money.

It is a functionality that users will be able to take advantage of in their favor to better know the features, the game times, the payments and the laps that characterize the feline theme slot.

Play Cats Slot with real money

To do this, we recommend to our players, first of all, to only to websites of Casino Adm games that respect the laws in force in our country. This is to protect as much as possible the deposit in cash and the safety of the accounts.

In addition, the best websites will in turn offer certainly safe payment methods: from PayPal to a bank transfer with Visa or Mastercard, safety and protection are certain for the player.

Conclusion: our opinion on Cats Slot

By concluding our review, we can say that this IGT product is worthy of this giant in the igaming sector.

Albeit without special functions and that are distinguished from competitors, the solidity and the excellent cross between "Return to Player" index and bonus promises the user who plays on an online site a fun, dynamic and in the middle of the safeguarding the latter.

At the same time also the provider Igt, also producer of Book of Schinx, is a real guarantee for gamers. We therefore believe that Cats Slot is an absolutely recommended product to try.

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