The Big Easy Slot: a game to have fun in New Orleans

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The Big Easy

The Big Easy Slot means playing a fantastic game of the famous IGT METRE Videoslot Provider you listen to excellent jazz music in a bar in New Orleans, how not to play a progressive jackpot available, Wild and Scatter symbol, 20 fixed payment lines, and many winning multipliers.


High variability
Possibility of continuous gain
Good winning multiplier
Too intrusive jazz music
Difficult to achieve free spin

Main informations

Are you ready to earn in the magical scenario of New Orleans between jazz sounds and lots of cash?

With the review of the Slot machine The Big Easy Slot will accompany you to the world of the Louisiana city. High bonuses and stunning victories with the slot that takes its name from the American city.

If you want to play online and earn you can register for several casinos, some will require a deposit, others simply identity documents.

But there is also the possibility of using this game Free without deposit In the demo version to be able to train or simply get a game out of curiosity.

Do you want to know how it works? Do you want to discover all the symbols of this casino games? Before clicking on the "Play" button of the Machine, read the in -depth review and discover the best techniques to win.

Rules of the game

Launched online in 2016, The Big Easy is among the most popular and appreciated games by users, not only for the laps that allows you to do, but also because it is beautiful, unique and allows earn up to 5000 tokens.

Unlike other slots, each symbol has a very specific meaning, there is no representation of the cards, but a real glorification of New Orleans. The site that hosts this game is graphically very pleasant and attractive.

It is easy to find it in the best online casino with ADM/ AAMS license.

It consists of 5 rollers, 3 horizontal lines and 20 episode lines. With this videoslot you will find yourself surrounded by an atmosphere that will make you think you are out of the web, "Free and Happy" on a summer heat evening to feel live music.

Among the vast assortment of options of the IGT casino giant, this jazz game is one of the most interesting, in which it is worth a visit.

There is also the free demo version without deposit that does not require any real cash episode, nor a minimum quantity of online play.

Developer and software

La slot IGT The object of our review appeared first in the VLT rooms as a videolottery, and then in the coins version under the name of The Big Easy 100.

In the distant 2009 it was one of the very few approved games, while today it is one of the most googlated although volatility is medium, so much so that it comes to a frequency of winnings not exceeding 30%.

One of the most exciting features of the player machine is the possibility of being able to make a bet.

Thanks to the function “Gamble”, the most lovers of adrenaline will be able to do "Leave or double"null How does it work?

Every time you win, a screen appears that offers the possibility to choose for the activation of the "Gamble" mode, if you accept then every time you have had a winning play, a covered card will appear.

The gamer must be able to guess the color without having any kind of clue. If you guess you double the gain otherwise you will lose how much bet. A pastime in the dark that electrifies many amateurs.

Slot characteristics

This digital game from the original setting allows to obtain winning combinations after extraction of three identical figures on contiguous rollers from left to right.

The measure of what is obtained is given by the type of combination obtained, by the value of the online game for the betting line and by the function of the symbol found.

Another form of profit can be given by the bonuses that can be activated thanks to the Wild and Scatter, the latter represented by the Big Easy logo and could also be used for combinations in non -neighboring positions or in a single play of play.

Instead, it has the same functions of a classic Jolly, that is, facilitating the creation of winning combinations assuming the form of any of the other figures.

If it is extracted in three positions of the wheels, it is able to activate the bonus game. How does it work?

When this feature is activated, several nightclubs will appear, including choosing. Once decided for one of these, a total of free games and winning multipliers will be attributed. As soon as the selection is completed, they are automatically part of your portfolio.

Every time you make an online play, you must establish the value of the token with the function below on the initial screen. This will determine how much you want to get on the various prizes at stake.

The Big Easy is a slot in which the laws are respected for all play. Getting money is very simple: just check the various lines and check if there are nearby identical graphics icons.

It is a spy release among the best in the field, produced by the multinational born in USA, International Game Technology. Over the years the company has become a leader in the sector, thus also specializing in the distribution of machines, design, development and sale.

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Payout and combinations

The great advantage of Easy Slot is a very high payout for which each winning has a considerable value as a whole.

The high percentages of collection of the victories have attracted many curious users over the years that they can start having fun. With a 95.01%Return To Player, there are neither small continuous earnings nor big impromptu. Everything takes place in a very "balanced" way.

In any case, the payout is also decided by the platforms on which Slot Machine The Big is located.

The minimum play of each player is 0.01 $, a penny, while instead the maximum one can also reach one hundred $. But each could increase its currency thanks to a victory multiplier.

Payment table and lines

The Big Easy has 20 fixed payment lines.

If the most precious symbols find themselves aligned minimal in two on the same line, the slot pays the most, while instead for those who have less preciousness, they must be ordered in a minimum in three neighbors on the payline.

To register, pay and obtain how much you have won you could use a Visa, Paypal and Master Card card, accepted in the best online casinos.

Combinations symbols

But what do the various figures of the city mean and what do they mean for Big Easy Slot? Let's see it together.

During your games if these will appear you can rejoice:

  • The written "The Big Easy”: That is the Wild. You are lucky! You have the Jolly available that will make you get more money. It is obtained with a maximum gain of X1000 if aligned on the 5 rollers.
  • Singer: This monument to City music is also really precious, albeit less than the previous one. Just arrive 5 on a collection line and you can get the maximum: x1000 initial bets.
  • At the moon: what echoes during the nights of this place, the shot of The Big. Thanks to it if you find 3 everywhere on the wheels you get x80, with 4 x220 and with 5 x400. It therefore allows you to earn 10 free spins.
  • The trumpeter: And here Paperon de ’Paperoni would have grown his eyes with the symbol of the dollar because we are faced with a precious graphic icon, in fact with 5 pay X500.

Now that we have examined the real "diamonds" of this fun pastime, we also analyze the which they always have an interesting currency.

  • the piano
  • the trumpet

While those who count very little, are very frequent and must be at least 3 aligned on the wheels, they are:

  • the street: Pay 175x every five per line inhens of, pays 25x every 4 symbols, pays 10x every 3 symbols.
  • shrimps: 100x every five per payment line, pays 25x every 4 symbols, pays 5x every 3 fugures.
  • il Whiskey: 150x every five per collection line, pays 25x every 4 symbols, pays 10x every 3 figures.
  • The musical magazine: 50x every five per line inhensk, pay 20x every 4 symbols, pay 5x every 3 figures.

The Big Easy Slot game bonus

Produced by the House IGT system, this title offers fabulous game bonuses that allow you to aspire to great returns at any time of the game.

Here's what is obtained based on the number of "The Big Easy" that you have in the round free spin:

  • 3: 8, 10 or 15 are won and 2x, 3x or 4x multipliers
  • 4: 16, 18 or 20 are obtained and 5x multipliers, 6x or 10x
  • 5: they win 22, 24 or 25 and 7x multipliers, 8x or 10x

But how do they get? They activate when at least three runs are found on wheels, consecutive.

At that point, the player will have to choose between a musical instrument or a Jazz Club to find out what the exact number of Spins will be who will have available and what the multiplication of victory will be worth.

All this is established according to the number of shots with which you arrive at this stage. Here's how they are established:

  • 3 Scatter give right to 8, 10 or 15 FS and 2x, 3x or 4x multipliers
  • 4 deserve 16, 18 or 20, and 2x, 3x or 4x
  • 5: 22, 24 O 25 FS E CS, 8 O 10.

But if you get at least three other runs, you can regain even during the FS round.

That's why you can safely say that at any time you are with this game there is always the possibility to improve your economic position.


The jackpot is progressive, This allows you to improve your portfolio more and more. The choice of each person can be activated by the payment lines to groups of 15, 20, 1, 5 or 10, based on how many possibilities you want to have.

Each site establishes the methods for the balance of the jackpot, many prefer the bank transfer with predefined payment times.

In any case, the collection methods are clearly explicit first by the site. This is why it is important to choose those safe at 100% with license and ADM or AAMS laws.

Free spin

They can get up to a maximum of 25. To access this function you need to have at least 3 Wild symbols on the same line. They are associated with winnings.

RTP and volatility

As we have said several times, here we have a 95.01 RTP with medium -high volatility. What does it mean?

For each user who decides to start with small sums, one could reach a good final result. Therefore there is no need for a great capital to start and you can in the course of work to get a lot.

Theme and graphics

The graphics of this playful software is absolutely unique and interesting, but above all music, and is one of the most characterizing traits.

It is often not happening to be immersed in a jazz musical atmosphere that echoes old American films, and makes you want to sip a drink while listening to it.

But for some, the "soundtrack" of this videoslot could be in the long run annoying.

Everything is made simple and scored by the player, once the meanings of the various keys has been learned, it will be extremely easy to "throw yourself in the fray".

The figures have a growing weight as can be seen from the explanation of the meanings.

Come vincere a The Big Easy Slot?

Let's say it immediately: there are no tricks. Anyone who will tell you the opposite and try to sell you the safest technique to earn with this slot, simply mind.

Strategies can be used to improve your possibilities, but nothing more, the rest is left to chance and tenacity.

To practice and improve your instinct from Gamer, you can use the free demo version on the web, without betting requirement.

We advise you to try to aim there and see what happens according to your actions. You will thus learn a methodology that you can apply even when to use the desktop or mobile version for a fee.

Here are some useful tips to use it at best.

  • Keep a 2/100 bet/budget ratio, with the first departure of 3 $.
  • Do not insist beyond the budget you have decided to use.

If you get frequent bonus game, then it's time to increase your bets. But if after a few steps, the result is not what you expected, return to the starting situation.

If you have to reach four big easy, then try 150 and then leave.

Appropriately manage your wallet and take breaks while you are in front of the screen.

The Big Easy Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Where can you use these games without paying anything? In many platforms that also require deposit methods.

Instead on some there is not even need to download software or register, just connect to the site and start.

The free versions of these systems always allow you to learn the best strategies and also be able to "calibrate" your emotion in the face of the adrenaline of the competition. I am an excellent meter for future performance when you want to "be serious".

Playing The Big Easy Slot with real money

To start the games with the real money of your deposit you can use different websites. Here are some who do not need deposit and offer an initial bonus:

Snai ( give 25 $ of game bonus with a minimum betting requirement of 20x. 5 $ are provided for Playtech slot machines, while as many on those Capecod Gaming.

Visit Snai Casino

It is credited after verifying identity documents, approximately five days later. You have to bet 10 times in order to get the game bonus. While the welcome bonus is 100% up to a thousand $ on the Blue Casino.

888 ( offers 20 $ for free with 30x betting requirement. They can be spent on Blackjack, Roulette and precisely slot. It is credited within 48 hours after response to the email that is sent. The 888 welcome bonus is 125% of up to 500 $ with a betting requirement of 35x.

Visit 888 Casino

Netbet ( gives 50 rpm free with a betting requirement of 35x. However, it establishes that only 20 $ can be obtained from them. As for welcome, we have 100% up to six hundred $ and 100 free laps, 40x betting requirement.


Digital game ( gives 20 free laps with a betting requirement of 1x, must be used for StarbUST. As for the Welcome we have 100% up to 500 $ 300 rpm for free (35x minimum to aim).

Visit digital game casino

Conclusion: our opinion on The Big Easy Slot

The Big Easy Slot is ultimately a nice video river, allows a visit to a typical Mississipi bar with an amazing soundtrack.

In our review we put ourselves in the role of those who play very often, and if you do not like this type of American music, you could turn off the audio after a few games.

The return for the player is certainly not high, but his volatility makes the winnings very balanced.

Ultimately, a well -engineful videoslot, with a nice graphics and a fairly attractive bonus number.

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